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Re: (Non-)offloading diagnostics

(Non-)offloading diagnostics (was: [hsa 0/10] Merge of HSA branch)

-z bndplt documentation in GCC manual

[4.9][PR69082]Backport "[PATCH][ARM]Tighten the conditions for arm_movw, arm_movt"

[AARCH32][ACLE][NEON] Implement vcvt*_s32_f32 and vcvt*_u32_f32 NEON intrinsics.

[AArch32][NEON] Implementing vmaxnmQ_ST and vminnmQ_ST intrinsics.

[AArch64] Disable pcrelative_literal_loads with fix-cortex-a53-843419

[aarch64] Fix target/69176

[aarch64] Improve TImode constant moves

[AArch64] Remove AARCH64_EXTRA_TUNE_RECIP_SQRT from Cortex-A57 tuning

[AArch64] Remove TODO (redundant type conversions) in arm_neon.h

[AARCH64][ACLE] Implement __ARM_FP_FENV_ROUNDING in aarch64 backend.

[AARCH64][ACLE][NEON] Implement vcvt*_s64_f64 and vcvt*_u64_f64 NEON intrinsics.

[Ada] Fix 'char' compatibility with C

[Ada] Housekeeping work in gigi

[Ada] Housekeeping work in gigi (bis)

[Ada] Rename enumeration type

Re: [ARM] implement division using vrecpe/vrecps with -funsafe-math-optimizations

[ARM][PR69194] Fix ICE in in extract_insn

Re: [Bug c++/58583] NSDMI parsing

[Bug fortran/68864] [6 Regression] ICE: in gfc_get_descriptor_dimension, at fortran/trans-array.c:268

[C PATCH] Clear C_TYPE_INCOMPLETE_VARS even on variant types (PR debug/69518)

[C PATCH] Fix -Wunused-function (PR debug/66869)

[C++ PATCH] Fix #pragma implementation diagnostics (PR c++/69145)

[C++ PATCH] Fix -Wunused-function (PR debug/66869)

[C++ PATCH] Fix delayed folding caused ICE (PR c++/69211)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE due to Cilk+ related cp_gimplify_expr bug (PR objc++/68511, PR c++/69213)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE with bitfields (PR c++/69164)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE with bitfields (PR c++/69164, take 2)

[C++ PATCH] Handle error_mark_node in cp_fold (alt; PR c++/68357)

[C++ PATCH] Handle error_mark_node in cp_fold (PR c++/68357)

[C++ patch] report better diagnostic for static following '[' in parameter declaration

[C++] Add -fnull-this-pointer

[C/C++ PATCH] Don't emit invalid VEC_COND_EXPR for vector comparisons (PR c/68062)

[chkp] Clear instrumented_version and thunk_info in cgraph_node::reset

[chkp] Do not stream bodies of instrumentation thunks

[cilkplus] Fix cilk_spawn gimplification bug (PR cilkplus/69048)

Re: [CilkPlus] fix issues when cilk_spawn is used with nontrivial expressions

[comitted] Add oacc kernels test in libgomp

[commited, PATCH] PR target/69530: [6 Regression] ICE: SIGSEGV

[Commited, PR69069] Add missing phi args in create_parallel_loop

[Committed, PATCH] Define STDINT_LONG32 and add predefined integer types for IAMCU

[committed, PATCH] Remove -m32 from gcc.target/i386/pr68986-2.c

[Committed, PATCH] Sync top-level configure.ac with binutils-gdb

[Committed, PR69039] Only allow single exit phi for reduction in try_create_reduction_list

[Committed, PR69058] Don't parallelize loops if libgomp not supported

[Committed, PR69062] Don't parallelize loops containing phis with addr_exprs

[Committed, PR69108] Handle case that outer phi res is not used in a phi in gather_scalar_reductions

[Committed, PR69109] Don't allow latch with phi in try_transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[Committed, testsuite] Move gcc.dg/parloops-exit-first-loop-alt-*.c to gcc.dg/autopar

[COMMITTED] Add myself as GCC maintainer

[committed] Add oacc kernels tests in goacc

[committed] Add oacc_kernels_p argument to pass_parallelize_loops

[committed] Add pass_parallelize_loops to pass_oacc_kernels

[committed] Add testcase for PR66137

[Committed] Allow pass_parallelize_loops to be run outside the loop pipeline

[committed] Build sanitizer builtins in lto on demand (PR lto/69254)

[committed] Fix a warning in omp-low.c

[committed] Fix failure of gcc.dg/torture/pr68264.c on hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] Fix libstdc++/69446

Re: [committed] Fix PR target/68729

[committed] Fix SSE1 V4SImode vector insert (PR target/69551)

[committed] Followup for pr68962; and pr69272

[Committed] Move pass_expand_omp_ssa out of pass_parallelize_loops

[Committed] New test for PR 66707 - Endless compilation on wrong usage of common

[committed] PR jit/69144: Ensure that libgccjit's tempdir is fully cleaned-up

[committed] PR rtl-opt/69014 -- doloop conversion bug

[committed] Readd __tls_get_addr and __interceptor___tls_get_addr to libtsan for ABI compatibility (PR sanitizer/68824)

[committed] Release_defs in expand_omp_atomic_fetch_op

[Committed] S/390: PR69247: Fix bswap hi splitter

[committed] Update copyright years, part 1

[committed] Update copyright years, part 2

[committed] Update hppa-linux baseline symbols for gcc-6

[committed][trans-mem, aa64, arm, ppc, s390] Fixing PR68964

[doc, 0/n] improve organization of invoke.texi

[doc, 1.5/n] invoke.texi: reclassify -no-canonical-prefixes and -specs=

[doc, 1/n] invoke.texi: name of gcc executable

[doc, 2/n] invoke.texi: move spec file section

[doc, 3.5/n] invoke.texi: rename "Machine-Dependent Options" section

[doc, 3/n] invoke.texi: move "Code Gen Options" before target-specific options

[doc, 4/n] invoke.texi: there is no part 4

[doc, 5/n] invoke.texi: add new "Program Instrumentation Options" section

[doc, 6/n] invoke.texi: split debugging options into programmer vs developer sections

[doc, committed] document MicroBlaze interrupt_handler and fast_interrupt attributes

[doc, committed] document no_stack_limit attribute

[doc, committed] document RL78 saddr attribute

[doc, committed] document V850 function and variable attributes

[doc, committed] tidy function attributes documentation

[doc, committed] tidy MSP430 attribute documentation

[doc, dwarf] Update bit-rotten DWARF option documentation

[doc] GCC manual copy-editing

[Fortran, gcc-5, patch, pr69268, v1] [5 Regression] Sourced allocation calls function twice

[gcc-5-branch] [PATCH] Fix C++ __builtin_constant_p

[gomp-nvptx 00/13] SIMD, teams, Fortran

[gomp-nvptx 01/13] nvptx backend: new patterns for OpenMP SIMD-via-SIMT

[gomp-nvptx 02/13] omp-low: extend SIMD lowering for SIMT execution

[gomp-nvptx 03/13] nvptx backend: silence warning

[gomp-nvptx 04/13] nvptx backend: add support for placing variables in shared memory

[gomp-nvptx 05/13] libgomp: remove sections.c, splay-tree.c

[gomp-nvptx 06/13] libgomp: add nvptx time.c

[gomp-nvptx 07/13] libgomp plugin: set __nvptx_clocktick

[gomp-nvptx 08/13] libgomp: add nvptx lock.c

[gomp-nvptx 09/13] libgomp: use generic fortran.c on nvptx

[gomp-nvptx 10/13] libgomp testsuite: add -foffload=-lgfortran

[gomp-nvptx 11/13] pick GOMP_target_ext changes from the hsa branch

[gomp-nvptx 12/13] libgomp: handle multiple teams on NVPTX

[gomp-nvptx 13/13] libgomp plugin: handle multiple teams

[gomp4, committed] Remove reduction clauses in kernels region earlier

[gomp4, PR68977, Committed] Don't gimplify in ssa mode if seen_error in oacc_xform_loop

[gomp4] 2 fortran tests

Re: [gomp4] [WIP] OpenACC bind, nohost clauses

[gomp4] arrays inside modules

[gomp4] Fix acc_on_device for C++

[gomp4] fix atomic tests

[gomp4] fix c++ reference mappings in openacc

[gomp4] Fix handling of subarrays with update directive

[gomp4] fix kernel reductions

[gomp4] fix some tests

[gomp4] Fix use of declare'd vars by routine procedures.

[gomp4] gang partitioning

[gomp4] implicit non-scalars data mapping in kernels backport

[gomp4] kernel partitioning

Re: [gomp4] kernels offload fns

[gomp4] merge ptx changes

[gomp4] Merge trunk r232189 (2016-01-09) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r232548 (2016-01-19) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r232931 (2016-01-28) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Non-unity default partition size

[gomp4] OpenACC documentation for libgomp.

[gomp4] private reductions

[gomp4] reductions on explicitly private variables

[gomp4] Remove PTX link option

[gomp4] Remove unnecessary attribute.

[gomp4] teach the lto driver to error for missing decls

Re: [gomp4] Un-parallelized OpenACC kernels constructs with nvptx offloading: "avoid offloading"

[gomp4] Un-parallelized OpenACC kernels constructs with nvptx offloading: "avoid offloading" (was: [PATCH] Add fopt-info-oacc)

[google gcc-4_9]: Backport trunk:r232727 fix for PR/69403.

Re: [hsa 2/10] Modifications to libgomp proper

[hsa merge 00/10] Merge of HSA branch

[hsa merge 01/10] Configury changes and new options

[hsa merge 02/10] Modifications to libgomp proper

[hsa merge 03/10] HSA libgomp plugin

[hsa merge 04/10] Avoid extraneous remapping in copy_gimple_seq_and_replace_locals

[hsa merge 05/10] OpenMP lowering/expansion changes (gridification)

[hsa merge 06/10] Pass manager changes

[hsa merge 07/10] IPA-HSA pass

[hsa merge 08/10] HSAIL BRIG description header file

[hsa merge 09/10] Majority of the HSA back-end

[hsa merge 10/10] HSA register allocator

[hsa] Atomic assess memory model fixes

[IA-64] Fix ICE on gcc.dg/vect/vect-cond-11.c

[libmpx, committed] Fix verbosity for error messages

[lra, committed] Fix PR 69447

Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

Re: [off-list] Re: [PATCH PR68542]

[openacc] fix unoptimized acc_on_device

[openacc] implicit non-scalars data mapping in kernels

[P2][PR tree-optimization/68398] Refine when we allow the FSM threader to create irreducible inner loops

[PATCH 0/2] [ARC] Small fixes

[PATCH 0/2] S/390 test case fixes.

[PATCH 0/2][AArch64] Implement AAPCS64 updates for alignment attribute

[PATCH 0/9] S/390 rework shift count handling

[PATCH 01/15] add more coalescing to simplify constraints

[PATCH 02/15] remove unused variable

[PATCH 03/15] fix PR68343: disable graphite tests for isl 0.14 or earlier

[PATCH 04/15] add missing ast node for isl 0.15

[PATCH 05/15] remove tiling

[PATCH 06/15] fix codegen error exposed by compute isl flow patch

[PATCH 07/15] check that all loops are valid in the combined region

[PATCH 08/15] record loops in execution order

[PATCH 09/15] fix memory leak in scop-detection

[PATCH 1/2] [ARC] Fix arcset* pattern's predicate.

Re: [PATCH 1/2] [graphite] add more dumps on data dependence graph

[PATCH 1/2] DWARF: process all TYPE_DECL nodes when iterating on scopes

[PATCH 1/2] fix memory chunk corruption for opts_obstack (PR jit/68446)

[PATCH 1/2][AArch64] Implement AAPCS64 updates for alignment attribute

Re: [PATCH 1/3, libgomp] Resolve libgomp plugin deadlock on exit, libgomp proper parts

[PATCH 1/3] [D] libiberty: Correctly decode function pointer types.

[PATCH 1/3] [graphite] assert instead of silently failing code gen

[PATCH 1/3] add missing testcase

Re: [PATCH 1/3] Fix logic bug in Cilk Plus array expansion

RE: [PATCH 1/4] [MIPS] Add support for MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA)

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Make SRA scalarize constant-pool loads

[PATCH 1/5] s390: Use proper read-only data section for literals.

[PATCH 1/9] gensupport: Fix define_subst operand renumbering.

[PATCH 10/15] rewrite computation of iteration domains

[PATCH 11/15] check for unstructured control flow

[PATCH 12/15] new scop schedule.

[PATCH 13/15] reinstantiate loop blocking

[PATCH 2/2] [ARC] Reject constant-constant comparison.

[PATCH 2/2] Ada: add XVE/XVU parallel types to lexical scopes

Re: [PATCH 2/2] PR c++/68819: libcpp fallbacks and -Wmisleading-indentation

[PATCH 2/2] RFE: poisoning of invalid memory blocks and obstacks

[PATCH 2/2][AArch64] Tests of AAPCS64 updates for alignment attribute

[PATCH 2/3] [D] libiberty: Fix demangling of D-style variadic functions

[PATCH 2/3] [graphite] use codegen_error_p

Re: [PATCH 2/3] Avoid creating an initializer for a flexible array member

[PATCH 2/3] fix PR68343: disable fuse-*.c tests for isl 0.14 or earlier

Re: [PATCH 2/4 v2][AArch64] Add support for FCCMP

Re: [PATCH 2/4] Equate MEM_REFs and ARRAY_REFs in tree-ssa-scopedtables.c

Re: [PATCH 2/4][AArch64] Increase the loop peeling limit

[PATCH 2/5] s390: Fix missing .size directives.

[PATCH 2/9] S/390: Add disabled insn attribute

Re: [PATCH 3/2] S/390 test case fixes.

[PATCH 3/3] [D] libiberty: Handle the new extern(Objective-C) calling convention

[PATCH 3/3] [graphite] remove out of sync comments

Re: [PATCH 3/3] [RFC] Treat a gimplification failure as an internal error

[PATCH 3/3] new scop schedule for isl-0.15

[PATCH 3/4 v2] Enhance SCEV to follow copies of SSA_NAMEs.

RE: [PATCH 3/4] Add support to run auto-vectorization tests for multiple effective targets

[PATCH 3/5] Fix NOTE_INSN_PROLOGUE_END after unconditional jump.

[PATCH 3/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in rotate patterns.

Re: [PATCH 4/2] S/390 test case fixes.

RE: [PATCH 4/4] [MIPS] Add tests for MSA

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Un-XFAIL ssa-dom-cse-2.c for most platforms

Re: [PATCH 4/4][AArch64] Cost CCMP instruction sequences to choose better expand order

[PATCH 4/5] Don't mark targets of unconditional jumps with side effects as FALLTHRU.

[PATCH 4/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in left and logical right shift patterns.

Re: [PATCH 5/5] Fix intransitive comparison in dr_group_sort_cmp

[PATCH 5/5] s390: Add -fsplit-stack support

[PATCH 5/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in arithmetic right shift patterns.

Re: [PATCH 6/6] [DJGPP] configure.ac: enable LTO

[PATCH 6/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in tabort.

[PATCH 7/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in vector.md.

[PATCH 8/9] S/390: Use define_subst for the setmem patterns.

[PATCH 9/9] S/390: Disallow SImode in s390_decompose_address

Re: [PATCH : RL78] Disable interrupts during hardware multiplication routines

[Patch AArch64] GCC 6 regression in vector performance. - Fix vector initialization to happen with lane load instructions.

[Patch AArch64] Restrict 16-bit sqrdml{sa}h instructions to FP_LO_REGS

[Patch AArch64] Use software sqrt expansion always for -mlow-precision-recip-sqrt

[PATCH ARM 0/2] Add new mexecute-only arm option.

[PATCH ARM 1/2] Add support for section attribute letter 'y' when available

[PATCH ARM 2/2] Add -mexecute-only option.

[PATCH committed] Bug 66680 - [5 Regression] ICE with openmp, a loop and a type bound procedure

[PATCH configure,config.gcc] Fix for PR69153 to allow config.gcc to set target_header_dir

Re: [Patch ifcvt] Add a new parameter to limit if-conversion

[Patch Obvious] gcc.dg/vect/bb-slp-pr68892.c requires vectorization of doubles

[PATCH PR66796]Obvious, revise check condition in test case

[PATCH PR67921]Convert pointer expr to proper type before negating it

Re: [PATCH PR68542]

[PATCH PR68911]Check overflow when computing range information from loop niter bound

[PATCH v2, i386]: Fix PR69140, stack alignment + O1 breaks with Microsoft ABI

[PATCH v2, middle-end]: Fix PR68999, gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/save_1.f90 execution failure on alpha

[PATCH v2] ia64: don't use dynamic relocations for local symbols

[PATCH v2] libstdc++: Make certain exceptions transaction_safe.

[PATCH v2] PR48344: Fix unrecognizable insn error when gcc

[PATCH v2] sanitize paths used in regular expression

[PATCH v3] PR48344: Fix unrecognizable insn error with -fstack-limit-register=r2

[PATCH, 4.9, rs6000, testsuite] Fix PR69479

Re: [PATCH, 4.9, rs6000, testsuite] Fix PR69479

[PATCH, 69217]: [6 Regression] ICE at var-tracking.c:5038 Segmentation fault

Re: [PATCH, AArch64] Fix for PR67896 (C++ FE cannot distinguish __Poly{8,16,64,128}_t types)

[PATCH, aarch64] Fix pr69305 -- addti miscompilation

[PATCH, ARM testsuite] Committed: Remove arm_crypto_pragma selector

Re: [PATCH, ARM, 1/3] Document --with-multilib-list for arm*-*-* targets

RE: [PATCH, ARM, ping1] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2b.c execution failure on cortex-m0

[PATCH, ARM] Fix armv8.1 support at configure time

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2b.c execution failure on cortex-m0

[PATCH, ARM] Fox target/69180] #pragma GCC target should not warn about redefined macros

[PATCH, ARM] PR68674 Fix LTO support for neon builtin and error catching (ping)

[patch, c++] delete "com_interface" attribute

[PATCH, COMMITTED] Fix a ChangeLog entry

[PATCH, committed] PR diagnostic/68899: fix read-beyond-buffer when printing very wide source lines

[PATCH, committed] Typo fix

[PATCH, committed][gcc-5-branch] Fix broken test case derived_constructor_comps_6.f90

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 69484: [5/6 Regression] documentation issue: -Wtabs and -Wall

[Patch, fortran, GCC-5/6, PR62536, v1] ICE (segfault) for invalid END BLOCK statement

[Patch, fortran, pr67451, v1] [5/6 Regression] ICE with sourced allocation from coarray

[Patch, fortran] (4/5-regression) PR61831 side-effect deallocation of variable components)

[Patch, fortran] Bug 68241 - [meta-bug] Deferred-length character - PRs49630, 54070, 60593, 60795, 61147, 63232 and 64324

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 69154, inline matmul with WHERE

[patch, fortran] Inline MATMUL(A,TRANSPOSE(B)), PR 66094

[Patch, fortran] PR65045 - [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE when using the same name for a block and a variable.

[patch, fortran] PR65996 [5/6 Regression] gfortran ICE with -dH

[Patch, fortran] PR67564 Segfault on sourced allocation statement with class(*) arrays

[Patch, fortran] PR67779 - Strange ordering with strings in extended object

[Patch, fortran] PR69385 - [6 regression] ICE on valid with -fcheck=mem

[Patch, Fortran] PR69397 and PR6844 Internal Compiler Errors2

[Patch, fortran] PR69566 - [6 Regression] ICE with unlimited polymorphic array pointer function

[PATCH, gcc7, aarch64] Add arithmetic overflow patterns

[PATCH, GCC] Fix PR67781: wrong code generation for partial load on big endian targets

Re: [PATCH, i386, AVX512] PR target/67895: Fix position of embedded rounding/SAE mode in AVX512 vrangep* and vcvt?si2s* instructions.

[PATCH, i386, AVX512] PR target/69228: Restrict default masks for prefetch gathers/scatters instructions.

[PATCH, i386] Delay DI mode xor split when expanding comparison

[PATCH, i386] Support ANDN in stv pass

[PATCH, i386]: Adjust some testcases for later x86 processors

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR69140, stack alignment + O1 breaks with Microsoft ABI

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR69512: ICE when using avx with i586 (edit)

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR69549, wrong code with -O2 and vector arithmetics @ x86_64

[PATCH, i386]: Rewrite FLT_EVAL_METHOD to account for TARGET_SSE2

RE: [PATCH, libgcc/ARM 1/6] Fix Thumb-1 only == ARMv6-M & Thumb-2 only == ARMv7-M assumptions

[PATCH, libstdc++-v3] Fix import of wide character related symbols in stdlib.h wraper

Re: [Patch, libstdc++/68877] Reimplement __is_[nothrow_]swappable

Re: [PATCH, middle-end]: Fix PR68999, gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/save_1.f90 execution failure on alpha

[Patch, MIPS] Fix PR target/68273, passing args in wrong regs

[Patch, MIPS] Patch for PR 68400, a mips16 bug

RE: [Patch, MIPS] Remove definition of TARGET_PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES

[patch, nvptx] document "kernel" function attribute

[PATCH, PING] DWARF: process all TYPE_DECL nodes when iterating on scopes

Re: [PATCH, PR target/69010] Fix expand for constant boolean vectors with a scalar mode

[PATCH, PR target/69454] Disable TARGET_STV when stack is not properly aligned

[PATCH, PR tree-optimization/69328] Fix vectorization of boolean vector comparision in COND_EXPR

Re: [PATCH, PR67627][RFC] broken libatomic multilib parallel build

[PATCH, PR68976] Use reaching def phi arg in sese_add_exit_phis_edge

Re: [PATCH, PR69043, fortran] Trying to include a directory causes an infinite loop

[PATCH, PR69110] Don't return NULL access_fns in dr_analyze_indices

[PATCH, PR69169] Fix infinite recursion in create_variable_info_for_1

[PATCH, PR69421] Check vector types of COND_EXPR operands are compatible when vectorizing it

[PATCH, PR69426] Fix clobber removal in parloops

Re: [PATCH, RFC] New memory usage statistics infrastructure

[PATCH, rs6000] Add Power9 asm entries

[PATCH, rs6000] Add support for __builtin_cpu_is() and __builtin_cpu_supports()

[PATCH, rs6000] Disable static branch prediction in absence of real profile data

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR target/68872, make -mcpu=powerpc64le pass correct assembler option

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR63354

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR65546

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR67489

[PATCH, rs6000] Handle vector reductions in swap optimization

[PATCH, rs6000] Partial fix for PR65546 (GCC 6)

[PATCH, rs6000] Use lxvx and stxvx for 128-bit float, etc., with -mcpu=power9

[PATCH, testsuite] Fix g++.dg/pr67989.C test failure when running with -march or -mcpu

RE: [PATCH, testsuite] Fix PR68632: gcc.target/arm/lto/pr65837 failure on M profile ARM targets

[PATCH, testsuite] Stabilize test result output of dump-noaddr

[PATCH, testsuite]: Define _GNU_SOURCE for gcc.target/i386/chkp-strlen-2.c

[PATCH, testsuite]: Disable gcc.dg/pr61441 where issignaling is not available

[PATCH, testsuite]: Disable LTO for gcc.c-torture/execute/builtins/{memops,strstr}-asm.c

[PATCH, testsuite]: Disable some tests in gcc.dg/torture/pr68264.c for older glibcs

[PATCH, testsuite]: Do not compile gcc.target/i386/pr66232-{10,11,12,13}.c on ia32 target

[patch,ira]: Improve on updated memory cost in coloring pass of integrated register allocator.

[Patch,microblaze]: Better register allocation to minimize the spill and fetch.

Re: [Patch,microblaze]: Instruction prefetch optimization for microblaze.

[Patch,microblaze]: Optimized register reorganization for Microblaze.

Re: [Patch,tree-optimization]: Add new path Splitting pass on tree ssa representation

[PATCH/RFC] PR48344: Fix unrecognizable insn error when gcc command line specifies -fstack-limit-register=r2

[PATCH] #52291 - clarify sync_fetch_and_OP for pointers

[PATCH] #69290 - [6 Regression] ICE on invalid initialization of a flexible array member

[PATCH] * doc/invoke.texi: fix typos of -finite-math-only

[PATCH] -Winvalid-memory-model warning not given for stdatomic.h macros (PR c/69104)

[PATCH] [ARC] Add basic support for double load and store instructions

Re: [PATCH] [ARM] PR68532: Fix VUZP and VZIP recognition on big endian

[PATCH] [graphite] document that isl-0.16 is supported

[PATCH] [graphite] fix pr68692: reinstantiate the copy of internal parameters

[PATCH] [graphite] fix PR68976: only add loop close phi for names defined in loop

[PATCH] [graphite] handle isl_ast_op_select

[PATCH] [graphite] make debug comment more explicit

Re: [patch] [java] bump libgcj soname

[PATCH] [PR middle-end/69347] Don't do useless work for abnormal SSA_NAMEs

[PATCH] [PR tree-optimization/69196] [PR tree-optimization/68398] Reorganize profitibility testing for FSM jump threading

[PATCH] [PR tree-optimization/69347] Fix memory consumption in threader & minor speed improvement

[PATCH] [RTEMS] Add Cortex-M7 multilib for FPU support

[PATCH] [target/25114] Improve comparisons against some small integers for m68k

[PATCH] [tree-optimization/69320] Optimize tests of boolean ranged objects against constants not 0 or 1

[PATCH] Add fopt-info-oacc

[PATCH] Add NULL check for vectype in vectorizable_comparison

[PATCH] add test for c++/68490 - error initializing a structure with a flexible array member

[PATCH] add test for target/17381 - Unnecessary register move for float extend

[PATCH] Adjust contrib/update-copyright.py

[PATCH] Another warning fix in adaint.c

[PATCH] arc/gcc: Fix help text for some options.

Re: [patch] ARM FreeBSD fix bootstrap

[PATCH] ARM PR68620 (ICE with FP16 on armeb)

[patch] Avoid an unwanted decl re-map in copy_gimple_seq_and_replace_locals

[PATCH] Avoid simplifying RTL expressions in too large integral modes (PR target/68269)

[PATCH] Avoid unnecessary creation of VEC_COND_EXPR in the vectorizer

[PATCH] Avoid VRP from propagating (ab) SSA_NAMEs into conditions (PR tree-optimization/69214)

Re: [PATCH] Be less conservative in process_{output,input}_constraints (PR target/65689)

[patch] bootstrap/69464 Avoid including all of <random> in <algorithm>

Re: [PATCH] c++/58109 - alignas() fails to compile with constant expression

[PATCH] c++/59759 - ICE in unify, using std::enable_if on classes

Re: [PATCH] c/68966 - atomic_fetch_* on atomic_bool not diagnosed

[PATCH] c/69540 - update documentation on -l

[PATCH] cfns: fix mismatch in gnu_inline attributes

Re: [PATCH] Clarify __atomic_compare_exchange_n docs

[PATCH] Cleanup vect testsuite includes

[patch] contrib/uninclude: Fix third argument to gensub

[PATCH] Decrease size of cp_token (PR bootstrap/68271)

[PATCH] Detangle gcc/configure for Darwin

[patch] doc/sourcebuild.texi (Directives): Remove extra closing braces.

[PATCH] document -Winvalid-memory-model

[patch] Document restriction of scalar_storage_order

[PATCH] Don't change stack_alignment_needed for __tls_get_addr

[PATCH] Don't leak C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPRs into gimplifier from float-cast instrumentation (PR sanitizer/69099)

[PATCH] Don't test ifcvt-3.c on 32-bit i?86 (PR target/67462)

[PATCH] DWARF: add abstract origin links on lexical blocks DIEs

[PATCH] Early "SSA" prerequesite - make SSA def stmt update cheaper

[PATCH] Fix !$omp workshare (PR fortran/69128)

[PATCH] fix #69251 - [6 Regression] ICE in unify_array_domain on a flexible array member

[PATCH] fix #69253 - [6 Regression] ICE in cxx_incomplete_type_diagnostic initializing a flexible array member with empty string

[PATCH] fix #69277 - [6 Regression] ICE mangling a flexible array member

[PATCH] fix #69317 - [6 regression] wrong ABI version in -Wabi warnings

[PATCH] fix #69405 - [6 Regression] ICE in c_tree_printer on an invalid __atomic_fetch_add

[PATCH] fix #69573 - FAIL: gcc.dg/pr61053.c

[PATCH] Fix #pragma implementation diagnostics (PR c++/69145, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix (ab) SSA_NAME issue in gimple folding (PR tree-optimization/69167)

[PATCH] Fix (ab) SSA_NAME issue in gimple folding (PR tree-optimization/69167, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix -fdump-tree-fre ICE (PR tree-optimization/69141)

[PATCH] Fix -minline-stringops-dynamically (PR target/69432)

[PATCH] Fix -Wformat-security warning in libgfortran

Re: [PATCH] Fix -Wmisleading indentation false-positive for do-while statement

[PATCH] Fix a typo in ppc libgcc (PR target/69444)

[PATCH] Fix a warning in haifa-sched.c

[PATCH] Fix a warning in mpx wrappers

[PATCH] Fix aarch64 bootstrap (pr69416)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap on i686 (PR middle-end/69542)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap with older and non-GCC host compilers

[PATCH] Fix buffer overflow in the arm port (PR target/69187)

[PATCH] Fix Bug 17896: The expression (a>0 & b>0) should give clearer warning message (-Wparentheses)

[PATCH] Fix c/68513 for GCC5 (match.pd and SAVE_EXPRs)

[PATCH] Fix complex lowering (PR middle-end/68146, PR tree-optimization/69155)

Re: [PATCH] Fix constexpr evaluation of comparisons involving pointer-to-members

[PATCH] Fix cp_binding_level reuse logic

[PATCH] Fix debug info handling in prepare_shrink_wrap (PR debug/65779)

Re: [PATCH] Fix failure of gfortran.dg/backtrace_1.f90 on hppa*-*-hpux*

[PATCH] Fix for PR67896 (C++ FE cannot distinguish __Poly{8,16,64,128}_t types)

Re: [PATCH] Fix Fortran deviceptr clause.

[patch] fix gccjit build failure

[PATCH] fix gimplification of call parameters (PR cilkplus/69267)

[patch] Fix grammar in extend.texi (Type Traits)

[PATCH] Fix graphite build with ISL 0.14

[PATCH] Fix handling of ZERO_EXTRACT lhs with REG_EQUAL note in the combiner (PR target/69442)

[PATCH] Fix ICE due to invalid CONST_INT in DEBUG_INSN (PR target/69071)

[PATCH] Fix ICE in vectorizable_store ().

[PATCH] Fix ICE with asm "m" (stmt-expr) operand (PR middle-end/67653)

[PATCH] Fix ICE with builtin folding (PR tree-optimization/69156)

[PATCH] Fix ICE with va_arg (PR tree-optimization/69162)

[PATCH] Fix incorrect gimple_build arguments in gimple-fold.c (PR tree-optimization/69172)

[Patch] Fix libstdc++ build when using uclibc instead of glibc

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++-v3/include/math.h:66:1 2: error: 'constexpr bool std::isnan(double)' conflicts with a previous declaration

[PATCH] Fix line number that is expected to generate an error.

[PATCH] Fix LRA and dwarf2out issues (PR debug/69244)

Re: [PATCH] Fix math transformation on targets without c99 math functions

[PATCH] Fix memory alignment on AVX512VL masked floating point stores (PR target/69198)

[PATCH] Fix PCH on systems where stdc-predef.h includes other headers (PR pch/68176)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/21802 (two-stage name lookup fails for operators

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/21802 (two-stage name lookup fails for operators)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/68936

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/69056 (argument pack deduction failure during overload resolution)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69091 (ICE with operator overload having 'auto' return type)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69139 (deduction failure with trailing return type)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69283 (auto deduction fails when ADL is required)

[PATCH] Fix PR c/69122 (-Wmisleading-indentation false positive with empty macros)

[PATCH] Fix PR pch/68758

[PATCH] Fix PR sanitizer/PR69276

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR61441 introduced regression (PR tree-optimization/69070)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR64091

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR66848 by enforcing 16-bit alignment on darwin

[PATCH] Fix PR66856

[PATCH] Fix PR68060

[PATCH] Fix PR68707

[PATCH] Fix PR68799

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR68892

[PATCH] Fix PR68961

[PATCH] Fix PR69007

RE: [PATCH] Fix pr69012 ICE on building libgfortran for mips

[PATCH] Fix PR69013

[PATCH] Fix PR69053

[PATCH] Fix PR69077

[PATCH] Fix PR69117

[PATCH] Fix PR69137

[PATCH] Fix PR69157

[PATCH] Fix PR69166

[PATCH] Fix PR69168

[PATCH] Fix PR69170

[PATCH] Fix PR69173

[PATCH] Fix PR69174

[PATCH] Fix PR69186

[PATCH] Fix PR69242

[PATCH] Fix PR69297

[PATCH] Fix PR69308

[PATCH] Fix PR69336

[PATCH] Fix PR69337

[PATCH] Fix PR69345

[PATCH] Fix PR69352

[PATCH] Fix PR69376

[PATCH] Fix PR69378

[PATCH] Fix PR69380

[PATCH] Fix PR69393

[PATCH] Fix PR69452

[PATCH] Fix PR69466

[PATCH] Fix PR69467

[PATCH] Fix PR69537

[PATCH] Fix PR69547

[PATCH] Fix RTL DSE (PR rtl-optimization/68955)

[PATCH] Fix RTL DSE (PR rtl-optimization/68955, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix SLP ICE (PR tree-optimization/69083)

[patch] Fix texinfo warning from invoke.texi

Re: [PATCH] Fix the remaining PR c++/24666 blockers (arrays decay to pointers too early)

[PATCH] Fix tilegx libgcc with multilib

Re: [PATCH] Fix ubsan ICE with non-C/C++ FEs (PR sanitizer/69055)

[PATCH] Fix up "the the" in the comments

[PATCH] Fix up _Pragma GCC diagnostics regressions (PR preprocessor/69543, PR c/69558)

[PATCH] Fix up a libstdc++ testsuite regression

[PATCH] Fix up fold_convert{,ible_p}

[PATCH] Fix up ICE with initializer containing address of invalid var (PR tree-optimization/69483)

[PATCH] Fix up my recent change to vect_get_constant_vectors (PR tree-optimization/69207)

Re: [PATCH] Fix up reduction-1{1,2} testcases (PR middle-end/68221)

[PATCH] Fix up wi::lrshift (PR c++/69399)

[PATCH] Fix usage of an uninitialized variable

[PATCH] Fix use of declare'd vars by routine procedures.

[PATCH] Fix warning in adaint.c

[PATCH] Fix whitespace/typos in tree-ssa-threadupdate.c

[PATCH] Fix wide_int unsigned division (PR tree-optimization/69546)

[PATCH] Fix wide_int unsigned division (PR tree-optimization/69546, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix X % -Y => X % Y optimization (PR tree-optimization/69097, PR middle-end/50865)

[PATCH] Fortran testsuite fix from Francois

[PATCH] gcc/configure test for AIX DWARF

[PATCH] Handle -fsanitize=* in lto-wrapper (PR lto/69254)


[PATCH] Handle inter-block notes before BARRIER in rtl merge_blocks (PR target/69175)

[PATCH] Handle inter-block notes before BARRIER in rtl merge_blocks (PR target/69175, take 2)

Re: [PATCH] hurd: align -p and -pg behavior on Linux

Re: [PATCH] ia64: don't use dynamic relocations for local symbols


[PATCH] jit: Fix missing references to pthread in jit-playback.c

[PATCH] libcc1: rerun configure when gcc/BASE-VER changes

[PATCH] libcpp: use better locations for _Pragma tokens (preprocessor/69126)

[PATCH] libiberty: dupargv: rewrite to use xstrdup

[PATCH] libiberty: support demangling of rvalue reference typenames

[PATCH] libiberty: {count,dup,write}argv: constify argv input slightly

[PATCH] libitm: Disable testing transaction-safe exceptions on Darwin and AIX.

[PATCH] libitm: Fix HTM fastpath.

Re: [patch] libsanitizer

[patch] libstdc++/14608 Add C++-conforming wrappers for stdlib.h and math.h

[patch] libstdc++/48891 Use ::isinf and ::isnan if libc defines them

[patch] libstdc++/60637 Fix C++98 std::signbit<long double>

[patch] libstdc++/60976 allocator_traits<allocator<T>> partial specialization

Re: [patch] libstdc++/68276 and libstdc++68995 qualification in <functional>

[patch] libstdc++/69092 Remove noexcept from function template that can throw

[patch] libstdc++/69105, 69106, 69114 use std::addressof

[patch] libstdc++/69116 Constrain std::valarray functions and operators

[patch] libstdc++/69222 Prevent recursive instantiation in std::function

[patch] libstdc++/69240 generic operator!= for random number distributions

[patch] libstdc++/69293 Fix construction of std::function from null pointer-to-member

[patch] libstdc++/69293 Use static assertion for uses-allocator construction

[patch] libstdc++/69295 Set FP options for failing special functions tests

[patch] libstdc++/69386 Ensure C++ language linkage in cmath and cstdlib

[patch] libstdc++/69478 Fix assertions for move assignment of trivial types

[patch] libstdc++/69506 Fix Cygwin bootstrap error due to TM symbols

[PATCH] libstdc++: Fix static_assert.

[PATCH] longlong: fix sh -Wundef builds

[PATCH] Low-hanging C++-lexer speedup (PR c++/24208)

RE: [PATCH] MIPS: Prevent the p5600-bonding.c test from being run for the n32 and 64 ABIs

[PATCH] New flag for dumping information about constexpr function calls memoization (GCC 5.2.0)

Re: [PATCH] New version of libmpx with new memmove wrapper

Re: [PATCH] OpenACC documentation for libgomp

[PATCH] OpenACC use_device clause ICE fix

[PATCH] Partial fix for PR target/68662

Re: [PATCH] Performance fix for libmpx memmove wrapper

[PATCH] powerpc: Add some XFAILs to 20050603-3.c (PR68803)

[PATCH] pr 65702 - error out for invalid register asms earlier

[PATCH] PR 68283 [5/6 Regression] ice: gfc_variable_attr(): Bad array reference

Re: [PATCH] PR c++/68795: fix uninitialized close_paren_loc in cp_parser_postfix_expression (v2)


[PATCH] PR c++/69462: Provide FLT_EVAL_METHOD and DECIMAL_DIG in float.h.

[PATCH] PR driver/69265: improved suggestions for various misspelled options

Re: [PATCH] PR middle-end/67220: GCC fails to properly handle libcall symbol visibility of built functions

[PATCH] PR other/69006: fix extra newlines after diagnostics

[PATCH] PR other/69006: fix extra newlines after diagnostics (v2)

[PATCH] PR other/69006: S/390: Fix extra newlines after diagnostics.

[PATCH] PR preprocessor/69177 and PR c++/68819: libcpp fallbacks and -Wmisleading-indentation (v2)

[PATCH] PR target/68609 vector swsqrt

[PATCH] PR target/68986: [5/6 Regression] internal compiler error: Segmentation fault

Re: [PATCH] PR target/68991: Add vector_memory_operand and "Bm" constraint

[PATCH] PR target/69225: gcc uses double precision instead of single float with -m32 -std=c99 -msoft-float

[PATCH] PR target/69225: Set FLT_EVAL_METHOD to 2 only if 387 FPU is used

[PATCH] PR testsuite/69181: ensure expected multiline outputs is cleared per-test

[PATCH] PR testsuite/69181: ensure expected multiline outputs is cleared per-test (v2)

Re: [PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

[PATCH] PR69329 --with-build-config=bootstrap-asan fails because LSAN_OPTIONS is not honored

[PATCH] pr69477 - attribute aligned documentation misleading

[PATCH] Preserve user alignment on decls (PR middle-end/68960)

[PATCH] Refactoring for a PR66856 fix

[PATCH] Remove extraneous whitespace in libbacktrace

[PATCH] remove mark_hook gty attribute

[PATCH] Remove PTX link option

[PATCH] Remove snprintf from <avx512>_(load|store)<mode>_mask


Re: [PATCH] Remove use of 'struct map' from plugin (nvptx)

[PATCH] Remove xfail from thread_local-order2.C.

[patch] Rename bits/mutex.h to avoid clashing with glibc

[PATCH] Require non-x32 target for compile-time MPX tests

[patch] Restore cross-language inlining into Ada

[PATCH] Reuse intermediate qualified DIEs even if they don't have corresponding tree type (PR debug/66668)

[PATCH] Revert an __int20ish get_ref_base_and_extent change (PR c++/69355)

[PATCH] rs6000: Put back the 's' output modifier

[PATCH] S/390: Add missin full stop in option description.

[PATCH] S/390: Better help text for -mmvcle.

[PATCH] S/390: Reduce accuracy of bessel_6.f90.

[PATCH] S/390: Require a hardware vector support for test to succeed.

[PATCH] S/390: Use %qs in error messages.

[PATCH] s390: Add -fsplit-stack support

[PATCH] s390: New mcount call sequence for z900+ CPUs in 31-bit mode.

[PATCH] sanitize paths used in regular expression

Re: [PATCH] shrink-wrap: Once more PRs 67778, 68634, and now 68909

[PATCH] Skip re-computing the mips frame info after reload completed

[PATCH] target/68972 - g++.dg/cpp1y/vla-initlist1.C test case fails on powerpc64le

Re: [PATCH] testsuite/lib/multline.exp: show test name and line numbers

[PATCH] Tidy: remove reduc_xxx_optab migration code

[Patch] Update GCC Internals: remove section Preserving virtual SSA form

[patch] Use -std options to test C99 classification macros in C++

[PATCH] Use vm in sse2_cvtps2pd<mask_name>

Re: [PATCH] v3 of diagnostic_show_locus and rich_location (was Re: [PATCH 2/5] Reimplement diagnostic_show_locus, introducing rich_location classes (v2))

[PATCH] xfail one ppc testcase (PR tree-optimization/66612)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit fp, #11 (enable libgcc conversions)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit fp, #11-rev2 (enable libgcc conversions)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit fp, #11-rev3 (enable libgcc conversions)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit fp, #11-rev4 (enable libgcc conversions)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit fp, #12 (default -mfloat128 on PowerPC-Linux)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC, Add -mpower9-dform to switches turned on with -mcpu=power9

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC, add ISA 3.0 xxperm (power9 patch #12)


Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add vector permute cost

[PATCH][AArch64] Handle compare of zero_extract form of TST-immediate in rtx costs

[PATCH][AArch64] Handle CSEL of zero_extended operands in rtx costs

[PATCH][AArch64] PR rtl-optimization/68796: Add patterns for QImode and HImode comparison with zero

[PATCH][AArch64] PR target/69161: Don't use special predicate for CCmode comparisons in expressions that require matching modes

[PATCH][AArch64] Properly reject invalid attribute strings

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Replace insn to zero up DF register

[PATCH][ARM,AARCH64] target/PR68674: relayout vector_types in expand_expr

[PATCH][ARM] (cleanup) remove arn_builtin_macro_redefined overwrite

[PATCH][ARM] Add movv4hf/v8hf expanders & later insns; disable VnHF immediates.

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Enable fusion of AES instructions

[PATCH][ARM] Fix PR target/69245 Rewrite arm_set_current_function

[PATCH][ARM] Fix PR target/69403: Bug in thumb2_ior_scc_strict_it pattern

[PATCH][ARM] PR target/69135: Mark ARMv8 vcvt instructions as unconditional

[PATCH][ARM] PR target/69161: Don't ignore mode when matching comparison operator in cstore-like patterns

[PATCH][ARM] Remove neon_reinterpret, use casts

[PATCH][ARM][0/4] Fixing PR target/65932

[PATCH][ARM][1/4] PR target/65932: Add testcase

[PATCH][ARM][2/4] Fix operand costing logic for SMUL[TB][TB]

[PATCH][ARM][4.9 backport] Fix PR target/68648

[PATCH][ARM][4/4] Adjust gcc.target/arm/wmul-[123].c tests

[PATCH][cilkplus] fix c++ implicit conversions with cilk_spawn (PR/69024, PR/68997)

Re: [PATCH][combine][v2] Canonicalise (r + r) to (r << 1) to aid recognition

[PATCH][committed] libitm: Ensure proxy privatization safety.

[PATCH][committed] libitm: Fix privatization safety interaction with serial mode.

[PATCH][committed] libitm: Fix seq-cst MOs/fences in rwlock.

[PATCH][committed] libitm: Remove dead code and data.

[PATCH][committed] libitm: Remove dead code.

[PATCH][cse][3/4] Don't overwrite original rtx when folding source of set

[PATCH][GCC 5][PR sanitizer/69147] Fix ASan failures on new Darwin platforms (OS X 10.11+, iOS 9.0+).

[PATCH][GCC-5] Fix "#pragma GCC pop_options" warning.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][ARM] testcase memset-inline-10.c uses -mfloat-abi=hard but does not check whether target supports it

[PATCH][MIPS] Migrate reduction optabs in mips-ps-3d.md

[PATCH][MIPS] Reorder function types

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/69270] Exploit VRP information in DOM

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/69347] Speedup DOM slightly

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/pr67755] Fix profile insanity adjustments

[PATCH][RFC][Offloading] Fix PR68463

[PATCH][RS6000] Migrate reduction optabs in paired.md

Re: [PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/68841: Make sure one basic block doesn't clobber CC reg usage of the other

[PATCH][simplify-rtx] PR rtl-optimization/69161: Fix ICE when trying to simplify vec_duplicate of CC mode

[PATCH][Testsuite] Fix PR66877

[PATCH][Testsuite] Fix scan-tree-dump failures with vect_multiple_sizes

Re: [PATCH][Testsuite]Cleanup logs from gdb tests by adding newlines

Re: [PATCHES, PING*5] Enhance standard DWARF for Ada

[PATCHv2] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 1/8] Add support for ARMv8-M's Security Extensions flag and intrinsics

[PATCHv2] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 7/8] ARMv8-M Security Extension's cmse_nonsecure_call: use __gnu_cmse_nonsecure_call]

[PATHCH] Disable inline asm for in-tree mpfr (PR69134)

Re: [PING, PATCH] Reduce accuracy of bessel_6.f90.

[ping] Enable -mstackrealign with SSE on 32-bit Windows

[ping] fix VXWORKS_LIBGCC_SPEC not to include -lc_internal for shared rtps

[PING] genattrab.c generate switch

Re: [ping] pending patches

[PING] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 3/8] Handling ARMv8-M Security Extension's cmse_nonsecure_entry attribute

[PING] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 4/8] ARMv8-M Security Extension's cmse_nonsecure_entry: __acle_se label and bxns return

[PING] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 5/8] ARMv8-M Security Extension's cmse_nonsecure_entry: clear registers

[PING] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 6/8] Handling ARMv8-M Security Extension's cmse_nonsecure_call attribute

[PING] Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 8/8] Added support for ARMV8-M Security Extension cmse_nonsecure_caller intrinsic

[PING][ARM] Re: Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[PING][PATCH 5/6] [DJGPP] gcc/config/i386: update DJGPP configuration related files

Re: [PING][PATCH] Fix line number that is expected to generate an error.

[PING][PATCH] Mark symbols in offload tables with force_output in read_offload_tables

[PING][PATCH][DJGPP][libgfortran] Do not use S_ISVTX for DJGPP in libfortran/intrinsic/chmod.c

[PING][RFC] Use gfc_decl_attributes in fortran frontend

[PING^2][PATCH, 12/16] Handle acc loop directive

[PING^2][PATCH, 3/16] Ignore reduction clause on kernels directive

Re: [Ping^2][PATCH][GCC][ARM] testcase memset-inline-10.c uses -mfloat-abi=hard but does not check whether target supports it

Re: [PING^2][PATCHv2, ARM, libgcc] New aeabi_idiv function for armv6-m

[PING^3][PATCH, 12/16] Handle acc loop directive

Re: [Ping^3][PATCH][GCC][ARM] testcase memset-inline-10.c uses -mfloat-abi=hard but does not check whether target supports it


[PR 69044] Do not clone for parameter removal when !can_change_signature

[PR 69355] Correct hole detection when total_scalarization fails

[PR ipa/66616] Fix artificial thunk ABI issues

[PR tree-optimization/64946] Push integer type conversion to ABS_EXPR argument when possible.

[PR66726] Fixe regression caused by Factor conversion out of COND_EXPR

[PR69123] fix VTA dataflow oscillation

[PR69315] enable finish_function to recurse for constexpr functions

Re: [RFA] [PATCH][PR tree-optimization/64910] Fix reassociation of binary bitwise operations with 3 operands

FW: [RFA] Compact EH Patch [Ping * 2]

RE: [RFA] Compact EH Patch [Ping^3]

[RFC] [nvptx] Try to cope with cuLaunchKernel returning CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_OUT_OF_RESOURCES

[RFC] [PR 68191] s390: Add -fsplit-stack support.

Re: [RFC] Combine vectorized loops with its scalar remainder.

[RFC] non-unit stride loads for size power of 2.

[RFC][ARM][PR67714] signed char is zero-extended instead of sign-extended

Re: [RFC][PATCH , ARM 2/8] Add RTL patterns for thumb1 push/pop

Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 1/8] Add support for ARMv8-M's Security Extensions flag and intrinsics

Re: [RFC][PATCH, ARM 7/8] ARMv8-M Security Extension's cmse_nonsecure_call: use __gnu_cmse_nonsecure_call]

[RS6000] ABI_V4 init of toc section

[RS6000] lqarx and stqcx. registers

Re: [SMS] Schedule normalization after scheduling branch

[SPARC] Fix PR target/69072

[SPARC] Fix PR target/69100

[testsuite, committed] Add goacc/kernels-alias-ipa-pta-4.c

[testsuite] Skip gcc.target/sparc/20151219-1.c in 64-bit mode

[testsuite] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/stkalign.c on SPARC 64-bit

[testsuite] XFAIL gcc.dg/tree-ssa/ssa-dom-cse-2.c on SPARC 64-bit

Re: [testsuite][ARM target attributes] Fix effective_target tests

[trans-mem, aa64, arm, ppc, s390] Fixing PR68964

[trans-mem, committed] Fix 60908

[trans-mem] PR 68964 fallout -- bootstrap 69343+69339

[v3] Introduce separate baselines for Solaris 10 and 11+ (PR libstdc++/66006)

[wwwdocs] Add GCC 6 porting_to template

[wwwdocs] Add special math functions to libstdc++ changes

[wwwdocs] Avoid local styles in the standard footer.

[wwwdocs] Colorize gcc-4.9/changes.html again

[wwwdocs] Convert gcc-4.9/porting_to.html to using gcc.css (instead of individual style= clauses)

[wwwdocs] Document C++17 static_assert feature

[wwwdocs] fortran/index.html - remove local styles

[wwwdocs] gcc-6/changes.html: diagnostics, Levenshtein, -Wmisleading-indentation, jit

[wwwdocs] gcc-6/changes.html: diagnostics, Levenshtein, -Wmisleading-indentation, jit (v2)

[wwwdocs] Introduce standard CSS for quoting e-mails

[wwwdocs] Make colors work again on gcc-5/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Rotate the oldest three news items

[wwwdocs] Update changes.html for LTO and IPA

[wwwdocs] Use external CSS for the News and Status panes on the main page

[wwwdocs] Use global CSS in gcc-5/porting_to.html (and thus restore color on gcc.gnu.org)

[wwwdocs][PATCH] Add notes on -Wmisleading-indentation to GCC 6 porting guide

Re: Adding C++ TR29124.

adjust fallback_frame_state for 32bits AIX 7.1

Another suspicious code hunk in c-family/c-common.c

AW: [PATCH] Skip re-computing the mips frame info after reload completed

Backport PR63681 cfglayout/doloop fix to 4.9

Re: Backport: [Patch AArch64] Reinstate CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS to fix pr67609

C PATCH to enhance array bounds diagnostics (PR c/69262)

C PATCH to rectify warning for character types (PR c/23087)

C++ PATCH for c++/40751 (can't change alignment of enum)

C++ PATCH for c++/43407 (scoped enum attributes)

C++ PATCH for c++/59759 (ICE with variable as default template argument)

C++ PATCH for c++/65687 (typedefs and attribute deprecated)

C++ PATCH for c++/68449 (segv with compound statement)

C++ PATCH for c++/68586 (rejects-valid with enum in C++11)

C++ PATCH for c++/68763 (ICE in verify_unstripped_args)

C++ PATCH for c++/68847 (ICE with builtin in template)

C++ PATCH for c++/69009 (ICE with partial specialization of variable template)

C++ PATCH for c++/69113 (ICE with -fno-weak)

C++ PATCH for c++/69131 (wrong error with dtor in union)

C++ PATCH for c++/69158 (ICE with self-initializing array)

C++ PATCH for c++/69257 (ICE with incomplete deref and asm)

C++ PATCH for c++/69261 (ICE with constexpr and arrays)

C++ PATCH for c++/69379 (ICE with PTRMEM_CST wrapped in NOP_EXPR)

C++ PATCH for c++/69392 (ICE with 'this' init-capture)

C++ PATCH for c++/69496 (ICE on VLA in constexpr function)

C++ PATCH for c++/69509 and c++/69516 (infinite recursion with invalid VLAs in constexpr functions)

C++ patch ping

C++ PATCH to abate shift warnings (PR c++/68979)

C++ PATCH to suppress bogus -Wunused warning for parameter packs (PR c++/68965)

C++ PATCHes for abi_tag bugs

C++/c-common PATCH for c++/68767 (warning regression with ?:)

cilkplus fails without pthreads for me


Commit: Try harder to run ARM neon testcases

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-5.2.0.fi.po'

Correct GCC Internals doc for loop_depth

Default compute dimensions

Do not ICE with -fdump-ipa-cgraph when building firefox

Do not produce debug info during LTO compile stage

Do not redirect calls to cxa_pure_virtual into bultin_unreachable in some cases

Enabling -frename-registers?

RE: Fix 61441 [5/5] Disable various transformations for signaling NaN operands

Re: Fix alias.c wrt aliases and anchors

Fix c/69522, memory management issue in c-parser

Fix devirtualization wrong code in Firefox

Fix ICE in get_untransformed_body

Fix ICE in lto-symtab

FIx ipa-icf ICE during libreoffice build

Fix pasto in lto-partition.c

Fix PR 67665: ICE when passing two empty files directly to cc1 with -g

Fix PR ada/69219

Fix PR ada/69488

Re: Fix PR66208

Fix some i386 testcases for -frename-registers

Fixes for PR66178

GCC 5 libgo patch committed: Update mksysinfo on GCC 5 branch

GCC 6 Status Report (2016-01-20), Stage 3 ended

gccgo patch committed: avoid knock-on errors with impossibly large types

gccgo patch committed: Don't crash on invalid array type declarations

genattrab.c generate switch

Go patch committed: Accept map composite literals with omitted key types

Go patch committed: Don't crash on erroneous array return types

Go patch committed: enable -fkeep-gc-roots-live for Go

Re: gomp_target_fini

guilty test suite fix

Handle Octeon 3 not supporting MIPS paired-single instructions

Improve documentation of -std option for C++

Re: Incorrect code due to indirect tail call of varargs function with hard float ABI

IRA fix for 47992

Is it OK for rtx_addr_can_trap_p_1 to attempt to compute the frame layout? (was Re: [PATCH] Skip re-computing the mips frame info after reload completed)

libgo patch committed: Make ps use more portable

Make ipa-icf to not prevent devirtualization

Mark oacc kernels fns

Re: Martin Jambor appointed HSA Maintainer

Minor tweaks to documentation of scalar_storage_order

NetBSD has SSP in libc

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.2.0)

New Finnish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 5.2.0)

new port: vn8

Re: Note new TR29124 Special math functions on the web pages.

Optimise hash_table::empty

Partial Offloading (was: [hsa merge 07/10] IPA-HSA pass)

Patch RFA: Add option -fcollectible-pointers, use it in ivopts

patch to fix PR68990

Patch to fix PR69030

patch to fix PR69299

PATCH: PR target/69171: [6 Regression] error: unrecognizable insn: on x86_64 with -O2

PING #2 [PATCH] c++/58109 - alignas() fails to compile with constant expression

PING Re: [wwwdocs] gcc-6/changes.html: diagnostics, Levenshtein, -Wmisleading-indentation, jit

Ping Re: Handle Octeon 3 not supporting MIPS paired-single instructions

Re: Ping: [Patch, fortran] Bug 68241 - [meta-bug] Deferred-length character - PRs50221, 68216, 63932, 66408, 67674 and 49954

Ping: check initializer to be zero in .bss-like sections

ping:[PATCH][ARM,AARCH64] target/PR68674: relayout vector_types in expand_expr

Re: PING^1: [PATCH] Add TYPE_EMPTY_RECORD for C++ empty class

PING^2: [PATCH] Add TYPE_EMPTY_RECORD for C++ empty class

PING^3: [PATCH] Add TYPE_EMPTY_RECORD for C++ empty class

PR 69246: Invalid REG_ARGS_SIZE for sibcalls

PR 69400: Invalid 128-bit modulus result


prevent "undef var" errors on gcc --help or --version

Problematic 'target teams' libgomp tests

Prune BLOCK_VARs lists in free_lang_data

reject decl with incomplete struct/union type in check_global_declaration()

Remove outdated text from lto.texi

Remove redundant unshare_expr from ipa-prop

RFA (tree-cfg): PATCH for 68983 (ICE in copy constructor)

RFA (tree.c): PATCH for c++/68782 (wrong TREE_CONSTANT flag on C++ CONSTRUCTOR)

RFA (tree.h): C++ PATCH for c++/67407 (ICE with protected access)

RFA: Fix for cygwin/mingw PR 66655

Re: RFA: Fix ICE compiling gcc.dg/lto/pr55113_0.c for x86/x86_64

RFA: MIPS: Fix race condition causing PR 69129

RFA: patch to fix PR69299

Re: RFA: PR 66655: Use COFF/PE weak symbols

Re: RFA: PR 68770: Fix use of uninitialised value in secondary_reload

Re: RFA: PR 68913: Provide weak version of __fread_chk for PR61886 test

Re: RFD: annotate iterator patterns with expanded forms

Speedup configure and build with system.h

Suspicious code in fold-const.c

Thoughts on memcmp expansion (PR43052)

TR29124 C++ Special Maths - Make <math.h> pull functions into global namespace.

Re: varpool/constpool bug

Re: version typeinfo for 128bit types


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