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Re: Irix6 long doubles implemented wrong? (27_io/ostream_inserter_arith)

On Feb  3, 2003, "Kaveh R. Ghazi" <> wrote:

> Sorry, I'm seeing something different.  First looking at fp-bit.c, all
> of the comparison ops (e.g. _eq_f2) call __fpcmp_parts which returns a
> tri-state value.  I.e. it's not just L_compare_[sdt]f.

Right, but GCC doesn't really care about the 3 states, only about the
truth conditions being met.

> Second, looking at prepare_float_lib_cmp in optabs.c if the optabs are
> NULL, it'll only swap GE <-> LE and GT <-> LT in both directions.  So
> if at least one or the other isn't defined how will it work?

It won't.  I believe this should be enough to get you going, though.

> Anyway, I just found FLOAT_LIB_COMPARE_RETURNS_BOOL in tm.texi which,
> judging by the name, appears to be exactly what I need. :-)

Oh.  How nice.  I didn't realize we had something like this.  In fact,
I hadn't realized that our compare functions weren't bool-like before
I looked at them again today :-)

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