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Go patch committed: Fix order of evaluation of boolean expressions

This patch by Cherry Zhang changes the Go frontend to run the
order_evaluations before the remove_shortcuts pass.

In remove_shortcuts, the shortcut expressions (&&, ||) are rewritten
to if statements, which are lifted out before the statement containing
the shortcut expression.  If the containing statement has other
(sub)expressions that should be evaluated before the shortcut
expression, which has not been lifted out, this will result in
incorrect evaluation order.

For example, F() + G(A() && B()), the evaluation order per the
language spec is F, A, B (if A returns true), G. If we lift A() and
B() out first, they will be called before F, which is wrong.

To fix this, this patch splits order_evaluations to two phases.  The
first phase, which runs before remove_shortcuts, skips shortcut
expressions' components.  So it won't lift out subexpressions that are
evaluated conditionally.  The shortcut expression itself is ordered,
since it may have side effects.  Then we run remove_shortcuts.  At
this point the subexpressions that should be evaluated before the
shortcut expression are already lifted out.  The remove_shortcuts pass
also runs the second phase of order_evaluations to order the
components of shortcut expressions, which were skipped during the
first phase.

This reorders the code blocks of remove_shortcuts and
order_evaluations, since remove_shortcuts now calls Order_eval.

This fixes

Bootstrapped and ran Go testsuite on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.  Committed
to mainline.


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