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Re: Re: *ping* generic atomicity.h

3.3 branch libstdc++ testresults

3.4 PATCH: Several IRIX 6.5.1[89] ISO C99 fixes

Re: 64-bit version of

[3.3/3.4] Recent bootstrap failure on irix6.5

[3.3] libstdc++-v3 bootstrap failure with --enable-debug

[Fwd: check error with libstdc++]

[FYI] Forward movement on 9404

[libstdc++] Document minimum glibc requirement

[libstdc++] Re-fix generic atomicity.h (was Re: *ping* generic atomicity.h)

[libstdc++] Re: RFC on doxygen & man page style issue

[PATCH 3.2/3.3/HEAD] Propagate gxx_include_dir to the libstdc++ subdirectory

[PATCH 3.3/3.4]: Fix two locking issues on PA

Re: [Patch/RFC] Sebor's const correctness issue

[Patch] Change named locales in the new codecvt tests

[PATCH] codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t>

[Patch] Do not include <cassert> unnecessarily

[Patch] Fix for unsigned char platforms

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9169

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9318

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9320

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9404 (and all that)

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9424

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9439 and libstdc++/9425

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9507

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9507 (take2)

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9538

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9548 on the 3_3 branch

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9561

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9563

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9582

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9659

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/9817

[Patch] Fix libstdc++/9825

[Patch] FIx libstdc++/9826

Re: [Patch] Fix libstdc++/9826

[Patch] Fix seek to beg after grow bug

[Patch] Fix unary operators and operator != for valarrays

[Patch] Fix typo

[Patch] For stringbuf::overflow missing sputc

[Patch] libstdc++/9548 and DR 231

[Patch] libstdc++/9562

[Patch] libstdc++/9580

[PATCH] min/max numeric overloads

[PATCH] min/max testcase improvements

[PATCH] New stream buffer for wcin

[Patch] Performance and memory usage improvements for stl_tree.h

Re: [Patch] Performance and memory usage improvements forstl_tree.h

[patch] Use bit scanning and counting builtins for std::bitset

Re: [PATCH]: Don't build testsuite during normal build on Cygwin

[pch] generate standard C++ headers as PCH

[RFC] A stream buffer for wcin

[RFC] changes for 9425 and 9439

[RFC] libstdc++/9404 or weird stringbuf internals

[RFC] libstdc++/9626 and std::vector constructors

[RFC] libstdc++/9817 or "passing C++ strings to C functions"

[RFC] Non-conforming begin() and end() iterators in <set> end <multiset>?

[RFC] PR libstdc++/9548 vs DR 231 (Ready)

[v3] Could someone apply an approved patch?

[v3] Fix compile warning

[v3] fix libstdc++/9827

Re: [v3] libstdc++/9582

[v3] More libstdc++/8761 and 7076

[v3] move more num_put speedups to 3.3

[v3] pr 8761 and 7076, caching bits

[v3] Print ints directly to streambuf

[v3] speed up float output

[v3] stamp-std-precompile

_GLIBCPP_USE_WCHAR_T undefined in FreeBSD's c++config.h?

Allocator performance testing

C++ structure sizes with long long ints under Darwin,

Can I distribute along with my executable?

Re: check error with libstdc++

Context diff for: Suggested improvement to std::list

CROSS COMPILE: can build gcc 2.95.3 with glibc 2.2.5 but not libstdc++2.90.8

Current testsuite failure analysis on i386-unknown-freebsd4.7

deque: unneccessary copy constructor in _M_push_front_aux

excellent description of thread model

forwarded message from Jerry Quinn

Re: gcc 2.95.4 MT related crashes in basic_string class

FW: A general g++ question

generic locale

How to get file name(with path from fstream object)

How to implement File locking for fstream class object

hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00 libstdc++-v3 locale fails

I subscribed again.

Re: Irix6 long doubles implemented wrong? (27_io/ostream_inserter_arith)

Re: Irix6 native long double libcalls progress report (and problem)

libio partial fix : sys_open

libstdc++ related boostrap failure

make check-abi fails


minor comment patch

Need a C++ expert: libstdc++/9756

new 26_numerics failure

New demangler in C++

New libstdc++ failures on AIX

Re: non-standard things in the gnu stl

op<< optimizations

operands to min and max must have the same type...

Patch to move to GFDL 1.2

per-port symbol exports (was Re: libstdc++ related boostrap failure)

Re: per-port symbol exports (was Re: libstdc++ related boostrapfailure)

Performance of copy algorithm

Pool allocators, the Next Generation

problem on xscale toolchain building

propagate original LD down to multilib configure

RFC on doxygen & man page style issue

RFC: new __cxa_demangle

round three

second part of

Re: shared libraries & exceptions

sizeof() segfault and mutex initialization?

Some performance info for: Suggested improvement to std::list

Re: Status of FOM as I head off to bed

stdio_filebuf docs

stdio_filebuf docs (was: How to implement File locking for fstream class object)

streambuf performance 200x

stringstreams and stringbuf in gcc 3.2.x

Suggested improvement to std::list

Suggested improvement to stl_tree.h

Two year old patch, can someone approve this please?

V3 testsuite regressions on hppa*-hp-hpux*

what to do with the gcc-3_2-branch code

Re: Which dejagnu version do we require?

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