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"const" qualifier vs. OpenACC data/OpenMP map clauses (was: [patch] fix an openacc test case)

Re: Bad CC0 optimizer in VAX backend (was Re: Patches to fix GCCâs C++ exception handling on NetBSD/VAX)

Re: Patches to fix GCCâs C++ exception handling on NetBSD/VAX

[4.9/5/6: PATCH] Replace -skip-rax-setup with -mskip-rax-setup

Re: [AArch64] Add more precision choices for the reciprocal square root approximation

Re: [AArch64] Add precision choices for the reciprocal square root approximation

Re: [AArch64] Emit division using the Newton series

Re: [AArch64] Emit square root using the Newton series

Re: [AArch64] Fix SIMD predicate

[AArch64] Remove an unused reload hook.

[Ada] Freezing a subprogram does not always freeze its profile

[Ada] Minimizing recompilation with multiple limited_with clauses

[Ada] Spurious errors on tag indeterminate calls.

[Ada] Add statistics dumping function to Atree package

[Ada] Adjust ACATS testing

[Ada] Always require an elaboration counter when preserving control flow

[Ada] Better error message for illegal aspect

[Ada] Clean up global variables

[Ada] Compiler error and crash over iterators over qualified expressions.

[Ada] Constraint_Error on spurious ambiguity in instance

[Ada] Crash on configuration pragma Check_Policy.

[Ada] Crash on illegal use of limited view of type

[Ada] Derivation of Ghost types

[Ada] Detect singular matrices in Solve primitives for vectors and matrices.

[Ada] Detection of missing abstract state refinement

[Ada] Do not use secondary stack in some cases

[Ada] Expression functions need not trigger loading of package body

[Ada] File descriptors leaking

[Ada] Fix inefficiency in Operator_Matches_Spec

[Ada] Fix PR ada/70786

[Ada] Fix runtime build failure on vxworks 653 2.5

Re: [Ada] Fix segfault on double record extension

[Ada] Fix small inefficiency in Disambiguate

[Ada] General handling of potential renamings in SPARK

[Ada] Illegal use of current instance in attribute reference

[Ada] Illegal use of type name in a context where it is not a current instance.

[Ada] Implement AI05-0151 (incomplete types in profiles) in gigi

[Ada] Implicit self dependence of task on itself

[Ada] Improved error message for illegal procedure function definition.

[Ada] Improved exception message for Host_Error

[Ada] Improved handling of rep item chains

[Ada] Incomplete xref information in ALI file

[Ada] Incorrect result of equality on multidimensional packed arrays

[Ada] Informational messages that are not warnings

[Ada] Issue check instead of error in static division by zero

[Ada] Leak with function returning String in exception handler

[Ada] Legality check of classwide Pre/Postcondition aspect

[Ada] Legality of aspect Default_Storage_Pool

[Ada] Minor changes to warning message for exe filenames on Windows

[Ada] Missing error on classwide precondition on a generic subprogram

[Ada] Missing error on illegal use of volatile object

[Ada] Missing style warning on overlong line is task subunit

[Ada] New function GNAT.Source_Info.Compilation_ISO_Date

[Ada] Optimization of Unbounded_Priority_Queues

[Ada] Overflow in internal compiler tables

[Ada] Reimplementation of interfacing aspects

[Ada] Remove SPARK legality checks performed in GNATprove

[Ada] Remove superfluous use of secondary stack on object initialization

[Ada] Small cleanup in gigi

[Ada] Spurious dimensionality errors on multitidimensional aggregates.

[Ada] Spurious discriminant check on type with unknown discriminants

[Ada] Spurious discriminant error on aggregate for derived type

[Ada] Spurious End_Error with Get_Line on strings without line terminators

[Ada] Spurious error in if_expression with universal then_expression

[Ada] Spurious error on binary operator in instance

[Ada] Spurious error on variable in private child package body

[Ada] Spurious errors with generalized iterators

[Ada] Spurious inlining error with function completed by an expression function

[Ada] Stream output to fifos

[Ada] Undefined symbol with invariant and private type extension

[Ada] Use thread_id as lwp id on Darwin

[Ada] Warning on (others => <>) that does not cover any components.

[Ada] Withing Ghost units

[Ada] wrong interface type conversion of in-out parameter

[Ada] Wrong resolution of intrinsic in postcondition

Re: [arm-embedded][PATCH, GCC/ARM, 2/3] Error out for incompatible ARM multilibs

[ARM] Enable __fp16 as a function parameter and return type.

Re: [Bug bootstrap/70706] New: [7 Regression] r235082 caused bootstrap failure

[C PATCH PING] PR43651: add warning for duplicate qualifier

[C PATCH] Better location for -Wnested-externs (PR c/70791)

Re: [C PATCH] Don't print -Waddress comparison warnings for macros (PR c/48778)

[C PATCH] Fix ICE with VEC_COND_EXPR and compound literals (PR c/70307)

[C PATCH] Follow-up fix to the misclassified token problem (PR c/67784)

[C PATCH] PR43651: add warning for duplicate qualifier

[C++ PATCH] Avoid code generation differences dependent on DECL_UID gaps (PR c++/70594)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE in warn_placement_new_too_small (PR c++/70488)

[C++ Patch] PR 66644

[C++ Patch] PR 68722

[C++ PATCH] PR 70501, ICE in verify ctor sanity

[C++ Patch] PR 70540 ("[4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on invalid code in cxx_incomplete_type_diagnostic...")

[C++ Patch] PR 70635 ([4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on (and rejects) valid code...)

[C++ PATCH] Reject self-recursive constexpr calls even in templates (PR c++/70449)

[c++/55635] operator delete and throwing dtors

[c-family] Handle qualified pointer parameters with -fdump-ada-spec

[committed, Fortran] PR67039 and PR58000 minor documentation changes

[committed, PATCH] Replace -skip-rax-setup with -mskip-rax-setup

[COMMITTED] Add myself as GCC maintainer

[committed] Add PR c++/70571 testcase

[committed] Avoid -Wuninitialized warnings in certain OpenMP cases (PR middle-end/70550)

[committed] Backport PR70297 to 5

[committed] Fix [Bug sanitizer/70573] FAIL: c-c++-common/asan/halt_on_error-1.c

[committed] Fix asan typo (PR sanitizer/70712)

[committed] Fix handling of OpenMP implicit linear/lastprivate clauses (PR middle-end/70680)

Re: [committed] Fix linux blk-merge boot problem on hppa

[committed] Fix lto/simd_function_0.c testcase (PR testsuite/70581)

[committed] Fix pr70307.c testcase (PR middle-end/70307)

[committed] Fix up OpenMP target firstprivate handling

[committed] nvptx: fix -moptimize help text

[committed] One more OpenMP declare simd ABI tweak

[committed] OpenMP declare simd ABI changes on x86_64/i686

[Committed] PR70404 S/390: Fix insv expansion.

[committed] PR70592 New test gfortran.dg/deferred_character_16.f90

[Committed] S/390: Memory constraint cleanup

[Committed] S/390: Replace LDER with LDR.

[committed] Testsuite fixes for hppa

Re: [DOC Patch] Add sample for @cc constraint

[doc] Update install.texi for GCC 6 on Solaris

[Fortran, Patch, pr65795, v1] Segfault (invalid write) for ALLOCATE statement involving COARRAYS

[Fortran, Patch, pr66911, gcc-5, v1] ICE on allocate character with source as a derived type component

[Fortran, Patch, pr67538, v1] ICE with invalid source allocation

[gcc-5] Fix handling of subarrays with update directive

[gomp-nvptx] doc: document nvptx shared attribute

[gomp-nvptx] nvptx backend: write_omp_entry cosmetics

[gomp4] [PR testsuite/70579, PR testsuite/70580] Fix test cases failing because of the compiler's "avoid offloading" decision (was: Also test -O0 for OpenACC C, C++ offloading test cases)

[gomp4] Also test -O0 for OpenACC C, C++ offloading test cases

Re: [gomp4] Avoiding predication for certain blocks

[gomp4] backport parallel reduction changes

[gomp4] Merge trunk r234572 (2016-03-30) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r235033 (2016-04-15) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Remove superfluous passes in kernels pass list

[gomp4] Update OpenACC test cases

[HSA, PATCH] Load an HSA runtime via dlopen mechanism

Re: [i386] Support .lbss etc. sections with Solaris as (PR target/59407)

[lto-partition.c] move assignment to refs_node, last_visited_node outside if-else

[middle-end][PATCH] Update alignment_for_piecewise_move

Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

[Openacc] Adjust automatic loop partitioning

Re: [PATCH #2], Fix _Complex when there are multiple FP types the same size

Re: [PATCH #2], PR target/70640, Fix thinkos in PowerPC IEEE 128-bit floating point emulation

[PATCH 0/2] [ARC] Add TLS support for ARC.

[PATCH 0/3] IVOPTS: support profiling

[PATCH 0/3][AArch64] Add infrastructure for more approximate FP operations

[PATCH 0/6] [ARC] Various fixes

[PATCH 00/18] towards removing rtx_insn_list and rtx_expr_list

[PATCH 01/18] stop using rtx_insn_list in reorg.c

[PATCH 02/18] make avail_stores a vec<rtx_insn *>

[PATCH 03/18] make antic_stores a vec<rtx_insn *>

[PATCH 04/18] remove unused loads rtx_insn_list

[PATCH 05/18] make stores rtx_insn_list a vec

[PATCH 06/18] move reg_equivs out of gc memory

[PATCH 07/18] loop-iv.c: make cond_list a vec

[PATCH 08/18] make side_effects a vec<rtx>

[PATCH 09/18] make pattern_regs a vec

[PATCH 1/2] (header usage fix) remove unused system header includes

[PATCH 1/2] [ARC/LIBGCC] Add TLS support.

Re: [PATCH 1/2] Fix new -Wparentheses warnings encountered during bootstrap

[PATCH 1/3] Encapsulate comp_cost within a class with methods.

[PATCH 1/3][AArch64] Add more choices for the reciprocal square root approximation

Re: [PATCH 1/4, libgomp] Resolve deadlock on plugin exit

RE: [PATCH 1/4] [MIPS] Add support for MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA)

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Add gcc-auto-profile script

[PATCH 1/4] PR c++/62314: add fixit hint for missing "template <> " in explicit specialization

[PATCH 1/6] [ARC] Don't use drsub* instructions when selecting fpuda.

[PATCH 10/18] merge adjust_cost and adjust_cost_2 target hooks

[PATCH 11/18] add some utility methods to vec

[PATCH 12/18] haifa-sched.c: make insn_queue[] a vec<rtx_insn *>

[PATCH 13/18] haifa-sched.c: make twins a auto_vec<rtx_insn *>

[PATCH 14/18] haifa-sched.c: make ready_list an auto_vec<rtx_insn *>

[PATCH 15/18] make nonlocal_goto_handler_labels a vec

[PATCH 16/18] make forced labels a vec

[PATCH 17/18] make pending_{read,write}_insns vec<rtx_insn *>

[PATCH 18/18] make last_pending_memory_flush a vec

[PATCH 2/2] (header usage fix) include c++ headers in system.h

[PATCH 2/2] [ARC] Add TLS support.

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Fix C++ side of PR c/70436 (missing -Wparentheses warnings)

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Fix PR hsa/70402

Re: [PATCH 2/3] [graphite] add array access function in the right order

[PATCH 2/3] Add profiling support for IVOPTS

[PATCH 2/3][AArch64] Emit square root using the Newton series

[PATCH 2/4] PR c++/62314: add fixit hint for "expected ';' after class definition"

[PATCH 2/6] [ARC] Fix FPX/FPUDA code gen when compiling for big-endian.

[PATCH 3/3] Enhance dumps of IVOPTS

[PATCH 3/3][AArch64] Emit division using the Newton series

Re: [PATCH 3/4, libgomp] Resolve deadlock on plugin exit, HSA plugin parts

[PATCH 3/4] PR c++/62314: C++: add fixit hint to misspelled member names

Re: [PATCH 3/4] Run profile feedback tests with autofdo

Re: [PATCH 3/5] Fix NOTE_INSN_PROLOGUE_END after unconditional jump.

[PATCH 3/6] [ARC] Pass mfpuda to assembler.

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Add make autoprofiledbootstrap

[PATCH 4/4] C: add fixit hint to misspelled field names

Re: [PATCH 4/5] Don't mark targets of unconditional jumps with side effects as FALLTHRU.

[PATCH 4/6] [ARC] Handle FPX NaN within optimized floating point library.

[PATCH 5/6] [ARC] Fix unwanted match for sign extend 16-bit constant.

[PATCH 6/6] [ARC] Various instruction pattern fixes

[Patch AArch64 0/3] Fix PR70133

[Patch AArch64 1/3] Enable CRC by default for armv8.1-a

[Patch AArch64 2/3] Rework the code to print extension strings (pr70133)

[Patch AArch64 3/3] Fix up for pr70133

Re: [Patch AArch64] Fix PR target/63874

[Patch AArch64] Set TARGET_OMIT_STRUCT_RETURN_REG to true.

[Patch ARM] Fix PR 70496 (unified assembler rewrite fall-out)

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/53440 - handle generic thunks better for TARGET_32BIT.

[PATCH GCC]Check depends_on before recording invariant expressions

[PATCH GCC]Cleanup tree ifcvt by renaming any_mask_load_store.

[PATCH GCC]Do more tree if-conversions by handlding PHIs with more than two arguments.

[PATCH GCC]Don't clobber cbase when computing iv_use cost.

[PATCH GCC]Improve tree ifconv by handling virtual PHIs which can be degenerated.

[PATCH GCC]Proving no-trappness for array ref in tree if-conv using loop niter information.


[PATCH GCC]Support BIT_AND_EXPR in scalar evolution

[PATCH IRA] save a call to init_reload

Re: [PATCH PR69489/01]Improve tree ifcvt by storing/tracking DR against its innermost loop bahavior if possible

Re: [PATCH PR69489/02]Handle PHI which can be degenerated to two arguments node in tree ifcvt.

[PATCH PR70715]Expand simple operations in IV.base and check if it's the control_IV

[PATCH PR70803]Require "vect_int_mult" for the test.

[PATCH v2] [libatomic] Add RTEMS support

Re: [PATCH v2] gcov: Runtime configurable destination output

Re: [PATCH withdrawn] PR47040 - Make error message for empty array constructor more helpful/correct, closed as INVALID

Re: [PATCH, AArch64] Fix for PR67896 (C++ FE cannot distinguish __Poly{8,16,64,128}_t types)

Re: [PATCH, ARM, 3/3] Add multilib support for bare-metal ARM architectures

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2b.c execution failure on cortex-m0

[PATCH, committed] Fortran cleanup-submodules

[PATCH, cpp] Fix pr61817 and 69391

Re: [patch, driver] Ignore -ftree-parallelize-loops={0,1}

Re: [PATCH, fortran, v3] Use Levenshtein spelling suggestions in Fortran FE

[patch, fortran] PR68566 ICE on using unusable array in reshape

[PATCH, GCC 5] PR 70613, -fabi-version docs don't match implementation

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Fix PR target/70662.

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Fix PR target/70728.

[PATCH, i386, PR target/70799, 1/2] Support constants in STV pass (DImode)

[PATCH, i386] Add some missing modes to mode attributes

[PATCH, i386] Fix operands order in kunpck* insns and corresponding expands

[PATCH, i386] Relax target requirement for vec_unpacks_lo_hi

[PATCH, i386] Set mode of input operand ...

[PATCH, i386]: "mov $0, reg" and "mov $-1", reg peepholes cleanup

[PATCH, i386]: Do not match (const_int 0) and (const_int 1) with const_wide_int

[PATCH, i386]: Extend Load+RegOp to Mov+MemOp peephole2 to all integer modes

[PATCH, i386]: Extend TARGET_READ_MODIFY{,_WRITE} peepholes to all integer modes

[PATCH, i386]: Fix constm1_operand predicate

[PATCH, i386]: Fix ix86_spill_class condition

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR70510, invalid %-code with -mavx512bw -masm=intel when emitting vpbroatcast

[PATCH, i386]: Improve fop and corresponding peephole2 patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Simplify emission of SSE constant (-1) load.

[PATCH, i386]: Small improvements to move patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Some more cleanup of peephole2 patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Use const_0_to_3_operand predicate some more

[PATCH, i386]: Use explicit mode iterators in LEA splitters

[PATCH, i386]: Use gen_lowpart some more

[PATCH, i386]: Use lowpart_subreg instead of simplify_gen_subreg (... , 0).

Re: [PATCH, libgomp] Fix deadlock in acc_set_device_type

Re: [PATCH, libgomp] Fix deadlock in acc_set_device_type (ping x2)

Re: [PATCH, libgomp] Rewire OpenACC async

[PATCH, PR target/69890] Remove "string.h" dependency for string functions optimization tests

Re: [PATCH, PR68756] Fix typo in copy_cond_phi_args

[PATCH, PR68953] Fix pdr accesses order

[Patch, regex, libstdc++/70745] Fix match_not_bow and match_not_eow

[PATCH, rs6000] Expand vec_ld and vec_st during parsing to improve performance

[PATCH, rs6000] Add support for int versions of vec_adde

[PATCH, rs6000] Add support for vector element-reversal built-ins

[PATCH, rs6000] Backport some swap optimization improvements

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Expand vec_ld and vec_st during parsing to improve performance

[PATCH, testsuite/ARM] Skip pr70496.c for cortex-m devices

[Patch, testsuite] Require int32plus and scheduling support for some tests

[PATCH, trivial, 1/3] Simplify loop in pp_write_text_as_dot_label_to_stream

[PATCH, trivial, 2/3] Fix record-shape escapes in pp_write_text_as_dot_label_to_stream

[PATCH, trivial, 3/3, PR70433] Handle backslash in pp_write_text_as_dot_label_to_stream

[PATCH, www] Fix typo in htdocs/develop.html

[PATCH/AARCH64/ILP32] Fix unwinding (libgcc)

[PATCH: RL78] Optimize libgcc routines using clrw and clrb

[PATCH] "Fix" PR70623

Re: [PATCH] 69517 - [5/6 regression] SEGV on a VLA with excess initializer elements

[PATCH] [6 and trunk] Fix bootstrap with older host compilers

Re: [PATCH] [AArch64] support -mfentry feature for arm64

[PATCH] [ARC] Add new ARCv2 instructions.

[PATCH] [ARC] Add SIMD extensions for ARC HS

[PATCH] [ARC] Fix emitting jump tables for ARCv2

[PATCH] [ARC] Fix unwanted match for sign extend 16-bit constant.

[PATCH] [ARC] Handle FPX NaN within optimized floating point library.

Re: [PATCH] [CLEANUP] Mark locally-used functions static

[PATCH] [FIX PR c/48116] -Wreturn-type does not work as advertised

[PATCH] [libatomic] Add RTEMS support

[PATCH] AARCH64: Remove spurious attribute __unused__ from NEON intrinsic

[PATCH] add -fprolog-pad=N option to c-family

Re: [PATCH] add basic .gitattributes files to notice whitespace issues

[patch] Add noexcept to Filesystem TS operators

[PATCH] Add peephole for -Os lock; dec (PR target/70821)

Re: [PATCH] Add security_sensitive attribute to clean function stack and regs.

[PATCH] Add some more powi patterns to match.pd

[PATCH] add support for placing variables in shared memory

[PATCH] Allow all 1s of integer as standard SSE constants

[PATCH] Another small PRE speedup / cleanup

[PATCH] asan: Don't check frame numbers in the testsuite

[PATCH] Avoid allocating garbage GIMPLE_NOPs at LTO stream in time

[Patch] Avoid deadlock in guality tests.

[PATCH] avoid false positives in trailing operator rule in check_GNU_style.sh

[PATCH] Avoid needless unsharing during constexpr evaluation (PR c++/70452)

[PATCH] Better location info for "incomplete type" error msg (PR c/70756)

Re: [PATCH] boehm-gc: add supprt for aarch64 ILP32

[PATCH] c++/66561 - __builtin_LINE at al. should yield constant expressions

[PATCH] C++/70512 Fix may_alias canonical type mismatch

[PATCH] c++/70594 debug info differences

[patch] Clarify doxygen comments w.r.t nulls in std::string

[PATCH] Clean up tests where a later dg-do completely overrides another.

[patch] cleanup *finish_omp_clauses

[PATCH] Clear TREE_STATIC on vector ctors if needed (PR middle-end/70633)

[PATCH] Convert DF_SCAN etc from #define to an enum

[PATCH] df: make df_problem instances "const"

Re: [PATCH] Disable guality tests for powerpc*-linux*

[PATCH] Disable some i?86 builtins for -m32 (PR target/70858)

[PATCH] Do not build a pointer-to-element type for arrays in layout_type

Re: [PATCH] doc: discourage use of __attribute__((optimize())) in production code

[PATCH] Don't add REG_EQUAL notes in fwprop for paradoxical subregs (PR rtl-optimization/70574)

[PATCH] Don't build 32-bit libatomic with -march=i486 on x86-64

[PATCH] Don't build 32-bit libgomp with -march=i486 on x86-64

[PATCH] Don't build 32-bit libitm with -march=i486 on x86-64

[patch] Don't encode the minor version in the gcj abi version

[PATCH] Don't include DECL_UIDs in tree-sra fancy names for -fdump-final-insns= (PR c++/70594)

[PATCH] Don't remove, but just reset DEBUG_INSNS during lra-spill.c (PR rtl-optimization/70596)

[PATCH] Drop excess size used for run time allocated stack variables.

[PATCH] DWARF: turn dw_loc_descr_node field into hash map for frame offset check

Re: [PATCH] Early "SSA" prerequesite - make SSA def stmt update cheaper

[PATCH] Fix -fcompare-debug due to incorrect block pruning (PR c++/70594)

[PATCH] Fix -fcompare-debug issue caused by do_niy (PR c++/70675)

[PATCH] Fix a recent warning in reorg.c

[patch] fix an openacc reduction test for PR68242

[patch] fix an openacc reference-type reduction bug in PR70643

[patch] fix an openacc test case

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap on powerpc*-aix* (PR bootstrap/70704)

[patch] Fix comment in <random> header for gcc-6-branch

[PATCH] Fix comment in rtl.def

[patch] Fix configure test for sendfile()

[PATCH] Fix debug ICE on aarch64 due to bad rtl simplification (PR debug/70628)

Re: [PATCH] Fix detection of setrlimit in libstdc++ testsuite

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/pr18589-10.c


[PATCH] Fix ICE caused by nothrow pass (PR c++/70641)

[PATCH] Fix ICE during operand_equal_p hash checking (PR middle-end/70843)

[PATCH] Fix ICE in predicate_mem_writes (PR tree-optimization/70725)

[PATCH] Fix ifcombine (PR tree-optimization/70586)

[PATCH] Fix missed DSE opportunity with operator delete.

[patch] fix openacc data clause errors in c/c++ for PR70688

[Patch] Fix PR 60040

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/21802 (two-stage name lookup fails for operators

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/27100

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/70096 (wrong code for pointer-to-member-function copy)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/70241 (inconsistent access with in-class enumeration)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/70452 (regression in C++ parsing performance)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/70590 (error: location references block not in block tree)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/70610 (wrong overload resolution during template processing)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/70822 (bogus error with parenthesized SCOPE_REF)

[patch] Fix PR target/67172

[PATCH] Fix PR target/69810 (GCC 7)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/70669 (allow __float128 to use direct move)

[PATCH] Fix PR tree-optimization/51513

[PATCH] Fix PR13962 somewhat

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR31096

[PATCH] Fix PR70130

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR70434

[PATCH] Fix PR70457 (ICE on incompatible call to built-in pow)

[PATCH] Fix PR70484, RTL DSE using wrong dependence check

[PATCH] Fix PR70499

[PATCH] Fix PR70509 (wrong code with extract from a v64qi)

[PATCH] Fix PR70526

[PATCH] Fix PR70614

[PATCH] Fix PR70701

[PATCH] Fix PR70724

[PATCH] Fix PR70725 (followup to Mareks patch)

[PATCH] Fix PR70726

[PATCH] Fix PR70740

[PATCH] Fix PR70747

[PATCH] Fix PR70760

[PATCH] Fix PR70777

[PATCH] Fix PR70780

[PATCH] Fix PR70785

[PATCH] Fix REE with vector modes (PR rtl-optimization/70542)

[PATCH] Fix ssa coalescing with inline asm (PR middle-end/70593)

[PATCH] Fix type field walking in gimplifier unsharing

[patch] Fix typo in comment

[PATCH] Fix up AVX512 andnot (PR target/70525)

[PATCH] Fix up inchash::add_expr to match more closely operand_equal_p (PR sanitizer/70683)

[PATCH] Fix up inchash::add_expr to match more closely operand_equal_p (PR sanitizer/70683, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix up SRA (PR tree-optimization/70602)

[PATCH] Fix warn_for_memset ICE (PR c/70852)

[PATCH] Fix wrong argument to build_modify_expr

[PATCH] Fixup nb_iterations_upper_bound adjustment for vectorized loops

[patch] Fortran fix for PR70289

[patch] generate_libstdcxx_web_docs: Use realpath to get absolute path

[PATCH] gnattools: Clean config.cache (PR70173)

[PATCH] Improve add/sub double word splitters (PR rtl-optimization/70467)

[PATCH] Improve add/sub TImode double word splitters (PR rtl-optimization/70467)

[PATCH] Improve AVX512F sse4_1_round* patterns

[PATCH] Improve CSE (PR rtl-optimization/70467)

[PATCH] Improve detection of constant conditions during jump threading

Re: [PATCH] Improve PTA restrict handling for non-restrict pointers

[PATCH] libcc1: Clean compiler-name.h (PR70173)

Re: [PATCH] libffi testsuite: Use split to ensure valid tcl list

Re: [PATCH] libffi: define FFI_SIZEOF_JAVA_RAW for aarch64 ILP32

[patch] libstdc++/41759 reword static assertions in <random>

[patch] libstdc++/69703 ignore endianness in codecvt_utf8

[patch] libstdc++/70294 Define std::thread::id comparison operators at namespace-scope

[patch] libstdc++/70503 Ensure std::thread helpers have internal linkage

[patch] libstdc++/70609 fix filesystem::copy()

[patch] libstdc++/70762 fix fallback implementation of nonexistent_path

[patch] libstdc++/70766 use std::addressof instead of operator&

[patch] libstdc++/70767 Define std::numeric_limits<cv T> in C++98 mode

[patch] libstdc++: Make std::shuffle faster by avoiding std::uniform_int_distribution

[PATCH] Limit some match.pd conversion folding to GIMPLE (PR c++/70336)

[PATCH] Load external function address via GOT slot

[PATCH] lto-streamer.h: Include gimple.h for LAST_AND_UNUSED_GIMPLE_CODE.

[PATCH] Make C++ honor the enum mode attribute

[PATCH] Make distclean clean up more (PR70173)

[PATCH] Mark predicates generated by genmatch as static

[PATCH] Maybe change __size_t definition in <stddef.h>?

[PATCH] maybe_set_first_label_num can take an rtx_code_label *

[PATCH] nds32: Fix casesi (PR70668)

[PATCH] new patterns for OpenMP SIMD-via-SIMT

[PATCH] new target hook: TARGET_SIMT_VF

[PATCH] nvptx -mgomp multilib

[PATCH] nvptx -muniform-simt codegen variant

[PATCH] nvptx libgcc changes

[PATCH] nvptx mkoffload changes

[PATCH] nvptx omp target entrypoint handling

[PATCH] nvptx per-warp compiler-defined stacks (-msoft-stack)

[PATCH] operand_equal_p checking (PR sanitizer/70683)

[PATCH] Optimize strchr (s, 0) to strlen

[PATCH] opts-global.c: Include gimple.h for LAST_AND_UNUSED_GIMPLE_CODE.

[patch] Patches to reduce warnings in libstdc++

Re: [PATCH] PR libitm/70456: Allocate aligned memory in gtm_thread operator new

[PATCH] PR target/70155: Use SSE for TImode load/store

[PATCH] PR target/70454: Build x86 libgomp with -march=i486 or better

[PATCH] PR target/70708: Suboptimal code generated when using _mm_set_sd (X64)

[PATCH] PR target/70750: [6/7 Regression] Load and call no longer combined for indirect calls on x86

Re: [PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

[PATCH] PR47040 - Make error message for empty array constructor more helpful/correct

[PATCH] PR70117, ppc long double isinf

[PATCH] PR70674: S/390: Add memory barrier to stack pointer restore from fpr.

[PATCH] Prevent loops from being optimized away

[PATCH] Prevent LTO wrappers to process a recursive execution

[PATCH] Re-use cc1-checksum.c for stage-final

[PATCH] Real fix for PR70623

[PATCH] Reduce compile time hog in symbol-summary.h

[PATCH] Reduce nesting of parentheses in conditionals generated by genattrtab

[patch] Refactor macros out of gcc/config/i386.c

[PATCH] Remove class cache_map and use ggc hash_maps instead (PR c++/70452)

Re: [PATCH] Remove dead code in omp-low.c

[PATCH] Remove ix86_legitimate_combined_insn

[patch] Remove superfluous /dev/null on grep line

Re: [patch] Remove trailing whitespaces

[patch] Remove trailing whitespaces from libstdc++-v3/config

[patch] Remove trailing whitespaces from testsuite/util


[patch] Remove unused typedefs in std::bind types

[PATCH] Remove XFAIL from gcc.dg/tree-ssa/20030814-6.c

[patch] removing aged ifdef 0 from boehm-gc/os_dep.c

[PATCH] Replace old AWK script (utilizing bc) with Python implementation

[PATCH] Requre nonpic target on some PR target/70155 tests

Re: [PATCH] Reuse the saved_scope structures allocated by push_to_top_level

[PATCH] Revert r234572 (aka PR testsuite/70577)

[PATCH] rs6000: Rename insn_chain_scanned_p to spe_insn_chain_scanned_p

Re: [PATCH] rtlanal: Fix bits/bytes confusion in set_noop_p (PR68814)

[PATCH] S/390: Add splitter for "and" with complement.

[PATCH] S/390: Improve documentation of s390_reload_costs.

[PATCH] sbitmap: Remove popcount

[PATCH] Simplify ix86_expand_vector_move_misalign

[PATCH] Some tree-vect-data-refs.c cleanup

[PATCH] Take known zero bits into account when checking extraction.

[PATCH] tracer: Make bb_seen static

Re: [PATCH] Turn some compile-time tests into run-time tests

Re: [PATCH] Update gmp/mpfr/mpc in-tree versions

[patch] update handling of 'acc parallel loop' reductions for PR70626


[PATCH] Verify __builtin_unreachable and __builtin_trap are not called with arguments

[PATCH] Verify that context of local DECLs is the current function

[PATCH] vrp: remove rendundant has_single_use tests

[PATCH] x86 interrupt attribute patch [1/2]

[PATCH] x86 interrupt attribute patch [2/2]

[PATCH], Fix _Complex when there are multiple FP types the same size

[PATCH], PR target/70640, Fix thinkos in PowerPC IEEE 128-bit floating point emulation

[PATCH], Re-fix PR 70381 (disable -mfloat128 by default) and add workaround for PR 70589

[PATCH][AArch64] Adjust SIMD integer preference

[PATCH][AArch64] Backport of PR 70044 fix to GCC 5

[PATCH][AArch64] Define WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS to zero and comment why

[PATCH][AArch64] Delete obsolete CC_ZESWP and CC_SESWP CC modes

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix shift attributes

[PATCH][AArch64] Improve aarch64_case_values_threshold setting

[PATCH][AArch64] Improve aarch64_modes_tieable_p

[PATCH][AArch64] print_operand should not fallthrough from register operand into generic operand

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Replace insn to zero up SIMD registers

[PATCH][AArch64] Simplify ashl<mode>3 expander for SHORT modes

[PATCH][AArch64] Work around PR target/64971

[PATCH][AArch64][wwwdocs] Summarise some more AArch64 changes for GCC6

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Add deprecation warning on pre-v4t architecture revisions

[PATCH][ARM] Fix costing of sign-extending load in rtx costs

Re: [PATCH][ARM] PR driver/70132: Avoid double fclose in driver-arm.c

[PATCH][ARM] PR target/70566 Check that condition register is dead in tst-imm -> lsls-imm Thumb2 peepholes

[PATCH][ARM][gas] Fix warnings about uninitialised uses and unused const variables

Re: [PATCH][ARM][RFC] PR target/65578 Fix gcc.dg/torture/stackalign/builtin-apply-4.c for single-precision fpus

[PATCH][C++] Build DECL_EXPRs for anonymous VLAs

Re: [PATCH][cilkplus] fix c++ implicit conversions with cilk_spawn (PR/69024, PR/68997)

Re: [PATCH][CilkPlus] Fix PR69363

Re: [PATCH][combine] Check WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS normally rather than through preprocessor

[PATCH][COMMITTED] [ARC] Fix obsolete constraint.

[PATCH][doc] Update documentation of AArch64 options

[PATCH][Fortran] Properly generate DECL_EXPRs for temporary arrays

[PATCH][GCC 4.9][PR sanitizer/70474] Fix ASan failures on new Darwin platforms (OS X 10.11+, iOS 9.0+).

Re: [PATCH][GCC 7] Fix PR70171

[PATCH][GCC 7] Remove broken path in extract_bit_field_1

Re: [PATCH][GCC7] Remove scaling of COMPONENT_REF/ARRAY_REF ops 2/3

[PATCH][genrecog] Fix warning about potentially uninitialised use of label

[PATCH][internal-fn.c][committed] Convert conditional compilation on WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS

Re: [PATCH][PR rtl-optimization/69307] Handle hard registers in modes that span more than one register properly

[PATCH][PR sanitizer/70541] Fix unnoticed invalid dereference when using AddressSanitizer.

[PATCH][PR sanitizer/70624] Fix 'dyld: Symbol not found: _dyldVersionNumber' link error on old Darwin systems.

Re: [PATCH][PR tree-optimization/65917] Record both equivalences from if (x == y) style conditionals

Re: [PATCH][reload.c] Convert conditional compilation of WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS

Re: [PATCH][reload1.c] Convert conditional compilation on WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS

[PATCH][RFC] Gimplify "into SSA"

Re: [PATCH][rtlanal.c] Convert conditional compilation on WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS

[PATCH][SMS] SMS use loop induction variable analysis instead of depending on doloop optimization

Re: [PATCH][Testsuite] Add --param sra-max-scalarization-size-Ospeed to sra-12.c

[PATCH][testsuite] PR rtl-optimization/70681: XFAIL ira-shrinkwrap-prep-2.c and pr10474.c tests on arm, powerpc

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Add deprecation of pre-ARMv4T architectures to the release notes

[patch][wwwdocs] Fixed incorrect copy paste in codingconventions.html

[PATCHES] Update avx256-unaligned-load-1.c and avx256-unaligned-store-2.c

[PATCHv2 0/7] ARC: Add support for nps400 variant

[PATCHv2 1/7] gcc/arc: Add support for nps400 cpu type.

[PATCHv2 2/7] gcc/arc: Replace rI constraint with r & Cm2 for ld and update insns

[PATCHv2 3/7] gcc/arc: convert some constraints to define_constraint

[PATCHv2 4/7] gcc/arc: Add support for nps400 cmem xld/xst instructions

[PATCHv2 5/7] gcc/arc: Add nps400 bitops support

[PATCHv2 6/7] gcc/arc: Mask integer 'L' operands to 32-bit

[PATCHv2 7/7] gcc/arc: Add an nps400 specific testcase

[PATCHv2, rs6000] Expand vec_ld and vec_st during parsing to improve performance

[PING 3] [PATCH] Fix PR 31531: A microoptimization of isnegative of signed integer

Re: [PING 5, PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

Re: [PING 6, PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

Re: [PING 7, PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

[PING, PATCH] Remove xfail from thread_local-order2.C.

[PING, testsuite] Add dot-file scan to test-case

[Ping] [C++ Patch] PR 70540 ("[4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on invalid code in cxx_incomplete_type_diagnostic...")

Re: [PING] genattrab.c generate switch

[Ping] Re: [ARM] Add support for overflow add, sub, and neg operations

[PING][PATCH] DWARF: add abstract origin links on lexical blocks DIEs

[PING][PATCH] libgcc: Fix typos in comments for ARM FP emulation routines

[PING][PATCH] New plugin event when evaluating a constexpr call

[PING][PATCH] Remove incorrect warning for kernels copy clause

[PING][PATCH] Remove incorrect warning for parallel firstprivate clause

Re: [ping][patch] update handling of 'acc parallel loop' reductions for PR70626

[PING^2] Re: [PATCH 1/4] Add gcc-auto-profile script

Re: [PING^3] Re: [PATCH 1/4] Add gcc-auto-profile script

Re: [PR c/68966] Restore atomic builtins usage in libstdc++-v3

[PR target/70711][ARM] Fix big-endian ARMv8.1-A builds.

[PR testsuite/68242] FAIL: libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/reduction-2.c, and other OpenACC reduction test case "oddities" (was: [gomp4] OpenACC reduction tests)

Re: [RFA 1/2]: Don't ignore target_header_dir when deciding inhibit_libc

[RFA] add DW_LANG_Rust

Re: [RFA][PATCH] Adding missing calls to bitmap_clear

[RFC patch, i386]: Use STV pass to load/store any TImode constant using SSE insns

Re: [RFC] [MIPS] Enable non-executable PT_GNU_STACK support

[RFC] introduce --param max-lto-partition for having an upper bound on partition size

[RFC] PR70117, ppc long double isinf

[RFC] Update gmp/mpfr/mpc minimum versions

Re: [RFC][PATCH][PR40921] Convert x + (-y * z * z) into x - y * z * z

Re: [RFC][PATCH][PR63586] Convert x+x+x+x into 4*x


[RFC][PR68217] Improve value range for signed & sign-bit-CST

[rs6000] Fix 32-bit bootstrap failure

[SH][committed] Fix PR 70416

[SH][committed] Remove SH5 support in compiler

[SPARC] Fix PR target/70630

[testsuite] gcc-dg: handle all return values when shouldfail is set

[testsuite] Skip gcc.c-torture/execute/20101011-1.c on Visium

[ubsan PATCH] Fix compile-time hog with &TARGET_EXPRs (PR sanitizer/70342)

[v3 PATCH] PR libstdc++/70437

[wwwdocs,Java] java/index.html -- fix formatting on gcc.gnu.org

[wwwdocs,Java] Remove java/status.html

[wwwdocs] 2015 ACM Software System Award announcement

[wwwdocs] [1/3] projects/cxx-status.html -- introduce global CSS for tables

[wwwdocs] [2/3] projects/cxx-status.html -- introduce global CSS for tables

[wwwdocs] [3/3] projects/cxx-status.html -- introduce global CSS for tables

[wwwdocs] [4/3] projects/cxx-status.html -- introduce global CSS for tables

[wwwdocs] [5/3] projects/cxx-status.html -- introduce global CSS for tables

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.8

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 5.x

[wwwdocs] Document GCC 6 Solaris changes

[wwwdocs] gcc-6/porting_to.html: Use <code> instead of <tt> for code and command-line options.

[wwwdocs] index.html -- remove obsolete text/css section

[wwwdocs] index.html -- replace local style with CSS

[wwwdocs] Reduce use of MetaHTML for navigation

[wwwdocs] Simplify gcc-4.3/cxx0x_status.html (and convert to global CSS)

[wwwdocs] Simplify gcc-4.4/cxx0x_status.html (and convert to global CSS)

Re: [wwwdocs] Simplify gcc-4.5/cxx0x_status.html (and convert to global CSS)

[wwwdocs] Simplify gcc-4.6/cxx0x_status.html (and convert to global CSS)

[wwwdocs] Simplify gcc-4.7/cxx0x_status.html (and convert to global CSS)

[wwwdocs] Simplify gcc-4.8/cxx0x_status.html (and convert to global CSS)

__DTOR_LIST__ and __CTOR_END__ undeclared when portting to new ARM target

An abridged "Writing C" for the gcc web pages

Add a wi::to_wide helper function

Add some C++17 items to gcc-6/changes.html

Allow embedded timestamps by C/C++ macros to be set externally (3)

Allow redefinition of libcilkrts debug macros

Re-apply reverted niter change 1/4

Re: Avoid NULL cfun ICE in gcc/config/nvptx/nvptx.c:nvptx_libcall_value

Avoid NULL cfun ICE in gcc/config/nvptx/nvptx.c:nvptx_libcall_value (was: [PATCH] Fix PR70760)

Re: backported patch for PR69614

Re: Backports to 5.x branch

C PATCH to improve location of bit-field error message (PR c/70671)

C PATCH to overhaul warning about dangling else (PR c/70436)

C++ PATCH for c++/66543 (-Wunused-but-set false positives)

C++ PATCH for c++/68206, 68530 (ICE with loop in constexpr)

C++ PATCH for c++/70494 (ICE with lambda capture of array)

C++ PATCH for c++/70505 (wrong error with template-id in default argument)

C++ PATCH for c++/70522 (friend hides name in unnamed namespace)

C++ PATCH for c++/70528 (mutual dependence error)

C++ PATCH for c++/70543 (wrong error with static const as array bound)

C++ PATCH for c++/70615 (ICE with pointer to member)

C++ PATCH for c++/70622 (wrong error with multiple auto)

C++ PATCH for c++/70627 (ICE with opaque enum)

C++ PATCH for c++/70634 (ICE with self-referential initializer)

C++ PATCH for c++/70648 (wrong error with constexpr constructor)

C++ PATCH for c++/70744 (wrong-code with x ?: y extension)

C++ PATCH for core issue 2137

C++ PATCH for implicit abi_tag on template member function

Re: C++ PATCH for range-for tweak

C++ PATCH for some tiny cleanups

C++ PATCH to fix a part of c++/70513 (ICE-on-invalid with enums)

C++ PATCH to implement C++17 [[nodiscard]] attribute

C++ PATCH to implement C++17 maybe_unused attribute

C, C++: Fix PR 69733 (bad location for ignored qualifiers warning)

C, C++: New warning for memset without multiply by elt size

C/C++ PATCH to add -Wdangling-else option

Canonicalize X u< X to UNORDERED_EXPR

Re: check-target-libgomp wall time, without vs. with offloading

Cilk Plus testsuite needs massive cleanup (PR testsuite/70595)

Re: Combine simplify_set WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS

Commit: MSP430: Optimize 1 bit shifts

Commit: MSP430: Update prototypes in libgcc

Compile libcilkrts with -funwind-tables (PR target/60290)

constexpr function caching

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.de.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.fr.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.pt_BR.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.ru.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.sv.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.uk.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-6.1.0.vi.po'

Contents of PO file 'gcc-6.1.0.uk.po'

Re: Do not give realistic estimates for loop with array accesses

Do not optimize some polymorphic calls with -fsanitize=undefined

Document C++ Special Math Functions.

Document OpenACC status for GCC 6

Edit the C++14 library warning header to not indicate experimental.

Re: Enabling -frename-registers?

Fix dumping of branch predictor hitrates

Fix for PR70492

Fix for PR70498 in Libiberty Demangler

fix libsanitizer build on ppc-linux

Fix nothrow discovery WRT interposition

Fix PR ada/70759

Re: Fix PR44281 (bad RA with global regs)

Fix pure/const discovery WRT interposition part 1

Fix pure/const discovery WRT interposition part 2

Fix pure/const discovery WRT interposition part 3

Re: Fix some i386 testcases for -frename-registers

Fix some x86 peepholes vs. the red-zone

Fix TRY_CATCH_EXPR comment

Followup fix for PR69650

Fortran OpenACC host_data construct ICE (was: [gomp4] Re: [OpenACC 0/7] host_data construct)

Re: Free up bits in DECLs and TYPEs

Go patch committed: Add Enclosed_var_expression

Go patch committed: export String_index_expression

Go patch committed: expose the runtime code in a Call_expression

Go patch committed: Mark concurrent calls

Go patch committed: Remove old escape analysis code

Re: gomp_target_fini


Hey here

Hey here!

The hottest technique to satisfy your girl

I found u 8-)

I found you 8-)

Improve libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/par-loop-comb-reduction-2.c (was: [gomp4] Some additional OpenACC reduction tests)

Increase default value of lto-min-partition to 10000

Inline across -ffast-math boundary

Re: IRA costs tweaks, PR 56069

libgcc: Fix typos in comments for ARM FP emulation routines

libgo patch committed: Commit final version of pkg-config support

libgo patch committed: Fix Value.Call results to not be addressable

libgo patch committed: Update to 1.6.1 release

libgo patch committed: Use atomic load to fix PPC deadlock

libgomp external ABI prototypes maintenance (was: Openacc launch API)

libgomp: Make GCC 5 OpenACC offloading executables work (was: Openacc launch API)

match.pd patch: max(int_min, x)->x

match.pd patch: min(-x, -y), min(~x, ~y)

match.pd patch: u + 3 < u is u > UINT_MAX - 3

match.pd: unsigned A - B > A --> A < B

match.pd: x+x -> 2*x

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

Merge libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/loop-reduction-*.c into libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/reduction-7.c (was: [gomp4] Update OpenACC test cases)

Move "X +- C1 CMP C2 to X CMP C2 -+ C1" to match.pd

moxie-rtems patch for libgcc/config.host

New Brazilian Portuguese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1.0)

New French PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New German PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New hashtable power 2 rehash policy

New Russian PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New template for 'cpplib' made available

New template for 'gcc' made available

New Ukrainian PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New Ukrainian PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1.0)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1.0)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1.0)

Re: not a type buglet in c/c-array-notation

Re: openacc reference reductions

OpenMP offloading to NVPTX: backend patches

Optimize weakrefs

PATCH for c++/70639 (ICE-on-valid with -Wmisleading-indentation and switch)

Re: a patch for PR68695

patch for PR70398

PATCH to disable the canonical types check in verify_type (PR c++/70029)

PATCH to fix ICE-on-invalid with wrong type of va_arg (PR c/70651)

patch to fix PR70689

Re: PATCH] Fix PR 31531: A microoptimization of isnegative of signed integer

Re: Patches to fix GCC's C++ exception_handling on NetBSD/VAX

Re: Patches to fix optimizer bug & C++ exceptions for GCC VAX backend

RE: PING [PATCH] [ARC] Add SIMD extensions for ARC HS

PING: [PATCH] PR33661 Fix problem with register asm in templates

Re: Please include ada-hurd.diff upstream (try2)

Re: Proposed Patch for Bug 69687

Re: Remove unused openacc call

Resolve idempotency issue with libgomp's config.h/libgomp.h

RFA (6): C++ PATCH for c++/70690, wrong code in tcmalloc

RFA: PATCH to tell gdb to skip over is-a.h inlines

Re: RFA: Prevent an ICE when redeclaring a static function as weak

RFC: C++ PATCH to adjust empty class parameter passing ABI

Re: RFD: annotate iterator patterns with expanded forms

Re: rs6000 stack_tie mishap again

S/390: Add patterns for r<nox>sbg instructions.

Re: Scan for parallelization of the oacc kernels test-cases in gfortran.dg/goacc

Simplify cst_and_fits_in_hwi

Re: Split out OMP constructs' SIMD clone supporting code

Split out OMP constructs' SIMD clone supporting code (was: Splitting up gcc/omp-low.c?)

Re: Splitting up gcc/omp-low.c?


Sup =)

Support <, <=, > and >= for offset_int and widest_int

Support << and >> for offset_int and widest_int

Re: Thoughts on memcmp expansion (PR43052)

Re: tuple move constructor

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed^2 patches

Re: Various selective scheduling fixes


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