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$(LN) fails in install-driver

(ada) committed as obvious

(b-i-b) Configury: Get rid of skip-this-dir.

(toplevel b-i-b patch) remove more cruft

(toplevel b-i-b patch) Remove more cruft, take three

(toplevel b-i-b patch) remove more cruft, take two

(toplevel b-i-b patch) remove useless setting of 'dir'

(toplevel b-i-b, committed) make all-target, install-target behave like others

(toplevel patch) Dependency tidy.

(toplevel patch) introduce extra_host_args

(toplevel patch) move gcc_version_trigger

(toplevel patch) Real targets for make.

(toplevel patch) Remove 'vault' targets

(toplevel) Add more dependencies

(toplevel) introduce host subdir configuration in Makefile

(toplevel) small reorg

-fabi-version=0 layout tweak

Re: -Wimplicit

3.2.1 PATCH: Fix IRIX 6 multilib subdirs

3.3 PATCH: Fix Tru64 UNIX libstdc++-v3 bootstrap failure

3.3 PATCH: Fix Tru64 UNIX shared library versioning

[3.2 PATCH] Fix cygwin bootstrap failure

Re: [3.2 PATCH] install-no-fixedincludes repaired

[3.2 PATCH] PowerPC fixes

[3.2-BIB] make TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED return an rvalue

[3.2.1 DOC PATCH] Update powerpc-linux-gnu binutils requirement

[3.2.1] Obvious patch to i386.h

[3.4-bib, Patch] rs6000 floating point multiply-add instructions

[3.4-BIB] -march=k8 support

[3.4-BIB] Fix i686 bootstrap failure

[3.4-BIB] -march=pentium4 -msse2 fixes

[3.4-BIB] Add i386 trunc/nearbyint patterns II

[3.4-BIB] Add i386 trunc/rint patterns

[3.4-BIB] Add trunc/round/floor/ceil/rint builtins

[3.4-BIB] Add trunc/round/floor/ceil/rint builtins II

[3.4-BIB] Add trunc/round/floor/ceil/rint builtins III

[3.4-BIB] find_split_point tweek

[3.4-BIB] Fix another cmov breakage

[3.4-BIB] fix handling of empty functions for Athlon

[3.4-BIB] Fix i386-sse-1.c failure

[3.4-BIB] Fix infinite recursion during ADA bootstrap on i486

[3.4-BIB] Fix infinite recursion during ADA bootstrap on i486 II

[3.4-BIB] fix min/max instructions

[3.4-bib] Fix x86_64 length attribute

[3.4-BIB] Fix x87 combiner patterns

[3.4-BIB] Fixes to x86_machine_dependent_reorg

[3.4-BIB] i386 string functions tweek

[3.4-BIB] i386/x86-64 prologues tweek

[3.4-BIB] ifcvt and RTX sharing

[3.4-BIB] Improve K8 scheduling

[3.4-BIB] Minnor i386.md attribute tweeks

[3.4-BIB] Optimize cvtsd2ss for Athlon/K8

[3.4-BIB] Profile reading cleanup

[3.4-BIB] SSE conversion fixes

[3.4-BIB] Turn on MS bitfields for Interix

[3.4-bib] Updated patch for FP conversions part 2

[3.4-BIB] updated patch for x86_64 PIC

[3.4-BIB] Use FFREEp

[3.4-BIB] x86_64 DFmode move tweeks

[3.4-BIB]: Cleanup some MD patterns for VMS

[3.4-BIB]: Some new MD patterns for VMS

[3_2-branch] fix c/8252

[avr] Patch for -mint8 option

[basic-improvements, committed] Split tm.h from config.h

[basic-improvements] [RFD] VxWorks thread support, part two

[basic-improvements] Better TSD algorithm for config/vxlib.c

[basic-improvements] C++ PATCH to build_vec_init

[basic-improvements] Final piece of VxWorks thread support

[basic-improvements] Fix gcc/unwind.h

[basic-improvements] Fix i386-sse-*.c testsuite failures

[basic-improvements] Fix install-target-libffi in Makefile.def [patch]

[basic-improvements] Merge from trunk

Re: [basic-improvements] Remove __gthread_key_dtor

[basic-improvements] split config.h and tm.h, steps 1+2

[basic-improvements] try/finally support for c/c++

[basic-improvements] try/finally support for c/c++ - more tests

[basic-improvements] Use double instead of float for timevar

[basic-improvements] VxWorks thread support

[BIB PATCH] Add real_sqrt literature reference

[bib] Fix obvious mistake in my profiler patch

[BIB] Fix specs for NEC VR series

[BIB] PATCH to cp/: Remove traditional C constructs 1/n

[C PATCH]: tidy some code

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR3663

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR8099

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR8389

[C++ PATCH] Friend class and DR 180

[C++ PATCH] Friend class and DR 180 (take 2)

[C++ PATCH]: Covariant returns

[C++ PATCH]: Tidy some code

[C++ testsuite] new testcase for PR c++/8702

[c4x] gcc update for new gas changes

[Configure patch] Issue error if bison not found

[CPP] -M vs -include

[e500] patch for sfix32/ufix32

[e500] removing instructions

[FASTJAR PATCH] Fix jar c something.class > something.jar

[Fortran, trunk, committed] Fix PR fortran/8587.

[Fwd: Re: Bug in g2c.h for calling Fortran vom C++ (not C)]

[Fwd: Re: Patch to fix unaligned access in float->union assignment]

[Help] Add bounds checking to TREE_VEC_ELT

[Installed] Patch to fix sh handling of PIC save slots

[Installed] Patch to handling of floats in sh constant pools

[Installed] Patch to sh movdi_const and movdi_const_32bit

[Installed] Patch to sh64 trampolines

[itanium-sched-branch] patch fixing bootstrap failure

[itanium-sched-branch] Patch for one more improvement of itanium2 gcc

[libstdc++] Doc update

[libstdc++] Doxygenate the I/O classes.

[libstdc++] Protect against Koenig lookup

[libstdc++] Tweak man page fixups

[libstdc++] Warn when generic atomicity.h is used

[Mainline, committed] Patch to bring Fortran documentation up todate.

Re: [mips] generate PIC jump tables for n32 and n64

[new-ra] Resurrection

Re: [PATCH, arm] Fix XFAIL in gcc.c-torture/execute/941014-1.x

[PATCH/RFA] Add test case from optimization/8492

[PATCH/RFA] ARM -- Implement ATPCS stack alignment rules

[PATCH/RFA] ARM ELF: -EB/-EL symmetry in specs

[PATCH/RFA] ARM ELF: Move asm float flags into subtarget spec

[PATCH/RFA] Consistently define HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA

[PATCH/RFA] if-exists-else spec function, NetBSD + GCC crtstuff

[PATCH/RFA] Java: DWARF2 exception on sh-linux

[PATCH/RFA] Resubmit: if-exists-else spec function


[PATCH/RFA] SH: Add size and type directives to lib1funcs.asm

Re: [PATCH/RFA] SH: DWARF2 exception handling

[PATCH/RFA] spec functions

[PATCH/RFA] Support CV-qualifiers when demangling pointer-to-member

Re: [PATCH/RFC] ARM -- Implement ATPCS stack alignment rules

Re: [PATCH/RFC] gut Interoperation section of trouble.texi

[patch] (was: Undocumented source files)

[PATCH] -fdump-translation-unit fix for dumping function bodies

[PATCH] [RFC] NetBSD note segment

[PATCH] Add arm-netbsdelf* configuration

[PATCH] alpha-netbsd spec tweak

[PATCH] Another ASM_SPEC tweak for mips-netbsd

Re: [patch] beginner.html: Update the list of ports with define_peephole.

[patch] beginner.html: Update the list of ports withdefine_peephole.

[patch] builtins.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] can_issue_more vs USE and CLOBBER

Re: [PATCH] Constant fold sqrt at compile time

[PATCH] Constant fold sqrt at compile time (take 2)

[PATCH] Constant fold sqrt at compile time (take 3)

[patch] cp: Follow spelling conventions.

[PATCH] CPP tweak for mips-netbsd

[patch] cppfiles.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] df.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Ensure .rodata.cstNN sections have entries of size sh_entsize

[patch] execute/strct-varg-1.x: Remove xfail.

[PATCH] Fastcall support on cygwin and mingw targets

[PATCH] Fix -fasynchronous-unwind-tables bug on x86_64

[PATCH] Fix configure (was Re: [RFA:] Take 2 (was: Re: RFC: --enable-checking=valgrind.))

Re: [PATCH] Fix configure (was Re: [RFA:] Take 2 (was: Re: RFC:--enable-checking=valgrind.))

Re: [PATCH] fix Emacs building on FreeBSD/sparc64

[PATCH] Fix force_to_mode bug

[PATCH] Fix libjava.loader/loader.exp problems

[PATCH] Fix powerpc-netbsd target

[PATCH] Fix PR 8639 (3.2.1 material)

[PATCH] Fix PR c/8032

[PATCH] Fix PR c/8518

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8275

[PATCH] Fix PR target/8340

[PATCH] Fix SH Interrupt Handler ICE

Re: [PATCH] Fix some -Wunreachable-code issues

[PATCH] Fix typo in config/t-libc-ok

[PATCH] Fix typo in gcse_emit_move_after

[PATCH] Fix typo in hwint.h

[PATCH] Fix VAX crash

[PATCH] Fix x86-64 bootstrap

[patch] gcc-3.3/changes.html: Mention the support for H8 tiny.

[PATCH] gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.c now passes on ARM platforms

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Follow spelling conventions.

[patch] gthr-dce.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] gthr-posix.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] gthr-single.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] gthr-solaris.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] gthr-vxworks.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] gthr-win32.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8300.c: Clean up code aroundh8300_tiny_constant_address_p.

[patch] h8300.c: Fix a typo in the target help message.

[patch] h8300.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] h8300.c: Fix the insn length computation.

[patch] h8300.c: Parenthesize expressions appropriately.

[patch] h8300.c: Replace 1 with MASK_H8300S.

[patch] h8300.h (CAN_ELIMINATE): Simplify.

[patch] h8300.h: Remove extra parentheses in a macro definition.

[patch] h8300.md: Add 6 new peephole2 patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new insn pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Add more test insns.

[patch] h8300.md: Add new patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Add one define_insn_and_split.

[patch] h8300.md: Change the order of alternatives inmovsi_h8300hs.

[patch] h8300.md: Do not use an undefined constraint character.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix *andor[qhs]i3.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix insn lengths.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix typos of operand characters.

[patch] h8300.md: Relax the condition for an insn pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Relax the condition of an anonymous insn.

[patch] h8300: Adjust spacing.

[patch] h8300: Compute the costs of AND in RTX_COSTS.

[patch] h8300: Fix comment typos.

[patch] h8300: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8300: Fix predicates and add insns.

[patch] h8300: Make RTX_COSTS compute the costs of shifts.


[patch] h8300: Simplify code around EIGHTBIT_CONSTANT_ADDRESS_P.

[PATCH] invoke.texi, -mno-sum-in-toc (powerpc)

[PATCH] Kill warnings in md5.c

[PATCH] libiberty warning fix for NetBSD

[PATCH] Make .eh_frame and .gcc_except_table read-only if possible

[PATCH] Make .eh_frame and .gcc_except_table read-only if possible (take 3)

[PATCH] make_relative_prefix(): Initialise string to empty before building upon it.

[PATCH] Makefile.tpl

[PATCH] merge Java contributors into doc/install.texi

[PATCH] merge java/test.html into install.texi and sourcebuild.texi

[PATCH] merge libstdc++ contributors into doc/contrib.texi

[PATCH] New testcase for PR c/7128

[PATCH] New tests for sibling call optimisation

[patch] next try: Remove unnecessary casts in gcc/ada

[PATCH] One more libstdc++ ABI compatibility fix

[patch] optabs.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] PowerPC load_multiple fix (PR 8362)

[PATCH] PowerPC string instruction

[PATCH] PowerPC string instructions for -Os

[PATCH] PR c/7128: ICE in c_expand_asm_operands

[Patch] PR c/7490

[PATCH] PR c/8439

[PATCH] PR target/8480

[patch] Re: ARM: testsuite gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.c failure

Re: [patch] Re: ARM: testsuite gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.cfailure

[PATCH] Reload fixes for EXTRA_MEMORY_CONSTRAINT problems

[patch] Remove unnecessary casts

[patch] Remove unnecessary casts in gcc/ada

[patch] Remove unnecessary casts in gcc/cp

[patch] Remove unnecessary casts in gcc/java

[PATCH] Save the object file

[PATCH] Small tweak to NetBSD specs

Re: [PATCH] take advantage of init_array/fini_array on ia64 (v3) patch)

Re: [PATCH] take advantage of init_array/fini_array on ia64 (v3)patch)

Re: [patch] tic4x/c4x configuration files

[patch] tlink.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] to avoid application crash when va_arg arguments need to be promoted

[PATCH] Use GCC's crtstuff on NetBSD 1.7 and later

[PATCH] web pages: add lots of info to testing/index.html

[PATCH] web site build and test guides: interoperability testing


[PATCH]: Namespace support for dwarf2

[PCH] bug fixes...

[PCH] fix dbx debug output

[PCH] fix memory-allocation bug in cpp_read_state

[PCH] fix merging macros

[PCH] fixes for reported dwarf2 problems

[PCH] relocate an optab array

[PCH] save some more counters

[PCH] scalars, rtl, proper page management, lots of testcases

[PCH] stubs for simple GC

[PCH] Testing by comparing .s files


[RFA:] Fix two uninitialized-bugs in cppexp.c spotted by valgrind

Re: [RFA:] Fix two uninitialized-bugs in cppexp.c spotted byvalgrind

[RFA:] Fix uninitialized-bug in gcc/bitmap.c, spotted by valgrind.

Re: [RFA:] Take 2

[RFA:] Take 2 (was: Re: RFC: --enable-checking=valgrind.)

[RFA:] valgrind annotations for ggc-page.c, ggc-common.c

[RFA] libiberty warning fixes for OSX

[RFA] Top level configury additions for RDA (3rd try)

[RFC] callgraph and unit at time compilation

[rtlopt] bb-reorder cleanup

[rtlopt] bb-reorder tweek

[rtlopt] bb-reorder: new debug message

[rtlopt] bb-reorder: prefer successors of last block of a trace

[rtlopt] bug fix - split_edge

[rtlopt] Fix bb count updating

[rtlopt] fix bootstrap error

[rtlopt] Fix vpt

[rtlopt] Loop histograms

[rtlopt] Loop unrolling decision cleanup

[rtlopt] new bb-reorder - Software Trace Cache

[rtlopt] new bb-reorder: fix debug output

[rtlopt] peeling heuristics tweak

[rtlopt] Unroller fixes

[rtlopt] Value profiling and optimalizations

[rtlopt] Wibbles

[rtlopt] Yet another version of preconditioning

[tree-ssa libmudflap] memory wiping

[tree-ssa libmudflap] watchpoints

[tree-ssa mudflap] cleanup, runtime extensions

[tree-ssa] [wwwdocs] HTML documentation for Tree Browser

[tree-ssa] Aggregation of may-aliases [patch]

[tree-ssa] CCP and variable reference fixes [patch]

[tree-ssa] CFG bugfix [patch]

[tree-ssa] CFG cleanup [patch]

[tree-ssa] Changes to -fdump-tree-all-ssa and GC fixes [patch]

[tree-ssa] copy-propagation pass

[tree-ssa] DCE fixes

Re: [tree-ssa] empty_stmt_nodes, deleted statements, iterators, and gsi_step_bb

[tree-ssa] empty_stmt_nodes, deleted statements, iterators, andgsi_step_bb

[tree-ssa] Enable SSA CCP by default [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix format in c-call-graph

[tree-ssa] Fix warnings with prototypes

[tree-ssa] gimplify builtins and BIT_FIELD_REF nodes [patch]

[tree-ssa] Inconsistent operand constraints in asm

[tree-ssa] PATCH for various tweaks

[tree-ssa] PATCH to simplify C++ cleanups

[tree-ssa] Problem in right-assocify

Re: [tree-ssa] Tree Browser

[tree-ssa]: Andersen points-to analysis

[tree-ssa]: Patch to add component_ref ref's

[tree-ssa]: SSAPRE Update

[v3] autoheader fixups

[v3] Avoid strtok "like the plague"

[v3] basic_string, __malloc_alloc versioning intaglio

[v3] Final fix for libstdc++/6745

[v3] Fix recent warning regression

[v3] Fix second half of libstdc++/6745

[v3] Improve the fix for strtok vs MT

[v3] libstdc++/7691

[v3] libstdc++/8399

[v3] libstdc++/8466

[v3] libstdc++/8645

[v3] Reorder the categories

[v3] Replacing string += "x" by 'x'

[v3] Slight improvement of libstdc++/8466 fix

[v3] std::string::_S_construct for 64bit size_t

[v3] Trivial cosmetic changes to locale.cc

[WWW] update pch-branch description

[WWW] Update pch-branch description.

[wwwdocs] Add an entry to the list of testers

[wwwdocs] Fix URL for SPEC95 results page [patch]

[wwwdocs] Link to another SPEC2000 tester [patch]

[wwwdocs] patch to testing/index.html

[wwwdocs]Patch to include 3.2 bugs in the changes.html



Accept EDGE_CAN_FALLTHRU in verify_flow_info

ada patch: Correct bug box, remove ACT-specific references (Take 2)

Re: ada patch: Correct bug box, remove ACT-specific references (Take2)

ada/8560, [3.2], mainline: GNAT 3.14p is now required

Add ARM to gas .file/.loc tests

Add conditional addition patterns

Add make_relative_prefix to libiberty

Add myself to MAINTAINERS

Altivec: adjust prototypes for load builtins

Altivec: Fix vmx/varargs-7.c

Re: announce: VHDL front-end for GCC

Re: apsi bug

Arg pointer patch for hppa64 tail calls

ARM ATPCS stack alignment

Atomic operations for PA

Re: avoiding multiple passes on RTL in init_alias_analysis

Back in "bootstrapville" or thanks Rainer!

Re: Basic exception guarantee testcases (redux)

Re: BBRO declared harmful (on H8/300 & others)

Better explanation of -fmove-all-movables, -freduce-all-givs and-frerun-loop-opts.

Re: bootstrap/3867: [djgpp] eh_frame optimization check inconfigure is broken

Bounds checking for TREE_VEC_ELT and related bugs (PR c++/8511)

C++ PATCH: ABI bug for vcall offsets

C++ PATCH: ABI patch for destructor order

C++ PATCH: ABI tweaks

C++ PATCH: Another layout bug

C++ PATCH: Correct typeinfo for array types

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 8338

C++ PATCH: Fix thinkos

C++ PATCH: Plug memory leak

C++ PATCH: PR 8214

C++ PATCH: PR 8227

C++ PATCH: PR 8511

C++ PATCH: RTTI thinko

C++ PATCH: Tweak new layout code

C++ PATCH: Virtual bases and tail padding

C++ regressions on i586 (mainline)

Re: c++/7765 [Patch]

Re: c/8467: Bug in sibling call optimization

Re: Candidate fix for PR c/7353



Change version.c for hammer-3_3-branch

clean up some hook routines

Committed patch to move MIPS comment


Complain about wrong -mcpu settings for x86-64

Configury patch: Correct BUILD/HOST confusion

Constructors/Destructors on hppa64-hp-hpux11

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.1.da.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.1.de.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.1.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.1.fr.po.gz'

Converting floor to rint

correct spelling in cp/decl2.c.

A couple of additional test cases

Darwin-hosted cross-compiler configury

Disable g++.dg/abi/vague1.C on hppa*-*-hpux*

Disregard last patch

divmod with -O3

doc patch to beginner.html: remove completed project


DWARF2 exception handling for m68k

Fix -msse crash

fix 8451

Fix ada bootstrap on x86-64/mainline

Fix c99 builtins

Fix crash while compiling pine on x86_64


Re: Fix libjava x86-64 multilib

Fix link command when using profiling on hppa64-hp-hpux11*

Fix netbsd configuration

Fix PR c/8588

Fix PR preprocessor/4890

Fix preprocessor/8497 and preprocessor/8501

Fix prototypes in tree-inline.c

Fix reg-stack sanity check

fix SPE varargs vectors again...

Fix starting frame offset on hppa64-hp-hpux11

Fix x86-64 glibc build failure

Fix x86-64 glibc compilation crash

FIx x86_64 bootstrap failure on mainline

fold-const.c versus Java, part the ninety-ninth

Fp conversions optimizations part 3

Re: GCC Testing Efforts web page: gcc.gnu.org/testing

Re: gcc-3.2 DESTDIRified

Re: gcc-64 20021111 broken on HP-UX 11.00

Re: gcc: cleaning up top level config


Re: GCJ redesign

GNU and HP assembler fix for hppa64-hp-hpux11

HP-UX IA64 Patch to fix earlier patch

HPUX IA64 longdouble changes

i370 port does not need fixincludes

i386 conditional move tweeks

Re: IA64 Inline division patch

Re: ICE: malformed code gives ICE for &(C::m)

Re: ifcvt pass ordering

Re: Implementing Universal Character Names in identifiers

Java Patches: -fno-org-xml-sax and -fno-org-w3c-dom

Re: java/status.html updates

K8 scheduling

Re: libffi for ia64

Re: libgcc2 __fixsfdi

Re: libstdc++/3195: STL warning needs fixinc assistance










limit code expansion on ifcvt - bbro too?

limit code expnasion on ifcvt

Make GC tuning parameters adjustable at runtime

Make generic atomicity.h use gthr.h mutexes

Re: Makefile.tpl change

Re: Marking the end of a function

Re: Minor bug in mkmap-symver.awk? (fwd)

Minor cleanup to pa-linux.h

Re: minor cleanup: mark _Unwind_GetTextRelBase() argument as"unused"

more stormy16 opcodes

Re: more xstormy16 opcodes

Move myself to sh-linux-gnu port maintainer

New Danish PO file for `gcc'

New French PO file for `gcc'

New German PO file for `gcc'

new improved EH on Darwin

Re: New java/status.html file

New PO Template file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

New test cases - "VMX" (Altivec) ABI and API

New testcase for __builtin_constant_p failure

Re: Non-call exceptions

Non-call exceptions versus cse


Not reviewed patch: Installing gsyslimits.h

Re: Obsolete installation instructions and inconvenient CVS HOWTO

Out-of-order inlining and --param values

Re: Pass FLAGS_FOR_TARGET to subdirectories (was: Re: GCC_FOR_TARGET x linker scripts)

PATCH (mainline): address performance issue of libstdc++/7445

Patch 3.3 gcc/unwind.h warning removal.

PATCH : collecting more info in the init_alias_analysis pass

PATCH ARM -- Avoid multi-instruction return sequence for (return)

PATCH arm/elf fix .type directive output

patch for "./configure" in libffi (more pr 7090)

Patch for complex -> component mode simplification

Patch for Microsoft bitfield layout

PATCH for Re: PRs in category "bootstrap"

PATCH for Re: Web Page Content Error

Patch installed for warning regression in except.c

Patch installed for warning regression in java/decl.c

PATCH to diagnostic.c::sorry

Patch to fix a MIPS movstrsi scheduling bug.

Patch to fix register allocation bug

Patch to fix unaligned access in float->union assignment

Patch to gcc 3.2 to allow builds on BSD/OS

Patch to remove unused `NAN' and `nan' from libstdc++-v3

Patch to SHmedia divide patterns

Patch to support "const const" for C99

patch/RFC: PR optimization/8423

Patch: darwin specific

Patch: scheduler heuristics

Patch: vector stabs info

Patch: 3.3 Warning removal gcc/tree-inline.c

Re: Patch: [WAS: Re: Why is GCJ shy of overwriting a .class file?]

PATCH: C++/8591

PATCH: cgi-bin/gnatsweb.pl

PATCH: clean up libstdc++ navigation

Patch: comments

Patch: config/rs6000/rs6000.{c,md} (Darwin): Warning removal.

PATCH: contrib.texi

patch: Darwin/x86 fails to build

Patch: dbxout.c: Fix symbol-table entry description comment

PATCH: doc/contrib.texi and GCJ

PATCH: Don't create pseudos after no_new_pseudos on SH

Patch: drop NEC v810 support

Patch: fix for PR 7912

PATCH: Fix handling of return values handled in PARALLELs

PATCH: Fix ICE in dump_flow_info dumping rtl

PATCH: Fix java canadian cross compile

PATCH: Fix justification for small aggregates on hppa64

PATCH: Fix PR 8391

Patch: Fix regression in make_relative_prefix

PATCH: Fix sizeof checking for cross compile

Re: Patch: fix SPEC regressions

Re: Patch: fix SPEC regressions (rewrite)

PATCH: Fix vcall offsets in construction vtables

Patch: FYI: another gcj status update

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: fastjar dostime.c rewrite

Patch: FYI: fix classpath comparison script

Patch: FYI: gcj class initialization fix

Patch: FYI: gcjh and JNIEXPORT

Patch: FYI: PR 7912

Patch: FYI: status update

Patch: gcc/unwind-dw2{-fde,}.c: Warning removal.

Re: Patch: gcc/unwind-dw2{-fde,}.c: Warning removal. -- Take 2

PATCH: index.html and the 3.3 release branch

Patch: java/lang.c: Warning removal.

PATCH: java/status.html

PATCH: java/test.html removal


PATCH: Mips tweak

PATCH: PR 8314

Patch: PR 8415

Patch: PR java/6388

Patch: PR java/8676

PATCH: prepare libstdc++ pages for generic navigation

PATCH: remove java/thanks.html

PATCH: Removing the arg_index field from cpp_hashnode

Re: PATCH: reorg branch displacement fix

Re: Patch: stab info for const fields

PATCH: style.html -- /java pages and navigation

PATCH: style.html -- documentation navigation

PATCH: style.html, testing/index.html -- fix broken links

PATCH: style.mhtml tweako

Patch: top level config (AIX)

Patch: Warning removal: unwind-dw2-fde.h (last_fde): obj ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED

PATCH: Why does config.gcc use deleted files?

PATCH: Work around libtool for `$' in filenames

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess

patches for the 3.2 branch

patches: config for m68k-apollo-bsd*, or not

pc-linux-gnulibc1: ucontext not supported

pexecute.c on cygwin for cross compile

PING: [3.4-bib] Make TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED return an rvalue

Ping: Re: Test for SH gen_shl_and bug

polished version of valgrind fix

Possible patch for sh CLASS_MAX_NREGS

Potential Ada tweak: those who know ada please comment.

Re: PowerPC PIC code addressibility tweak

PR libstdc++/6746 and non-POSIX stdio

PR middle-end/8408

Re: preprocessor/8524: _Pragma within macros is improperly expanded

Profiling code for sh-linux-gnu

proposed fix for PR c++/8662

Re: REGRESSION in 3.2.1-pre on mips-irix6 (and elsewhere) compiling execute/20011219-1.c

Re: REGRESSION in 3.2.1-pre on mips-irix6 (and elsewhere) compilingexecute/20011219-1.c

Re: Reload patch for PA call rewrite.

Remove common MPW configury bits

remove unnecessary casts

Replace almost all occurences of "GNU CC" with "GCC"

RE: Replace almost all occurences of "GNU CC" with "GCC" take 2

Revised new improved EH on Darwin

RFA: BIB: small cleanup in stor-layout.c

RFC: --enable-checking=valgrind.

RS6000 buried treasure - NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C

rs6000 spe.md patches

S/390: Add bi-arch multilib support for s390x

S/390: Avoid relocations in .eh_frame section

S/390: Default to -fasynchronous-unwind-tables

S/390: Fix .eh_frame bug due to -fasyncronous-unwind-tables

Re: S/390: Fix minor missed optimization

S/390: Make .eh_frame in libffi read-only

S390: Introduce struct machine_function

S390: Right alignment for 31 bit constant pool


sh portability question

Simplify floating point conversions

Simplify floating point conversions II

Simplify floating point conversions III

Simplify floating point conversions IV

small patch re ada/6919, committed as obvious.

Small tweak to config/cpu/hppa/os_defines.h

Solaris: Document -mimpure-text

Status of mainline (3.3) high-priority bugs

Support [dcl.init] para 13

Test for SH gen_shl_and bug

top level patch: even MORE autoconfiness

Top level: convert target module targets to autogen style

Toplevel (b-i-b) patch: Clean up CXX_FOR_TARGET

Toplevel (bib): 'maybe' dependencies

toplevel Makefile.tpl: Clean up 'install' related targets.

Toplevel patch: Autogenerate host module targets

Toplevel patch: Autogenerate Makefile targets 1 (do-*)

Toplevel patch: Autogenerate Makefile targets 2 (*-target-*)

Toplevel patch: Autogenerate Makefile targets 3 (*-build-*)

Toplevel patch: blow away dosrel

Toplevel patch: Cleanup

Toplevel patch: determine 'install'ed subdirs at configure time

toplevel patch: Let configure decide which targets to hit (1)

toplevel patch: most autoconfiness of variables

Toplevel patch: Remove EXTRA_TARGET_HOST hackery

toplevel: 'maybe-ize' dependencies

toplevel: maybe-ize build-libiberty

Toplevel: Maybe-ize GDB_TK.

Toplevel: more dependency cleanup

Toplevel: Remove (now) unnecessary ifs

tree inlining and alloca

Typo in m68k.c

Undervalued Company Alert

Re: Undocumented source files

Universal Character Names, v2

Unreviewed 3.3 warning patches. (powerpc-apple-darwin6.0)

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch (PR ada/5856, ada/6919)

Unreviewed patch: libtool.m4 changes for multilib

Unreviewed patch: SH: DWARF2 exception handling

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patches for 3.2/3.3 and BIB...

Unreviewed^2 patch: libtool.m4 changes for multilib

Update m68k-*-linux* configuration

Updated patch for FP conversions part 1

Updates to --with-sysroot support

Using SCRATCH Register for a mov op,

V3 PATCH: __cxa_guard_acquire

valgrind fix: Set not_replacable in loop.c

What's the right way to do host libraries required for gcc

Where are the gcc 3.2.0 changes listed?

x86_64 prologues tweek

XFAILures on i586 (gcc-3_2-branch)

Xtensa: added a library to LIB_SPEC for xtensa-elf targets

Xtensa: commited fix for broken copy from register a7

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