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Re: Build fail on gthr-simple.h targets (Re: AsyncI/O patch committed)

Am 26.07.2018 um 22:54 schrieb Thomas Koenig:
Hi Ulrich,

The problem is that io/asynch.h unconditionally uses a couple of
features that are not provided by gthr-simplex, in particular
   __gthread_equal / __gthread_self

According to the documentation in gthr.h, the former is only available
if __GTHREAD_HAS_COND is defined, and the latter are only available if
__GTHREADS_CXX0X is defined.  Neither is true for gthr-simple.h.

Thanks for the analysis, and the pointer to the macros.

Because the functionality depends on these features, it is best to
remove them if it is not present. So, here is a patch which does
just that.

This was reg-tested on Linux, which showed that the functionality is
still there. I tried bootstrapping on AIX on gcc119, but this failed
due to an unrelated issue (problem with compiling the inline

OK, this does not work.

We have found a method of checking on Linux, and this does not work.
We have also found a way of working in the next couple of days, so
expect an update in one or two days.

If that is too much time, feel free to revert the async patch
in the meantime.



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