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Re: [PATCH][GCC][front-end][build-machinery][opt-framework] Allow setting of stack-clash via configure options. [Patch (4/6)]

On 07/20/2018 09:39 AM, Tamar Christina wrote:
>> On 07/20/2018 05:03 AM, Tamar Christina wrote:
>>>> Understood.  Thanks for verifying.  I wonder if we could just bury
>>>> this entirely in the aarch64 config files and not expose the default into
>> params.def?
>>> Burying it in config.gcc isn't ideal because if your C runtime is
>>> configurable (like uClibc) it means you have to go and modify this
>>> file every time you change something. If the argument is against
>>> having these defines in the params and not the configure flag itself then I
>> can just have an aarch64 specific configure flag and just use the created
>> define directly in the AArch64 back-end.
>> Not config.gcc, but in a .h/.c file for the target.
>> If we leave the generic option, but override the default in the target files.
>> Would that work?
> So leaving the generic configure option? Yes that would work too. The only downside is
> that if we have want to do any validation on the value at configure time it would need to
> be manually kept in sync with those in params.def. Or we'd just have to not do any checking
> at configure time.  This would mean you can get to the end of your build and only when you
> try to use the compiler would it complain. 
> Both aren't a real deal breaker to me.
> Shall I then just leave the configure flag but remove the params plumbing?
Yea, I think any sanity check essentially has to move to when the
compiler runs.  We can always return to param removal at a later point.

Can you post an updated patch?  Note I'm on PTO starting Wed for a week.
 If you post it tomorrow I'll try to take a look before I disappear.


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