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  • 1998-07-20 09:06 Dave Brolley
  • 1998-07-30 18:16 N8TM

    egcs-19980715 & blitz++

    "attempt to modify loop index" check in

    "exception" header file

    "Internal compiler error" when compiling lilypond 0.1.84

    "make dvi" problems... (current CVS)

    "Non-optional registers need a spill register" ICE in -current

    $(exeext) misused in Makefile.in?

    *.f *.c linking problem - g77 = gcc (options)?

    -fomit-frame-pointer still broken with -fPIC on i586-linux

    -O2 bug on PII

    1998-07-03 cvs egcs

    19980707 - g77 - Shared objects

    19980707 configure problems: HAVE_INTTYPES_H, wchar.h

    19980707 configure problems: HAVE_INTTYPES_H, wctype.h

    19980707 i586-pc-linux-gnu: ICE in reg_overlap_mentioned_for_reload_p

    19980721 version string wrong

    980707 g++ internal compiler error w/ -O2


    Re: [1.0.2 release] abort() due to dead_notes in schedule_block()

    Re: [BUG] of optimizer

    [egcs-19980704] Linux i86 --enable-checking build failure

    [egcs-19980715] Cannot build with --enable-checking

    [egcs-19980715] Const pointer reference bug persists.

    [Fwd: conflicting type for syserr_list]

    [Fwd: Inlining segfault]

    _G_config.h bug

    An alias bug

    ambiguity resolution problem in parsing

    Another ICE with egcs-current...

    Another Linux/Alpha+glibc patch

    Another PA-RISC bug

    bad inlining

    BeBox 66 problem 'make'-ing egcs-19980727

    bootrap failure: gcc/print-rtl.c:276: incompatible types in assignment

    Re: Bootstrap failure: crt0.o: No such file or directory

    Bootstraping fails with egcs-2.91.46 19980707

    broken 'as' or broken snapshot ?

    Broken gcc -V option support in egcs-1.0.3 and 980707 snapshot




    a bug ?

    a bug ? ( repost )

    Bug fix in `tree.c': build_range_type

    bug fix in makeinfo.c

    Bug for template and struct

    Bug in 1.0.3

    bug in char loop vars with -mcpu=ev56

    Bug in cplus-dem.c

    Bug in egcs (possibly template instantiation)

    bug in egcs-1.0.2, g++

    Bug in handling virtual functions in egcs 1.0.3 and GCC 2.8.1

    Bug in va_* macros for sparc-sun-solaris2.6

    BUG on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20: Delayed evaluation of __builtin_constant_p not supported on this target.

    Bug report

    bug report

    Bug Report

    bug report

    Bug Report

    bug report (again)

    bug report followup

    bug report for egcs-1.0.3

    bug report on egcs

    Bug report: internal compiler error

    Bug report: Internal compiler error 252

    Bug Report: internal compiler error with use of std::

    bug report??

    Bug using braces with Constructor and Initializing Array Members

    BUG with libio/dbz/rdbz test case on m88k-motorola-sysv3

    Re: BUG: ICE in function reload_cse_simplify_operands on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

    BUG: infinite loop in _IO_flush_all()


    Re: build failure (f2c.h)

    Build problems with current sources on FreeBSD-current

    Building 1.0.3a on ultrasparc solaris 2.6 crashes system

    Building cross compiler fails

    Re: c++ compiler bug on egcs-1.03a

    c++ enable-checking failure

    C++ is broken

    c++ template bug

    C++: duplicate symbols when using -fno-default-inline

    c++filt in egcs or binutils source?

    C/C++ Bug (shifting chars.)

    calling 'xxx' like a member

    Cannot build using --prefix= on mips-sgi-irix6.2

    cc1 gets fatal signal 6 for target h8300-hitachi-coff

    cc1plus internal compiler error only when compiling with -g

    cc1plus segv on alpha-linux-gnu

    Checking of constant bounds in array access

    compiler bug (loop of some sort)

    Compiler bug -- egcs-2.90.27 (egcs-1.0.2 release)

    configure error: HAVE_INTTYPES_H set in error

    Conflict between STL and linux rx.h inclusion

    Const-correctness broken for references to pointers.

    Conversion templates (Was: ICE980331 *2 with egcs-2.91.47 19980710)

    crash in 1.0.3a fortran compilation

    Cross compiler build (continued)

    cross compiling problem

    Crush in strtok

    current 1.1 branch fails to build

    current: arm codegen severely broken


    dbxout.c stabs output problem

    Delayed evaluation of __builtin_constant_p not supported on this target


    Re: dllexport patch

    eg++ confusion with template argument

    EGCS & FreeBSD 2.2.6

    egcs 1.0.3 miscompiles inline math from glibc 2.1

    egcs 1.0.3a "make bootstrap" bug

    egcs 1.0.3a build report

    egcs 1.0.3a cross-compiler & system includes problem

    egcs 1.0.3a problem

    egcs 1.0.3a template deduction bug

    Re: egcs 1.1 and bugs

    egcs 2.91.50 fails to compile KDE kbgndwm

    EGCS Bug

    egcs bug in C++ compile

    egcs c++ internal error

    egcs compiling on SunOS 5.5

    Re: egcs crashes when working with -O0 ?

    egcs in broken.

    egcs Install Difficulties

    egcs installation problems

    egcs optimization bug?

    egcs refuses to link when not optimizing, on DEC Unix 3.x

    egcs still broken

    egcs, mainline CVS 19980719 powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0 bootstrap fails

    egcs, possible conditional logic think-o in regclass.c

    egcs, possible typo in cp/method.c ?

    egcs-1.0.3 f2c.h install problem?

    egcs-1.0.3: mc68k/mcf5200 codegen bug when optimizing

    egcs-1.0.3a not building on Solaris 5.6 SPARC

    egcs-1.0.3a prefering template copy-ctor of class template in fn return

    Re: egcs-1.0.3a: C++ `realloc()' member function causes internal compiler error

    Re: egcs-1.0.3a: C++ `realloc()' member function causes internal compiler error

    egcs-1.0.3a: C++ `realloc()' member function causes internal compilererror

    egcs-1.0.3a: xgcc-Internal compiler error on Linux 2.0.33 (SUSE 5.2, Intel)

    Re: egcs-1.0.3a: xgcc-Internal compiler error on Linux 2.0.33 (SUSE 5.2, Intel): FIXED

    egcs-1.03a behaves like gcc-2.7 ????

    Re: egcs-19980707 on i586-pc-linux-gnu

    egcs-19980707 on i586-pc-linux-gnu fills /tmp with garbage

    egcs-19980707 on i586-pc-linux-gnu leaves garbage in /tmp

    egcs-19980707 snapshot installation broken

    EGCS-19980707 with AIX 4.3.1


    egcs-19980715 configure bug

    egcs-19980715/sh-coff problem

    egcs-19980721 check failures

    egcs-19980727 build problems on Alpha

    egcs-19980727 make bootstrap Error 1 in backspace.o for i686-sun-solaris2.6

    egcs-2.90.29 [1.0.3] / Linux: Internal compiler error

    egcs-2.91.43 + glibc-2.0.94/math

    egcs-2.91.43 and ddd-3.0

    egcs-2.91.43 Internal compiler error (for a bogus program)

    egcs-2.91.43: error for valid c++ code

    egcs-2.91.43: fails on valid code (nested template)

    egcs-2.91.43: Internal compiler error (for a bogus program)

    egcs-2.91.47 c++ new parsing bug?

    Re: egcs-2.91.47 c++ new parsing bug?, function pointer

    egcs-2.91.50 minor error

    egcs-2.91.51 19980714 miscompiles XEmacs 21.0-pre7

    egcs-2.91.52 on Solaris 2.6 internal compiler error

    egcs-980701 internal compiler error

    Re: egcs-current: Major optimizer bug

    egcs-CVS19980701, alphaev5-dec-osf4.0b bootstrap failure

    egcs-g77 bug in list output

    exceptions and optimization

    Exceptions broken in 1.03a ???

    Exceptions problems

    false passes for c-torture bf64-1.c

    field width of strings in cout/egcs 1.0.3a on Linux

    FILE *bla=stderr;

    Fortran bootstrap failure -- again

    Fortran program crash in libg2c with latest snaps

    Re: Found gcc bug while trying to correct another one

    a full bug report

    function pointer

    g++ bug

    g++ build failure in mainline cvs

    g++ has trouble with nested classes in a template

    G++ internal compiler error for `struct A { ~A(); }; A::~A(int) {}'

    g++ internal error 892

    g++: Internal compiler error. (egcs-1.0.2 and 1.0.3a with -O2)

    g++: Missing const-member-assignment error message.

    g++: no vtable found for instantiation...

    g++: template <_A, _B = vector<_A>> & bogus definition -> ICE...

    g++: template member specialization oddity

    g77 (was *.f *.c linking problem)

    g77 -ieee crash in 1.0.3a

    g77 bug

    g77 of egcs-1.0.2/1.0.3a returns exit code 1 for argument type mismatch

    Re: g77 of egcs-1.0.2/1.0.3a returns exit code 1 for argument typemismatch

    g77 REWIND problem with named files

    g77: dreal, dimag, and dcmplx

    g77: missing intrinsic atan2d

    gcc 2.91.50: incorrect behaviour when rx-1.5 is compiled with -O

    Fwd: Re: gcc for HP-UX

    GCC/G++ bug - bombs on va_arg()

    gcc/md.texi:2417: Cross reference to nonexistent node`Storage_Layout'

    A gcse bug

    hppa1.1 bootstrap procedure

    I found a error

    i think this is a bug

    i386 performance problem due to regmove.c change

    i686-pc-gnulibc1 related questions.


    ICE (sorry, forgot platform on previous mail)

    ICE 135

    ICE 373 (template in namespace)

    ICE 980331

    ICE compiling wrong code (egcs-1.0.3).

    ICE from egcs-2.92.00 19980717 when compiling ACE 4.5.21

    ICE from g++-980715, w/small test case

    re: ICE from g++-980715, w/small test case (more info)

    ICE while handling asm

    ICE191, simplified testcase

    ICE980331 *2 with egcs-2.91.47 19980710

    In snapshot:namespace not implemented?!

    Incompatible calling conventions used by gcc 2.7 and 2.8 (and egcc)? (supersedes older bug reports)

    Incorrect assembler code generated for target h8300-hitachi-coff

    Re: incorrect warning

    install-info problem (Debian/GNU Linux 2.0)

    installation problem, cannot exec `#C++collect2'

    Internal Compier error 980331

    internal compiler error

    Internal compiler error

    internal compiler error

    Internal compiler error

    Internal compiler error (x86, 0715+0721, std::const_mem_fun1_t())

    Internal Compiler Error 364

    Internal compiler error 390 (testcase included)

    Internal compiler error 9

    Internal compiler error 980331

    Internal compiler error 980331.

    Internal compiler error compiling kdelibs-1.0 ...

    Internal compiler error in egcs1.0.3a on Dec Alpha.

    internal compiler error in g++/19980727 on Linux/Alpha

    Internal compiler error instead of parse error with 2.91.52

    Internal compiler error on -fxref.

    Internal compiler error with egcs-1.0.3

    Internal compiler error.

    Internel Compiler error

    invalid address bug in egcs optimizer (snapshot)

    iostream.cc:417: `_pthread_cleanup_pop_restore' undeclared

    Is this a bug or a language feature?



    libf2c bug (config.h.in)

    libf2c requires autoheader

    libio won't build in current cvs

    linpack - observation

    linpack C source

    linpack lossage on i386-linux - reason

    linpack results - egcs-19980707

    linpackc - egcs/gcc comparison files

    linpackc.c regression quick analysis

    Linux/Alpha egcs 1.0.3 crashes on unrecognizable insn

    Linux/Alpha kernel compiled with egcs-19980721 causes "oops" in shutdown

    Maelstrom Compile Bug

    Maelstrom Errors

    make bootstrap with --enable-checking failure on 19980714

    Maximum symbol length problem? (Sparc, template)

    Maybe not a bug...

    Memory consumption

    minor install nit

    miscompilation of Freeciv with egcs and optimizer

    miscompilation of Freeciv with egcs and optimizer (part 2)

    Missing () generates ICE

    Missing <inttypes.h>

    Missing declaration in gcse.c

    missing initializer warnings

    Moonlight Creator v0.5.3

    More linpack on i386-linux analysis

    more on i586-linux target from solaris 5.6 sparc

    mutable in static const object -> segfault

    namespace support in 19980628 snapshot

    Re: namespaces and explicit instantiation

    nested class & local class & virtual fn together broken ?

    New C++ frontend bug since the big template change.

    New g77 failure on Alpha with -Os

    New ICE after your 1998-07-27 change.

    new SIGSEGV in jump.c

    New test case...

    new test failure

    newly broken code ?

    No Subject

    Non-intuitive conversion warning

    O2 required for correct code

    On i486 why is -march=pentium default?

    Optimization bug(?) in egcs 1.0.3a on i686

    Parse err, for template function with explicit type-parameter in a class

    A patch for -fpic and -fomit-frame-pointer on x86

    PATCH to rs6000.md, comments?

    Re: possible bug in fortran compiler

    Possible bug with enum i486-pc-linux-gnulibc1 egcs-2.91.52

    possible bug?

    Problem fixing headers on AIX 4.3.1

    problem with cpp on solaris2.5.1

    Problem with large array

    Problem with libstdc++ (i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1)

    Re: problems building 1.0.2 and 1.0.3a

    Problems with templates: Internal compiler error

    pure virtual functions bug in egcs

    pure virtuals falling over on alpha

    Q: Assignment to pointer to member function oddities.

    Re: Qt snapshot 19980706

    Regression of egcs-2.91.47 19980712

    reload.c:5855:... error.... reg_overlap_mentioned_for_reload_p

    Results for egcs-2.91.45 19980705 (gcc2 ss-980609 experimental) testsuite on i586-pc-linux-gnu

    Results for egcs-2.91.47 19980711 (gcc2 ss-980609 experimental) testsuite on i586-pc-linux-gnu

    right/left shifts with (width of type)

    Seekg problem egcs 3.01

    Seg faults/Internal compiler errors when using Linux swapfil

    Re: A serious -fpic and -fomit-frame-pointer bug in egcs 1.0.3/1.1

    Re: A serious bug on x86 with inline, PIC and omit frame pointer.

    serious inline math pb i386

    Serious Optimizer Bug, Sample Code Included

    Re: SIGSEGV in insert to global container in shared lib

    simple bastring bug [egcs-1.03a (2.90.29)]

    Re: Small test program gives internal compiler error

    Re: Solaris-- relocation against external symbol

    Sorry for recent bug-report

    spilling problem in current egcs

    spurious signedness warnings

    static member initialization problems on Irix w1.0.3a

    Strange regression in egcs-current/x86

    template friend bug

    Template instantiation dies on cast

    template instatiation ICE new in 1998-07-07

    template partial specializations

    Template/-O1/Loop unrolling bug in egcs 1.0.3a

    templates & overloading together broken ?

    templates + static initialization

    Three failing testcases

    Trouble building on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

    Trying to compile Doc++

    Two problems with egcs-1.1

    a typename is required !

    typo in gcc/configure.in

    Using typedefs as template arguments.


    warning feature or bug ?

    weird call to copy ctor [2nd try]

    Where is std.h ?

    win95/cygwin32 bootstrap failure

    Wrong warnings when -fgcse is active

    An x86 code gen bug

    XFree86 3.3.2/egcs 1.03a on linux-alpha: "no screens found"

    Re: Your Jun 7 change to expand_expr

    Re: Your June 7 change to expand_expr

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