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[PATCH] Fix PR86452

The following fixes PR86452 by using scope_die_for which correctly
deals with -g1 in not creating (new) DIEs for namespaces.  With
a larger LTO testcase we run into this with a namespace DIE not
readily available but I'm not sure the issue isn't latent with

The original code was added with the fix for PR44188 which
had a lengthy discussion and various patch variants but this
very piece of change didn't have an explanation and why it
didn't use scope_die_for.  The single testcase added still passes
after the patch.

Bootstraped on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, testing in progress.

OK for trunk?


2018-07-11  Richard Biener  <>

	PR debug/86452
	* dwarf2out.c (gen_type_die_with_usage): Use scope_die_for
	instead of get_context_die.

Index: gcc/dwarf2out.c
--- gcc/dwarf2out.c	(revision 262551)
+++ gcc/dwarf2out.c	(working copy)
@@ -25378,11 +25378,8 @@ gen_type_die_with_usage (tree type, dw_d
      generate debug info for the typedef.  */
   if (is_naming_typedef_decl (TYPE_NAME (type)))
-      /* Use the DIE of the containing namespace as the parent DIE of
-         the type description DIE we want to generate.  */
-      if (DECL_CONTEXT (TYPE_NAME (type))
-	context_die = get_context_die (DECL_CONTEXT (TYPE_NAME (type)));
+      /* Give typedefs the right scope.  */
+      context_die = scope_die_for (type, context_die);
       gen_decl_die (TYPE_NAME (type), NULL, NULL, context_die);

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