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Re: [RFC] libstdc++/9817 or "passing C++ strings to C functions"

Paolo Carlini wrote:
Paolo Carlini wrote:

For concreteness, you will find attached a *very* rough and redundant
(please, be gentle ;) implementation of the idea. I'm still not sure
if this is allowed by the standard and if less costly solutions are
worthy (for instance calling the underlying strcoll more than one time
for each hunk).

Sigh :(

As written, this cannot possibly be correct: if one string happens to have
the chosen char (e.g., '$') in exactly the same place where the other had
'\0' before the preprocessing they end up comparing wrongly equal...

Right. A better (but still not 100% reliable) hack might be to substitute '\1' for '\0' since there's no character less than it other than '\0'. The hack will not be reliable in "languages" where "x\1" collates before "x\0" (remember that collating elements may consist of multiple characters). AFAIK, the only way to do this reliably is by somehow getting access to the collation tables (e.g., by creating your own by parsing the locale definition files). This is an example of a C++ feature that cannot be portably implemented on top of the C Standard library.


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