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Re: [PATCH] fix a couple of bugs in const string folding (PR 86532)

On 07/20/2018 08:51 AM, Bernd Edlinger wrote:

when I look at tree-ssa-forwprop.c:

               str1 = string_constant (src1, &off1);
               if (str1 == NULL_TREE)
               if (!tree_fits_uhwi_p (off1)
                   || compare_tree_int (off1, TREE_STRING_LENGTH (str1) - 1) > 0
                   || compare_tree_int (len1, TREE_STRING_LENGTH (str1)
                                              - tree_to_uhwi (off1)) > 0
                   || TREE_CODE (TREE_TYPE (str1)) != ARRAY_TYPE
                   || TYPE_MODE (TREE_TYPE (TREE_TYPE (str1)))
                      != TYPE_MODE (char_type_node))

I don't think it is a good idea to let string_constant return
strings which have not necessarily valid content after the first
NUL byte.  It looks like the content has to be valid up to

I'm not sure I understand when this could happen.  From the patch
below it sounds like you are concerned about cases like:

  const char a[4] = "abc\000\000";

where the STRING_CST is bigger than the array.  But the string
constant has valid content here up to TREE_STRING_LENGTH.  Am
I missing something?  (A test case would be helpful.)

In any case, unless the concern is specifically related to
this bug fix let's discuss it separately so I can fix this
bug.  I'm not opposed to making further changes here (in
fact, I have one in the queue and two others that I raised
in Bugzilla in response to our discussion so far), I just
want to avoid mission creep.


So may I suggest to do something like the following
(diff to your last patch):

--- expr.c.jj	2018-07-20 10:51:51.983605588 +0200
+++ expr.c	2018-07-20 15:07:29.769423479 +0200
@@ -11277,6 +11277,7 @@ tree
  string_constant (tree arg, tree *ptr_offset)
    tree array;
+  tree array_size;
    STRIP_NOPS (arg);

    /* Non-constant index into the character array in an ARRAY_REF
@@ -11295,9 +11296,11 @@ string_constant (tree arg, tree *ptr_off

        arg = TREE_OPERAND (arg, 0);
        tree ref = arg;
+      tree reftype = TREE_TYPE (ref);
        if (TREE_CODE (arg) == ARRAY_REF)
  	  tree idx = TREE_OPERAND (arg, 1);
+	  reftype = TREE_TYPE (TREE_OPERAND (arg, 0));
  	  if (TREE_CODE (idx) != INTEGER_CST
  	      && TREE_CODE (argtype) == POINTER_TYPE)
@@ -11313,6 +11316,11 @@ string_constant (tree arg, tree *ptr_off
  		return NULL_TREE;
+      if (TREE_CODE (reftype) != ARRAY_TYPE)
+	return NULL_TREE;
+      while (TREE_CODE (TREE_TYPE (reftype)) == ARRAY_TYPE)
+	reftype = TREE_TYPE (reftype);
+      array_size = TYPE_SIZE_UNIT (reftype);
        array = get_addr_base_and_unit_offset (ref, &base_off);
        if (!array
  	  || (TREE_CODE (array) != VAR_DECL
@@ -11345,7 +11353,10 @@ string_constant (tree arg, tree *ptr_off
        return NULL_TREE;
    else if (DECL_P (arg))
-    array = arg;
+    {
+      array = arg;
+      array_size = DECL_SIZE_UNIT (array);
+    }
      return NULL_TREE;

@@ -11410,24 +11421,18 @@ string_constant (tree arg, tree *ptr_off
    if (!init || TREE_CODE (init) != STRING_CST)
      return NULL_TREE;

-  tree array_size = DECL_SIZE_UNIT (array);
    if (!array_size || TREE_CODE (array_size) != INTEGER_CST)
      return NULL_TREE;

    /* Avoid returning a string that doesn't fit in the array
-     it is stored in, like
+     it is stored in, like:
       const char a[4] = "abcde";
-     but do handle those that fit even if they have excess
-     initializers, such as in
-     const char a[4] = "abc\000\000";
-     The excess elements contribute to TREE_STRING_LENGTH()
-     but not to strlen().  */
-  unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT charsize
-    = tree_to_uhwi (TYPE_SIZE_UNIT (TREE_TYPE (TREE_TYPE (init))));
+     ... or:
+     const char a[4] = "abc\000";
+     ... because some callers access the string up to the limit
+     imposed by TREE_STRING_LENGTH.  */
    unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT length = TREE_STRING_LENGTH (init);
-  length = string_length (TREE_STRING_POINTER (init), charsize,
-			  length / charsize);
-  if (compare_tree_int (array_size, length + 1) < 0)
+  if (compare_tree_int (array_size, length) < 0)
      return NULL_TREE;

    *ptr_offset = offset;

Considering Richard's last comment, I don't know if TYPE_SIZE_UNIT
of the ARRAY_TYPE is the correct way to get the size of the
innermost arrayhere, but I think we will need it.


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