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RE: [RFC] libstdc++/9817 or "passing C++ strings to C functions"

Paolo Carlini wrote:
> >Isn't it possible to use the same strategy? That is break the
> >string into chunks separated by \0, then transform each chunk
> >with strxfrm (again, untested code):
> >
> Interesting.
> Do you believe that proceeding in this way the corresponding
> results are always consistent?
> I mean, collate::transform and then plain string compare always
> give the same result of collate::compare?

Yes, I think I can give a formal proof of this if anybody is
interested (hint: split each string x into zero-terminated
substrings x1, x2, ... xn, then consider the results for each
substring xi), but I would like to at least compile this before
giving a definite answer :-)

By the way, is there a list somewhere of useful future extensions
for glibc that could be used to simplify and speed up libstdc++?
For example, collate would be trivial if there were functions
memcoll and memxfrm with the obvious semantics.


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