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Re: [PATCH] treat -Wxxx-larger-than=HWI_MAX special (PR 86631)

On 07/25/2018 08:57 AM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 08:54:13AM -0600, Martin Sebor wrote:
I don't mean for the special value to be used except internally
for the defaults.  Otherwise, users wanting to override the default
will choose a value other than it.  I'm happy to document it in
the .opt file for internal users though.

-1 has the documented effect of disabling the warnings altogether
(-1 is SIZE_MAX) so while I agree that -1 looks better it doesn't
work.  (It would need more significant changes.)

The variable is signed, so -1 is not SIZE_MAX.  Even if -1 disables it, you
could use e.g. -2 or other negative value for the other special case.

The -Wxxx-larger-than=N distinguish three ranges of argument
values (treated as unsigned):

  1.  [0, HOST_WIDE_INT_MAX)
  3.  [HOST_WIDE_INT_MAX + 1, Infinity)

(1) implies warnings for allocations in excess of the size.  For
the alloca/VLA warnings it also means warnings for allocations
that may be unbounded.  (This feels like a bit of a wart.)

(2) implies warnings for allocations in excess of PTRDIFF_MAX
only.  For the alloca/VLA warnings it also disables warnings
for allocations that may be unbounded (also a bit of a wart)

(3) isn't treated consistently by all options (yet) but for
the alloca/VLA warnings it means no warnings.  Since
the argument value is stored in signed HOST_WIDE_INT this
range is strictly negative.

Any value from (3) could in theory be made special and used
instead of -1 or HOST_WIDE_INT_MAX as a placeholder for
PTRDIFF_MAX.  But no matter what the choice is, it removes
the value from the usable set in (3) (i.e., it doesn't have
the expected effect of disabling the warning).

I don't see the advantage of picking -2 over any other negative
number.  As inelegant as the current choice of HOST_WIDE_INT_MAX
may be, it seems less arbitrary and less intrusive than picking
a random value from the negative range.


PS The handling of these ranges isn't consistent across all
the options because they were each developed independently
and without necessarily aiming for it.  I think making them
more consistent would be nice as a followup patch.  I would
expect consistency to be achievable more easily if baking
special cases into the design is kept to a minimum.  It
would also help to remove some existing special cases.
E.g., by introducing a distinct option for the special case
of diagnosing unbounded alloca/VLA allocations and removing
it from -W{alloca,vla}-larger-than=.

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