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stdio_filebuf docs (was: How to implement File locking for fstream class object)

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 03:30:39PM +0000, I wrote:

> (I might try to do a simple example of how to use the stdio_filebuf, and
> possibly make the notes easier to find from the docs front page.)

Any objections to an entry at the end of the Ch. 27 docs (I/O) about
file descriptors on fstreams?

Currently the only mention of stdio_filebuf is under "Added members and
types" in Extensions. Since the std::basic_filebuf::fd() member used to
be on a standard class, I assume people don't think to look under
extensions. Also, 27_io/howto.html begins with

   Chapter 27 deals with iostreams and all their subcomponents
   and extensions.  All *kinds* of fun stuff.

So we should probably mention _something_ about the fd extension! :)

How about something like "File descriptors and IOStreams", which
simply points to the ext chapter (for now ... I'd like to do a simple
example of using it).


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