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"fix" gcc.dg/cleanup-{8,9,10,11}.c

-dynamiclib documentation, etc., for Darwin

-fcrossjumping doc error


.machine for Darwin, new cctools required

intrinsic rand with an optional argument

Re: [gfortran] Avoid induction variables in DO loops.

Re: [PATCH] intrinsic rand with an optional argument

[PATCH] intrinsic rand with an optional argument

Patch gcc-4.0 should not apply mathematical associative rules for addition or multiplication In the following code the repeated multiplication is folded into a single operation (multiplication by Infinity), when compiled for apple-ppc-darwin target. For different values of "x" this leads to undeserved or absent floating point exceptions, and breaks some of the elementary math functions in Libm. Occurs at optimization O1 and higher. /* test */ static const double C = 0x1.0p1023; double foo(double x) { return ( ( (x * C) * C ) * C ); } This is done in routine: simplify_rhs_and_lookup_avail_expr(...) which is preceded with this comment: /* If we have z = (x OP C1), see if we earlier had x = y OP C2. If OP is associative, create and fold (y OP C2) OP C1 which should result in (y OP C3), use that as the RHS for the assignment. Add minus to this, as we handle it specially below. */ But in: Section Program execution of the Programming languages â C standard we read: 13 EXAMPLE 5 Rearrangement for floating-point expressions is often restricted because of limitations in precision as well as range. The implementation cannot generally apply the mathematical associative rules for addition or multiplication, nor the distributive rule, because of roundoff error, eveninthe absence of overflowand underflow. Likewise, implementations cannot generally replace decimal constants in order to rearrange expressions. Inthe following fragment, rearrangements suggested by mathematical rules for real numbers are often not valid (see F.8). double x, y, z; /*... */ x=(x*y)*z; //not equivalent to x*=y*z; Any comments from math. experts on this alias is appreciated. - Thanks, fariborz (fjahanian@apple.com) Here is the patch. It has been bootstrapped, dejagnu tested on apple-ppc-darwin. OK for fsf mainline? - thanks, fariborz (fjahanian@apple.com) ChangeLog: 2004-10-05 Fariborz Jahanian <fjahanian@apple.com> * tree-ssa-dom.c (associative_fp_binop): New function. (simplify_rhs_and_lookup_avail_expr): Disallow associativity and constant folding of floating point MULT_EXPR/PLUS_EXPR expressions. ï

[3.4 PATCH] Fix -fwritable-strings (PR middle-end/18129)

[3.4 PATCH] Fix 17829

[3.4 PATCH] Fix IRIX bootstrap failure in libstdc++

[3.4 PATCH] Fix miscompilation of Ada compiler on Alpha

[3.4 PATCH] PR opt/17581: Pseudo escaping from libcall block

[3.4 PATCH] PR opt/17853: -O2 ICE for MMX testcase

[3.4 PATCH] PR other/17361: C++ compiler options with .S

[3.4 testcase] PR 18084 fixed by PR 17581

[3.4-e500] add support for 8548 (1 of many)

[ADA] Ada shared library uses the wrong file ending on darwin

[Ada] Improve GC and tree marking

[ada] Set gnat library version to 4.0

[all] Update my e-mail address

[apple-ppc-branch] configuring libobjc when not configuring objc

Re: [arm] Add new cores.

[arm] Correct Arm EABI ELF version

[arm] Fix contraints on addsi3_cbranch_scratch

[arm] Fix thumb -fPIC

[arm] Give _init and _fini correct type

Re: [arm] Use .init_array for static constructors.

Re: [arm] Use EABI unwind library

[BC] Fix bad merge

[BC] Patch: FYI:

[BC] Patch: FYI: add another class state

[BC] Patch: FYI: avoid verifier failures

[BC] Patch: FYI: make type map in new verifer

[BC] Patch: FYI: make verifier build

[BC] Patch: FYI: make verifier debug code work

[BC] Patch: FYI: minor verifier cleanup

[BC] Patch: FYI: more verifier fixes

[BC] Patch: FYI: more verifier updates

[BC] Patch: FYI: remove some dead verifier code

[BC] Patch: FYI: two verifier fixes

[BC] Patch: FYI: warning avoidance

[BC] Patch: RFA: itable fix

Re: [Bug other/17991] [4.0 Regression] Two-process fixincludes broken:pz_mn_name_pat undefined

Re: [Bug target/16300] Bug in vendor /usr/include/net/if.h needs fixincluding

Re: [Bug tree-optimization/15524] [4.0 Regression] jump threadingon trees is slow with switch statements with large # of cases


[C++ PATCH] [PR10479] Fold expressions in attributes

[C++ PATCH] [PR17743] attributes in typedefs are ignored

[C++ PATCH] Allow some function pointer conversions

[C++ PATCH] Avoid some token copying

[C++ PATCH] Compare binfo types directly

[C++ PATCH] Fix friend class name lookup part 1/n

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix friend class name lookup part 2/n (PR14513, 15410)

[C++ PATCH] Fix friend class name lookup part 2/n (PR14513, 15410)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR 16301, ICE with strong used

[C++ PATCH] function<->object pointer casts

[C++ PATCH] improve loopkup_base

[C++ PATCH] PING: Rewrite convert_nontype_argument

Re: [C++ PATCH] Precedence-based parsing

[C++ PATCH] vtable modification

[C++ PATCH]: Avoid mem clearing, fix 18095

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 17829

[C++ PATCH]: Fix exception shadow checking

[C++ PATCH]: Optimize binfo walking

[C++] My unreviewed patch

[C++] PATCH c++/17542

[C++] PATCH c++/17542 (version 2)

[c++] RFC: partial C99 designated-initializers support

[cft] emit_group_load/store fallout

[cft] fix debug/15860

[Committed wwwdocs] Update latest branch status e-mail.

[committed, treelang] Wrap param variable inside enable checking

[committed,testcase] PR tree-opt/17529

[committed] [wwwdocs] MIPS changes in 4.0

[Committed] Add missing prototype to testsuite/gcc.dg/bf-ms-attrib.c

[committed] Fix --enable-intermodule

[committed] Fix 3.4 branch bootstrap

[Committed] Fix a simple diagnostic problem in C++ parser

[COMMITTED] Fix bootstrap with new bisons

[committed] fix calling convention output

[committed] Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/loop-1.c failure on s390

[committed] Fix MIPS umulsidi3_32bit_r4000 asm output

[committed] Fix mips-sgi-irix6.5 --without-gnu-ld bootstrap

[committed] Fix mips64-linux-gnu bootstrap

[committed] Fix PR target/17770: missing nop after lwl

[Committed] Fix simple spelling mistake in common.opt

[committed] Fix two testcases on ppc-darwin

Fwd: [COMMITTED] Fix: new FAILs on HEAD

[committed] fixincludes: less va_list rewriting

[committed] frv adddi3 fixes

[committed] gfortran testsuite fix

[committed] Merge libtool support for s390x-ibm-tpf

[Committed] PR 17853: New VECTOR_STORE_FLAG_VALUE target macro

[Committed] PR middle-end/17894: X/-10 < 1 incorrectly optimized

[Committed] PR/18047

[committed] PR15747: Document /bin/sh hang on mips-sgi-irix5

[committed] Re: Build failure with --disable-checking

[committed] Re: new FAILs on HEAD

[committed] Remove unused variable from mips.c

[committed] speed up GC for fortran

[Committed] testcase for PR16567

[Committed] Use special-purpose hash table to speed up walk_tree

[contrib] patch ping

[csl-arm-branch] Correct detection of binutils features in unified tree

Re: [csl-arm-branch] Correct detection of binutils features in unifiedtree

[csl-arm] Typo in arm.h

[DOC PATCH]: update solaris documentation w/kernel bugfix for testsuite

[docs] Clarify that reverting patches is hunky-dory

[docs] install.texi lists unsupported languages

[Fwd: [gfortran] Fix PRs 17535, 17583, 17713]

[gengtype]: Allow #define in a struct

[gfortran, committed] Fix formatting issues in module.c

[gfortran, committed] Fix PR17676 : segfault with user defined operators

[gfortran, committed] minor updates to trans-decl.c

[gfortran, committing] Fix formatting issues in arith.c

[gfortran] Avoid induction variables in DO loops.

[gfortran] Change libgfortran from scalbn to ldexp

[gfortran] Fix broken test.

[gfortran] Fix line number debug info

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR 17283: PACK intrinsic not working

[gfortran] Fix PR 17568: Shortcomings in ISHFT constant folder

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR 17612: Correctly detect length of character-valued expressions

[gfortran] Fix PR 17776: Add SYSTEM intrinsics

[gfortran] Fix PR 18023

[gfortran] Fix PR 18111: set DECL_ARTIFICAL on function result parameters

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR 18111: set DECL_ARTIFICAL on function resultparameters

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR15326

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR15976: Report wrong array spec

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR17631: intrinsic MVBITS missing

[gfortran] Fix PR17678

Re: [gfortran] Fix PR17708: Fix jumps to END DO label

[gfortran] Fix PR17709 (Null IO list)

[gfortran] Let f951 generate type infos for SELECTED_*_KIND

[gfortran] Memory leak with internal files.

Re: [gfortran] Minor cleanup: add gfc_conv_cstring_const

[gfortran] Off by one in VERIFY intrinsic.

Re: [gfortran] patch for pr 17286

Re: [gfortran] Patch for PR 17590: Tagging intrinsics with standard version

[gfortran] PATCH: Allow wide boz constants

[gfortran] use numerically safe algorithm for folding CABS

[gfotran, committed] Fix segfault in PR 17535 (not the bug itself)

[gomp RFA] Keep an explicit stack of break/continue labels

[gomp RFA] Remove c-semantics.c from C++ front-end

[gomp] Add libgomp to toplevel

[gomp] parse OpenMP directives

[libjava] tweak to alpha thread code

[libmudflap] more wrappers, fixes

[libmudflap] more wrappers, warnings cleanup

[libobjc][committed] Fix SJLJ and libobjc, and PR 16448

Re: [lno] [patch] bring over vectorizer changes from mainline

Re: [lno] Fix bootstrap on ia64

[lno][patch]Enable versioning for alignment with unknown loop bounds

Re: [m68k] register renaming not properly tracking used registers

[Makefile] RFR: Patch for PR bootstrap/17817

[mips java patch] add -mxgot for libjava convenience libraries on mips/mipsel-linux

Re: [mips java patch] add -mxgot for libjava convenience librarieson mips/mipsel-linux

[mudflap] more complex expression fixes

[mudflap] timing of mudflap_finish vs. unaccessed global decls

[Patch (Newb)]:libstdc++v3/tr1/array: Fix cast in array::end const so that it matches the return type of const_interator.

Re: [Patch (Newb)]:libstdc++v3/tr1/array: Fix cast in array::endconst so that it matches the return type of const_interator.

Re: [PATCH - h8300] function_vector attribute in H8300 targets

[PATCH, ARM] Avoid aborts in arm_print_operand

[PATCH, committed] Re: bootstrap failure on Linux /AMD64

[PATCH, committed] rs6000 attribute fix

[PATCH, committed] rs6000.md FP min/max trapping math

[PATCH, committed] xcoffout debug fix

[PATCH, FFI, ARM] Rework FFI call code for ARM

[PATCH, FFI] Support test environments needing testglue

[patch, fortran] Fix spurious FAILs for operator ** testcase

[patch, gfortran] PRs 13490 and 17912, integer ranges

[PATCH, gomp] Adding projects/gomp to documentation

[patch, rfc] add case-values-threshold as a param

[PATCH, to be committed] Enable mfcrf on PPC Linux

[PATCH/RFA] Avoid warnings in compiling config/sh/sh.c

[PATCH/RFA] Avoid warnings in compiling final.c

[PATCH/RFA] libffi: A SH fixup and a new testcase

[PATCH/RFA] PR target/18032: SH: wrong code for EH

[PATCH/RFA] SH custom java-signal.h

[PATCH/RFA] SH: builtin-prefetch test failures

[PATCH/RFA] SH: Fix an ICE in compiling libc with tls

[PATCH/RFA] SH: Fix gcc.dg/tls failures

[PATCH/RFA] SH: Fix typo

Re: [PATCH/RFC] Enable java on sh64-linux (Take 2)

[PATCH] Add m32r target to libjava

[PATCH] - local factoring on RTL

[PATCH] Add a little more checking in gimple_push_condition

Re: [PATCH] Add ABI baseline for s390x-*-linux*

[PATCH] add m32r-linux to boehm-gc

[PATCH] Add testcase for rotate optimization on IA-32/x86-64

[PATCH] Additional features for -fms-extensions

[PATCH] arc backend patch

[PATCH] arc backend patches. Mainline.

[patch] Avoid host assembler in canadian cross.

[PATCH] avoid xmm register in SSE float->int conversions

[Patch] bitmap_allocator.

[PATCH] boehm gc support for CRIS

[patch] Broken __cxa_exit configure check

[PATCH] C++ implications of PR 18160

[patch] c-common.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] c-semantics.c: Remove re_push_stmt_list.

[patch] call.c, typeck.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] cfg-loop.[ch]: Remove flow_loops_update.

[patch] cfg.c, cfgrtl.c: Speed up edge insertion

Re: [patch] cfgloopmanip.c: Don't use FALLTHRU_EDGE and BRANCH_EDGE on trees.

[patch] cfgloopmanip.c: Don't use FALLTHRU_EDGE and BRANCH_EDGE ontrees.

[patch] cfgloopmanip.c: Remove split_loop_bb.

[patch] Clean up scattered uses of PENDING_STMT.

[PATCH] Cleanup $symbolic_link vs. $LN_S

[patch] config/*: Update copyright.

Re: [patch] Consider "important" candidates in ivopts

[patch] cp/*.c: Update copyright.

[patch] decl.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] Decrease memory consumption of # of iterations analysis

[PATCH] Disable speculative prefetching for -fprofile-generate/use

[PATCH] Disable TARGET_POWER on Darwin and PPC SVR4.

[PATCH] Don't use fprs when soft-float is present

[PATCH] edge profiler considering liveness

[patch] emit-rtl.c: Remove unused/useless functions.

Re: [patch] Enable Auto-vectorization for MIPS64

Fw: [PATCH] Enable target-libgloss for CRX

[patch] except.c: Remove duplicate_eh_regions and its children.

[patch] expr.c (expand_expr): Update a comment. (needs reviewing!)

[patch] expr.c: Clean up store_expr.

[patch] expr.c: Don't request a value to expand_assignment.

[patch] expr.c: Fix PR middle-end/18008.

[patch] expr.c: Remove a boring variable in store_expr.

[patch] expr.c: Remove an obsolete comment.

[patch] expr.c: Remove some dead code from store_expr.

[patch] expr.c: Remove two arguments from store_field.

[patch] expr.c: Return const0_rtx when expanding MODIFY_EXPR.

Re: [patch] extend.texi MIPS PS/3D Support

[PATCH] Finish fixing PR16286

[PATCH] Fix --enable-intermodule with fortran

[PATCH] Fix a large number of testsuite failures on darwin

[PATCH] Fix boehm-gc crash on s390x

[PATCH] Fix bogus address costs in ivopts

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap failure on ppc-darwin

[PATCH] Fix C++ friend usage in libjava

[PATCH] Fix c++/17661, ICE in create_tmp_var

[PATCH] Fix c/16999, #ident is outputted wrong from preprocessor

Re: [PATCH] Fix c/16999, #ident is outputted wrong frompreprocessor

[PATCH] Fix c54a13b

[PATCH] Fix configure breakage when cross compiling

[PATCH] Fix const-str-[34].m on darwin

[PATCH] Fix cross-jumping codesize regression at -Os

[Patch] Fix debug/17406

[PATCH] Fix debug/17787, infinite loop with -feliminate-unused-debug-symbols

[PATCH] Fix environ.c on darwin

[PATCH] Fix FileChannelImpl::available failure on s390x

[patch] Fix for PR17520

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/loop-1.c on darwin

[PATCH] Fix ICE in i386.md addqi_1_slp

[PATCH] Fix incompatible quote handling

[PATCH] Fix intrinsic_pack.f90, tree-nested not marking some decls as addressable

Re: [PATCH] Fix intrinsic_pack.f90, tree-nested not marking somedecls as addressable

[PATCH] Fix JNI failures on s390x

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in DOM

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in predict.c

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in the C/C++ front-ends

[PATCH] Fix off by one in group_case_labels

[PATCH] Fix PACKAGE_* redefined warnings in libjava.

[PATCH] Fix ppc64 undefined .LCTOC0 failures (PR target/17751)

[PATCH] Fix PR / 17317

[PATCH] Fix PR 177757, ICE in fold

[PATCH] Fix PR 17925, gotos locations do get locations on RTL

[PATCH] Fix PR 17929, ICE in finish_anon_union, error recovery

[PATCH] Fix PR 18231, not inlining sibling nested functions

[PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/18058, building with Sun's CC

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/13560 wrong file reported for file

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/17368, asm expressions have cleanup

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/17729 double deprecated warning

[PATCH] Fix PR C++/17797, ICE in build_reinterpret_cast

[patch] Fix PR c++/17868

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/17907, missing CLEANUP_POINT_EXPR

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/18121 and middle-end/17407

[PATCH] Fix PR c/17407, ice in int_mode_for_mode

[PATCH] Fix PR c/17538, wrong file names in debug for IMA

[PATCH] Fix PR java/17265

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/16266 slowness in find_temp_slot_from_address

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17703 and the C++ part of 17657

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17746

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17793

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17813

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17835

[PATCH] fix PR middle-end/17885, gimplifing of volatile &a->b

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17967, remove_useless_stmts is slow

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/18005.

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/18029 and PR middle-end/18030 (4.1material)

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/18045

[PATCH] Fix PR objc/18255, sub protocals are not being initialized

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR other/16820 (struct-layout-1 failures on non-I

re: [PATCH] Fix PR other/16820 (struct-layout-1 failures)

[PATCH] Fix PR rtl-optimization/17027

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/16304: AIX 4.x forward reference proble

[PATCH] Fix PR target/16304: AIX 4.x forward reference problem

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-opt/16808, Vops are not being renamed

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-opt/17343, cases do not combine with default

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR tree-opt/17343, cases do not combine withdefault

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-opt/17529, ICE due to *&a not being folded to a[0]

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR tree-opt/17529, ICE due to *&a not being foldedto a[0]

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-opt/17902, ICE caused by PHI-OPT

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-optimization/17724

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-optimization/17724 (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-optimization/18184 (pointer mode conversions ignored)

[PATCH] Fix PR/17901 -J causes -std=f95

[PATCH] Fix PRs c/17178 and c/17820

[PATCH] Fix PRs middle-end/15014 and middle-end/16973, removing labels with their address taken

Re: [PATCH] Fix PRs middle-end/15014 and middle-end/16973, removinglabels with their address taken

Re: [PATCH] Fix PRs middle-end/15014 and middle-end/16973,removing labels with their address taken

[PATCH] Fix regression for missed combine opportunity

[PATCH] Fix segfault in rtl_for_decl_location

[PATCH] Fix some of the mt_allocator testcases on darwin

[PATCH] Fix srcdir=. bug in build modules

[PATCH] Fix target/15286 (reload of paradoxical subregs)

[patch] fold-const.c: Fix tree-optimization/16632.

[patch] for 17749

Re: [patch] for PR 17133

[patch] for PR 17560

[patch] for PR 17766

[patch] for PR 17791

[patch] For PR 17806

[patch] for PR 17906

[patch] for PR 18040

[patch] for PR17133 and PR17790 (revised)

[patch] for PR17723

[patch] gcc/*: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc/*: Update copyright.

[patch] ginclude/stddef.h: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] hooks.[ch]: Remove unused functions.

Re: [PATCH] i386-k*bsd-gnu fix (w/ChangeLog)

[patch] i386.c: Fix PR rtl-optimization/17931

[patch] ia64.c: Fix a comment typo.

[PATCH] ICE on m32r-linux-gcc-4.0.0

[patch] integrate.[ch]: Remove try_constants and its children.

Re: [PATCH] intrinsic rand with an optional argument

[patch] java-tree.h: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] java/*.[ch]: Update copyright.

[Patch] Java: Prepare for %q, %< and %> in diagnostic messages

[Patch] Java: Use New Quoting Style in Diagnostics (1/n)

[Patch] Java: Use New Quoting Style in Diagnostics (2/n)

[patch] lex.c: Fix a comment typo.

[PATCH] libcpp warning patrol

[PATCH] libffi on XScale (BE)

[PATCH] libffi support for CRIS

Re: [PATCH] Libtool support for TPF

[patch] loop-unroll.c: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] m32r libffi port

Re: [patch] MAINTAINERS: Add a new group Language Front Ends Maintaine

Re: [patch] MAINTAINERS: Add a new group Language Front Ends Maintainers.

Re: [patch] MAINTAINERS: Add a new group Language Front Ends Maintainers.(take 2)

[patch] MAINTAINERS: Add a new group Language Front EndsMaintainers.

[patch] MAINTAINERS: Add a new group Language Front EndsMaintainers. (take 2)

[patch] MAINTAINERS: Move the "windows, cygwin, mingw" maintainerto "OS Port Maintainers".

[patch] MAINTAINERS: Remove duplicates.

[patch] MAINTAINERS: Remove from Write After Approval those thatare already maintainers.

[patch] Make EXECUTE_IF_*_IN_REG_SET iterator style.

[PATCH] Make the C front-end produce &a[0]

[patch] Makefile.in (OBJS-common): Remove duplicates.

[patch] Merge data dependence bits for interchanging swim loops

[PATCH] movcc for s390

[patch] Move checking out of loop in ivopts

[patch] Move find_unreachable_blocks() to cfgcleanup.c.

RE: [Patch] new (almost rewritten) version of the ARM assembly ieee754 lib

[Patch] new (almost rewritten) version of the ARM assembly ieee754lib

Re: [Patch] new (almost rewritten) version of the ARM assemblyieee754 lib

[patch] new MMX testcase

[patch] objc-act.c: Fix comment typos.

Re: [PATCH] Optimize stdarg functions with void * or char * va_list

[patch] pa.md fix typos in prefetch_64 and prefetch_32 patterns

[patch] Partial fix for PR 18048

[patch] pointer-set.c, tree-vectorizer.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] PR 13070 Asymmetric Integers

Re: [patch] PR 13070 Asymmetric Integers (wrong PR, should be 13490)

[PATCH] PR 14940 - fix for linux/ppc

[PATCH] PR 17115: Do not warn for noinline functions

[PATCH] PR 17896: clearer warning for &/&& glitches

[PATCH] PR 17946: warning message for suspect "a && MASK"

[patch] PR 18009: vectorizer ICE fix

[PATCH] PR 18096: Diagnose stack frame overflow in rs6000.c

[PATCH] PR c++/17554, ice in create_tmp_var, cleanup_expr

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/17850: Newlib doesn't provide strtold

[PATCH] PR mid-end/17657: Truncate case ranges to index's type

[PATCH] PR middle-end/14521: Inconsistent warning quoting

[PATCH] PR other/17361: C++ options when preprocessing .S

Re: [PATCH] PR/17635

Re: [PATCH] PR/17836 (was Re: [RFA/RFT] Tree-level lowering of generic vectors, part 4)

[PATCH] PR/17836 (was Re: [RFA/RFT] Tree-level lowering of genericvectors, part 4)

[PATCH] PR/17860: wrong code generated by loop optimizer up to 3.4

Re: [PATCH] PR/17860: wrong code generated by loop optimizer up to3.4

Re: [PATCH] PR17913:[4.0 Regression] ICE jumping into statement expression

[PATCH] PR17913:[4.0 Regression] ICE jumping into statement expression

Re: [PATCH] PR17913:[4.0 Regression] ICE jumping into statementexpression

[patch] PR18151: Don't configure fixincludes for avr target

[patch] PR18172: fix for a regression in vectorizer testsuite

[PATCH] Precompiled header alignment fix

[PATCH] profiledbootstrap

[patch] pt.c, search.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] pt.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] Reduce number of # iterations queries

[PATCH] reference ProPolice

[patch] reload1.c: Remove ior_hard_reg_set.

[patch] Remove COLLECT_PARSE_FLAG.



[PATCH] Remove redundant dump of reg life info

[patch] Remove SDB_GENERATE_FAKE.

[patch] Remove the last argument of expand_assignment.

[patch] Remove traces of RTL-level VRP.

Re: [patch] RFA add dwarf calling convention support

[patch] rfa fix alignment of fp register saves

[patch] rfa: fix problem with reassociating pointer additions

[patch] rs600.c: mark builtin_mask_for_load with GTY

Re: [PATCH] RS6000 : Add support for vector conditionals

[patch] rs6000.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] rtlanal.c: Remove code hoisting-related functions.

[PATCH] s390 fix subdf md pattern

[PATCH] s390 movcc again

[patch] sbitmap.h: Speed up EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_SBITMAP.

[patch] search.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] search.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] semantics.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] Share all integer constants

Re: [patch] simplify calculations in simplify.c

[PATCH] Slightly revised libgfortran/io/unix.c fixes

[PATCH] Small libgfortran/intrinsics/system.c fix

[patch] SPARC VIS instructions or PR1820

[patch] Speed up cleanup_tree_cfg() - Part 2

[patch] Speed up cleanup_tree_cfg() - Part 3

[PATCH] Speed up IMA and mergedecls

[patch] Speed up thread_jump - Part 5

[Patch] Splitting memory references during unrolling (resubmission)

[PATCH] stdarg optimization that can handle Alpha too

[patch] stmt.c: Remove an obsolete comment.

[patch] stmt.c: Remove asm_op_is_mem_input.

[patch] stmt.c: Remove expand_decl_init.

[patch] stmt.c: Speed/clean up expand_case - Part 2

[patch] stmt.c: Speed/clean up expand_case - Part 2 (take 2)

[patch] stmt.c: Speed/clean up expand_case - Part 3

[patch] stmt.c: Speed/clean up expand_case.

[patch] stmt.c: Update a comment.

[patch] stor-layout.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] sync up dwarf2.h with include/elf/dwarf2.h

[patch] testsuite: clean up gcc.misc-tests/linkage.c

[patch] testsuite: fix gcc.misc-tests/linkage.c for powerpc64

[patch] trans-intrinsic.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] trans-stmt.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] tree-cfg.c (tree_block_forwards_to): Remove.

[patch] tree-cfg.c, config/s390/tpf-unwind.h: Fix comment typos.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Clean up cleanup_tree_cfg().

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Clean up thread_jumps.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Convert a goto to a do-while loop.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Remove extra parentheses in comments.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up cleanup_tree_cfg().

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps () - Part 2

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps - Part 3

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps - Part 4

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps - Part 6

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps - Part 7

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps - Part 8

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps() - Part 1

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up thread_jumps_from_bb

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Speed up tree_forwarder_block_p.

[patch] tree-cfg.c: Split thread_jumps into two functions.

[patch] tree-data-ref.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] tree-flow-inline.h: Speed up phi_nodes.

[patch] tree-gimple.c: Remove is_gimple_constructor_elt.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Make sure an edge exist before adding aPHI argument.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Remove an "if" that always triggers.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Remove duplicate code to allocate a PHInode.

Re: [patch] tree-phinodes.c: Remove duplicate code to allocate aPHI node.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Remove trailing whitespace.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Speed up create_phi_node.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Speed up PHI node allocation/resizing.

[patch] tree-phinodes.c: Speed up remove_phi_arg_num.

Re: [patch] tree-ssa-dce.c: Don't let an explicit GOTO_EXPR slip through.

[patch] tree-ssa-dce.c: Don't let an explicit GOTO_EXPR slipthrough.

[patch] tree-ssa-dce.c: Remove some dead code.

[patch] tree-ssa-dom.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c, invoke.texi: Fix typos.

[patch] tree-ssa-threadupdate.c: Speed up threadblock.

[PATCH] trivial fix for arc/lib1funcs.asm .

[Patch] Tweak gthr-posix.h for pthread_create() Interceptors

[patch] typeck.c: Fix a comment typo.

[PATCH] Undefined cse.c behaviour causes 3.4 regression on HPUX

Re: [PATCH] Updated buffer overflow protection patch

[patch] Use correct file extension for host tools

[PATCH] va_copy(va_list, const va_list)

[patch] varasm.c: Remove get_pool_mode_for_function andget_pool_offset.

[PATCH] Variable Expansion in unroller (Resubmission)

[patch] Vectorizer: bug fix for component ref support

[patch] Vectorizer: bug fix for multidimensional array support

[patch] vectorizer: fix handling of non VECTOR_MODE_P vectypes

[PATCH] Weak symbols on Windows PECOFF (-mingw and -cygwin)

[PATCH]: Add dump switch globbing

[PATCH]: Add interchange tests, fix bugs noticed by them

[PATCH]: Add phi argument checking to verify_ssa


[patch]: cleanup more builtins 1/5

Re: [patch]: cleanup more builtins 1/5-5/5

[patch]: cleanup more builtins 2/5

[patch]: cleanup more builtins 3/5

[patch]: cleanup more builtins 4/5

[patch]: cleanup more builtins 5/5

Re: [Patch]: cleanup some redundant builtins code

[patch]: delete redundant code in expand_builtin_strcpy

[patch]: delete redundant code in expand_builtin_strncpy

[PATCH]: Document structure aliasing branch in cvs.html

[PATCH]: Fix PR 17672

[PATCH]: Fix pretty printing of BINFO's and TREE_VEC

[PATCH]: Fix regressions caused by my patch

[PATCH]: Implement must-def kill operand

[PATCH]: Make lambda-code use ssa iterators

[patch]: remove redundant code in expand_builtin_mempcpy

[PATCH]: Revert build_int_cst in tailcall

[PATCH]: Take loop depth into account when determining which way torecord the equality

Re: [PATCH]: Take loop depth into account when determining whichway to record the equality

[PATCH]: Use loop depth information in record_equality in DOM, take2

Re: [PATCH]: Use loop depth information in record_equality in DOM,take 2

[PATCH]: Verify alias info faster

[Patch][C++/debug] SDB_DEBUG (-gcoff) vs record_builtin_type vs GAS - refresh

Re: [Patch][C++/debug] SDB_DEBUG (-gcoff) vs record_builtin_type vsGAS - refresh

[Patch} Fix dynamic casts across dll boundaries on windows targets

[PING] PR c/10735, PR other/17991 [fixincludes], PR c++/16882, PRrtl-optimization/17860

[PING] Windows patches.

[ping]: Dump file globbing

Re: [PR 16815] RFA: Fix a BLOCK_REG_PADDING check

[PR/17973] part 1, committed

[PR/17973] part 2

[PR/17991] More fixes to run fixincludes under mingw32

Re: [RFA/RFT] Tree-level lowering of generic vectors, part 4

Re: [RFA:] Document call-clobbered local asm registers, particularly use in asm.

[RFA:] Document call-clobbered local asm registers, particularlyuse in asm.

[RFC PATCH] Hashtab iterators

[RFC, commited to tree-profiling] -fwhole-program

[RFC/PATCH] Fix 17807, ICE for undefined local function

[RFC/PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/17909, ICE in verifiy_stms

[RFC/RFH] IMA testsuite

Re: [RFC] autopinger

[rfc] fix 17962

[RFC] Fix PR target/14454

[RFC] PR c++/17554, ice in create_tmp_var, cleanup_expr

Re: [RFC] Tightening up the type system

[RFT] Support visibility* tests on darwin

[ssaupdate] branch created

[ssaupdate] Local dominance info

[ssaupdate] One more use for local dominance

[static-tree] attributes

[static-tree] get identifiers out of parameter tag list

[static-tree] make enumeration types refer to the CONST_DECLs

Re: [tcb] [RFC] partial rewrite of PHI-OPT

[tcb] Do not create .GLOBAL_VAR if there are no call-clobbered vars

[tcb] Do not V_MAY_DEF read-only variables and aliases

[tcb] Document SSA-CCP and STORE-CCP

[tcb] Fix value numbering of expressions with overflow constants

[tcb] Improve SSA-CCP to work with aliased stores, structures andarrays

Re: [tcb] Improve SSA-CCP to work with aliased stores, structuresand arrays

[tcb] Re-enable copy propagation of loads and stores

[tcb] Stop timevar timer right after executing a pass

[tcb]: Add RHS to V_MUST_DEF

[tcb][Bug tree-optimization/16447] Patch for better out-of-ssacode insertion

[testcase] New testcase for variable expansion optimization

[testsuite] new test case for ICE on sh target

[toplevel, Cygwin] Don't warn if both newlib and winsup are missing

[toplevel] Use a full path to INSTALL

[tree-profiling-branch PATCH] Function cloning + IPCP extension

[tree-profiling-branch PATCH] Function cloning + IPCP extension (RESUBMISSION)

[tree-profiling/RFC] Extending passmanager to deal with IPA passes

[tree-profiling] Cleanup way the datastructures are analyzed

[tree-profiling] fix some side corners of finalization machinery

[tree-profiling] reorganization of static initializers analysis

[treelang] abort -> gcc_assert/gcc_unreachable.

[treelang] Fix comments to make me and emacs happy.

[treelang] fprintf to error and --enable-mapped-location.

[treelang] Make treelang work with --enable-mapped-location

[v3, libstdcxx_so_7] Finish fixing container constructors + signatures

[v3, libstdcxx_so_7] Fix libstdc++/17441

[v3] __mt_alloc tweaks

[v3] add in __cxa_atexit checks

[v3] Add length_error and overflow checks to std::vector

[v3] Add max_size() checks to the allocators

[v3] allocator deallocate null checks

[v3] array_allocator docs

[v3] Avoid a warning; fail gracefully in testsuite/performance

[v3] Avoid istreambuf_iterator::operator*() calls

[v3] Avoid overflowing stringbuf::setbuf buffers

[v3] Basic_string::_M_mutate tweak (+ minor reformats)

[v3] Batch of basic_string correctness and performance work

[v3] Bitmap_allocator update

[v3] bump versions

[v3] enable_threads tweak

[v3] Fix a (long standing) bug in stringbuf::pbackfail, add tests

[v3] Fix a (long standing) silly line in stringbuf::seekpos

[v3] Fix a concept check bug

[v3] Fix a long standing problem in pool_allocator

[v3] Fix libstdc++/17948

[v3] Further bitmap_allocator update

[v3] Improve std::iter_swap

[v3] libstdc++/17780

[v3] libstdc++/17937

[v3] Minor tweak to the last commit

[v3] Minor tweaks to mt/bitmap allocators

[v3] Minor tweaks to stringbuf

[v3] Move out of line the _M_replace_* helpers

[v3] mt_alloc policy tweaks

[v3] Remove last two iterator postincrement

[v3] saner defaults for __per_pool_pool_policy's __pool_type

[v3] Small simplification of string::erase

[v3] Small tweak to get_temporary_buffer

[v3] std::reverse improvements + minor bits

[v3] std::tr1::array

[v3] std::tr1::array testsuites

[v3] std::tr1::tuple

[v3] String::_M_set_length_and_sharable clean up

[v3] string::_S_create tweaks + array_allocator fixes

[v3] testsuite threads re-work

[v3] testsuite/ext cleanups

[v3] testsuite_allocator fixups

[v3] tr1::array fixups

[v3] Trivial formatting fixes

[v3] tuple fixes

[v3] tweaks to 17780

[www patch] contribute.html: Fix a typo.

[www-patch] Update building instructions in bugs/reghunt.html

[www] Document C++ -O0 improvements

[wwwdocs-patch] broken link on bugs.html

Re: [wwwdocs] Doc. that pooma doesn't currently compile with gcc-3.4 or greater

[wwwdocs] Doc. that pooma doesn't currently compile with gcc-3.4or greater

[wwwdocs] SPARC changes in 4.0

Ada: adaptations for polyorb

Ada: allow virtual extension of library projects

Ada: avoid allocating too much stack for aggregate

Ada: clean up of gnat.socket code

Ada: clean ups in gnatclean tool

Ada: code clean ups

Ada: code clean ups in C files

Ada: documentation updates

Ada: fix a-exexpr.adb for 16 bit targets

Ada: fix ACATS test be2101j

Ada: fix bugs in 64 bit arithmetic

Ada: fix compile time evaluation of Long_Florst'Succ (0.0)

Ada: fix computation of 'Succ in some cases

Ada: fix handling of -gnatc -gnatt wrt back-end calls

Ada: fix handling of accessibility checks for protected ops

Ada: fix handling of atomic components

Ada: fix handling of SEGV under Win32

Ada: fix ICE compiling generic spec

Ada: fix ICE on UD and protected objects

Ada: fix ICE on volatile tagged type

Ada: fix ICE with empty separate

Ada: fix ICE with incorrect subunit and -gnatc

Ada: fix incorrect detection of elaboration circularities

Ada: fix layout of packed arrays

Ada: fix potential SEGV when computing traceback on x86

Ada: fix typos

Ada: fix validity check on some floating point operation

Ada: fix wrong code generated for small strings passed by reference

Ada: improve support for case insensitive OSes in Ada.Directories

Ada: improve support for stack checking under linux

Ada: improvement in handling of library projects

Ada: make storage pool units user visible

Ada: minor error/comment updates

Ada: minor tasking improvement under Windows

Ada: remove incorrect warning

Ada: revive support for C++ interfacing

Ada: support for building libraries under darwin

Add caveat to gcc-3.4/changes.html about libstdc++/11953

add libraries to regression tester

Another bogus ChangeLog entry

Re: Another untested testcase

AutoGen 5.6.3 pre-release

Backport compat testsuite infrastructure

Bootstrap failure (Re: [Patch] Java: Prepare for %q, %< and %> in diagnostic messages)

Re: Bootstrap failure (Re: [Patch] Java: Prepare for %q, %< and %>in diagnostic messages)

Bootstrap failure in tree-vectorizer.c with checking disabled

Build failure on powerpc-apple-darwin

Re: build fix for SH

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (1/n)

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (2/n)

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (3/n)

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (4/n)

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (5/n)

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (6/n)

C++ diagnostics: Use quoting flag q (7/n)

C++ PATCH: 14035

C++ PATCH: PR 10841 and 18073

C++ PATCH: PR 15786

C++ PATCH: PR 17042, 14667, 17852

C++ PATCH: PR 17393

C++ PATCH: PR 17695

C++ PATCH: PR 17867, 17670, 17821, 17826

C++ PATCH: PR 17929 on mainline

C++ PATCH: PR 17936

C++ PATCH: PR 17976

C++ PATCH: PR c++/17132

C++ PATCH: PR c++/17435, c++/18140

C++ PATCH: PR c++/18093, c++/18020, c++/18161

C++ PATCH: Remove error18.C on 3.4 branch

Changing my mail address

Clarification of attribute syntax

Cleanup tree_rest_of_compilation interface

Coding style patch for C front end

combine.c portion of patch to 3.4 branch not applied?

Committed, CRIS: Fix target/17984, another goof in peephole2:s.

committed: ada code clean ups

committed: Ada follow up on tasking change

committed: Ada support for pre-allocated task stacks

committed: Ada tasking and large stack adjustment

committed: ada traceback computation under windows

committed: Ada usage clean up

committed: adjust enabling of front-end inlining

committed: comments update

committed: disable new warnings

committed: fix bug in generic constructs

Committed: Fix C99:ism (declaration after statement) in java FE.

Re: Committed: Fix C99:ism (declaration after statement) in javaFE.

committed: fix for acats tests

committed: fix ICE in ada

committed: fix in handling of Ada extending project

committed: fix in handling of Ada project files

committed: fix vxworks x86 fp context size

committed: gigi clean ups

committed: ICE in packed slice

committed: ICE on ada code

committed: improved unreachable code warning

committed: new handling of bit packed arrays

committed: obvious ada changes

committed: part of ada support for exception on vxworks

committed: part of polyorb integration

committed: PR ada/13897

committed: socket fix in ada

committed: support for / in Ada.Directories under Windows

Re: Committed: verify_flow_info fixes exposed by libgfortran (at least on MMIX)

Committed: verify_flow_info fixes exposed by libgfortran (at leaston MMIX)

Committed: verify_flow_info fixes exposed by libgfortran (at leaston MMIX) take 2

Re: Committed: verify_flow_info fixes exposed by libgfortran (atleast on MMIX)

Re: Compiling GCC With a C++ Compiler (g++)

Contents of file `gcc-3.4-b20040206.da.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.4.2.de.po.gz'

Data dependence merge

DBX-related cleanups

dbxout fixes for AIX/XCOFF

dbxout.c overhaul, finally done

Declspecs patch 6

diagnostics tweakage

Disabling top level fixincludes

Document PR target/16007


documentation example for std::priority_queue

Don't expand if flag_syntax_only

Don't run PRE at -Os

Dubious code in check_global_declarations

Dump EH region for statements that can throw

emit-rtl.c patch to copy RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P

Enable target libgloss for crx target

Fariborz Jahanian patch

Final libgfortran mingw32 bootstrap fixes

Fix -m64 on powerpc-darwin

fix 18163, finally

Fix a tcb crash and a potential bug on mainline

Fix allocation buglet in tree-ssa-pre.c

fix builtins/memmove.c

fix c/17023

fix c/17384

Fix compilation problem for sh-unknown-symbianelf

Re: Fix compiler build on non-Unix98 systems

fix crasher bug in varasm.c:function_section()

fix debug/13841

fix debug/14492

fix execute/memcpy-bi.c

Fix for failing gcc.c-torture/execute/stdarg-2.c test

Fix for gcc.dg/ppc-sdata-1.c testsuite failures

Fix for gcc.dg/ppc-stackalign-1.c test

Fix for gcc.dg/tree-ssa/20030922-2.c

Fix for gcc.dg/tree-ssa/sra-1.c on powerpc-linux

Fix for ifc-20040816-2.c test case

Fix for ppc-stackalign-1.c test

fix garbage in diagnostics

Fix gcc.dg/bf-spl1.c

Fix gcc.dg/i386-sse-[45].c

Fix gcc.dg/smod-1.c on x86-64

Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/sra-1.c

Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting in testsuite

Fix mainline bootstrap issue for *-*-freebsd4

Fix powerpc-linux gcc.dg/20020103-1.c

fix powerpc-linux linking against libc_p

Fix PR 16728

Fix PR 17741

Fix PR 17900

Re: Fix PR middle-end/17703, c++/17657, c++/17554

Fix PR target/17245

Fix PR target/17443

Fix PR target/17862

Fix PR17656

fix problem with my latest ARM ieee754 asm code

Re: Fix simulator needs_status_wrapper/testglue usage without dejagnu-1.4.4 patches

Fix some comments in tree-data-ref.c

fix to gcc.dg/20011119-1.c

fix typo in cfgcleanup.c

fix typo in last regression tester script change

fix unsorted/bit.c

fix unsorted/{call386,subcc}.c

fix va-arg-22 and 931104-12 on powerpc-darwin

Fix warning in libcpp/makedepend about missing prototype

Fix x86-darwin bootstrap problem

fixincludes of C++ friendly NULLs

Re: fold_convert question

formatting fixes in config/rs6000

Re: frv-*linux*: don't assume a C99 libc

Further patch for bug 17301

GCC 's quoting typographic conventions

FW: GCC 3.4 branch frozen [ Fix -fwritable-strings (PRmiddle-end/18129) patch]

Re: GCC build of HEAD failed for native with your patch on 2004-10-18T04:03:25Z.

Re: GCC Status Report (2004-10-08)

gcc.dg/c90-const-expr-3.c patch (obvious)

Re: gcc/gcc/testsuite ChangeLog gcc.dg/c90-const-e ...

Re: gcc/libobjc aclocal.m4 configure.ac configure ...

get frv-uclinux to build on x86_64-linux-gnu host

Re: getting rid of ggc_push_context

getting rid of ggc_push_context (was Re: Cleanup tree_rest_of_compilation interface)

Re: getting rid of ggc_push_context (was Re: Cleanup tree_rest_of_compilationinterface)

how to install gcc in local directory

IA64 Test patches

ia64.c patch for sibcall unwinding issue

improve Darwin subtype doc

integrated immediate uses - alpha patch


IPA (was: Re: [tree-profiling-branch PATCH] Function cloning + IPCP extension (RESUBMISSION))

Re: Is profiledbootstrap supposed to work currently? [PR bootstrap/14684]

Java [ABI]: Verifier patch #2

Java: [ABI]: New verifier

Java: [BC-ABI branch] verify-impl.c formatting fixes

Java: [BC] Verifier fixes and new -fnew-verifier option

Java: [BC]: verify-impl.c clean up declarations after statements

Kill last use of ggc_push_context/ggc_pop_context

libmudflap installed in wrong directory

libstdc++ ctype & os support for Darwin

MAINTAINERS patch: Change of email address

Make -maltivec doc consistent

make gthread routines non-weak on Darwin

make types match in unordered comparisons

Re: Minor Ada front end fixes for MinGW

more bitmap renaming

More DBX cleanups

New C parser [patch]

Re: new gcc-3_4-e500-branch

no fsel when flag_trapping_math on ppc

output_call_mem in arm.c when interworking

Re: Patch gcc-4.0 should not apply mathematical associative rules for addition or multiplication

Re: Patch gcc-4.0 should not apply mathematical associative rules for

Patch gcc-4.0 should not apply mathematical associative rules for addition or multiplication

Re: Patch gcc-4.0 should not apply mathematical associative rulesfor addition or multiplication

PATCH [fsf-mainline] make andsi3_internal8 pattern set CR (ppc64)

PATCH COMMITTED: Add missing tab in arm.c

Re: PATCH Fix libgfortran itoa conflict on MinGW

Patch for %E formatting for C

Re: Patch for -mcaller-super-interworking & stack arguments

Patch for -Wconversion diagnostic handling

PATCH for 17526

Patch for bug 16666

Patch for bug 16667

Patch for bug 17189

Patch for bug 17301

Patch for bug 17881

Patch for bug with static then extern decls

Patch for convert_for_assignment pedwarns and inlining

Patch for documentation formatting

Re: Patch for gcc 3.3.x Bug#13617

patch for mainline and tree-profiling line to fix cgraph bits.

Patch for PR 14316: collect2 doesnt build on windows hosts - refresh

Re: Patch for PR 14316: collect2 doesnt build on windows hosts- refresh

Re: patch for pr 17706 -- output of -0.00 instead of 0.00

PATCH for Re: Stale link to StackGuard in extensions page

patch frv: misc infrastructure changes

Re: PATCH libgfortran mmap fixes for MinGW

Patch not to pedwarn for _Complex in system headers

Patch pending review

Patch Ping

patch ping . [ ARC ] lib1funcs.asm

Patch ping ^ 2

Patch ping for loop-2e.c test

patch ping: cleanup of gcc.dg/vect tests

PATCH PR c++/14124

Patch to config/rs6000/spe.h

Patch to diagnostic for data definitions without declspecs

patch to fix outstanding problems with analysis of statics.

Patch to make cpplib errors say "error: "

Patch to pedwarn for out-of-range floating constants

Patch to remove dead code from warn_for_assignment

Patch to remove more old bounded pointers remnants

Patch to remove useless non_lvalue calls

Patch to remove warn_for_assignment

Patch to rs6000/eabispe.h and rs6000/linuxspe.h to disallow -m64

Patch to use logical quoting in documentation

Patch: GGC-ify type hashtable

PATCH: 'Class <Protocol>' support

PATCH: [Bug bootstrap/17817] restage[1,2,3] and then bootstrap nolonger cause build dir to be rebuilt

PATCH: Allow ObjC qualifiers in ObjC selector names

PATCH: Avoid copy-on-write faults during template instantiation

Re: PATCH: bootstrap/17684: /usr/ccs/bin/ld: Can't create libgcc_s.sl

patch: cleanup gcc.dg/vect/

patch: cleanup gcc.dg/vect/ (take 2)

patch: disable ieee tests on ppc-*spe

patch: e500 v2 ABI changes

patch: e500 v2: DI/DF disparity

PATCH: edge_iterator reallocation safety

patch: emit_group_* handle floats

Re: PATCH: Fix .text.hot/.text.unlikely section names in doc

PATCH: Fix 3.4 error message regressions

PATCH: Fix libcpp configury/portability issue

PATCH: Fix ObjC instance variable lookup in class methods

PATCH: Fix spurious dllimport testsuite failures on MinGW and Cygwin.

Re: PATCH: Fix spurious dllimport testsuite failures on MinGW andCygwin.

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: typo in md.texi

Patch: FYI: update zlib

Patch: IA64 HP-UX struct-layout failures in testsuite.

Re: PATCH: libstdc++/17789: Cannot 'make check' inside libstdc++-v3

PATCH: other/17783: Top level configure doesn't support shared libraries enabled by default

PATCH: other/17789: Cannot 'make check' inside libstdc++-v3

PATCH: PR c++/17524, c++/17685

PATCH: PR target/18153: [3.4/4.0 Regression] -static-libgcc links in libunwind.so.7

patch: preliminary ppc 8548 support

patch: relax VEC_SELECT assertion

Re: PATCH: remove bb_ann_d's num_preds field

PATCH: Remove unnecessary ObjC declaration

Patch: RFA: remove unused code

patch: teach assign_parm* about float parallels

PATCH: testing/index.html and toolchain.org

PATCH: use VEC_unordered_remove for edge handling

Patches ping

Ping : [PATCH] AV - Use distance vector

PING [patch] PR 18009: vectorizer ICE fix

ping [wwwdocs] [patch] vectorizer webpage update

ping other people patches

ping patch to fix analysis of statics

ping patches (regressions)

RE:PING: [PATCH - h8300] function_vector attribute in H8300 targets

Ping: [PATCH] Vectorize if-converted loop

PING: Auto vectorization patches

Re: PING: Build build programs in a build directory


PING: New Quoting Style Patches for Java

PING: PING: Auto vectorization patches

PING: PR bootstrap/17857: Bootstrap failure on fixproto targets

Re: PING: vectorizer patches #2, #5

PING^2 for PR c/10735, PR c++/16882, PR rtl-optimization/17860 [3.4]

Re: PING^2 for PR c/10735, PR c++/16882, PR rtl-optimization/17860[3.4]

pointer-set hash fallback cleanup

ppc: e500 v2 back end patterns

PR 17824

PR 17884

PR 18091: Valgrind errors building libjava

PR ada/15156 Use RANLIB_FLAGS to fix ppc-darwin

PR java/17779: ICE: Seg fault

PR libstdc++/17505: Update libmath stubs in linker-map.gnu

Re: PR middle-end/18160

Re: PR target/16482: first scheduling pass on SH4

PR16585: Fix setting/resetting of current_function_has_computed_jump

Print per tree stmt RTL dumps for cfgexpand

proposed documentation change to bitmap.h

put jump tables in .const not .text on Darwin

removal of static vars analysis code from mainline.

Remove field 'equiv' from tree_ssa_name

Remove inclusion of loop.h from c4x.c

Remove some unused fields from

Remove XFAIL for loop-2e.c on x86 at -Os?

resubmit ARC patch [was Re: [PATCH] arc backend patch]

Revised precompiled header support on cygwin

RFA: Add PIC register to call_used_regs array

RFA: Allow toplevel LDFLAGS to be set from the environment

Re: RFA: Fix typo in stormy16.c on 3_4 branch

RFA: IQ2000: Generate a return insn as a branch

Re: RFA: Support separate class for base regs in REG+REG addressing

RFC Speed up dbxout.c a bit

Re: rfc: constant pool and floats

RFC: modify ppc expanders to support e500

S/390: Annotate S-type memory operands with format flag

Re: S/390: Exception support for TPF

S/390: Fix cmpmem return value corner case

S/390: Fix TARGET_BACKCHAIN default for TPF

S/390: Fix TPF exception handling

S/390: Generate smaller trampolines

S/390: Improve CCUmode comparison patterns

S/390: Merge adjacent SS-type instructions

S/390: Narrow logical imm->mem operations

S/390: Recursive mutex support for gthr-tpf.h

S/390: Simplify logical operation patterns

S/390: Use build_va_arg_indirect_ref

S/390: Use explicit execute insn patterns

share all int csts

Re: some more edge cleanups

Speed up bitmap iterators

Speed up some token processing

Split bitmap operation API

TARGET_C99_FUNCTIONS for powerpc

tell dejagnu that darwin has weak


Testcase for bug 17844

tweak sra debug output

un-xfail 12658_thread-1.cc on non-linux platforms

Unhandled exceptions leak

Unified C and C++ front end (was Re: New C parser [patch])

Unified front end for C and C++ (was Re: New C parser [patch])

Unreviewed Dejagnu test case for SH target

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch (ivopts address costs)

Unreviewed patch for LynxOS

Unreviewed patch: [PATCH/RFA] libffi SH tidy up

Re: Unreviewed patch: [PR 16815] RFA: Fix a BLOCK_REG_PADDING che

Re: Unreviewed patch: [PR 16815] RFA: Fix a BLOCK_REG_PADDING check

Unreviewed patches - cleanup_tree_cfg related

Update darwin-fallback.c for SUS-like headers

update include/xtensa-config.h to match binutils version

Updated rewriting portion of must-def patch

updated version of vectorizer patches #2, #5

Variable expansion patch review

weak for Darwin

weak_import for Darwin

xfail remaining c9?-const-expr-3 failures

Re: Your 'Class <Protocol>' Work

Your patch for PR 17766

Re: zero extend pointer converstions to unsigned long long

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