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Re: [PATCH] Fix the damage done by my other patch from yesterday to strlenopt-49.c

On 07/30/2018 05:51 AM, Bernd Edlinger wrote:

this is how I would like to handle the over length strings issue in the C FE.
If the string constant is exactly the right length and ends in one explicit
NUL character, shorten it by one character.

I thought Martin would be working on it,  but as this is a really simple fix,
I would dare to send it to gcc-patches anyway, hope you don't mind...

And as I said repeatedly, I am working on it along with a number
of other things in this very area.  There are a number of issues
to solve:

1) issue a warning for the non-nul terminated strings (bug 86552:
   raised in response to your comments, initial patch posted,
   more work in progress)
2) avoid creating overlong string literals (bug 86688: raised
   partly also in response to your earlier comments)
3) handle braced-initializers (as in char a[] = { 1, 2, 0 }; )
   I'm testing a patch for that.

I am actively working on all three of these so please, for the fourth
time, let me finish my work.  Submitting patches that try to handle
any of these issues in a slightly or substantially different way at
the same time isn't helpful.  On the contrary, it's very disruptive.
This has nothing to do with ownership and everything with
coordination and an apparent divergence of opinions.

There are over 10,000 open bugs in Bugzilla.  Working on any of
them that's not assigned to anyone would be helpful.  This is


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