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Re: Which dejagnu version do we require?

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
>> ERROR: tcl error sourcing /sw/test/gcc/cvs/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/libstdc++-v3.dg/dg.exp.
>> ERROR: couldn't compile regular expression pattern: nested *?+
>>     while executing "regsub "^$srcdir/?" $prog "" name"
>>     (procedure "dg-test" line 37)
>>     invoked from within "dg-test $testcase $flags ${default-extra-flags}"
>>     (procedure "dg-runtest" line 10)
>> Does this mean my setup is somehow hosed or that we now require
>> dejagnu-1.4.3?
> This is more likely to be a sensitivity to the version of TCL than the
> version of DejaGNU.

100 points -- there was an older version of tclsh in the path, with
Tcl 8.3, eveything seems to work now.

The point is: Which version of Tcl do we (resp. the libstdc++ testsuite,
as the others also worked with that older version of Tcl) require?

I volunteer to document this in our testing documentation, but I need
some feedback.

(If anybody is using something below Tcl 8.2 and suceeds in running our
full testsuites, please let me know!)

Gerald "Jerry"

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