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[Ada] Spurious possible contraint error warning with No_Exception_Propagation

This patch corrects an issue whereby spurious unhandled exception warnings on
integer literals within static if and case expressions would be emitted when
the restriction No_Exception_Propagation is enabled.

-- Source --

--  gnat.adc

pragma Restrictions (No_Exception_Propagation);
pragma SPARK_Mode (On);


package Pack is
   procedure Filter (Ret : out Integer);
end Pack;

--  pack.adb

package body Pack is

   subtype Nat is Integer range 0 .. 10;

   Default       : constant Nat := 1;
   User_Override : constant Integer := -1;

   procedure Filter (Ret : out Integer) is
      Val : constant Nat :=
              (if User_Override in Nat then
      Ret := Val;
   end Filter;
end Pack;

-- Compilation and output --

& gcc -c -gnatp -gnatwa pack.adb

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2018-07-16  Justin Squirek  <>


	* sem_eval.adb (Eval_Integer_Literal): Add exception for avoiding
	checks on expanded literals within if and case expressions.
--- gcc/ada/sem_eval.adb
+++ gcc/ada/sem_eval.adb
@@ -2720,16 +2720,23 @@ package body Sem_Eval is
    --  Start of processing for Eval_Integer_Literal
       --  If the literal appears in a non-expression context, then it is
       --  certainly appearing in a non-static context, so check it. This is
       --  actually a redundant check, since Check_Non_Static_Context would
       --  check it, but it seems worthwhile to optimize out the call.
-      --  An exception is made for a literal in an if or case expression
+      --  Additionally, when the literal appears within an if or case
+      --  expression it must be checked as well. However, due to the literal
+      --  appearing within a conditional statement, expansion greatly changes
+      --  the nature of its context and performing some of the checks within
+      --  Check_Non_Static_Context on an expanded literal may lead to spurious
+      --  and misleading warnings.
       if (Nkind_In (Parent (N), N_If_Expression, N_Case_Expression_Alternative)
            or else Nkind (Parent (N)) not in N_Subexpr)
+        and then (not Nkind_In (Parent (N), N_If_Expression,
+                                 N_Case_Expression_Alternative)
+                   or else Comes_From_Source (N))
         and then not In_Any_Integer_Context
          Check_Non_Static_Context (N);

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