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Re: generic locale

. o O (Loren, reading list mail on the weekend? what the-?)

On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 02:10:43AM -0600, Loren James Rittle wrote:
> (a) keep the status quo; do not throw exceptions for e.g.:
>       locale loc_de("de_DE"); istringstream iss; iss.imbue(loc_de);
>     even though they have no effect on input handling, etc.

I think we can all agree this leads to serious user confusion.

> (b) At least throw an exception in generic for all user instantiations
>     of locale() objects unless they map to the "C" (or ""?) locale.

Can go for this as a short-term solution, sure.  Especially if the
exeception's what() includes something along the lines of "this is a
temporary band-aid, see http:.....".

> (c) make generic work for single-threaded programs no matter how slow
>     it is; use my system's libc dammit (note: the status quo is already
>     broken w.r.t. threading since any unguarded call to setlocale()
>     are unsafe and we would have no idea what users might do outside
>     the library code)
> (d) make generic work for multi-threaded programs (as long as all IO
>     is C++-style, see note in c) no matter how slow it is; use my
>     system's libc dammit

Apart from the threading issues, we should have a UMSLD ("use my...") mode
for all non-glibc platforms, --enable-umsld perhaps.  No, I have no idea
how to make this work in generic, but it sounds like a win for porting.

> (e) make generic work for multi-threaded programs (a small race would
>     remain against user programs with threads of control that called
>     setlocale() directly but protect internal library use); use C89
>     locale calls only to fetch "struct lconv" from OS but otherwise
>     assume that IO conversions are now disconnected from libc

I don't know enough to have an opinion.

> (f) do whatever you want Loren but put it in 'enhanced-generic' which
>     is cloned off generic to start

That sounds like an excellent idea.

Nor do I have any additional suggestions to fill in the [g-y] gap.

> Comments?  Are people starting to care about C++ locale support?  I
> admit that I am one of those "one-language speaking" Americans that
> knows little beyond the fact that the English actually speak a
> different language than us. ;-)

I'd like to repeat Loren's disclaimer for myself.  I have dim memories
of studying German.  My French has long since bitrotted -- all I remember
is that I really like the cheese -- and my Russian is going the same way.
(Truly, if you don't use it, ya lose it.)  This is why I've been avoiding
the locale work lately; I'm not really qualified to say how proposed patch
X would impact actual user Y.


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