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"length" troubles (was: Re: [PATCH] V6, #1 of 17: Use ADJUST_INSN_LENGTH for prefixed instructions)

*Early ping* Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR91863 - fix call to bind(C) with array descriptor

*OpenMP Patch Ping*

*ping* [Patch][Fortran/OpenMP] Don't create "alloc:" for 'target exit data'

*ping* Re: [Patch][OpenMP] use_device_addr/use_device_ptr with Fortran allocatable/pointer arrays (= array descriptor)

-O2 inline retuning 2/n: enable -finline-functions for O2

-O2 inliner retuning 3/n: make inline hints more systematic

Re: -O2 inliner returning 1/n: reduce EARLY_INLINING_INSNS for O1 and O2

Re: [Patch,Fortran] PR92284 – gfc_desc_to_cfi_desc fixes

Re: [Patch][Fortran] OpenMP – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

Re: [Patch][Fortran] OpenACC – permit common blocks in some clauses

[Patch, committed][Fortran] PR 92072 – fix %C corner case

[Patch,Fortran] PR92284 – gfc_desc_to_cfi_desc fixes

[OG9] Comitted backport of: [Patch][Fortran] Vastly improve error message during parsing – simple patch for OpenMP/OpenACC directives

[Patch][Fortran] OpenACC – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

[Patch][Fortran] OpenACC – permit common blocks in some clauses

[Patch][Fortran] OpenMP – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

[Patch][Fortran] Vastly improve error message during parsing – simple patch for OpenMP/OpenACC directives

[Patch] gcc-10/changes.html – mention OpenMP's use_device_addr support

Re: [PATCH] Refactor rust-demangle to be independent of C++ demangling.

Re: [Patch, committed][Fortran] PR 92072 – fix %C corner case

Re: [Patch, committed][Fortran] PR 92072 – fix %C corner case

Re: [Patch] gcc-10/changes.html – mention OpenMP's use_device_addr support

[ C++ ] [ PATCH ] [ RFC ] p1301 - [[nodiscard("should have a reason")]]

[0/3] Turn current_vector_size into a vec_info field

[0/n] Support multiple vector sizes for vectorisation

Re: [01/32] Add function_abi.{h,cc}

Re: [04/32] [x86] Robustify vzeroupper handling across calls

[1/3] Avoid setting current_vector_size in get_vec_alignment_for_array_type

[10/n] Make less use of get_same_sized_vectype

[11/n] Support vectorisation with mixed vector sizes

Re: [12/32] Remove global call sets: cselib.c

[12/n] [AArch64] Support vectorising with multiple vector sizes

[13/n] Allow mixed vector sizes within a single vectorised stmt

[14/n] Vectorise conversions between differently-sized integer vectors

[15/n] Consider building nodes from scalars in vect_slp_analyze_node_operations

[16/n] Apply maximum nunits for BB SLP

[2/3] Pass vec_infos to more routines

Re: [21/32] Remove global call sets: LRA

Re: [29/32] Remove global call sets: sched-deps.c

[3/3] Replace current_vector_size with vec_info::vector_size

[6/n] Use build_vector_type_for_mode in get_vectype_for_scalar_type_and_size

[7/n] Use consistent compatibility checks in vectorizable_shift

[8/n] Replace autovectorize_vector_sizes with autovectorize_vector_modes

[9/n] Replace vec_info::vector_size with vec_info::vector_mode

[[PATCH][PR91979] handle mangling of nullptr expression ] updated the fix

Re: [[PATCH][PR91979] handle mangling of nullptr expression ] updated the fix

Re: [AArch64] Allow shrink-wrapping of non-leaf vector PCS functions

Re: [AArch64] Make call insns record the callee's arm_pcs

Re: [AArch64] Strengthen aarch64_hard_regno_call_part_clobbered

[AArch64][SVE2] Fix for new test in r276174

[AArch64][SVE2] Fix for r277110 (BSL variants)

Re: [AArch64][SVE2] Shift-Right Accumulate combine patterns

[AArch64][SVE2] Support for EOR3 and variants of BSL

[ADA PATCH] Fix locales.c iso_3166 bug

[Ada] 'others' in conditional_expressions

[Ada] Accept size for record with oversized component clause

[Ada] Add pragma Preelaborable_Initialization to Stream_IO.File_Type

[Ada] Assertion_Policy (Ignore) ignores invariants

[Ada] Assorted gigi tweaks

[Ada] Do not inline subprograms with deep parameter/result in GNATprove

[Ada] Emit debug info for named numbers

[Ada] Ensure constructor is a C++ constructor

[Ada] Fix awkward placement of freeze node for actual subtype

[Ada] Fix ICE on instantiation on unconstrained array with predicate

[Ada] Fix incorrect annotation for -gnatR

[Ada] Fix inlining of subprograms with deep param/result in GNATprove

[Ada] Fix PR ada/91995

[Ada] Flag Sec_Stack_Used incorrectly set by ghost code

[Ada] Generation of procedures for blocks occurring in elaboration code for LLVM

[Ada] Get rid of spurious error for _Tag on extension with reverse bit order

[Ada] Handling up-level references in loops within library-level declarations

[Ada] Plug minor loophole for integer named number

[Ada] Replace in Ordered_Maps gets tampering failure

[Ada] Spurious restriction violation on Ghost code

[Ada] Spurious visibility error in predicate in generic instance

[Ada] Spurious visibility error on formal package with Abstract_State

[Ada] Spurious warning on call with out parameter in expression function

[Ada] T'Size in pragma Compile_Time_Error

[Ada] Unnesting issues with entry families and accept statements

[Ada] Use declared type for deciding on SPARK pointer rules

[ARM,RFC] Avoid test failures when forcing incompatible options

[arm] Add default FPU for Marvell-pj4

[arm] Avoid using negative offsets for 'immediate' addresses when compiling for Thumb2

[arm] clean up alu+shift patterns

[ARM] Enable DF only when TARGET_VFP_DOUBLE

[arm] fix bootstrap failure due to uninitialized warning

[arm] Fix rtl-checking failure in arm_print_value

[arm] make arm_carry_operation and arm_borrow_operation duals

[arm] Match subtraction from carry_operation

[arm] Pattern match insns for a + ~b + Carry

Re: [arm] PR target/89400 fix thumb1 unaligned access expansion

[build] Properly track GCC language configure fragments

[C++ PATCH] Implement P1286R2, Contra CWG1778

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/91930 - ICE with constrained inherited default ctor.

[C++ PATCH] 'std' identifier not needed

[C++ Patch] Add location parameter to composite_pointer_type and use it

[C++ PATCH] anon type names

[C++ PATCH] build_clone cleanup

[C++ PATCH] builtin fn creation

[C++ PATCH] clone_function_decl breakup

[C++ PATCH] Drop ECF_LEAF from __cxa_guard_{acquire,release} (PR tree-optimization/85887)

[C++ PATCH] Feature macros are long

[C++ PATCH] Fix a C++17/20 regression on indirect function calls (PR c++/92201)

[C++ PATCH] Fix a recent regression (PR c++/90947)

[C++ Patch] Fix cp_build_binary_op locations

[C++ Patch] Fix cp_parser_delete_expression and cp_parser_throw_expression locations and more

[C++ PATCH] Fix handling of location wrappers in constexpr evaluation (PR c++/92015)

[C++ PATCH] Fix up -fstrong-eval-order handling of call exprs (PR c++/91974)

[C++ PATCH] Fix up decl_in_std_namespace_p handling of --enable-symvers=gnu-versioned-namespace

[C++ PATCH] Implement P1073R3: Immediate functions (PR c++/88335)

[C++ PATCH] Implement P1073R3: Immediate functions (PR c++/88335, take 3)

[C++ Patch] Improve build_x_unary_op locations

[C++ PATCH] Improve C++ fold caching efficiency.

[C++ Patch] Improve cp_parser_class_head error recovery

[C++ PATCH] Improve cxx_fold_indirect_ref (PR c++/71504)

[C++ PATCH] Improve cxx_fold_indirect_ref (PR c++/71504, take 2)

Re: [C++ Patch] Improve grokdeclarator error

Re: [C++ Patch] More cp_expr_loc_or_input_loc and DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION uses


[C++ PATCH] P0784R7 constexpr new fixes (PR c++/91369)

[C++ PATCH] P0784R7 constexpr new further fix (PR c++/91369)

[C++ PATCH] Partial fix for a recent regression (PR c++/90947)

[C++ PATCH] Partial fix for further -fstrong-eval-order issues (PR c++/91987)

[C++ PATCH] Partial fix for further -fstrong-eval-order issues (PR c++/91987, take 2)

Re: [C++ PATCH] PR c++/90875 - added -Wswitch-outside-range option.

Re: [C++ PATCH] PR c++/91369 - Implement P0784R7: constexpr new

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/92268 - hard error satisfying return-type-requirement

[C++ Patch] Prefer error + inform in four typeck.c places

[C++ PATCH] Preserve the location of explicitly defaulted functions.

[C++ Patch] Remove most uses of in_system_header_at

[C++ Patch] Remove RROTATE_EXPR and LROTATE_EXPR handling

[C++ PATCH] simplify deferred parsing lexer

[C++ PATCH] Template parm index fix

Re: [C++] Don't fold __builtin_constant_p prematurely

[C++] Fix interaction between aka changes and DR1558 (PR92206)

Re: [C][C++] Avoid exposing internal details in aka types

Re: [CFI, Darwin] A hook to allow target-handling of Personality and LSDA indirections.

[commited] Require commas in between clauses in context selector simd properties

[committed v3 1/2] libada: Remove racy duplicate gnatlib installation

[committed, arm] Backport -- Fix multilibs for Armv7-R(was Re: [PATCH, arm] Backport -- Fix multilibs for Armv7-R)

[committed, obvious] Regenerate `liboffloadmic/plugin/configure' for `uclinuxfdpiceabi'


[committed] Add testcase for already fixed omp simd ICE (PR fortran/87752)

[committed] Add testcase for C++ score parsing

[committed] Avoid ranger self-test failures for 16bit integer targets

[committed] Backports to gcc-9-branch

[committed] correct strcmp() == 0 result for unknown strings (PR 92157)

[committed] Create ARM/Arm-9-branch

[committed] Disable broken H8/SX patterns/expanders

[committed] disable c-c++-common/Warray-bounds-4.c to avoid PR 83543

[committed] Fix EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_HARD_REG_SET use

[committed] Fix failure in gcc.target/sve/reduc_strict_3.c

[committed] Fix install.texi typo

[committed] Fix libgomp use_device_* handling (PR libgomp/92028)

[committed] Fix up gcc.target/i386/pr71801.c testcase

[committed] Fix up {in,task}_reduction handling with -std=c++17 (PR c++/92084)

[committed] Fix warning compiling pa.c

[committed] Further omp declare variant progress

[committed] Further work on declare variant

[committed] hppa: Improve ordering of accesses during function pointer canonicalization

[committed] Initial OpenMP 5.0 #pragma omp declare variant parsing

[Committed] ipa-sra-19.c: Avoid unprototyped function

[committed] pa: Adjust MAX_PCREL17F_OFFSET to match stub group size default for ELF

[committed] pa: Disable -Warray-bounds in fptr.c

[committed] pa: Remove 64-bit sibcall call sequence

[committed] pa: Update libstdc++-v3 baseline symbols for hppa-linux

[Committed] PR fortran/92174

[committed] Relax store_bit_field call in store_expr

[Committed] S/390: Add support for z15 as CPU name.

[Committed] S/390: PR91035 Fix call to __morestack

[committed] Support prefixes in diagnostic_show_locus

[Committed] Two new bit-field compile testcases

[Committed] Update Fortran expression dumper for BT_BOZ

[committed] Update indirect call sequences to preserve descriptor address in register %r22

[committed] Update SVE tests for recent XPASSes

[committed] use value_range_base::num_pairs in singleton_p

[committed][AArch64] Add an assert to aarch64_layout_frame

[committed][AArch64] Add FFR and FFRT registers

[committed][AArch64] Add main SVE ACLE tests

[committed][AArch64] Add partial SVE vector modes

[committed][AArch64] Add support for arm_sve.h

[committed][AArch64] Add support for the SVE PCS

[committed][AArch64] Don't apply mode_for_int_vector to scalars

[committed][AArch64] Extend SVE reverse permutes to predicates

[committed][AArch64] Fix g++.target/aarch64/sve/vcond_1_run.C

[committed][AArch64] Handle scalars in cmp and shift immediate queries

[committed][AArch64] Improve poly_int handling in aarch64_layout_frame

[committed][AArch64] Split gcc.target/aarch64/sve/reduc_strict_3.c

[committed][AArch64] Use frame reference in aarch64_layout_frame

[COMMITTED][ARM,testsuite] Fix typo in arm_arch_v8a_ok effective target

[committed][Arm] Fix multilibs for Armv7-R (was Re: [PATCH][Arm] Fix multilibs for Armv7-R)

[COMMITTED][MSP430] Cleanup code in hardware multiply library

[COMMITTED][MSP430] Fix incorrect determination of hardware multiply support

[COMMITTED][MSP430] Move C code for addsi define_split to its own function

[COMMITTED][MSP430] Remove unused msp430_hard_regno_nregs_*_padding functions

[COMMITTED][MSP430] s/msp_/msp430_/

[COMMITTED][MSP430] Tweaks to generation of 430X instructions

[COMMITTED][MSP430][TESTSUITE] Move devices-main.c test source file

[committed][testsuite] Fix wrong order of dg-additional-options

[committed][vect] Be consistent in versioning threshold use

[committed][vect] Only change base alignment if more restrictive

[committed][vect] Outline code into new function: determine_peel_for_niter

[committed][vect] Refactor versioning threshold

[committed][vect]PR 88915: Vectorize epilogues when versioning loops (was Re: [PATCH 1/2][vect]PR 88915: Vectorize epilogues when versioning loops)

[committted][AArch64] Split gcc.target/aarch64/sve/vcond_4*

[Darwin, committed] Amend section for constants with relocations.

[Darwin, committed] Clarify fix and continue support (NFC).

[Darwin, committed] Fix some format-related build warnings.

[Darwin, committed] Improve Objective-C NeXT ABI version check.

[Darwin, committed] Pick up SDKROOT as the sysroot fallback.

[Darwin, committed] Remove code deprecated in 4.x.

[Darwin, committed] Suppress emitting empty ctor/dtor sections.

[Darwin, committed] Update darwin_binds_local_p.

[Darwin, machopic 0/n, committed] Initial tidy of Mach-O symbol handling.

[Darwin, machopic 1/n, conmmitted] Consider visibility in indirections.

[Darwin, machopic 2/n, committed] Compute and cache indirection rules.

[Darwin, machopic 3/n, committed] Set a SYMBOL flag for indirections.

[Darwin, machopic 4/n, committed] Arrange to indirect IVARs when needed.

[Darwin, machopic 5/n, committed] Make machopic_finish() static.

[Darwin, machopic 6/n, committed] Fix for 67183

[Darwin, machopic 7/n, committed] Remove code that should be dead.

[Darwin, machopic 8/n, committed] Back out part of PR71767 fix.

[Darwin, machopic 9/n, committed] Minor code clean-ups.

[Darwin, testsuite, committed] Fix Wnonnull on Darwin.

[doc] install.texi - hboehm.info tweak

[DOC] Replace reference to removed macro

[dump] small source cleanup

Re: [EXTERNAL]Re: [RFC/PATCH v2][PR89245] Check REG_CALL_DECL note during the tail-merging

Re: [EXTERNAL]Re: Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] Fix PR target/91769

[FYI] fix cgraph comment

Re: [gomp4.1] Start of structure element mapping support

Re: [gomp4] Update error messages for c and c++ reductions

Re: [IRA] Handle fully-tied destinations in a similar way to earlyclobbers

[libgomp][testsuite] PR testsuite/91884 Add -lquadmath if available

[libstdc++,doc] doc/xml/gnu/gpl-3.0.xml: Switch www.gnu.org to https.

[libstdc++,doc] doc/xml/manual/policy_data_structures_biblio.xml - pubs.opengroup.org goes https

[libstdc++,doc] Switch pubs.opengroup.org to https

[linemap PATCH] Constify lookup

[LRA] Don't make eliminable registers live (PR91957)

[match.pd] Mid-end fix for r277110

[Objective-C, NeXT ABI, committed] Identify V2 IVAR refs by metadata.

[obvious, PATCH 4/3][doc] -Wuninitialized doesn't do -Wclobbered's job

[OG9][committed] Fix OpenMP's use_device_ptr with Fortran array descriptors

[OG9][committed] was: [patch][Fortran] Actually permit OpenMP's 'target simd'

[OG9][committed] was: [Patch][Fortran] Improve OpenMP/OpenACC diagnostic if junk comes after a directive

[PATCH 0/2] cgraph_node refactoring

[Patch 0/2][ipa, Arm] Fix cloning of 'cmse_nonsecure_entry' functions

[PATCH 0/2][MSP430] Optimize zero_extend insns and PSImode pointer manipulation

[PATCH 0/3] -fmem-report tweaks

[PATCH 0/3][ARC] Bug fixes, cleanups and doc update.

[PATCH 0/3][rs6000] Update RTL patterns for vector conversion

[PATCH 0/4] OpenACC 2.6 manual deep copy (repost)

[PATCH 0/5] Assorted minor cleanups for PRU backend

Re: [PATCH 0/9] IPA ICF overhaul

Re: [Patch 0/X] [WIP][RFC][libsanitizer] Introduce HWASAN to GCC

[PATCH 00/29] [arm] Rewrite DImode arithmetic support

[PATCH 01/29] [arm] Rip out DImode addition and subtraction splits.

[PATCH 02/29] [arm] Perform early splitting of adddi3.

[PATCH 03/29] [arm] Early split zero- and sign-extension

[PATCH 04/29] [arm] Rewrite addsi3_carryin_shift_<optab> in canonical form

[PATCH 05/29] [arm] fix constraints on addsi3_carryin_alt2

[PATCH 06/29] [arm] Early split subdi3

[PATCH 07/29] [arm] Remove redundant DImode subtract patterns

[PATCH 08/29] [arm] Introduce arm_carry_operation

[PATCH 09/29] [arm] Correctly cost addition with a carry-in

[PATCH 1/2] [ARM,testsuite] Skip tests incompatible with -mpure-code

[PATCH 1/2] pretty-print: support URL escape sequences (PR 87488)

[PATCH 1/2] Remove cgraph_global_info.

[PATCH 1/2] Sync hardware facility names with other files in os_linux_s390x.go

[PATCH 1/2][GCC][RFC][middle-end]: Add SLP pattern matcher.

[Patch 1/2][ipa] Add target hook to sanitize cloned declaration's attributes

[PATCH 1/2][MSP430] Reorder and group zero_extend insns in msp430.md

Re: [PATCH 1/2][vect]PR 88915: Vectorize epilogues when versioning loops

[PATCH 1/3] [ARC] Cleanup sign/zero extend patterns

[PATCH 1/3] Make gsi_next_nonvirtual_phi do what one expects

[PATCH 1/3] Remove misleading sorting function in ggc memory report.

[PATCH 1/3][rs6000] Replace vsx_xvcdpsp by vsx_xvcvdpsp

[PATCH 1/4] Add function for pretty-printing OpenACC clause names

[PATCH 1/5] PRU: Fix comment to avoid fall through warning

[PATCH 10/29] [arm] Correct cost calculations involving borrow for subtracts.

[PATCH 11/29] [arm] Reduce cost of insns that are simple reg-reg moves.

[PATCH 12/29] [arm] Implement negscc using SBC when appropriate.

[PATCH 13/29] [arm] Add alternative canonicalizations for subtract-with-carry + shift

Re: [PATCH 14/14] Add D Phobos config, makefiles, and testsuite.

[PATCH 14/29] [arm] Early split simple DImode equality comparisons

[PATCH 15/29] [arm] Improve handling of DImode comparisions against constants.

[PATCH 16/29] [arm] early split most DImode comparison operations.

[PATCH 17/29] [arm] Handle some constant comparisons using rsbs+rscs

[PATCH 18/29] [arm] Cleanup dead code - old support for DImode comparisons

[PATCH 19/29] [arm] Handle immediate values in uaddvsi4

[PATCH 2/2] [ARM] Add support for -mpure-code in thumb-1 (v6m)

[PATCH 2/2] Documentation hyperlinks for [-Wname-of-option] (PR 87488)

Re: [PATCH 2/2] gcc/riscv: Add a mechanism to remove some calls to _riscv_save_0

[PATCH 2/2] GO S/390: Add kdsaQuery function

Re: [PATCH 2/2] libada: Respect `--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs'

[PATCH 2/2] Remove cgraph_local_info structure.

[Patch 2/2][Arm] Implement TARGET_HOOK_SANITIZE_CLONE_ATTRIBUTES to remove cmse_nonsecure_entry

[PATCH 2/2][GCC][RFC][middle-end]: Add complex number arithmetic patterns to SLP pattern matcher.

[PATCH 2/2][MSP430] Optimize zero_extend insns and PSImode pointer manipulation

Re: [PATCH 2/2][vect]Make vect-epilogues-nomask=1 default

[PATCH 2/3] [ARC] Update mea option documentation

[PATCH 2/3] Move Leak in GCC memory report to the first column.

[PATCH 2/3] Remove the old implementation of -Wclobbered

[PATCH 2/3][rs6000] vector conversion RTL pattern update for same unit size

[PATCH 2/4] Use gomp_map_val for OpenACC host-to-device address translation

Re: [PATCH 2/5, OpenACC] Support Fortran optional arguments in the firstprivate clause

[PATCH 2/5] PRU: Simplify machine description

[PATCH 20/29] [arm] Early expansion of uaddvdi4.

[PATCH 21/29] [arm] Improve code generation for addvsi4.

[PATCH 22/29] [arm] Allow the summation result of signed add-with-overflow to be discarded.

[PATCH 23/29] [arm] Early split addvdi4

[PATCH 24/29] [arm] Improve constant handling for usubvsi4.

[PATCH 25/29] [arm] Early expansion of usubvdi4.

[PATCH 26/29] [arm] Improve constant handling for subvsi4.

[PATCH 27/29] [arm] Early expansion of subvdi4

[PATCH 28/29] [arm] Improvements to negvsi4 and negvdi4.

[PATCH 29/29] [arm] Fix testsuite nit when compiling for thumb2

[PATCH 3/3 V2][rs6000] vector conversion RTL pattern update for diff unit size

[PATCH 3/3] [ARC] Don't split ior/mov predicated insns.

[PATCH 3/3] Implementation of -Wclobbered on tree-ssa

[PATCH 3/3] Print header in dump_memory_report.

[PATCH 3/3][rs6000] vector conversion RTL pattern update for diff unit size

[PATCH 3/4] Factor out duplicate code in gimplify_scan_omp_clauses

[PATCH 3/5] PRU: Fix comment about R3/RA

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Modifications to the testsuite

[PATCH 4/4] OpenACC 2.6 manual deep copy support (attach/detach)


[PATCH 4/N] Fix unsigned type overflow in memory report.

[PATCH 5/5] Add pru to compare-all-tests

Re: [PATCH 5/9] ifcvt: Allow constants operands in noce_convert_multiple_sets.

Re: [PATCH 6/9] ifcvt: Extract cc comparison from jump.

Re: [PATCH 7/9] ifcvt: Emit two cmov variants and choose the less expensive one.

Re: [PATCH 9/9] ifcvt: Also pass reversed cc comparison.

[PATCH rs6000]Fix PR92132

Re: [PATCH target/86811] Mark VAX as not needing speculation barriers

[PATCH target/89071] Fix false dependence of scalar operations vrcp/vsqrt/vrsqrt/vrndscale

[PATCH target/92035] Add missing avx512f intrinsics

[PATCH v2 0/2] RISC-V: Allow more load/stores to be compressed

[PATCH v2 00/11] timed_mutex, shared_timed_mutex: Add full steady clock support

[PATCH v2 01/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Check return value from timed_mutex::try_lock_until

[PATCH v2 02/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Add timed_mutex::try_lock_until test

[PATCH v2 03/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test timed_mutex with steady_clock

[PATCH v2 04/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test unique_lock::try_lock_until with steady_clock

[PATCH v2 05/11] PR libstdc++/78237 Add full steady_clock support to timed_mutex

[PATCH v2 06/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Move slow_clock to its own header

[PATCH v2 07/11] PR libstdc++/91906 Fix timed_mutex::try_lock_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH v2 08/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test shared_timed_mutex with steady_clock

[PATCH v2 09/11] libstdc++ shared_mutex: Add full steady_clock support to shared_timed_mutex

Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] libada: Remove racy duplicate gnatlib installation

[PATCH v2 1/2] RISC-V: Add shorten_memrefs pass

[PATCH v2 10/11] libstdc++ timed_mutex: Ensure that try_lock_for waits for long enough

[PATCH v2 11/11] shared_mutex: Fix try_lock_until and try_lock_shared_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH v2 2/2] sched-deps.c: Avoid replacing address if it increases address cost

[PATCH v2] Move jump threading before reload

[PATCH v2] PR85678: Change default to -fno-common

[PATCH V2] rs6000: -flto forgets 'no-vsx' function attributes (PR target/70010)

[PATCH V2] rs6000: Refine unroll factor with target unroll_adjust hook.

Re: [PATCH v3 4/9] S/390: Do not use signaling vector comparisons on z13

Re: [PATCH V3] Loop split upon semi-invariant condition (PR tree-optimization/89134)

[PATCH v4 0/7] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v4 0/7] std::future::wait_* improvements

[PATCH v4 1/7] Allow COND_EXPR and VEC_COND_EXPR condtions to trap

[PATCH v4 1/7] libstdc++: Improve async test

[PATCH v4 2/7] Introduce can_vcond_compare_p function

[PATCH v4 2/7] libstdc++ futex: Use FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME for wait

[PATCH v4 3/7] libstdc++ futex: Support waiting on std::chrono::steady_clock directly

[PATCH v4 3/7] S/390: Do not use signaling vector comparisons on z13

[PATCH v4 4/7] libstdc++ atomic_futex: Use std::chrono::steady_clock as reference clock

[PATCH v4 4/7] S/390: Implement vcond expander for V1TI,V1TF

[PATCH v4 5/7] libstdc++ futex: Loop when waiting against arbitrary clock

[PATCH v4 5/7] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_* comparison expanders

[PATCH v4 6/7] libstdc++ atomic_futex: Avoid rounding errors in std::future::wait_for

[PATCH v4 6/7] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v4 7/7] libstdc++: Extra async tests, not for merging

[PATCH v4 7/7] S/390: Test signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v4, rs6000] Replace X-form addressing with D-form addressing in new pass for Power9

Re: [PATCH V4] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682)

Re: [PATCH V4] Generalized predicate/condition for parameter reference in IPA (PR ipa/91088)

[PATCH V4] Loop split upon semi-invariant condition (PR tree-optimization/89134)

Re: [PATCH v5] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

Re: [PATCH V6 05/11] bpf: new GCC port

Re: [PATCH V6 11/11] bpf: add myself as the maintainer for the eBPF port

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR92022, ICE in alpha_handle_trap_shadows

[PATCH, arm] Backport -- Fix multilibs for Armv7-R

[Patch, committed] [Fortran, OpenMP] Actually pass use_device_addr on to the middle end

[patch, fortran, committed] Fix PR 92017

[Patch, Fortran, OpenMP] Support OpenMP 5.0's use_device_addr

[PATCH, Fortran] Allow CHARACTER literals in assignments and DATA statements - for review

[PATCH, Fortran] Fix Automatics in equivalence test cases was Re: Automatics in Equivalences failures

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 92004, restore Lapack compilation

Re: [PATCH, Fortran] Optionally suppress no-automatic overwrites recursive warning - for approval

[Patch, fortran] PR fortran/92142 - CFI_setpointer corrupts descriptor

[Patch, fortran] PR86248 - [7/8/9/10 Regression] LEN_TRIM in specification expression causes link failure

[Patch, Fortran] PR91863 - fix call to bind(C) with array descriptor

[Patch, fortran] PR91926 - assumed rank optional

[Patch, Fortran] PR92277 - Fix assumed-rank array with bind(C)

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 0/10] Add support for Armv8.1-M Mainline Security Extension

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 1/10] Fix -mcmse check in libgcc

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 10/10] Enable -mcmse

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 2/10] Add command line support for Armv8.1-M Mainline

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 3/10] Save/restore FPCXTNS in nsentry functions

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 4/10] Clear GPR with CLRM

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 5/10] Clear VFP registers with VSCCLRM

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 6/10] Clear GPRs inline when calling nscall function

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 7/10] Clear all VFP regs inline in hardfloat nscall functions

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 8/10] Do lazy store & load inline when calling nscall function

[PATCH, GCC/ARM, 9/10] Call nscall function with blxns

Re: [Patch, GCC]Backporting r269039 to gcc8

[PATCH, GO] Fix -Wshadow=local in go frontend

[PATCH, i386]: Fix REDUC_SSE_SMINMAX_MODE mode iterator

[PATCH, i386]: Remove a couple of operand modifiers

[PATCH, i386]: Reorder a couple of rounding functions

Re: [patch, libgomp] testsuite remove alloca header

[PATCH, libstdc++ docs] Add lines to C++20 status.

Re: [PATCH, nvptx] Expand OpenACC child function arguments to use CUDA params space

[PATCH, OBVIOUS] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in gcc/[a-c]*.c

[PATCH, OBVIOUS] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in gcc/[d-f]*.c

Re: [PATCH, OpenACC, 1/3] Non-contiguous array support for OpenACC data clauses (re-submission), front-end patches

Re: [PATCH, OpenACC, 3/3] Non-contiguous array support for OpenACC data clauses (re-submission), libgomp patches

[PATCH, OpenACC] Fortran deviceptr

Re: [PATCH, RS6000] Add movmemsi pattern for inline expansion of memmove()

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR92127

[PATCH, rs6000] Lower vec_promote_demote vectorization cost for P8/P9

[PATCH, v2] Extend subst to simplify CONST_INT inside SIGN_EXTEND.

[patch,avr,committed] Remove an unused function (PR85969)

[patch,avr,testsuite,committed]: Fix location of an expected diagnostic.

[patch,avr] Fix avr build broken by r276985.

[patch,avr]: PR86040: Fix missing reset of RAMPZ after ELPM.

[patch,commit] Remove ">>>>>> .r..." from a ChangeLog

[Patch,committed,Fortran] PR91586 Fix ICE on invalid code with CLASS

[Patch,committed] Ensure that gfortran.dg/achar_2.f90 can fail

[patch,Fortran] PR 92050 - fix ICE with -fcheck=all

Re: [Patch,Fortran] PR92284 – gfc_desc_to_cfi_desc fixes

[PATCH,Fortran] Taking a BYTE out of type-spec

[patch,testsuite] More fixes for small targets.

[patch,testuite]: Fix some fllout for small targets.

[PATCH] * .gitattributes: Avoid {} in filename pattern.

[PATCH] [ARC] Fix legitimize pic address.

[PATCH] [ARC] Fix movsi_ne pattern.

Re: [PATCH] [LIBPHOBOS] Fix multi-lib RUNTESTFLAGS handling

Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] Fix PR target/91769

[PATCH] [MIPS] Mark built-in functions as pure

[PATCH] [MIPS] PR82981 - mulditi3 pattern for MIPS64R6

[PATCH] [MIPS] Reject vector constants from the constant pool

[PATCH] [MIPS] Remove unnecessary moves around dpadd and dpsub

[PATCH] [MIPS] Replace insert with insve for floating-point values

[PATCH] [OBVIOUS] Fix old file reference in gcc/cp/cp-gimplify.c

[PATCH] [og9] Fix libgomp serial-dims.c test for AMD GCN

[PATCH] [og9] Re-do OpenACC private variable resolution

[PATCH] [x86] Add detection of Icelake Client and Server

[PATCH] Add -Wshadow=local

[PATCH] Add <span> to <bits/stdc++.h> precompiled header

[PATCH] add __has_builtin (PR 66970)

[PATCH] Add C++20 jthread type to <thread> (2nd attempt)

[PATCH] Add C++20 jthread type to <thread> --text follows this line-<#part type="text/x-patch" filename="/home/remote/trodgers/src/oss/gcc/jt/0001-Add-C-20-jthread-type-to-thread.patch" disposition=attachment description="Le patch"> <#/part> -

[PATCH] Add iterator concepts and range access customization points for C++20

[PATCH] Add makefile target to update HTML files in source tree

[PATCH] Add missing gimple_call_set_fntype

[PATCH] Add missing space in various string literals

[Patch] Add OpenACC 2.6's no_create

Re: [PATCH] Add some hash_map_safe_* functions like vec_safe_*.

[PATCH] Add std::__iterator_category_t

[PATCH] Add std::copy_n debug checks

[PATCH] Add support for C++2a stop_token

[PATCH] Adjust BB vect from-scalar build

[PATCH] Adjust pb_ds extensions to use allocator_traits

[PATCH] Adjust predicates and constraints of scalar insns

[PATCH] Adjust tr1::_Hashtable to work with std::allocator in C++20

[PATCH] Allow libcalls for complex memcpy when optimizing for size.

[PATCH] Allow vectorization of __builtin_bswap16 (PR tree-optimization/91940)

[PATCH] Apply C++20 changes to various iterator types

Re: [PATCH] Automatics in equivalence statements

[PATCH] avoid a spurious -Wstringop-overflow due to multiple MEM_REFs (PR 92014)

[PATCH] avoid eliminating live nul stores into strings of bounded length (PR 92226)

[PATCH] Avoid warnings in <charconv>

[PATCH] Avoid writing to trees during streaming

Re: [PATCH] bring -Warray-bounds closer to -Wstringop-overflow (PR91647, 91463, 91679)

[PATCH] Build filesystem library with large file support

Re: [PATCH] Builtin fadd variants folding implementation

Re: [PATCH] C testsuite, silence a FreeBSD libc warning

[patch] canonicalize unsigned [1,MAX] ranges into ~[0,0]

[PATCH] Change SLP representation of reduction chains

[PATCH] Check precondition for std::ssize(const Container&)

[PATCH] Clarify <unknown> constness and state

[PATCH] Cleanup more redundant stuff in reduction vect

[PATCH] Cleanup parameter of vectorizable_live_operation

[PATCH] Come up with ggc_delete.

Re: [PATCH] Come up with ipa passes introduction in gccint documentation

Re: [PATCH] Come up with json::integer_number and use it in GCOV.

[PATCH] Communicate lto-wrapper and ld through a file

[PATCH] concepts cleanups and subsumption caching

[PATCH] contrib: Add KPASS support to dg-extract-results.{sh,py}

[PATCH] Define [range.cmp] comparisons for C++20

[PATCH] Define std::uniform_random_bit_generator concept for C++20

[PATCH] diagnose hard errors in concept satisfaction

[PATCH] diagnose more out-of-bounds char writes (PR 91977)

[PATCH] Disable tests that aren't valid in parallel mode

[patch] disentangle range_fold_*ary_expr into various pieces

Re: [PATCH] Do not check call type compatibility when cloning cgraph edges

[PATCH] Do not declare std::uses_allocator before C++11

[PATCH] Do not ICE in IPA inliner.

[PATCH] doc/md.texi: Fix some typos

[PATCH] Don't mention MMX in -msse etc. option descriptions

Re: [PATCH] DWARF array bounds missing from C++ array definitions

Re: [patch] Extend GIMPLE store merging to throwing stores

[PATCH] Fall back to SLP reduction discovery when reduction group fails

[PATCH] find_partition_fixes: remove unused bbs_in_cold_partition variable

[PATCH] Fix (hypothetical) problem with pre-reload splitters (PR target/92140)

[PATCH] Fix -fdebug-types-section ICE, PR91887

Re: [PATCH] Fix -Waddress-of-packed-member ICE in unevaluated contexts (PR c++/91925)

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local and undefined behavior in fortran/primary.c

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings and a minor bug in expr.c

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in cgraph.h

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in defaults.h

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in dumpfile.h

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in elfos.h

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in genautomata.c

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in genmatch.c

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in hash-table.h

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in passes.c

[PATCH] Fix -Wshadow=local warnings in rtl.h

[PATCH] Fix a tree sharing bug in get_*_computation_at (PR tree-optimization/92262)

Re: [PATCH] Fix algo constexpr tests in Debug mode

[PATCH] Fix an omission in the recent strlen optimization (PR tree-optimization/92056)

[PATCH] Fix another of the PR65930 reduction cases

[PATCH] Fix another UBSAN in Fortran coarray.

[PATCH] Fix build with GCC 4.3

[PATCH] Fix constexpr-dtor3.C FAIL on arm

[PATCH] fix constrained auto parsing issue

[PATCH] Fix description of -fcommon

[PATCH] Fix dump message issue

[PATCH] Fix dwarf-lineinfo inconsistency of inlined subroutines

[PATCH] Fix fallout from the fndecl_built_in_p patch (PR middle-end/92231)

[PATCH] Fix gcc/testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-3.c

[PATCH] Fix handling of arrays in range access customization points

[PATCH] Fix hash_operand for fields of a CONSTRUCTOR.

[PATCH] Fix ifcombine ICE (PR tree-optimization/92115)

[PATCH] Fix incorrect merge of conflictant names in `dump_graphviz`

[PATCH] Fix libcpp #pragma {push,pop}_macro handling of builtin macros (PR preprocessor/92296)

[PATCH] Fix multibyte-related issues in pretty-print.c (PR 91843)

[PATCH] Fix non-reserved names in Parallel Mode headers

[PATCH] Fix objsz ICE (PR tree-optimization/92056)

[PATCH] Fix parser to recognize operator?:

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/92024

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR fortran/91716

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/92131

[PATCH] Fix PR65930

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR90316

[PATCH] Fix PR91606

[PATCH] Fix PR91929

[PATCH] Fix PR91968

[PATCH] Fix PR91975, tame PRE some more

[PATCH] Fix PR91982

[PATCH] Fix PR92046

[PATCH] Fix PR92048

[PATCH] Fix PR92069

[PATCH] Fix PR92094

[PATCH] Fix PR92119

[PATCH] Fix PR92129

[PATCH] Fix PR92161

[PATCH] Fix PR92162

[PATCH] Fix PR92166

[PATCH] Fix PR92173

[PATCH] Fix PR92179

[PATCH] Fix PR92203

[PATCH] Fix PR92205

[PATCH] Fix PR92222

[PATCH] Fix PR92241, turn asserts into vectorization fails

[PATCH] Fix PR92249

[PATCH] Fix PR92252

[PATCH] Fix PR92260

[PATCH] Fix PR92275

[PATCH] Fix some missing/incorrect feature test macros

[PATCH] Fix TARGET_MEM_REF handling in PRE

[PATCH] Fix testsuite fallout from partial PR65930 fix

[PATCH] Fix the easy part of PR65930

[PATCH] Fix the fix for PR fortran/90988

[PATCH] Fix typo

[PATCH] Fix up *COND_EXPR *trap* handling (PR middle-end/92063)

Re: [PATCH] Fix up sqrt(x) < c and sqrt(x) >= c match.pd folding (PR tree-optimization/91734, take 2)

Re: [PATCH] fold more string comparison with known result (PR 90879)

[PATCH] Fortran polymorphic class-type support for OpenACC

[PATCH] genattrtab: Parenthesize expressions correctly (PR92107)

[PATCH] handle arrays in -Wclass-memaccess (PR 92001)

[PATCH] handle local aggregate initialization in strlen, take 2 (PR 83821)

[PATCH] handle string copies with non-constant lengths (PR 91996)

Re: [PATCH] Help compiler detect invalid code

[PATCH] i386: Add clear_ratio to processor_costs

Re: [PATCH] ifcvt: improve cost estimation (PR 87047)

[PATCH] implement -Wrestrict for sprintf (PR 83688)

[PATCH] Implement <concepts> header for C++20

Re: [PATCH] Implement C++20 P1023 for __debug::array

[PATCH] Implement std::advance for istreambuf_iterator using pubseekoff

Re: [PATCH] Improve _Safe_iterator _M_distance_to

[PATCH] Improve code generation of v += (c == 0) etc. on x86 (PR target/92140)

[PATCH] Improve debug info in ivopts optimized loops (PR debug/90231)

[PATCH] Improve tests for std::add_pointer

[PATCH] Improve unrolling heuristics, PR91975

Re: [PATCH] IPA-CP release transformation summary (PR jit/91928)

[PATCH] Libgomp magic offset value self-documentation

Re: [PATCH] LRA: side_effects_p stmts' output is not invariant (PR89721)

[PATCH] MAINTAINERS: Change to my personal email address

[PATCH] Make gt_pch_nx unreachable in symbol-summary classes.

[PATCH] Make some new algorithms work in parallel mode

[PATCH] Make some parallel mode algorithms usable in constexpr contexts

[PATCH] Make std::invoke usable in constant expressions

[PATCH] mention referenced object in more -Wstringop-overflow instances

[PATCH] Minor improvements to testsuite iterator utilities

[PATCH] Modify simplify_truncation to handle extended CONST_INT.

[PATCH] More PR92046 fixes

[PATCH] More PR92046 fixes, make --param allow-store-data-races a -f option

[PATCH] Move jump threading before reload

[PATCH] Move the rest of the validity checks from vect_is_simple_reduction

Re: [PATCH] Multibyte awareness for diagnostics (PR 49973)

[PATCH] naming GCC's profile data section

[PATCH] New testcase for PR92228

Re: [PATCH] OpenACC 2.6 manual deep copy support (attach/detach)

[PATCH] OpenACC reference count consistency checking

[PATCH] OpenACC reference count overhaul

[PATCH] ostreambuf_iterator std::advance overload

[PATCH] Partial implementation of C++20 of <ranges> header

[PATCH] Pass memory statistics for {symbol,call}_summary.

[PATCH] PR c++/84810 - constraints on lambdas

[PATCH] PR c++/91369 Implement P0784R7 changes to allocation and construction

[PATCH] PR fortran/47054 -- Don't search parent namespace for symbol

Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/68401 Improve allocation error message

[PATCH] PR fortran/89943 -- Duplicate BIND(c) allowed (?)

[PATCH] PR fortran/90297 -- Remove code with no functional effect

[PATCH] PR fortran/91497 -- Silence conversion warnings

[PATCH] PR fortran/91513 -- Fix poorly worded error message

[PATCH] PR fortran/91649 -- Add additional checking for FINDLOC

Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/91714 -- Mangled type-spec

[PATCH] PR fortran/91715 -- Detect invalid type-spec

[PATCH] PR fortran/91784 -- Simplify EXPR_OP in conversion of constants

[PATCH] PR fortran/91785 -- Set locus for inquiry parameter

[PATCH] PR fortran/91801 -- convert assert to an error

[PATCH] PR fortran/91942 -- Inquiry parameter cannot be IO tag

Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/91943 -- More BOZ fallout

[PATCH] PR fortran/91959 -- Re-arrange matching of %FILL

[PATCH] PR fortran/92018 -- BOZ the gift that keeps giving

[PATCH] PR fortran/92019 -- BOZ cannot be an array index

[PATCH] PR fortran/92178 -- Re-order argument deallocation

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/78552 only construct std::locale for C locale once

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91057 set locale::id::_M_index atomically

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92059 fix several bugs in tr2::dynamic_bitset

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92124 fix incorrect container move assignment

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92143 adjust for OS X aligned_alloc behaviour

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92267 fix ABI change in deque iterators

Re: [PATCH] PR tree-optimization/90836 Missing popcount pattern matching

[PATCH] PR85678: Change default to -fno-common

[PATCH] PR92090: Fix testcase failures by r276469

Re: [PATCH] Prevent LTO section collision for a symbol name starting with '*'.

[PATCH] Process new C++17 and C++20 headers with Doxygen

[PATCH] Qualify type names in <ext/throw_allocator.h>

[patch] range-ops contribution

[PATCH] Re-instantiate more redundant store removal in FRE

[PATCH] Record externals/invariants in the SLP graph

[PATCH] Refactor rust-demangle to be independent of C++ demangling.

[PATCH] Refactor vectorizer reduction more

[PATCH] regrename: Use PC instead of CC0 to hide operands

[PATCH] Relax integer condition reduction, simplify vect_is_simple_reduction

[PATCH] Relax nested cycle vectorization further

[PATCH] Relax SLP operand swapping

[PATCH] Release function and edge summaries allocated with GGC.

Re: [PATCH] Remove broken URL from libstdc++ manual

[PATCH] Remove extra lib directory from --with-advance-toolchain

[PATCH] Remove greedy wildcards from libstdc++ linker script

[PATCH] Remove missing usage of cgraph_local_info in arm,bfin and c6x.

[PATCH] Remove PR 92268 workaround and fix new test failures

[PATCH] Remove redudant iptr when operand already has a scalar mode.

[PATCH] Remove redundant code from reduction vectorization

[PATCH] Remove redundant std::allocator members for C++20

[PATCH] Remove some more using-declarations from namespace __gnu_cxx

Re: [PATCH] Remove some restrictions from rust-demangle.

[PATCH] Replace C++14 feature used in C++11 test

[PATCH] Replace uses of std::tr1::unordered_map in testsuite

Re: [PATCH] Report errors on inconsistent OpenACC nested reduction clauses

[PATCH] Report errors on inconsistent OpenACC nested reduction, clauses

[PATCH] Restore use of tr1::unordered_map in testsuite

Re: [PATCH] Restrict LOOP_ALIGN to loop headers only.

[PATCH] Review std::copy istreambuf_iterator specialization

[PATCH] RFA (gimplify.h) Fix incorrect cp/ use of get_formal_tmp_var.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Include more registers in SIBCALL_REGS.

[PATCH] rs6000: -flto forgets 'no-vsx' function attributes (PR target/70010)

[PATCH] rs6000: Enable limited unrolling at -O2

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix allocate_stack in a corner case (PR91289)

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix PR91275

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix PR92093

[PATCH] rs6000: Implement [u]avg<mode>3_ceil

[PATCH] rs6000: Refine implicit funroll-loops with unroll_adjust hook.

[PATCH] S/390: Run %a0:DI splitters only after reload

[PATCH] S/390: Use UNSPEC_GET_TP for thread pointer loads

[PATCH] Simplify common case of use_future_t that uses std::allocator

Re: [PATCH] Simplify sinh (x) / cosh (x)

[PATCH] Simplify vect_is_simple_reduction

[PATCH] Split out PHI transform from vectorizable_reduction

[PATCH] Split out stmt transform from vectorizable_reduction

[PATCH] std::experimental::simd

[PATCH] Support multi-versioning on self-recursive function (ipa/92133)

[PATCH] teach gengtype about 'mutable'

Re: [PATCH] The inline keyword is supported in all new C standards

[PATCH] Transfer STMT_VINFO_REDUC_IDX to patterns

[PATCH] Unbreak -masm=intel (PR target/92258)

[PATCH] Update documentation of -Wshadow

[PATCH] Use __is_same_as for std::is_same and std::is_same_v

[PATCH] use EVRP in more strlen functions

[PATCH] Use if-constexpr instead of overloading for customization point

[PATCH] Use implicitly-defined copy operations for test iterators

Re: [PATCH] Use movmem optab to attempt inline expansion of __builtin_memmove()

[PATCH] Use narrow mode of constant when expanding widening multiplication

[PATCH] Use STMT_VINFO_REDUC_IDX instead of recomputing it

[PATCH] V5, #1 of 15: Support 34-bit offsets for prefixed instructions

[PATCH] V5, #10 of 15: Use PADDI to add large 34-bit constants

[PATCH] V5, #11 of 15: Make -mpcrel default on Linux 64-bit

[PATCH] V5, #12 of 15: Miscellaneous prefixed address tests

[PATCH] V5, #13 of 15: Prefixed address tests with large offsets

[PATCH] V5, #14 of 15: PC-relative tests

[PATCH] V5, #15 of 15: Add (0),1 to @pcrel syntax

[PATCH] V5, #2 of 15: Fix prefixed instruction length for some 128-bit types

[PATCH] V5, #3 of 15: Deal with prefixed instructions in rs6000_insn_cost

[PATCH] V5, #4 of 15: Update predicates

[PATCH] V5, #5 of 15: Support -fstack-protect and large stack frames

[PATCH] V5, #6 of 15: Make vector load/store instruction length correct with prefixed addresses

[PATCH] V5, #7 of 15: Restrict vector extract to not use prefixed memory

[PATCH] V5, #8 of 15: Use PADDI/PLI to load up 34-bit DImode constants

[PATCH] V5, #9 of 15: Add PADDI (PLI) support to load up 32-bit SImode constants

[PATCH] V6, #1 of 17: Use ADJUST_INSN_LENGTH for prefixed instructions

[PATCH] V6, #10 of 17: Update target-supports.exp

[PATCH] V6, #11 of 17: Add PADDI tests

[PATCH] V6, #12 of 17: Add prefix test for DS/DQ instructions

[PATCH] V6, #13 of 17: Add test for prefix pre-modify

[PATCH] V6, #14 of 17: Add prefixed load/store tests with large offsets

[PATCH] V6, #15 of 17: Add PC-relative tests

[PATCH] V6, #16 of 17: New test for stack protection

[PATCH] V6, #16 of 17: Wrong subject, should have been update @pcrel

[PATCH] V6, #17 of 17: Add stack protection test

[PATCH] V6, #2 of 17: Minor code reformat

[PATCH] V6, #3 of 17: Update lwa_operand for prefixed PLWA

[PATCH] V6, #4 of 17: Add prefixed instruction support to stack protect insns

[PATCH] V6, #5 of 17: Add prefixed instruction support to vector extract optimizations

[PATCH] V6, #6 of 17: Use PADDI/PLI to load up 34-bit DImode constants

[PATCH] V6, #7 of 17: Use PADDI/PLI to load up 32-bit SImode constants

[PATCH] V6, #8 of 17: Use PADDI to add 34-bit constants

[PATCH] V6, #9 of 17: Change defaults on Linux 64-bit to enable -mpcrel

[PATCH] vectorizable_reduction TLC

[PATCH], V4, patch #10 [part of patch #4.2], Set prefixed length for 128-bit non-vector type

[PATCH], V4, patch #11 [part of patch #4.2], Adjust insn cost for prefixed instructions

[PATCH], V4, patch #12 [part of patch #4.2], Update predicates

[PATCH], V4, patch #13 [part of patch #4.2], Update stack protect insns for prefixed addresses

[PATCH], V4, patch #14 [part of patch #4.2], Update vector 128-bit instruction sizes

[PATCH], V4, patch #15 [part of patch #4.2], Make vector extract/insert support prefixed instructions

[PATCH], V4, patch #16 [Same as patch #5], Support DImode 34-bt constants

[PATCH], V4, patch #17 [Same as patch #6], Use PADDI to load up 32-bit SImode constants

[PATCH], V4, patch #18 [Same as patch #7], Use PADDI to add 34-bit constants

[PATCH], V4, patch #19 [Same as patch #8], Enable -mpcrel on Linux 64-bit systems

Re: [PATCH], V4, patch #4.1: Enable prefixed/pc-rel addressing (revised)

[PATCH], V4, patch #9 [part of patch #4.2], Add prefixed address offset checks

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix symbol offset limit

[PATCH][AArch64] Implement __rndr, __rndrrs intrinsics

[PATCH][AArch64] Implement Armv8.5-A memory tagging (MTE) intrinsics

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] PR79262: Adjust vector cost



Re: [PATCH][ARM] Enable arm_legitimize_address for Thumb-2

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Enable code hoisting with -Os (PR80155)

[PATCH][Arm] Fix multilibs for Armv7-R

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Remove support for MULS

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Switch to default sched pressure algorithm


[patch][avr] PR92055: Add switches to enable 64-bit [long] double.

[PATCH][C++] Use OVL_OP_INFO in get_fold_operator.

[Patch][Demangler] Fix for complex values

[PATCH][Demangler] Small fix for complex values

[Patch][Fortran/OpenMP] Don't create "alloc:" for 'target exit data'

[patch][Fortran] Actually permit OpenMP's 'target simd'

[Patch][Fortran] Improve OpenMP/OpenACC diagnostic if junk comes after a directive

Re: [Patch][Fortran] OpenACC – permit common blocks in some clauses

Re: [Patch][Fortran] OpenMP – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

Re: [Patch][Fortran] OpenMP – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

[Patch][Fortran] OpenMP+OpenACC: Remove bogus contigous-pointer check (PR/65438)

[Patch][Fortran] PR 92208 don't use function-result dummy variable as actual argument

Re: [Patch][Fortran] Vastly improve error message during parsing – simple patch for OpenMP/OpenACC directives

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Arm generates out of range conditional branches in Thumb2 (PR91816)

[PATCH][GCC][Arm][libsanitizer] Fix arm libsanitizer bootstrap failure

[PATCH][gcov-profile/91971]Profile directory concatenated with object file path

[PATCH][LTO] Do not merge anonymous NAMESPACE_DECLs

[PATCH][MSP430] Add -mtiny-printf option to support reduced code size printf and puts

[PATCH][MSP430] Add support for post increment addressing

[PATCH][MSP430] Use 430 insns in the large memory model for more patterns

[PATCH][MSP430] Use hardware multiply routine to perform HImode widening multiplication (mulhisi3)

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix typo in dump_tree_statistics.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Initialize a field in fibonacci_node.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Remove dead code in IPA ICF.

[Patch][omp-low.c,fortran] Simple fix for optional argument handling with OpenMP's use_device_ptr

[patch][OpenMP,Fortran] Fix several OpenMP use_device_addr/map/update errors found by a length test case

[patch][OpenMP,Fortran] Fix trans-openmp.c, add use_device_addr run-time test case (has known issues with actual offloading)

[Patch][OpenMP] use_device_addr/use_device_ptr with Fortran allocatable/pointer arrays (= array descriptor)

[PATCH][PR83534] C++17: typeinfo for noexcept function lacks noexcept information

[PATCH][PR91979] Incorrect mangling for non-template-argument nullptr expression

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Add new ipa-reorder pass

[PATCH][RFC] C++-style iterators for FOR_EACH_IMM_USE_STMT

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Param to options conversion (demo).

[PATCH][testuite] Fix pr80481.C after epilogue vectorization

[patch][trivial] Fix signed integer overflow in cp-demangle.c (d_number)

[PATCH][vect] Clean up orig_loop_vinfo from vect_analyze_loop

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Purge CVS from gccmission.html

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Update GCC 9 release note

[PATCHv2] Change the library search path when using --with-advance-toolchain

[PING 2] [WIP PATCH] add object access attributes (PR 83859)

[PING 2][PATCH] implement -Wrestrict for sprintf (PR 83688)

[PING**2] [PATCH] Fix PR c++/92024

[PING] [PATCH] add __has_builtin (PR 66970)

[PING] [PATCH] Fix dwarf-lineinfo inconsistency of inlined subroutines

[PING] [WIP PATCH] add object access attributes (PR 83859)

[PING][PATCH] bring -Warray-bounds closer to -Wstringop-overflow (PR91647, 91463, 91679)

Re: [ping][PATCH][MSP430] Don't generate 430X insns when handling data in the lower memory region

[PING][POC v2 PATCH] __builtin_warning

Re: [ping][PR target/85401] initialize the move cost table before using it

[PING^3][PATCH 3/3][DejaGNU] target: Wrap linker flags into `-largs'/`-margs' for Ada

[POC v2 PATCH] __builtin_warning

[PPC, committed] Delete out of date comment.

[PR 70929] IPA call type compatibility fix/workaround

[PR target/85401] Add test-cases

[PR target/85401] initialize the move cost table before using it (in another place, too)

[PR target/85401][v2] Add test-cases

[PR testsuite/91842] Skip gcc.dg/ipa/ipa-sra-19.c on power


Re: [PR90742] OpenACC/OpenMP target offloading: Fortran 'allocatable' scalars in 'firstprivate' clauses

Re: [preprocessor/91639] #includes at EOF

[preprocessor/91991] column location overflow

Re: [RFA][1/3] Remove Cell Broadband Engine SPU targets

[RFC C++ PATCH] OpenMP declare variant for C++

[RFC PATCH] targetm.omp.device_kind_arch_isa and OpenMP declare variant kind/arch/isa handling

[RFC, Darwin, PPC] Fix PR 65342.

Re: Re: [RFC/PATCH v2][PR89245] Check REG_CALL_DECL note during the tail-merging

Re: [RFC] Come up with ipa passes introduction in gccint documentation

[RFC][Fortran,patch] %C error diagnostic location

[RFC][PATCH] Show ltrans progress in lto1 process name.

[RFC][SLP] SLP vectorization: vectorize vector constructors

Re: [RFH][libgcc] fp-bit bit ordering (PR 78804)

[SH][committed] Fix PR 88562

[SH][committed] Fix PR 88630

[SLP] SLP vectorization: vectorize vector constructors

Re: [SVE] PR86753

[SVE] PR91272

Re: [SVE] PR91532

[testsuite] Add test for PR91532

[testsuite] Check init_priority in g++.dg/cpp0x/gen-attrs-67.C

[tree-if-conv.c] Move call to ifcvt_local_dce after rpo vn

Re: [WIP PATCH] add object access attributes (PR 83859)

[wwwdocs, committed] Fix GCC 8.2 release date (was: wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-8 index.html)

[wwwdocs,patch,committed] GCC 9 status: point to post-release-9.2 report not to pre-release report

[wwwdocs] codingconventions.html - hboehm.info now defaults to https.

[wwwdocs] Improve markup/nicer formatting for GIT instructions.

[wwwdocs] projects/gupc.html - adjust upc.gwu.edu references

[wwwdocs] readings.html - http://www.idris.fr/data/publications/F95/test_F95_english.html is gone

[wwwdocs] readings.html - pubs.opengroup.org has moved to https

[wwwdocs] readings.html - tweak polyhedron.com link

[wwwdocs] Update C++ DR table

[wwwdocs] Update C++ status

[wwwdocs] Update gcc-10/changes.html re Intel ISA (was: gcc-wwwdocs branch master updated. 63fbcfeaf27d9dd2083ccbd34bdff8fccb63949c)

[x86] recompute opt flags after opt level change

Add a constant_range_value_p function (PR 92033)

Re: Add a simulate_builin_function_decl langhook

Re: Add a simulate_enum_decl langhook

Add build_truth_vector_type_for_mode

Add expr_callee_abi

Add myself to MAINTAINERS files

Add OpenACC 2.6 `acc_get_property' support

Re: Add std::copy_n overload for istreambuf_iterator

Add strftime format checking support for C2x %OB and %Ob (bug 82752)

Re: Argument-mismatch fallout

Argument-mismatch fallout (was: Re: [PATCH, Fortran] Optionally suppress no-automatic overwrites recursive warning - for approval)

Attendees of IOT Solutions World Congress 2019

Avid ggc_alloc and push_cfun during LTO streaming

Avoid recomputing data references in BB SLP

build-failure for cris-elf with "[00/32] Support multiple ABIs in the same translation unit"

BUMP: AW: [PATCH] Microblaze: Type confusion in fprintf

C++ PATCH for c++/90998 - ICE with copy elision in init by ctor and -Wconversion

C++ PATCH for c++/91363 - P0960R3: Parenthesized initialization of aggregates

C++ PATCH for c++/91548 - fix detecting modifying const objects for ARRAY_REF

C++ PATCH for c++/91962 - ICE with reference binding and qualification conversion

C++ PATCH for c++/92032 - DR 1601: Promotion of enum with fixed underlying type

C++ PATCH for c++/92049 - extra error with -fchecking=2

C++ PATCH for c++/92062 - ODR-use ignored for static member of class template

C++ PATCH for c++/92106 - ICE with structured bindings and -Wreturn-local-addr

C++ PATCH for c++/92134 - constinit malfunction in static data member

C++ PATCH for c++/92215 - flawed diagnostic for bit-field with non-integral type

C++ PATCH for C++20 P0388R4 (conversions to arrays of unknown bounds) and CWG 1307 (c++/91364, c++/69531)

C++ PATCH for comp_ptr_ttypes_real

C++ PATCH to add missing space in diagnostic

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/91581

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/92070

C++ PATCH to add test for DR 685

C++ PATCH to fix typo in test name

C++ PATCH to merge concepts-cxx2a branch

committed: cleanups to range-op.cc

Content Collaboration

Re: copy/copy_backward/fill/fill_n/equal rework

Correctly release ipa-reference summarries

Define WIDTH macros for C2x

Re: Deprecating cc0 (and consequently cc0 targets)

Re:Domain:Lets Do This!!

Enabling rtl checking by default (was Re: [PATCH] Use movmem optab to attempt inline expansion of __builtin_memmove())

factory of canvas, framed art, art mirror

Fix ALL_REGS thinko in initialisation of function_used_regs

Fix another -Wodr ICE

Fix duplicated renumbering of statements during streaming

FIX ICE building cactusBSSN

Fix ICE in updating inline summaries

Fix LTO bootstrap

Fix MIPS call-clobbered-*.c tests

Fix PR90796

Fix reductions for fully-masked loops

Fix reload after function-abi patches (PR91948)

Fix summaries after ipa-icf alias/wrapper creation

Fix summaries for expanded thunks

Fix typo in inliner badness calculation

Fix unchecked use of tree_to_uhwi in tree-ssa-strlen.c

Fix use after free in vector_size change

Fix wrong code issue in access path oracle

Free inline summaries for inline clones

Free ipa-prop edge summaries for inline calls

Free m_vector of symbol and call summaries

fruit juice

GCC 10.0 Status Report (2019-10-22), Stage 1 to end Nov 16th

Re: GCC 9 backports

GCC 9 Patch committed: Don't inline numeric expressions with named types

GCC wwwdocs move to git done

Re: gcc-wwwdocs branch master updated. cdc7bf90357701877546f8bac160d0fb9e20b334

Go patch commited: Mangle dots in pkgpath

Go patch committed: Change frontend code to avoid shadowing locals

Go patch committed: Include constant types during export processing

Go patch committed: Revise export data fix for constant types

Grow GGC after cgraph and summary streaming

Handle :: tokens in C for C2x

HEADSUP -- gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog bloat

Implement ggc_trim

introduce -fcallgraph-info option


Re:lemire.me: Talk About Your Website Issues

Re:lemire.me:Increase the number of visitors

libgo patch committed: mark go-context.S as no-exec-stack, split-stack

libgomp test report with nvidia offloading

Make C2X imply -fno-fp-int-builtin-inexact

Make ipa-reference bitmaps dense

Mark C2x built-in functions as such

Meet Visitors of IOT Solutions World Congress 2019

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

More ipa-referene memory use improvements

Move code out of vect_slp_analyze_bb_1

New Finnish PO file for 'gcc' (version 9.1.0)

Order symbols before section copying in the lto streamer

Pass the data vector mode to get_mask_mode

Ping ** (2./7.) Fix PR 92004, restore Lapack compilation

Ping ---A bug with -fprofile-dir? Profile directory concatenated with object file path

PING*2 : Fwd: [PATCH][gcov-profile/91971]Profile directory concatenated with object file path

Ping*2: Add a simulate_enum_decl langhook

Ping: [C][C++] Avoid exposing internal details in aka types

Ping: [PATCH V2] Loop split upon semi-invariant condition (PR tree-optimization/89134)

Re: Ping: [PATCH V4] Extend IPA-CP to support arithmetically-computed value-passing on by-ref argument (PR ipa/91682)

Ping: [PATCH v5] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

Ping: Add a simulate_builin_function_decl langhook

Ping: Add a simulate_enum_decl langhook

PING: Fwd: [PATCH][gcov-profile/91971]Profile directory concatenated with object file path

Ping: question on Multiple level macro expansion

PING^3 [PATCH v2] S/390: Improve storing asan frame_pc

PowerPC future machine patches, version 5

PowerPC future machine patches, version 6

Re: ppc64le regressions due to recent change

PR 91770 - emit a warning in a system header

Re: PR69455

PR92036 "OpenACC 'firstprivate' clause: initial value"




PSA: Nasty lurking bug causing string comparison to be eliminated incorrectly

Quick Question On Arm TechCon 2019

Re: r272976 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: ChangeLog ali.adb ...

Reduce inline-heuristics-hint-percent (to fix exchange2 regression)

Reimplementation of -Wclobbered on GIMPLE SSA

Remove build_{same_sized_,}truth_vector_type

Remove splay tree form ipa-reference.c

Remove vars before TLS data during OpenACC shutdown

Rename attribute-related functions and productions in C parser

Replace mode_for_int_vector with related_int_vector_mode

Report heap memory use into -Q output

Request for becoming a contributor

RFA [PATCH] * lock-and-run.sh: Check for process existence rather than timeout.

Re: RFA [PATCH] * lock-and-run.sh: Check for process existence rather than timeout.

RFC/A: Add a targetm.vectorize.related_mode hook

Re: RFC: Building a minimal libgfortran for nvptx

Silecne bogus -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning

Store float for pow result test

Support _Decimal* keywords for C2x

Support decimal floating-point constants in C2x

Translation Services with Minimal Expenses

Trustech Cannes 2019 - Visitors List

Type representation in CTF and DWARF

Update aarch64 baseline symbols

Update DFP macros in float.h for C2x and TS 18661-2

use call-clobbered reg to disalign the stack

Use CONSTEXPR in machmode.h

Watch for missing summaries even more

Your opportunity

{PATCH v3, rs6000] Replace X-form addressing with D-form addressing in new pass for Power9

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