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*Ping* patch, fortran] Warn about constant integer divisions

Re: Heads-up: testsuite: removed cleanup-ipa-dump, cleanup-rtl-dump,cleanup-tree-dump, cleanup-dump, cleanup-saved-temps

Heads-up: testsuite: removed cleanup-ipa-dump,Âcleanup-rtl-dump,cleanup-tree-dump,Âcleanup-dump,Âcleanup-saved-temps

[00/12] Share hash traits between hash_table and hash_map

[00/13] Share hash traits between hash_table and hash_set

[01/12] Add hash_map traits that use existing hash_table-like traits

[01/13] Move hash traits to their own header file

[02/12] Move tree operand hashers to a new header file

[02/13] Replace handle_cache_entry with new interface

[03/12] Move decl hasher to header file

[03/13] Make ggc_cached_hasher inherit from ggc_hasher

[04/12] Move ssa_name hasher to header file

[04/13] Add {mark,is}_{empty,deleted} to pointer_hash

[05/12] Move TREE_HASH hasher to header file

[05/13] Add nofree_ptr_hash

[06/12] Consolidate string hashers

[06/13] Add free_ptr_hash

[07/12] Use new string hasher for MIPS

[07/13] Add ggc_ptr_hash

[08/12] Add common traits for integer hash keys

[08/13] Add a ggc_cache_ptr_hash

[09/12] Remove all but one use of default_hashmap_traits

[09/13] Make remaining pointer hashes inherit from a generic class

[10/12] Add helper class for valued-based empty and deleted slots

[10/13] Require {mark,id}_{deleted,empty} functions

[11/12] Remove default_hashmap_traits

[11/13] Generalise typed_noop_remove

[12/12] Simplify uses of hash_map

[12/13] Reuse hash_table traits for hash_set

[13/13] Update comments in hash-table.h

[4.8, 4.9] Backport a PCH fix (PR pch/65550)

[4.8, 4.9] Backport IRA rtx_movable_p fix (PR target/62642)

[4.8, 4.9] fold-const.c fix (PR middle-end/63608)

[4.8, testsuite] Correct backported fix to gcc.dg/vect/vect-33.c

[4.8/4.9] Fix conversion simplification (PR tree-optimization/66233)

[AArch64 Testsuite obvious] Reinstate torture-init and torture-finalize in advsimd-intrinsics.exp

[AArch64/testsuite] Restrict pic-small.c by a new directive "check_effective_target_aarch64_small_fpic"

[AArch64/wwwdoc] Document -fpic support for small memory model

[AArch64] [TLSIE][1/2] Rename test source file for reuse

[AArch64] [TLSIE][2/2] Implement TLS IE for tiny model

[Aarch64] Add support for ARMv8.1 command line options.

[Aarch64] Expand +rdma documentation, small changes to march and mcpu text.

[AArch64] Fall back to -fPIC if no support of -fpic relocation modifer in assembler

Re: [AArch64] Fix predicate and constraint mismatch in logical atomic operations

Re: [AArch64] Implement -fpic for -mcmodel=small


[AArch64][2/2] Implement -fpic for -mcmodel=small

[AArch64][TLSGD Desc][1/3] Generalize TLS Descriptor for Global Dynamic

[AArch64][TLSGD Desc][2/3] Sort case label alphabetically

[AArch64][TLSGD Desc][3/3] Implement TLS Global Dynamic Descriptor for tiny model

[AArch64][TLSGD Trad][1/2] Generalize TLS Global Dynamic support for all memory mode

[AArch64][TLSGD Trad][2/2] Implement TLS General Dynamic support for Tiny memory model


Re: [AArch64][TLSLE][2/N] Rename "tlsle_small" to "tlsle"

Re: [AArch64][TLSLE][3/N] Add UNSPEC_TLSLE

Re: [AArch64][TLSLE][5/N] Recognize -mtls-size

Re: [AArch64][TLSLE][N/N] Implement local executable mode for all memory model

[Ada] Couple of adjustments to special return mechanism

[Ada] Defer compilation of global variables

[Ada] Do not warn about unused global declarations

[Ada] Extend support for limited_width clause

[Ada] Fix GDB output for fields in variable-length records

[Ada] Fix GDB output for values returned on the secondary stack

[Ada] Fix ICE on overlay of aliased unconstrained arrays

[Ada] Fix internal alignment issue

[Ada] Fix oversight in lvalue_required_p

[Ada] Fix typo in recent change

[Ada] Fix undefined symbol for discriminated return type

[Ada] Housekeeping work in gigi

[Ada] Implement custom version of -Waggressive-loop-optimizations

[Ada] Remove old kludge in i386_pe_encode_section_info

[Ada] restore setting of DECL_ARTIFICIAL & DECL_IGNORED_P

[Ada] Set TYPE_CANONICAL in copy_type


[ARM] Correct spelling of references to ARMv6KZ

[ARM] Fix neon-reload-class.c testcase

[ARM] Fix PR middle-end/65958

[ARM] Optimize compare against smin/umin


[BUILDROBOT] (was: [PATCH 05/13] S/390 Vector base support.)

Re: [BUILDROBOT] arc-elf: match_code "REG" matches nothing

[BUILDROBOT] could not convert template argument âfill_decls_vecâ to âbool (*)(tree_node*&, tree_node**, auto_vec<cilk_decls>*)â (was: [12/12] Simplify uses of hash_map)

[C PATCH] Don't accept a cast as a valid LHS (PR c/66341)

[C PATCH] Fix PR44257

Re: [C patch] PR49551

Re: [C PATCH] warn for empty struct -Wc++-compat

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 65091

Re: [C++ Patch[ PR 66130

[C++ Patch] PR 51048

[C++ Patch] PR 51911

[C++ Patch] PR 59682

[C++ Patch] PR 60365

[C++ Patch] PR 65811

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 65815

[C++ Patch] PR 65977

[C++ Patch] Remove pointless code in grokdeclarator

[C++ Patch] Use declspecs->locations more

[C++ Patch] Use declspecs->locations[ds_virtual]

Re: [C++/52595] template in NSDMI initializer

[C++/58583] ICE instantiating NSDMIs


Re: [C++17] Implement N3928 - Extending static_assert

[C++] Add query for template-dependent arguments (-fdump-ada-spec)

[c-family PATCH] Fix for -Wlogical-op

Re: [C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wshift-overflow (PR c++/55095)

Re: [C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wshift-overflow (PR c++/55095) (take 2)

Re: [C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wshift-overflow (PR c++/55095) (take 3)

[C/C++ PATCH] PR c++/66572. Fix Wlogical-op false positive

[CHKP, GCC 5] Port a set of stability chkp patches to gcc-5-branch

[commit#2] [patch#2] PR other/65366: Fix gdbhooks.py for GDB with Python3

[commit] [patch] PR other/65366: Fix gdbhooks.py for GDB with Python3

[committed, gomp4] Rewrite virtuals into lcssa in transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[committed,gomp4] Run testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c++/c++.exp at -O2 by default

[committed] Add missing update_stmt in transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[committed] Add parloops-exit-first-loop-alt-4.c

[committed] Add parloops-exit-first-loop-alt-{5,6,7}.c

[committed] C++ PATCH to use INDIRECT_REF_P

[committed] Fix ICE compiling gcc.dg/torture/pr66123.c on hppa

[committed] Fix OpenMP template instantiation issue (PR c++/66571)

[committed] Flags outputs for asms

[committed] Move add_implicit_parallel to gensupport

[committed] PR debug/66535: guard check into parent's DIE

[Committed] Remove 'unsigned' in header comment canonicalize_loop_ivs

[committed] Remove bogus target-def.h includes

[committed] Run testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c++/c++.exp at -O2 by default

[committed] Simplify structure try_transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[committed] Test for flag_parallelize_loops > 1

[committed] Tighten some rtx-based variable and return types

[committed] Update HP-UX builtin predefines

[committed] Update parloops-exit-first-loop-alt{,-2,-3}.c

[committed] Use abort in parloops-exit-first-loop-alt-{3,4}.c

[committed] Use target-insns.def for jump

[committed] Use target-insns.def for memory fences & barriers

[committed] Use target-insns.def for prologue & epilogue insns

[committed] Use target-insns.def for {load,store}_multiple

[committed] Use VAR_OR_FUNCTION_DECL_P

[debug-early, jit] Port of jit to debug-early

Re: [debug-early] fix problem with template parameter packs

[doc] invoke.texi: -mno-fancy-math-387 and FreeBSD

[GCC, ARM] armv8 linux toolchain asan testcase fail due to stl missing conditional code

[gomp4, committed] Add bitmap_get_dominated_by

[gomp4, committed] Add checks for num_gangs(32) in goacc kernels tests

[gomp4, committed] Add get_virtual_phi

[gomp4, committed] Add replace_uses_in_dominated_bbs

[gomp4, committed] Fix goacc builtins fnspecs

[gomp4, committed] Fix parallelization for fortran oacc kernels tests

[gomp4, committed] Handle reduction in oacc kernels region

[gomp4, committed] Insert new exit block only when needed in transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[gomp4, committed] Move rewrite_virtuals_into_loop_closed_ssa to tree-ssa-loop-manip.c

[gomp4, committed] Only use transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt for kernels

[gomp4, fortran] Patch to fix continuation checks of OpenACC and OpenMP directives

[gomp4,bootstrap] Remove unused variable in lower_reduction_clauses

[gomp4,committed,PR65443] Add transform_to_exit_first_loop_al

[gomp4.1] Add affinity query routines

[gomp4.1] Add new versions of GOMP_target{,_data,_update} and GOMP_target_enter_exit_data

[gomp4.1] Add support for array sections in OpenMP reduction clause

[gomp4.1] Add support for non-static data member iterators

[gomp4.1] Allow priority clause on #pragma omp taskloop and pass it through to libgomp for task{,loop}

[gomp4.1] document omp_get_max_task_priority and OMP_MAX_TASK_PRIORITY

[gomp4.1] Fix OpenMP template instantiation issue (PR c++/66571)

[gomp4.1] Handle linear clause on worksharing loop

Re: [gomp4.1] Initial support for some OpenMP 4.1 construct parsing

[gomp4.1] map clause parsing improvements

[gomp4.1] Parse linear clause modifiers

[gomp4.1] Parsing of critical construct with hint, and some locks with hint library changes

[gomp4.1] Parsing of schedule(simd:...)

[gomp4.1] Rename *schedule modifier argument to chunk_size

[gomp4.1] Support #pragma omp target {enter,exit} data

[gomp4.1] Support for OpenMP 4.1 privatization of non-static data members in methods

[gomp4.1] Taskloop C++ random access iterator support

[gomp4] (NVPTX) thread barriers after OpenACC worker loops

[gomp4] Add tests for atomic read / write.

[gomp4] Add tests for OpenACC worker-single/worker-partitioned modes

[gomp4] Additional testing for deviceptr clause.

[gomp4] Additional tests for declare directive and fixes.

[gomp4] Additional tests for the default clause

Re: [gomp4] Avoiding predication for certain blocks

[gomp4] c/c++ cleanups for openacc combined loops

[gomp4] declare directive [0/5]

[gomp4] declare directive [1/5]

Re: [gomp4] declare directive [2/5]

[gomp4] declare directive [3/5]

[gomp4] declare directive [4/5]

[gomp4] declare directive [5/5]

[gomp4] dominance info after predicate_omp_regions

[gomp4] error on duplicate acc device_type entries

[gomp4] filter out unrecognized device_type targets

[gomp4] Generate sequential loop for OpenACC loop directive inside kernels

[gomp4] initial support for openacc worker state propagation

[gomp4] OpenACC gang clause static argument

[gomp4] openacc id builtin

Re: [gomp4] Preserve NVPTX "reconvergence" points

[gomp4] Re: acc_on_device for device_type_host_nonshm

[gomp4] Remove some ptxness from middle end

[gomp4] Remove unnecessary conversions

[gomp4] Support C++ "this" in OpenACC directives

[gomp4] Tests for private variables/state propagation

[gomp4] Update test cases for new pass_fre (was: r223849 - in /branches/gomp-4_0-branch: gcc/Cha...)

[gomp4] use static_nonchunk loop scheduling for non-static acc gang loops

[gomp4] Worker-single predication

[gomp4][PATCH] Handle casts in bound in try_transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[gomp] openacc reduction cleanup

[hsa] C++ification of operands and instructions

[hsa] Fix register allocator

[hsa] Fix spelling and coding style errors

[hsa] HSA: add support for function declaration emission and, fix RA.

[hsa] Integrate into the existing accelerator framework, libgomp plugin

[hsa] Move some stuff from hsa-gen.c to new file hsa.c

[hsa] Remove assumption that each translation unit must have a, kernel.

[hsa] Support for local aggregate variables

[hsa] Support for vector immediates

[hsa] Switch from bittype_for_type to hsa_type_bit_size

[hsa] Unify two copies of hsa_sanitize_name

[hsa] Unify two implementations of hsa_type_float_p

Re: [i386, PATCH, 1/3] IA MCU psABI support: GCC changes.

Re: [i386, PATCH, 2/3] IA MCU psABI support: changes to libraries.

Re: [i386, PATCH, 3/3] IA MCU psABI support: testsuite.

[i386, PATCH] Support new psABI for IA MCU.

[java] include missing file after debug-early merge

[libcpp/C PATCH] Fix two ICEs with location offsets (PR c/66415)

Re: [libstdc++ PATCH] Implement __is_nothrow_swappable and use it

[lto] intN follow-up patch

[match.pd, committed] Improve X - (X / Y) * Y

[match.pd, committed] Tweak ~x | x

[msp430] special case sym->SI moves

[msp430] support sym+int and sym-sym

[nios2, committed] fix bad assertion

[nvptx] add select

[nvptx] gcc/testsuite/gcc.target/nvptx/

[nvptx] small cleanup patch

[PATCH *2][AArch64] Fix ICEs with +nofp/-mgeneral-regs-only and improve error messages; clarify docs.

[PATCH 0/2] Set REG_EQUAL when emitting arm_emit_movpair

[PATCH 0/4] Add source-location metadata to GCC passes

Re: [Patch 0/4] PowerPC64 Linux split stack support

[patch 0/5] Dependency removal and header adjustments

[patch 0/6] scalar-storage-order merge

[PATCH 0/8] S/390: z13 support fixes and improvements

[PATCH 00/16] RFC: Embedding as and ld inside gcc driver and into libgccjit

[PATCH 00/17] RFC: Addding a unit testing framework to gcc

Re: [PATCH 01/13] recog: Increased max number of alternatives - v2

[PATCH 01/16] gcc: Generalization of timevar API; add gcc_jit_timer interface

[PATCH 01/17] Add Make-lang.in and config-lang.in to gcc/unittests

Re: [PATCH 01/35] Introduce new type-based pool allocator.

[PATCH 02/16] gcc: Embed the driver in-process within libgccjit

[PATCH 02/17] Add test-bitmap.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 03/16] gcc: Use timevars within driver

[PATCH 03/17] Add test-cfg.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 04/16] gcc: Don't keep reinitializing RTL

[PATCH 04/17] Add test-folding.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 05/16] gcc: driver: add g_driver singleton

[PATCH 05/17] Add test-functions.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 06/16] gcc: driver: add timevars for as, collect2, ld

[PATCH 06/17] Add test-ggc.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 07/16] binutils: bfd: Implement bfd_uninit

[PATCH 07/17] Add test-gimple.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 08/16] libiberty.h: Provide a CLEAR_VAR macro

[PATCH 08/17] Add test-hash-map.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 09/16] libiberty.h: Provide CTIMER_PUSH/POP

[PATCH 09/17] Add test-hash-set.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 1/2] Add gcc/typed-splay-tree.h

[PATCH 1/2] Add mask to specify which LEON3 targets support CASA


[PATCH 1/2] Memory statistics enhancement.

[PATCH 1/2][ARM] Record FPU features as a bit-set

[PATCH 1/3] Refactor entry point to -Wmisleading-indentation

[PATCH 1/3][AArch64 nofp] Fix ICEs with +nofp/-mgeneral-regs-only and improve error messages

Re: [PATCH 1/3][AArch64][PR target/65797] Strengthen barriers for sync-fetch-op builtins.

[PATCH 1/3][ARM][PR target/65697] Strengthen memory barriers for __sync builtins

[PATCH 1/4] Add classname/filename/line metadata to struct pass_data

[patch 1/4] Reduce alias.h dependencies

[PATCH 1/4][ARM] Make room for more CPU feature flags.

[PATCH 1/4][PR target/65697][5.1] Backport stronger barriers for GCC,__sync builtins on Aarch64

[patch 1/5] Move input.h and is-a.h to coretypes.h

[patch 1/6] scalar-storage-order merge: Ada front-end

[PATCH 1/8] S/390 Vector ABI GNU Attribute.

Re: [patch 10/10] debug-early merge: compiler proper

[PATCH 10/16] binutils: Introduce "gas_main", and state-purging with "gas" subdir

[PATCH 10/17] Add test-locations.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 11/16] binutils: gas/Makefile.am: Add libgas.la

[PATCH 11/17] Add test-rtl.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 12/16] binutils: Introduce "ld_main" and state-purging within "ld" subdir

[PATCH 12/17] Add test-tree.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 13/16] ld/Makefile.am: Introduce a libld.la

[PATCH 13/17] Add test-vec.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 14/16] gcc: Add CTIMER_PUSH/POP to gcc's copy of libiberty

[PATCH 14/17] Add test-wide-int.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 15/16] gcc: Use libgas and libld within the driver

[PATCH 15/17] Add unittests-frontend.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 16/16] gcc: Hack up the arguments to the linker

[PATCH 16/17] Add unittests-main.c to gcc/unittests

[PATCH 17/17] toplev.c: move location_adhoc_data_fini call

[PATCH 2/2] Add leon3r0 and leon3r0v7 CPU targets

[PATCH 2/2] Fix memory report layout at various places.

[PATCH 2/2] jit: add switch statements


[PATCH 2/2][ARM] Use new FPU features representation

[PATCH 2/3] Remove is_first_nonwhitespace_on_line(), instead improve get_visual_column()

[PATCH 2/3][AArch64 nofp] Clarify docs for +nofp/-mgeneral-regs-only

Re: [PATCH 2/3][AArch64][PR target/65697] Strengthen barriers for sync-compare-swap builtins.

[PATCH 2/3][ARM][PR target/65697] Strengthen barriers for compare-and-swap builtin.

[PATCH 2/4] Autogenerated patch to use PASS_DATA_INIT

[patch 2/4] Remove tm.h and options.h as dependencies for function.h

[PATCH 2/4][ARM] Add feature set definitions.

[PATCH 2/4][PR target/65697][5.1][Aarch64] Backport stronger barriers for __sync,fetch-op builtins.

[patch 2/5] Remove tree.h compilation dependency for tm.h

Re: [patch 2/5] Remove tree.h compilation dependency for tm.h

[patch 2/6] scalar-storage-order merge: C front-end

[PATCH 2/8] S/390: Limit legitimate_constant_p changes to TARGET_VX.

[PATCH 3/3] Improve -Wmissing-indentation heuristics

[PATCH 3/3][AArch64 nofp] Fix another ICE with +nofp/-mgeneral-regs-only

[PATCH 3/3][ARM][PR target/65697] Add tests for __sync builtins.

[patch 3/4] Finally remove tm.,h and options.h as dependencies on tree-core.h and tree.h

[PATCH 3/4] Manual fixes for PASS_DATA_INIT missed by the script

[PATCH 3/4][ARM] Use new feature set representation.

[PATCH 3/4][PR target/65697][5.1][Aarch64] Backport stronger barriers for __sync,compare-and-swap builtins.

[patch 3/5] Remove options.h dependency from tree-core.h

[patch 3/6] scalar-storage-order merge: C++ front-end

[PATCH 3/8] S/390: Disable effect of support_vector_misalignment hook for non-z13 targets.

[PATCH 4.8] PR66306 Fix reload problem with commutative operands

[PATCH 4/4] Print pass metadata at the start and end of dumpfiles

[patch 4/4] Remove options.h/tm.h and function.h as dependencies and include compile time prerequisites in cgraph.h

[PATCH 4/4][ARM] Move initializer into arm-cores.def and arm-arches.def

[PATCH 4/4][PR target/65697][5.1][Aarch64] Backport tests for __sync_builtins.

[patch 4/5] Remove cgraph.h dependence on hard-reg-set.h

[patch 4/6] scalar-storage-order merge: bulk

[PATCH 4/8] S/390: Fix s390_secondary_reload register class check.

[patch 5/5] Remove function.h dependency on hard-reg-set.

[patch 5/6] scalar-storage-order merge: rest

[PATCH 5/8] S/390: Remove internal builtins from vecintrin.h.

[patch 6/6] scalar-storage-order merge: testsuite

[PATCH 6/8] S/390: Make builtin creation conditional.

[PATCH 7/8] S/390: Add proper comments to vpopct builtins for automated testsuite generation.

[PATCH 8/8] S/390: Switch mode attribute to bhfgq for vec scatter patterns.

[PATCH : RL78] Disable interrupts during hardware multiplication routines

[Patch AArch64 0/4] Add "-moverride" option for overriding tuning parameters

[Patch AArch64 1/4] Define candidates for instruction fusion in a .def file

[Patch AArch64 2/4] Control the FMA steering pass in tuning structures rather than as core property

[Patch AArch64 3/4] De-const-ify struct tune_params

[Patch AArch64 4/4] Add -moverride tuning command, and wire it up for control of fusion and fma-steering

[PATCH AArch64]Handle wrong cost for addition of minus immediate in aarch64_rtx_costs.

Re: [Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 00/20] Executable tests

Re: [Patch ARM] Add cpu_defines.h for ARM

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/63408

[Patch ARM] Fix thinko in use of TARGET_UNIFIED_ASM

[Patch ARM] Fixup testsuite noise with various multilibs in arm.exp

[Patch ARM] PR target/29693

[Patch ARM] Use dmb ish instead of dmb sy

[PATCH C/C++/middle-end] move Wunused-parameter to the FEs

[patch commit SH] Fix failures for gcc.target/sh/pr49263-2.c with -mlra

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/66410

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/66563

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/66591

[PATCH COMMITTED] MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.

[PATCH g++ driver] Push -static-libstdc++ back onto the command line to allow spec substitutions to use it.

[PATCH GCC][obvious]Don't reset ssa_name infor in struct iv.

Re: [PATCH GCC][PR62173 partial/2]Improve overflow check on SCEV in IVOPTs using vrp info

[PATCH GCC][refacor]Manage allocation of struct iv in obstack.

Re: [PATCH GCC]Improve how we handle overflow for type conversion in scev/ivopts, part I

Re: [PATCH GCC]Improve how we handle overflow in scev by using overflow information computed for control iv in loop niter, part II

Re: [PATCH GCC]Improve overflow in scev by using information computed in loop niter, part II

[PATCH GCC]Preserve ssa name (thus vrp info) for IV structure. Committed.

[PATCH IRA] save a bitmap check

Re: [Patch libstdc++] Rewrite cpu/generic/atomic_word.h


[PATCH OBV] Remove stale commentary in cp/call.c

[Patch Obvious] Fuseable is not a word -> s/fuseable/fusible/g

[Patch PR target/66200, target/66498, c++/66192] - Adjust aarch64_guard1.C test

[PATCH PR66449]Fix ICE by using POINTER_PLUS_EXPR for pointers.

[PATCH PR66638]Fix assertion failure by skip the case.

[Patch SRA] Fix PR66119 by calling get_move_ratio in SRA

[Patch testsuite obvious] g++.dg/ext/pr57735.C should not run if the testsuite is explicitly passing -mfloat-abi=hard

[Patch Testsuite obvious] gcc.target/arm/pr65647.c should not unconditionally add -mfloat-abi=soft

[Patch testsuite obvious] gcc.target/arm/pr65710.c should not unconditionally set -mfloat-abi=soft

[PATCH testsuite]Refine scanning string in pr65447.c to support small address offset target

[PATCH v2] Rerun loop-header-copying just before vectorization

[PATCH v2] xtensa: implement trap pattern

Re: [PATCH v3] [AArch64] PR63870 Improve error messages for NEON single lane memory access intrinsics

[Patch Vax] zero/sign extend patterns need to be SUBREG aware

[Patch wwwdocs] Document caveat with guard initializations for C++ on architectures without barrier instructions.

[patch#2] PR other/65366: Fix gdbhooks.py for GDB with Python3

[PATCH, 1/2] Merge rewrite_virtuals_into_loop_closed_ssa from gomp4 branch

[PATCH, 2/2][PR66642] Add empty loop exit block in transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

Re: [PATCH, 3/8] Add pass_ch_oacc_kernels to pass_oacc_kernels

Re: [PATCH, 4/8] Add pass_tree_loop_{init,done} to pass_oacc_kernels

Re: [PATCH, 6/8] Add pass_copy_prop in pass_oacc_kernels

[PATCH, AArch64] [4.9] Backport

[PATCH, AARCH64] improve float/double 0.0 support

[PATCH, AARCH64] improve long double 0.0 support

Re: [PATCH, AARCH64] make stdarg functions work with +nofp

[PATCH, AARCH64] movi type attribute confusion

Re: [PATCH, ARM] (commited) attribute target (thumb,arm) [4/6]

Re: [PATCH, ARM] (commited) attribute target (thumb,arm) [5.2/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] (commited) attribute target (thumb,arm) [6/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [3/6] respin (4th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [4/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [5.2/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [5/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [6/6] respin (5th)

[PATCH, ARM] PR target/66541

[PATCH, ARM] Restrict pr65647 testcase to ARMv6-M effective target

[PATCH, ARM] stop changing signedness in PROMOTE_MODE


Re: [Patch, C++, PR65882] Check tf_warning flag in build_new_op_1

[PATCH, C++-1z] Implement N4197 - Adding u8 character literals

Re: [PATCH, CFT] Fix bootstrap with in-tree ISL

[PATCH, CHKP, PR middle-end/66567] Fix internal compiler error: in assign_parms

[PATCH, CHKP, PR middle-end/66568] Fix internal compiler error: in expand_expr_addr_expr_1

[PATCH, CHKP, PR middle-end/66581] Fix internal compiler error: SSA corruption

[PATCH, CHKP, PR target/66569] Fix internal compiler error: in assign_by_spills

[PATCH, committed] Fix warning

[PATCH, committed] fixes to gcc_jit_context_dump_reproducer_to_file

[PATCH, committed] jit: Add a test for compound assignment

[PATCH, committed] jit: Add missing type-checking to gcc_jit_{l|r}value_access_field

[PATCH, committed] jit: add switch statements

[PATCH, committed] jit: fix some .rst issues in docs

[PATCH, committed] PR fortran/66347

[PATCH, committed] PR jit/66539: Add parentheses as needed to gcc_jit_object_get_debug_string

[PATCH, committed] PR jit/66539: Properly add testcase

[PATCH, committed] PR jit/66546: Add gcc_jit_context_set_bool_allow_unreachable_blocks

[PATCH, committed] PR jit/66628: add gcc_jit_context_add_command_line_option

[PATCH, doc] Eliminate "unlikely character , in @var" warnings

[patch, fortran, committed] fix PR 58749

Re: [Patch, fortran, PR44672, v10] [F08] ALLOCATE with SOURCE and no array-spec

Re: [Patch, fortran, PR44672, v6] [F08] ALLOCATE with SOURCE and no array-spec

Re: [Patch, fortran, PR44672, v9] [F08] ALLOCATE with SOURCE and no array-spec

[PATCH, Fortran] fix EQUIVALENCE in MODULE issues

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 66385, array constructors in FORALL

Re: [patch, fortran] PR 47359 - warnings for constant conversion

[Patch, fortran] PR52846 - [F2008] Support submodules

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR61831 side-effect deallocation of variable components

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR66079 - [6 Regression] memory leak with source allocation in internal subprogram

[Patch, fortran] PR66549 [5/6 regression] ICE with OMP PARALLEL

[patch, fortran] Warn about constant integer divisions

Re: [PATCH, FT32] initial support

[PATCH, Google] Backport trunk patch r220860 to google/4.9 branch

[PATCH, Google] Notify df framework when removing an insn in simplify-got

[PATCH, i386] Fix `misaligned_operand' predicate.

[PATCH, i386] Fix PR66275 __attribute__((sysv_abi)) with x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc generates incorrect code

[PATCH, i386] Remove MPX jump insn patterns

[PATCH, i386]: A couple of cleanups in i386.c

[PATCH, i386]: Clean-up MPX patterns a bit

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 56766, generate ADDSUB insns

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 66473, unrecognizable insn with -mavx512f

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 66648, incorrect memcpy expansion with unrolled_loop strategy

[PATCH, i386]: Ignore the cost of embedded comparison (PR 65871)

[PATCH, i386]: Implement zero-extended cmove patterns

[PATCH, i386]: PR66369, implement zero-extended MOVMSK instructions

[PATCH, i386]; Fix PR 66560, Fails to generate ADDSUBPS

[PATCH, libcpp]: Use asm flag outputs in search_line_sse42 main loop

Re: [PATCH, libmpx, i386, PR driver/65444] Pass '-z bndplt' when building dynamic objects with MPX

Re: [Patch, libstdc++/63775] Fix regex bracket expression parsing

[Patch, MIPS, testsuite] Fix bug in gcc.dg/tree-prof/stringop-2.c

[Patch, MIPS] Enable fp-contract on MIPS and update -mfused-madd

[Patch, MIPS] Modify sysroot layout for mips-mti-* and mips-img-*

[PATCH, PR ipa/66566] Fix ICE in early_inliner: internal compiler error: in operator[]

Re: [PATCH, PR target/65103, 2/3] Propagate address constants into loops for i386

[PATCH, PR66444] Handle -fipa-ra in reload_combine

[PATCH, PR66652] Use max_loop_iterations in transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

Re: [PATCH, RFC] New memory usage statistics infrastructure

[PATCH, RFC] PR middle-end/55299, contract bitnot through ASR and rotations

Re: [PATCH, RFC]: Next stage1, refactoring: propagating rtx subclasses

Re: [PATCH, rs6000, testsuite, PR65456] Changes for unaligned vector load/store support on POWER8

[PATCH, rs6000] Add more overloaded built-ins for vec_cmpge and vec_cmple

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR65914

[PATCH, RTL-optimization]: Optimize need_atomic_barrier_p a bit

Re: [PATCH, stage1] Make parloops gate more strict

Re: [patch, testsuite, ARM] don't try to execute advsimd-intrinsics tests on hardware without NEON

[patch, testsuite] Remove -fopenmp in dg-options in libgomp.c

[patch, testsuite] Remove superfluous -std={c99,gnu99} in libgomp.c

[PATCH, testsuite]: Add -save-temps to g++.dg/abi/mangle-regparm.C

[PATCH, testsuite]: Cleanup in gcc.target/i386/* directory

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix PR 65944, FAIL: g++.dg/lto/pr65276: undefined reference to std2::exception::~exception()

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix target selector in gcc.target/i386/noplt-[1234].c testcases

[Patch,tree-optimization]: Add new path Splitting pass on tree ssa representation

[PATCH/AARCH64] Update ThunderX schedule model

Re: [PATCH/RFC] Make loop-header-copying more aggressive, rerun before tree-if-conversion

[PATCH/RFC]: unittesting v2: as a plugin (was Re: [PATCH 00/17] RFC: Addding a unit testing framework to gcc)

[PATCH[2/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH] Adding warning for constexpr's

Re: [PATCH] plugin event for C/C++ function definitions

[patch] Remove fold-const.h as a dependency for gimple.h

Re: [PATCH] warn for unsafe calls to __builtin_return_address

[PATCH] 2015-06-15 Benedikt Huber <benedikt dot huber at theobroma-systems dot com>

Re: [PATCH] 2015-06-15 Benedikt Huber <benedikt dot huber at theobroma-systems dot com>

Re: [PATCH] 65479 - sanitizer stack trace missing frames past #0 on powerpc64

[PATCH] [aarch64] Implemented reciprocal square root (rsqrt) estimation in -ffast-math

[PATCH] [AArch64] PR63870 Improve error messages for NEON single lane memory access intrinsics

Re: [PATCH] [ARM] Post-indexed addressing for NEON memory access

[patch] [jit] Install headers using INSTALL_DATA

Re: Re: [PATCH] [PATCH][ARM] Fix split-live-ranges-for-shrink-wrap.c testcase.

[PATCH] [PATCH][ARM] Fix thumb-ltu.c testcase.

Re: [PATCH] [PING] [PR libitm/61164] Remove redefinition of glibc internal macro __always_inline

[PATCH] [X86_64]: Add support for MONITORX and MWAITX ISA

[Patch] [X86_64]: fix operand constraints in sse3_mwait

[PATCH] Add canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare target-insn

[PATCH] Add CFI entries for ARM Linux idiv0 / ldiv0

[PATCH] Add debug msg to dump_file in add_new_function

[PATCH] Add extensions to dwarf2.def

[patch] Add missing C++11 and C++14 headers to bits/stdc++.h

[patch] Add noexcept to default constructors of std::map, std::set etc.

Re: [PATCH] add self-tuning to x86 hardware fast path in libitm

[patch] Add std::bool_constant for C++17

[patch] Add std::shared_mutex for C++17

Re: [PATCH] Add support for exceptions to tsan (PR sanitizer/64265)

[Patch] Add support for IEEE-conformant versions of scalar fmin* and fmax*

[PATCH] Add testcases for PRs 66349, 66352 and 66357

Re: [PATCH] Adding warning for constexpr's

[patch] Adjust gcc-plugin.h

[patch] Adjust hash-table.h and it's pre-requisite includes.

[PATCH] Allow embedded timestamps by C/C++ macros to be set externally

[PATCH] Alternate fix for PR66251

[PATCH] Altivec mulv4si3 and mulv8hi3 cleanup

[PATCH] Avoid computing scalar iteration cost multiple times

[PATCH] backport Contribute FreeBSD unwind support (x86_64 and x86)

[PATCH] backport FreeBSD add functionality to build PIE executables

[PATCH] backport libjava signal handling for FreeBSD (amd64/i386)

[PATCH] Backport PR56917 to 4.8

[PATCH] Bump LTO_major_version on trunk

[PATCH] c/66516 - missing diagnostic on taking the address of a builtin function

[PATCH] Check dominator info in compute_dominance_frontiers

Re: [PATCH] Combine related fail of gcc.target/powerpc/ti_math1.c

[PATCH] config/bfin/bfin.c (hwloop_optimize): Set JUMP_LABEL() after emit jump_insn

[PATCH] config/bfin/bfin.c (hwloop_optimize): Use return false instead of gcc_assert for checking jump_insn.

[patch] consolidate some includes into coretypes.h

[patch] Constrain allocator_arg_t to only work with valid Allocators

[PATCH] Cut down match-and-simplify TDF_DETAILS noise

[patch] Delete temporary response file

[PATCH] Disable -Wunused warning for artificial decls (PR sanitizer/66452)

[PATCH] Disable snapshots from the 4.8 branch

[PATCH] Discard Scops for which entry==exit

[PATCH] Do not constrain on REAL_TYPE

[patch] Document resolved DRs in libstdc++ manual

Re: [PATCH] Don't instrument DECL_INITIAL of statics (PR sanitizer/66190)

[PATCH] Don't link libubsan when -fsanitize-undefined-trap-on-error

Re: [PATCH] Emit -Waddress warnings for comparing address of reference against NULL

Re: [PATCH] Enable two UNSIGNED_FLOAT simplifications in simplify_unary_operation_1

Re: [PATCH] Expand PIC calls without PLT with -fno-plt

Re: [PATCH] Extend -fno-plt to normal non-PIC branches on x86

[PATCH] Fix 187.facerec ICE

[patch] fix _OBJC_Module defined but not used warning

[PATCH] Fix assert in get_loop_body_in_bfs_order

Re: [patch] fix bootstrap on FreeBSD i386/arm

[PATCH] Fix comment documenting make_vector_stat

[patch] fix darwin bootstrap by avoiding duplicate DIE attributes

Re: [PATCH] Fix eipa_sra AAPCS issue (PR target/65956)

[patch] Fix exception-safety issue in std::forward_list

[PATCH] fix final piece of PR66448 (Bootstrap fail on Darwin, after 224161).

[PATCH] Fix hybrid SLP vectorization

[patch] Fix ICE during SCC hashing in LTO mode

Re: [PATCH] Fix ICE in __builtin_snprintf folding (PR middle-end/66345)

[patch] Fix ICE on function [not] returning variable size

[PATCH] Fix IPA-PTA for address-taken functions.

[PATCH] Fix ix86_split_long_move collision handling with TLS (PR target/66470)

[PATCH] Fix misuse of always_inline attribute in 3 hotpatch tests

[PATCH] Fix PR 66301

[PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/66471

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/30044

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/66686 (dependent template template substitution)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR ipa/65908.

[PATCH] Fix PR lto/66394

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/66633

[PATCH] fix PR46029: reimplement if conversion of loads and stores [2nd submitted version of patch]

[PATCH] Fix PR63916

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR65549, avoid force_decl_die in late compilation

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR66280

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR66314

[PATCH] Fix PR66375

[PATCH] Fix PR66396

[PATCH] Fix PR66413

[PATCH] Fix PR66419

[PATCH] Fix PR66422

[PATCH] Fix PR66423

[PATCH] Fix PR66509

[PATCH] Fix PR66510

[PATCH] Fix PR66636

[PATCH] Fix PR66677

[PATCH] Fix PR66704

[patch] fix regrename pass to ensure renamings produce valid insns

[PATCH] Fix SCCVN to optimistically value-number PHIs with backedges

[PATCH] Fix simdclone pass for addressable linear/uniform parameters (PR middle-end/66702)

[patch] Fix std::polar() test FAIL

[patch] Fix two libstdc++ test failures with -std=gnu++14

[PATCH] Fix up some "omp simd array" issues (PR middle-end/66429)

Re: [PATCH] Fix warnings from including fdl.texi into gnat-style.texi

[PATCH] Fix wrong-code with permuted strided group loads

[patch] Get rid of assembly file with -fdump-ada-spec

[PATCH] Graphite cannot handle return stmt

[PATCH] Handle casts in bound in try_transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[PATCH] i386: Do not modify existing RTL (PR66412)

Re: [patch] Implement Ada support for DragonFly, improve it for FreeBSD

[PATCH] Improve VRP for sign-changed/widened compares

[PATCH] Insert new bound in try_transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[PATCH] libgomp sysctl check

[patch] libstdc++/55409 C++11 allocator support for std::list

Re: [patch] libstdc++/64657 support iterators with overloaded comma operator

[patch] libstdc++/65393 move shared_ptrs in thread::_M_make_thread

[patch] libstdc++/66030 fix codecvt exports for mingw32

[patch] libstdc++/66417 fix codecvt_utf16 bigendian

[patch] libstdc++/66441 Fix wstring_convert when generating BOM

[patch] libstdc++/66464 fix codecvt_utf16<char32_t>::max_length()

[PATCH] Lift restrictions on SLP permutation for loop vect

[PATCH] Lift some BB vectorization restrictions

[PATCH] Make debug_tree() print the length of a TREE_VEC

[PATCH] Make muser-mode the default for LEON3

[patch] Make std::forward_list safe against overloaded operator&

[patch] Make std::list safe against overloaded operator&

[PATCH] Move gen_* stubs from defaults.h to genflags

[PATCH] Move X - (X / Y) * Y folding to match.pd

[PATCH] Move ~X | X -> -1 folding

Re: [PATCH] netbsd: respect -symbolic

[patch] openacc vector variable broadcasting

Re: [PATCH] Optimize (CST1 << A) == CST2 (PR tree-optimization/66299)

[PATCH] Optimize SLP from scalars, workaround PR65961

[PATCH] parloops exit phi fixes

[PATCH] PowerPC atomic memmodel cleanup

Re: [PATCH] PR 66215: S390: Fix placement of post-label NOPs with -mhotpatch

[PATCH] PR 66474, Document using %x<n> for VSX registers on PowerPC

[PATCH] PR ada/66205 gnatbind generates invalid code when finalization is enabled in restricted runtime

[PATCH] PR ada/66242 Front-end error if exception propagation disabled

Re: [PATCH] PR c++/65750

[patch] PR debug/66482: Do not ICE in gen_formal_parameter_die

[patch] PR debug/66653: avoid late_global_decl on decl_type_context()s

[PATCH] PR fortran/66245 -- Check [derived] type spec

[PATCH] PR fortran/66380 -- Remove assert() to allow error condition

Re: [patch] PR other/65366: Fix gdbhooks.py for GDB with Python3

[PATCH] PR33661 Fix problem with register asm in templates

[PATCH] Refactor -Wmisleading-indentation API and extend coverage

[PATCH] Refactoring: use std::swap instead of manual swaps (part 2)

[PATCH] Remove dg-options -O2 in libgomp.c

Re: [patch] Remove fold-const.h as a dependency for gimple.h

[PATCH] Remove last permutation restriction for SLP vectorizing

[PATCH] Remove restrictions on group gaps in SLP

[PATCH] Remove stray cleanup-tree-dump

[PATCH] rs6000: Clean up the cmp* insns


[PATCH] rtx_costs vs. const_int

[patch] Run testsuite/libgomp.c++/c++.exp at -O2 by default

Re: [PATCH] S390: Support -mtune=native and -march=native.

[patch] Show errors when generating libstdc++ API PDF

Re: [PATCH] Simple fix to enhance outer-loop vectorization.

Re: [PATCH] Simple optimization for MASK_STORE.

[PATCH] Small pool-allocator fallback

[patch] Small tweak to gimplifier

[PATCH] Support conditional view_convert in match.pd

[PATCH] Test for flag_parallelize_loops > 1

[Patch] The comparison in a compare exchange should not take place in VOIDmode

[PATCH] top-level for libvtv: use normal (not raw_cxx) target exports

Re: [PATCH] toplevel: fixes for in-tree libiconv

[patch] Unset LANGUAGE env var for libstdc++ testsuite

[patch] Update ABI versioning info in libstdc++ manual

[PATCH] Update check after force_const_mem call in the plus_constant function to see if the value returned is not a NULL_RTX.

[PATCH] Use leon3 target for native LEON on Linux

[PATCH] Use PIE_SPEC/NO_PIE_SPEC for crtend.o/crtendS.o

[patch] Use template<typename> not template<class> in std::pair

[PATCH] Validate -pie if PIE is enabled by default

Re: [PATCH] Vectorize loops with parameterized loop bounds

[PATCH] Vectorizer TLC

[PATCH] xtensa: implement trap pattern

[PATCH] Yet another simple fix to enhance outer-loop vectorization.

Re: [PATCH], Add IEEE 128-bit floating point to PowerPC, patch #1

[PATCH], Add IEEE 128-bit floating point to PowerPC, patch #2

[PATCH], Add support for --with-advance-toolchain=<xx> to PowerPC

[PATCH]: Neaten df_scan_start_dump dump

[PATCH][0/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][1/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][3/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][4/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][5/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][6/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][7/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][8/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][9/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][AArch64] Always register fma_steering pass but gate it on the target option instead

[PATCH][AArch64] Backport PR62308 to 4.9

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix ICEs with +nofp/-mgeneral-regs-only and improve error messages; clarify docs.

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix type of *<LOGICAL:optab>_one_cmpl_<SHIFT:optab><mode>3 pattern

Re: [PATCH][AArch64][PR 66136] rewrite geniterators.sh in awk

Re: Re: [PATCH][AARCH64]Add ACLE 2.0 predefined macros: __ARM_ALIGN_MAX_PWR and __ARM_ALIGN_MAX_STACK_PWR

Re: [PATCH][AARCH64]Use shl for vec_shr_<mode> rtx pattern.

[Patch][ARM,testsuite] Fix gcc.target/arm/thumb-ifcvt.c

Re: [PATCH][ARM/AArch64 Testsuite] Cleanup advsimd-intrinsics.exp, removing unnecessary loop

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Add debug dumping of cost table fields

Re: [PATCH][ARM] PR/65711: Don't pass '-dynamic-linker' when '-shared' is used

[PATCH][ARM] PR/66433: Reduce cost of memory instructions with autoincrement

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Restrict MAX_CONDITIONAL_EXECUTE when -mrestrict-it is in place

[PATCH][ARM][obvious] Fix gcc.target/arm/attr_thumb.c

Re: [PATCH][ARM][stage-1] Initialise cost to COSTS_N_INSNS (1) and increment in arm rtx costs

Fwd: [PATCH][GSoC] Extend shared_ptr to support arrays

[PATCH][i386][obvious] Use std::swap instead of manually swapping in a couple of places

[PATCH][ifcvt][obvious] Fix typo in comment

[PATCH][ifcvt][obvious] Use std::swap instead of manually swapping

Re: [PATCH][libstdc++-v3] Add _GLIBCXX_HAVE_LIMIT_FSIZE to guard 27_io/fpos/14775.cc

Re: [PATCH][OpenMP] Fix resolve_device with -foffload=disable

[PATCH][PR debug/65549] Restore DW_AT_abstract_origin for cross-unit call sites

[PATCH][Revised] Fix PR66509

[PATCH][RFC] Add FRE in pass_vectorize

Re: [PATCH][Testsuite] Disable tests with dg-require-fork for simulated targets

[PATCH][testsuite] Fix TORTURE_OPTIONS overriding

[PATCH][wwwdocs][obvious] Fix typo in -finline-matmul

[PATCH]Use "unsigned int" instead of "int" to hold alignment in emit_local function.

Re: [PING 2] Re: [PATCH] warn for unsafe calls to __builtin_return_address

Re: [ping**2] Handle MULTILIB_REUSE in auto-generated SYSROOT_SUFFIX_SPEC macro

Re: [Ping, Patch, fortran, 64674, v3] [OOP] ICE in ASSOCIATE with class array

[Ping] [C++ Patch] PR 65815

[ping] Couple of patches for -fdump-ada-spec

[PING] PR33661 Fix problem with register asm in templates

[Ping] Re: [C++ Patch[ PR 66130

[ping] Re: [patch,gomp4] error on invalid acc loop clauses

[PING] Re: [PATCH] warn for unsafe calls to __builtin_return_address

[PING] Vector ABI attribute

[PING][patch] Run testsuite/libgomp.c++/c++.exp at -O2 by default

Re: [PING][PATCH][4.9]Backport "Fix register corruption bug in ree"

[Ping][PATCH][libstdc++-v3] Add _GLIBCXX_HAVE_LIMIT_FSIZE to guard 27_io/fpos/14775.cc

Re: [PING][PATCH][PR65443] Add transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[PING][PATCH][PR65511] Fix edge probabilities in gimple_duplicate_sese_tail

[PING][PATCH][PR65511] Fix edge probabilities in move_sese_region_to_fn

[PING]Re: [PATCH]Use "unsigned int" instead of "int" to hold alignment in emit_local function.

Re: [PING^2] [PATCH][5a/5] Postpone expanding va_arg until pass_stdarg

[PING^2][PATCH][3/3][PR65460] Mark offloaded functions as parallelized

[PING^2][PR65637] Fix ssa-handling code in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

Re: [PING^3] [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Improve vmulX intrinsics

[PINGv10][PATCH] ASan on unaligned accesses

[PINGv9][PATCH] ASan on unaligned accesses

[PR fortran/66528] unbalanced IF/ENDIF with -fmax-errors=1 causes invalid free

[PR libgomp/65742, PR middle-end/66332] XFAIL acc_on_device compile-time evaluation (was: acc_on_device for device_type_host_nonshm)

Re: [PR58315] reset inlined debug vars at return-to point

Re: [PR64164] drop copyrename, integrate into expand

Re: [PR65768] Check rtx_cost when propagating constant

Re: [RFA] Factor conversion out of COND_EXPR using match.pd pattern

Re: [RFA] Reimplement canonicalization of comparison arguments in match.pd

Re: [RFC / CFT] PR c++/66192 - Remove TARGET_RELAXED_ORDERING and use load acquires.

[RFC, PATCH] Split pool_allocator and create a new object_allocator

[RFC, PR target/65105] Use vector instructions for scalar 64bit computations on 32bit target

Re: [RFC] COMDAT Safe Module Level Multi versioning

Re: [RFC] Elimination of zext/sext - type promotion pass

[RFC] Initial header file re-work proposal

[RFC] Sanitize rtx_addr_can_trap_p_1


Re: [RFC][PATCH][X86_64] Eliminate PLT stubs for specified external functions via -fno-plt=

[RS6000 0/7] rtx_cost patches

[RS6000 1/7] Hide insns not needing to be public

[RS6000 2/7] Tidy rotates

[RS6000 3/7] rtx_costs for ROTATE/ASHIFT inside AND

[RS6000 4/7] rldic in rotate and mask patterns

[RS6000 5/7] Split mask64_2_operand rotates early

[RS6000 6/7] Cost multi-insn constants

[RS6000 7/7] Address cost

[RS6000] vsx_extract_v4sf

[s390] Revert TPF C++ library changes

[scalar-storage-order] Small tweaks

[SH][committed] Fix PR 65979 / PR 66611

[SPARC] Fix PR bootstrap/66252

[testsuite][AArch64] PR62308: Add testcase

[v3 patch] Implement N4258: Cleaning-up noexcept in the library

[v3 PATCH] Implement N4387 and LWG 2367

[v3 patch] Use std::__is_nothrow_swappable in __alloc_traits::_S_nothrow_swap()

[VRP] Improve value ranges for unsigned division

Re: [wwwdocs] 4.9/changes.html: Mention -Wopenmp-simd/-fsimd-cost-model; Fortran update

[WWWdocs] Add link to GNU Cauldron

[wwwdocs] Adjust link for Cilk Plus

[wwwdocs] Adjust URL of StarPU in extensions.html

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.8

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.9

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 5.1

[wwwdocs] debian.org has moved to https

[wwwdocs] Fix link from about.html to contribute.html

[wwwdocs] Knuth's pages have moved, adjust URLs

[wwwdocs] Link maintenance for projects/cli.html

[wwwdocs] move a link to https in java/done.html

[wwwdocs] Move gcc/README.Portability to wwwdocs codingconventions.html

[wwwdocs] The C++ ABI specification has moved again

[wwwdocs] Wikipedia now defaults to, and redirects to, https.

Re: aarch64 simd index out of range message not correct on 32 bit host

Add .def file for public target instructions

Add extra C/Fortran interoperability testcase

Add tree heterogeneous lookup in alternative modes

Re: Announcing Richard Sandiford as gen* maintainer

Re: arm memcpy of aligned data

AW: [Patch, fortran] PR52846 - [F2008] Support submodules

Away on PTO, expect some delays in GCC patch reviews

Backport PR63623 (debug info) to 4.8, 4.9

RE: backport the fixes of PR target/64011 and /61749 to 4.9 gcc

Backports to 4.8

Backports to 4.9


C PATCH to use is_global_var

C PATCH to use VAR_P


C++ delayed folding branch review

C++ PATCH for c++/65942 (unnecessary instantiation of constexpr fn)

C++ PATCH for c++/44282 (ia32 calling convention attributes and mangling)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/51747 (list-initialization from same type)

C++ PATCH for c++/58063 (wrong-code with virtual base and default argument)

C++ PATCH for c++/65719 (link error with constexpr variable template)

C++ PATCH for c++/65843 (error with multiple use of captured variable in lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/65879 (error on member function of nested class of anonymous class)

C++ PATCH for c++/65880 (wrong error with pointer to member function)

C++ PATCH for c++/65973 (ICE with vacuous constexpr ctor)

C++ PATCH for c++/66001 (ICE with destructor in NSDMI)

C++ PATCH for c++/66067 (ICE with alias of typename)

C++ PATCH for c++/66216 (ICE with aligned attribute)

C++ PATCH for c++/66255 (ICE with non-type template parameter of typedef type)

C++ PATCH for c++/66289 (ICE with alias-template)

C++ PATCH for c++/66383 (aggregate NSDMI issue)

C++ PATCH for c++/66387 (error with lambda and constexpr array)

C++ PATCH for c++/66405 (ICE with variadic alias template)

C++ PATCH for c++/66445 (ICE with type definition in statement-expression)

C++ PATCH for c++/66450 (wrong code with constexpr forwarding constructor)

C++ PATCH for c++/66501 (wrong code with array move assignment)

C++ PATCH for c++/66515 (ICE with initializer_list)

C++ PATCH for c++/66536 (ICE with brace-initialized temp in initializer)

C++ PATCH for c++/66542 (missing error with deleted dtor and static variable)

C++ PATCH for c++/66585 (ICE with lambda in NSDMI)

C++ PATCH for c++/66647 (ICE with alias templates)

C++ PATCH for c++/66654 (ICE with copying NSDMI)

C++ PATCH for c++/66684 (ICE with noexcept mismatch)

Re: C++ PATCH to handling of exception specs in system headers

C++ PATCH to use VAR_P


C/C++ PATCH to smarten up -Wswitch-bool (PR c/66322)

Cleanup of hsa_spill_out

Commit: RX: Do not promote vector types

Re: Compute canonical type by main variants

Re: conditional lim

Re: confirm subscribe to gcc-patches at gcc dot gnu dot org

Debug mode enhancements

Re: debug-early branch merged into mainline

DIsable reorder_blocks_and_partition for DWARF2 unwinding

Re: Do less generous pointer globbing in alias.c

Do not take address of empty string front

Re: Documentation complex logarithm https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gfortran/LOG.html

Re: Don't dump low gimple functions in gimple dump

Drop TYPE_NEEDS_CONSTRUCTING checks from ipa-pure-const and tree-inline

DWARF PATCH to fix g++.dg/debug/localclass1.C ICE

Re: Expand oacc kernels after pass_fre

Re: Fix 61347 testcase in alternative modes

Re: Fix Ada bootstrap with LTO

Fix ao initialization in ipa-polymorphic-call

Fix ICE in warn_types_mismatch


Fix more of C/fortran canonical type issues

Fix PR ada/63310

Fix PR43404, PR48470, PR64744 ICE on naked functions

fix PR46029: reimplement if conversion of loads and stores

Re: Fix PR48052: loop not vectorized if index is "unsigned int"

Fix PR66253 (GemsFDTD miscompile)

Fix verify_type ICE with -fshort-enum

Fortran's C_CHAR type

Four jit backports to gcc 5 branch

GCC 4.8.5 Status Report (2015-06-14) - branch frozen for release

GCC 4.9.3 Status Report (2015-06-17) - branch frozen for release

genmatch: guess the type of a?b:c as b instead of a

Get LTO correct for Fortran C_PTR type

Go patch committed: Add MERGE file

Go patch committed: Analyze binary expressions in escape analysis

Go patch committed: Don't crash when dumping AST of empty block

Re: Heads-up: testsuite: removed cleanup-ipa-dump,Âcleanup-rtl-dump,cleanup-tree-dump,Âcleanup-dump,Âcleanup-saved-temps

libgomp: libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/lib-62.c is for acc_device_nvidia only (was: OpenACC: initialization with unsupported acc_device_t)

libgomp: XFAIL two libgomp.oacc-* tests (was: [PR testsuite/65205, libgomp/65993] Fix dg-shouldfail usage in OpenACC libgomp tests)

libiberty TAGS

Managing ABI compatibility (was Re: [PATCH 2/2] jit: add switch statements)

match.pd: Optimize (x & y) ^ (x | y)

match.pd: Optimize (x | y) & ~(x & y) and (x | y) & (~x ^ y)

match.pd: Three new patterns

Re: match.pd: Three new patterns (and some more)

match.pd: Use single_use more

max_load_factor constant complexity

Minor cleanup in DFS::hash_scc

Re: Move ABS detection from fold-const.c to match.pd

Move target-def.h includes after main include block

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.1.0)

New type-based pool allocator code miscompiled due to aliasing issue?

PATCH to check_global_declaration for bootstrap/66448

patch to fix PR63740

patch to fix PR63740 on gcc5 branch

patch to fix PR63740 on trunk

patch to fix PR66691

Re: ping: [gcc patch] libcc1: '@' GDB array operator

PING: Re: [patch] PR debug/66482: Do not ICE in gen_formal_parameter_die

Re: PING^3: [PATCH]: New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

pr64252.c: fix sizeof(int) assumption

pr66345.c size_t assumption bug

Refine lto-symtab warnings

Remove redundant AND from count reduction loop

Remove streaming of TYPE_NO_FORCE_BLK

RFA: Add support for -fstack-usage to various ports

RFA: Fix isl-ast-gen-if-1.c test

Re: RFA: Fix mode checks for possibly-constant predicates

RFA: FT32: Fix building gcc.

RFA: Make classify_insn available to the generators

RFA: RL78:

RFA: RL78: With -mes0 put read only data in the .frodata section

RFA: Use target-insns.def for casesi and tablejump

RFC (ABI): C++ PATCH for c++/65945 (wrong alignment of nullptr_t)

Second GCC 4.8.5 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

solutions for your business

Re: Teach gimple_canonical_types_compatible_p about incomplete types

Thinking about libgccjit SONAME bump for gcc 5.2 (was Re: Four jit backports to gcc 5 branch)

update gthr-tpf.h

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