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RFC on doxygen & man page style issue

Imagine a situation like this:

    /**  special documentation */
    struct Base
        /**  special documentation */
        public member #1 of the standard library;

    /**  special documentation */
    struct Derived : public Base
        /**  special documentation */
        public member #2 of the standard library;

When the user pulls up the html documentation for Derived, or runs "man
std::Derived", he will always have the choice of clicking on parent Base
class and seeing the notes for member #1.  The question is whether member
#1 should additionally appear in the documentation for Derived.

 - It's very handy for the user.
 - It's required for correctness with respect to numeric_limits, which is
    derived from a non-template base class.  Viewing the numeric_limits
    documentation only shows the member functions; we would have to add
    a note of "to see the static member data, view the docs for the
    implementation-specific __numeric_limits_base class," and that would
    be less than wonderful.

 - Notes for the leaf classes in the I/O heirarchy become /gigantic/.
   (Trust me, I had this on for a while and got lost.)

I suppose we could conceivably run the doxygen routines twice, one with
each setting, and then copy various files from one tree into the other,
so that, e.g., numeric_limits is merged and I/O classes are not.  I don't
know whether I'm volunteering for automating that task, since there are
just over 1100 files generated at present, with oddly-generated names.


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