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Re: [patch] for PR 18040

    Inserting STRIP_NOPS into everywhere that breaks apart component_refs
    and looking for variables and things is not a pleasant idea, unless it
    was hidden in component_ref iterators of some sort that you could tell
    to auto-skip them (the way we have ssa operand iterators).

Actually, it wouldn't do anything, because it doesn't strip
VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR and only strips those NOP_EXPRs that would have already
been removed!

    Thus, if you want ((cast)var).field to be legal, you are going to have
    to go through every single function in the optimizers that walks
    component_refs and fix them.  A lot of them are simply returning NULL
    or (whatever they have don't know) in the case where they hit the
    NOP_EXPR, instead of aborting.  Some are probably silently doing bad
    things :)

Well, how many of those are there?  Most just treat an "LHS" as a 
single object.  Very few would look inside it.

    This will miss the indirect_ref (and an optimization opportunity) if you

But I'm not sure that *is* an optimization opportunity: if that
NOP_EXPR is still there, it's there for a reason!

The question I'd ask is whether you'd have the optimization opportunity if
the NOP_EXPR were in a separate statement.  The answer is clearly "no".
So how would doing that help?

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