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Re: [PATCH 00/11] [nvptx] Initial vector length changes

On 07/24/2018 01:47 PM, wrote:
> From: Cesar Philippidis <>
> This patch series contains various cleanups and structural
> reorganizations to the NVPTX BE in preparation for the forthcoming
> variable length vector length enhancements. Tom, in order to make
> these changes easier for you to review, I broke these patches into
> logical components. If approved for trunk, would you like to see these
> patches committed individually, or all together in a single huge
> commit?
> One notable change in this patch set is the partial inclusion of the
> PTX_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_DIM change that I previously placed with the
> libgomp default geometry update patch that I posted a couple of weeks
> ago. I don't want to block this patch series so I included the nvptx
> changes in patch 01.
> It this OK for trunk? I regtested both standalone and offloading
> compiliers. I'm seeing some inconsistencies in the standalone compiler
> results, so I might rerun those just to be safe. But the results using
> nvptx as an offloading compiler came back clean.

On further inspection, the inconsistencies turned out to be isolated in
the c++ tests. The c tests results are clean.


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