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Re: _GLIBCPP_USE_WCHAR_T undefined in FreeBSD's c++config.h?

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:45:38 -0500
Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc at attbi dot com> wrote:

> If I bootstrap gcc 3.3 branch, I notice that
> include/c++/3.3/i386-unknown-freebsd5.0/bits/c++config.h
> does not define _GLIBCPP_USE_WCHAR_T as it does under Linux.

FreeBSD does not implement iconv family functions in the base system, it
has a WCHAR_MIN/WCHAR_MAX constants defined in a wrong header and wcstof
function is not committed yet. These three prevent libstdc++ configure
from enabling wchar_t instantiations.

If you really, really want to enable wchar_t support, you might do it by
trivially hacking up our base system compiler build:

1) Deffine _GLIBCPP_USE_WCHAR_T as 1 in
/usr/src/gnu/lib/libstdc++/c++config.h file.

2) Comment out all references to wcstof in
/usr/src/contrib/libstdc++/include/c_std/std_cwchar.h file.

3) Define WCHAR_MIN/WCHAR_MAX in /usr/src/include/wchar.h.

4) make buildworld/installworld.

I for one would not mind getting a tester running with wchar_t-enabled
libstdc++ library on his system. Feel free to submit any errors you'll

Alexander Kabaev

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