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RE: 0001-Part-1.-Add-generic-part-for-Intel-CET-enabling

RE: 0004-Part-4.-Update-x86-backend-to-enable-Intel-CET

RE: 0006-Part-6.-Add-x86-tests-for-Intel-CET-implementation

[00/nn] AArch64 patches preparing for SVE

[00/nn] Patches preparing for runtime offsets and sizes

[000/nnn] poly_int: representation of runtime offsets and sizes

[001/nnn] poly_int: add poly-int.h

[002/nnn] poly_int: IN_TARGET_CODE

[003/nnn] poly_int: MACRO_MODE

[004/nnn] poly_int: mode query functions

[005/nnn] poly_int: rtx constants

[006/nnn] poly_int: tree constants

[007/nnn] poly_int: dump routines

[008/nnn] poly_int: create_integer_operand

[009/nnn] poly_int: TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION

[01/nn] [AArch64] Generate permute patterns using rtx builders

[01/nn] Add gen_(const_)vec_duplicate helpers

[010/nnn] poly_int: REG_OFFSET

[011/nnn] poly_int: DWARF locations

[012/nnn] poly_int: fold_ctor_reference

[013/nnn] poly_int: same_addr_size_stores_p

[014/nnn] poly_int: indirect_refs_may_alias_p

[015/nnn] poly_int: ao_ref and vn_reference_op_t

[016/nnn] poly_int: dse.c

[017/nnn] poly_int: rtx_addr_can_trap_p_1

[018/nnn] poly_int: MEM_OFFSET and MEM_SIZE

[019/nnn] poly_int: lra frame offsets

[02/nn] [AArch64] Move code around

[02/nn] Add more vec_duplicate simplifications

[020/nnn] poly_int: store_bit_field bitrange

[021/nnn] poly_int: extract_bit_field bitrange

[022/nnn] poly_int: C++ bitfield regions

[023/nnn] poly_int: store_field & co

[024/nnn] poly_int: ira subreg liveness tracking

[025/nnn] poly_int: SUBREG_BYTE

[026/nnn] poly_int: operand_subword

[027/nnn] poly_int: DWARF CFA offsets

[028/nnn] poly_int: ipa_parm_adjustment

[029/nnn] poly_int: get_ref_base_and_extent

[03/nn] [AArch64] Rework interface to add constant/offset routines

[03/nn] Allow vector CONSTs

[030/nnn] poly_int: get_addr_unit_base_and_extent

[031/nnn] poly_int: aff_tree

[032/nnn] poly_int: symbolic_number

[033/nnn] poly_int: pointer_may_wrap_p

[034/nnn] poly_int: get_inner_reference_aff

[035/nnn] poly_int: expand_debug_expr

[036/nnn] poly_int: get_object_alignment_2

[037/nnn] poly_int: get_bit_range

[038/nnn] poly_int: fold_comparison

[039/nnn] poly_int: pass_store_merging::execute

[04/nn] [AArch64] Rename the internal "Upl" constraint

[04/nn] Add a VEC_SERIES rtl code

[040/nnn] poly_int: get_inner_reference & co.

[041/nnn] poly_int: reload.c

[042/nnn] poly_int: reload1.c

[043/nnn] poly_int: frame allocations

[044/nnn] poly_int: push_block/emit_push_insn

[045/nnn] poly_int: REG_ARGS_SIZE

[046/nnn] poly_int: instantiate_virtual_regs

[047/nnn] poly_int: argument sizes

[048/nnn] poly_int: cfgexpand stack variables

[049/nnn] poly_int: emit_inc

[05/nn] [AArch64] Rewrite aarch64_simd_valid_immediate

[05/nn] Add VEC_DUPLICATE_{CST,EXPR} and associated optab

[050/nnn] poly_int: reload<->ira interface

[051/nnn] poly_int: emit_group_load/store

[052/nnn] poly_int: bit_field_size/offset

[053/nnn] poly_int: decode_addr_const

[054/nnn] poly_int: adjust_ptr_info_misalignment

[055/nnn] poly_int: find_bswap_or_nop_load

[056/nnn] poly_int: MEM_REF offsets

[057/nnn] poly_int: build_ref_for_offset

[058/nnn] poly_int: get_binfo_at_offset

[059/nnn] poly_int: tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c:iv_use

[06/nn] [AArch64] Add an endian_lane_rtx helper routine

[06/nn] Add VEC_SERIES_{CST,EXPR} and associated optab

[060/nnn] poly_int: loop versioning threshold

[061/nnn] poly_int: compute_data_ref_alignment

[062/nnn] poly_int: prune_runtime_alias_test_list

[063/nnn] poly_int: vectoriser vf and uf

[064/nnn] poly_int: SLP max_units

[065/nnn] poly_int: vect_nunits_for_cost

[066/nnn] poly_int: omp_max_vf

[067/nnn] poly_int: get_mask_mode

[068/nnn] poly_int: current_vector_size and TARGET_AUTOVECTORIZE_VECTOR_SIZES

[069/nnn] poly_int: vector_alignment_reachable_p

[07/nn] [AArch64] Pass number of units to aarch64_reverse_mask

[07/nn] Add unique CONSTs

[070/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_reduction

[071/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_induction

[072/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_live_operation

[073/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_load/store

[074/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_call

[075/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_simd_clone_call

[076/nnn] poly_int: vectorizable_conversion

[077/nnn] poly_int: vect_get_constant_vectors

[078/nnn] poly_int: two-operation SLP

[079/nnn] poly_int: vect_no_alias_p

[08/nn] [AArch64] Pass number of units to aarch64_simd_vect_par_cnst_half

[08/nn] Add a fixed_size_mode class

[080/nnn] poly_int: tree-vect-generic.c

[081/nnn] poly_int: brig vector elements

[082/nnn] poly_int: omp-simd-clone.c

[083/nnn] poly_int: fold_indirect_ref_1

[084/nnn] poly_int: folding BIT_FIELD_REFs on vectors

[085/nnn] poly_int: expand_vector_ubsan_overflow

[086/nnn] poly_int: REGMODE_NATURAL_SIZE

[087/nnn] poly_int: subreg_get_info

[088/nnn] poly_int: expand_expr_real_2

[089/nnn] poly_int: expand_expr_real_1

[09/nn] [AArch64] Pass number of units to aarch64_expand_vec_perm(_const)

[09/nn] Add a fixed_size_mode_pod class

[090/nnn] poly_int: set_inc_state

[091/nnn] poly_int: emit_single_push_insn_1

[092/nnn] poly_int: PUSH_ROUNDING

[093/nnn] poly_int: adjust_mems

[094/nnn] poly_int: expand_ifn_atomic_compare_exchange_into_call

[095/nnn] poly_int: process_alt_operands

[096/nnn] poly_int: reloading complex subregs

[097/nnn] poly_int: alter_reg

[098/nnn] poly_int: load_register_parameters

[099/nnn] poly_int: struct_value_size

[10/nn] [AArch64] Minor rtx costs tweak

[10/nn] Widening optab cleanup

[100/nnn] poly_int: memrefs_conflict_p

[101/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_NUNITS

[102/nnn] poly_int: vect_permute_load/store_chain

[103/nnn] poly_int: TYPE_VECTOR_SUBPARTS

[104/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_PRECISION

[105/nnn] poly_int: expand_assignment

[106/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_BITSIZE

[107/nnn] poly_int: GET_MODE_SIZE

[11/nn] [AArch64] Set NUM_POLY_INT_COEFFS to 2

[11/nn] Add narrower_subreg_mode helper function

[12/nn] [AArch64] Add const_offset field to aarch64_address_info

[12/nn] Add an is_narrower_int_mode helper function

[13/nn] More is_a <scalar_int_mode>

[14/nn] Add helpers for shift count modes

[15/nn] Use more specific hash functions in rtlhash.c

[16/nn] Factor out the mode handling in lower-subreg.c

[17/nn] Turn var-tracking.c:INT_MEM_OFFSET into a function

[18/nn] Use (CONST_VECTOR|GET_MODE)_NUNITS in simplify-rtx.c

[19/nn] Don't treat zero-sized ranges as overlapping

[20/nn] Make tree-ssa-dse.c:normalize_ref return a bool

[21/nn] Minor vn_reference_lookup_3 tweak

[22/nn] Make dse.c use offset/width instead of start/end

[AArch64, testsuite] gcc.target/aarch64/extend.c: xfails for ilp32

[AArch64, testsuite] gcc.target/aarch64/fmul_fcvt_1.c: ilp32 fixes

[AArch64, testsuite] gcc.target/aarch64/symbol-range.c: skip for ilp32

[AArch64, testsuite] gfortran.dg/ieee/ieee_8.f90: xfail for aarch64+ilp32

[AArch64] Backport to gcc-7 PR71727 fix -mstrict-align

Re: [AArch64] Patches for review

Re: [AArch64] Tweak aarch64_classify_address interface

[Ada] Activation/suppression of SPARK elaboration rules

[Ada] Adjust new implementation of ABE detection to ZFP context

[Ada] Be more permissive for comparisons with literals in dimension system

[Ada] Calls in preelaborated units and pragma Remote_Call_Interface

[Ada] Check elaboration requirement for SPARK in the static model

[Ada] Crash on actual that is an instance of a generic child unit

[Ada] Crash on child unit name with -gnatdJ

[Ada] Crash on potential access-before-elaboration in ZFP

[Ada] Crash on validity check on actual with type conversion

[Ada] Detect protected types as program units

[Ada] Fix ICE on discriminated record type with -O

[Ada] Fix inadequate silencing of errors in expression functions

[Ada] Fix performance regression of Ada.Numerics on 32-bit Windows

[Ada] Fix PR ada/82785

[Ada] Improve nnd debugging hooks

[Ada] Internal error on expression function in ghost package

[Ada] Mark temporary entity created while removing side effects as internal

[Ada] Missing error on implicit copy of limited value in expression function

[Ada] Missing validity check on record type component

[Ada] Missing warning about replacement of warnings off for unreferenced

[Ada] New access-before-elaboration mechanism

[Ada] New secondary stack allocation behaviour

[Ada] Premature evaluation of message string in Assert pragma

[Ada] Proper resolution of Initializes and Initial_Condition

[Ada] Remove obsolete comment for Generic_Parent

[Ada] Repair ABI breakage on 32-bit x86/Linux

[Ada] Rewrite check for SPARK RM 7.1.3(10)

[Ada] Small optimization in Sem_Ch4.Find_Concatenation_Types

[Ada] Small optimizations in Sem_Type.Covers

[Ada] Spurious elaboration error in SPARK

[Ada] Spurious error in use of homograph of type name in predicate

[Ada] Spurious error on partial parameterization

[Ada] Spurious error with expression function returning anonymous access

[Ada] Spurious error with predicate and class-wide object

[Ada] Spurious ineffective use_clause warning

[Ada] Spurious ineffective use_type_clause warning on private type

[Ada] Spurious warnings and errors on calls on synchronized interfaces

[Ada] Spurious warnings with dynamic elab checks

[Ada] Static allocation of secondary dispatch tables

[Ada] Superfluous restriction on aspect Dimension applied to integer type

[Ada] Support for reverse iteration on formal containers

[Ada] Suppress checks within finalizers

[Ada] Suppress generation of ABE checks in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Update the categorization of N_Call_Marker nodes

[Ada] Use the Monotonic Clock on Linux

[Ada] Variable assignments and reads in SPARK elaboration code

[Ada] Warnings for ineffective use clauses unclear

[Add] Spurious ambiguity in prefixed call to classwide operation

[arm] Fix architecture selection when building libatomic with automatic FPU selection

[ARM] PR 67591 ARM v8 Thumb IT blocks are deprecated part 2

[ARM] PR 82445 - suppress 32-bit aligned ldrd/strd peepholing with -mno-unaligned-access

Re: [Bug libstdc++/82558] [8 Regression] V8 JavaScript engine segfaults since r249235

[build, libgcc, libgo] Adapt Solaris 12 references

[build] Use -xbrace_comment=no with recent Solaris/x86 as

[C PATCH] Fix -Wtautological-compare (PR c/82437)

[C PATCH] Fix -Wtautological-compare (PR c/82437; #2)

[C++ PATCH 82560] missing dtor call

[C++ Patch, obvious] Change invalid_nontype_parm_type_p to return a bool

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 82085 ("[6/7/8 Regression] ICE: Template variable reference used in nested template alias")


[C++ PATCH] Avoid bogus -Wreturn-local-addr warnings in templates (PR c++/82600)

[C++ PATCH] cp_expr tweak and delete unused enumerations

[C++ PATCH] Fix comment

[C++ PATCH] Fix pretty-printing of auto returning functions (PR c++/82373)

[C++ PATCH] give builtin types consistent name

[C++ PATCH] Hash mangling alias

[C++ PATCH] hash-table for extern-c fns.



[C++ PATCH] Kill unneeded hash specialization

[C++ PATCH] Label checking cleanups

[C++ PATCH] Move mangling alias out of ::

[C++ PATCH] operator name cleanup prepatch

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [1/N]

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [2/N]

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [3/N]

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [4/N]

[C++ PATCH] overloaded operator fns [5/N]

[C++ Patch] PR 47791

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 65579 ("gcc requires definition of a static constexpr member...")

[C++ Patch] PR 71946 ("asm in toplevel lambda function rejected")

[C++ Patch] PR 80449 ("[7/8 Regression] ICE reporting failed partial class template specialization class template argument deduction")

[C++ Patch] PR 80955 (Macros expanded in definition of user-defined literals)

[C++ Patch] PR 80991 ("ICE with __is_trivially_constructible in template")

[C++ Patch] PR 81957 ("ICE decltype")

[C++ Patch] PR 82307

[C++ Patch] PR 82466 ("Missing warning for re-declaration of built-in function as variable")

[C++ PATCH] set_global_binding tweak

[C++ PATCH] use hash-table for namespace contents

Re: [C++ PATCH] With -Wuseless-cast on direct enum init (PR c++/82299)

[C/C++ PATCH] Handle rotates like shifts

[committed] Add gnu::unique_ptr

[committed] Another testcase for already fixed PR (PR c++/53574)

[committed] Backports to 7.x

[committed] C++: show location of unclosed extern "C" specifications (v3)

[committed] Convert STARTING_FRAME_OFFSET to a hook

[committed] diagnostics: get rid of *_at_rich_loc in favor of overloading

[committed] Fix another tree-ssa-dse.c thinko

[committed] Fix combiner ICE with unconditional traps (PR target/82386)

[committed] Fix ICE with F2008 BLOCK inside of !$OMP PARALLEL (PR fortran/82568)

[committed] Fix pr81423.c testcase (PR rtl-optimization/81423)

[committed] Fix return type on stack clash protection hook

[committed] jit: add a way to preserve testsuite executables

[committed] jit: implement gcc_jit_context_new_rvalue_from_vector

[committed] PR82413: Mismatched precisions in build_range_check

[committed] Propagate attributes, including optimization and target node, to OMP outlined regions (PR tree-optimization/82374)

[committed] pt.c: add missing %< and %>

[Committed] S/390: Fix mode in vector merge pattern.

[Committed] S/390: Fix vec-cmp-2 testcase

[committed] s390 vec_xor fix (PR target/82464)

[committed] Simplify format_warning_at_substring API

[committed] Unbreak big-endian bootstrap (PR middle-end/22141)

[committed] Use scalar_int/float_mode in brig_langhook_type_for_mode

[committed] Use SCALAR_INT_TYPE_MODE in loc_list_from_tree_1

[committed] Use scalar_mode in expand_shift_1

[committed][PATCH] Avoid stack-clash tests which do not work with -fstack-protector

[committed][PATCH] Convert sprintf warning code to a dominator walk

[committed][PATCH] Fix typo in end of array address computation

[committed][PATCH] Simplify relationals into simple equality conditionals in DOM

[committed][PATCH] Trivial cleanup in tree-ssa-reassoc.c

[committed][PATCH][PR target/82358] Fix minor bug in stack-clash tests

[Committed][testsuite] Fix PR82442

[COMMITTED][testsuite] Fix ssa-dse-26.c

Re: [demangler PATCH]: eliding template return types

[Diagnostic Patch] don't print column zero

[doc] Remove Tru64 UNIX and IRIX references in install.texi

[doc] Update install.texi for Solaris 12 rename

[Fortran] Committed patch.

Re: [GCC][PATCH][TESTSUITE][ARM][COMMITTED] Invert check to misalign in vect_hw_misalign (PR 78421)

[GCC][PATCH][testsuite][mid-end] Fix failing slp test on aarch64 and arm.

Re: [gomp4] OpenACC async re-work

[HSA, PR 82416] Do not extend operands to at least 32 bits

[hsa] Add missing guard in OMP gridification

Re: [Libgomp, Fortran] Fix canadian cross build

[libgomp, hsa,committed] Remove semicolon after do {} while (false) in HSA_LOG

[libstdc++, patch] Fix build on APFS file system

[OBVIOUS][PATCH] Fix fallout of attribute directive ignored warning

[og7] Allow the accelerator to have more offloaded functions than the host

[og7] Enable 0-length array data mappings for implicit data clauses

[og7] Enable fortran derived types in acc enter/exit data

[openacc, testsuite, committed] Enable libgomp.oacc-*/declare-*.{c,f90} for non-nvidia devices

[openacc, testsuite, committed] Fix libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/{loop-red-g-1,routine-g-1}.c for non-nvidia devices

[openacc, testsuite, committed] Fix libgomp.oacc-fortran/{firstprivate-1,parallel-reduction}.f90 for non-nvidia devices

[openacc, testsuite, committed] Fix openacc float reduction testcases

Re: [PATCH #2], Define __FP_FAST_FMAF128 on PowerPC ISA 3.0

[PATCH 0/2] [i386] PR82002 Correct ICE with large stack frame

[patch 0/5] nios2 address mode improvements

[PATCH 0/7] GCOV: another set of improvements

[PATCH 00/13] Removal of SDB debug info support

Re: [PATCH 00/13] Removal of SDB debug info support

Re: [PATCH 00/17] RFC: New source-location representation; Language Server Protocol

[PATCH 01/13] remove sdbout.h and associated code

Re: [PATCH 01/13] remove sdbout.h and associated code

[PATCH 02/13] fix sdbout.c references in xcoffout.c


[PATCH 04/13] Delete the sdbout files

[PATCH 05/13] remove sdb/coff info from docs

[PATCH 06/13] remove sdb and -gcoff from non-target files

Re: [PATCH 06/13] remove sdb and -gcoff from non-target files

[PATCH 07/13] fix testsuite debug torture lists

[PATCH 07/22] Enable building libgcc with CET options.

[PATCH 08/13] fix dbxcoff.h

[PATCH 08/22] Add Intel CET support for EH in libgcc.

[PATCH 09/13] fix vxworks file

[PATCH 09/22] Enable building libbacktrace with Intel CET

[PATCH 1/2] [i386] PR82002 Part 1: Correct ICE caused by wrong calculation.

Re: [PATCH 1/2] add unique_ptr header

Re: [PATCH 1/2] C++: avoid partial duplicate implementation of cp_parser_error

[PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Update conditional jump patterns, no more (pc) (label_ref)

[PATCH 1/2] S/390: Handle long-running instructions

Re: [PATCH 1/3] improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[PATCH 1/3] Replace insn_rtx_cost with insn_cost and pattern_cost

Re: [PATCH 1/5] Enable vect_float with S/390 VXE and adjust testcases

[patch 1/5] switch nios2 backend to LRA

[PATCH 1/7] GCOV: document behavior of -fkeep-{static,inline}-functions (PR gcov-profile/82633).

Re: [PATCH 1/9] [SFN] adjust RTL insn-walking API

[PATCH 10/13] fix i386 files

Re: [PATCH 10/13] D: The D runtime library and license.

[PATCH 10/22] Enable building libcilkrts with Intel CET

[PATCH 11/13] drop sdb references in target comments copied from docs

[PATCH 11/22] Enable building libatomic with Intel CET

[PATCH 12/13] fix m68k files

[PATCH 12/22] Enable building libgomp with Intel CET

[PATCH 13/13] fix MIPS files

[PATCH 13/22] Enable building libstdc++-v3 with Intel CET

[PATCH 14/22] Enable building libsanitizer with Intel CET

[PATCH 15/22] Enable building libvtv with Intel CET

[PATCH 16/22] Enable building libssp with Intel CET

[PATCH 17/22] Enable building libquadmath with Intel CET

[PATCH 18/22] Enable building libmpx with Intel CET

[PATCH 19/22] Enable building libgfortran with Intel CET

[PATCH 2/2] [i386] PR82002 Part 2: Correct non-immediate offset/invalid INSN

[PATCH 2/2] C/C++: add fix-it hints for various missing symbols (v3)

[PATCH 2/2] PR libgcc/59714 complex division is surprising on aarch64

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Cleanup of various jump patterns

[PATCH 2/2] S/390: Do not end groups after fallthru edge

[PATCH 2/3] combine: Use insn_cost instead of pattern_cost everywhere

Re: [PATCH 2/3] improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[patch 2/5] add hook to track when splitting is complete

Re: [PATCH 2/5] Testcases using dg-options require at least -mzarch.

[PATCH 2/7] GCOV: introduce usage of terminal colors.

Re: [PATCH 2/9] [SFN] boilerplate changes in preparation to introduce nonbind markers

[PATCH 20/22] Enable building libobjc with Intel CET

[PATCH 21/22] Enable building libitm with Intel CET

[PATCH 3/3] Add targetm.insn_cost hook

Re: [PATCH 3/3] diagnose attribute aligned conflicts (PR 81566)

Re: [PATCH 3/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[patch 3/5] defer splitting of symbolic addresses

Re: [PATCH 3/5] New target check: vect_long_mult

[PATCH 3/7] GCOV: add support for lines with an unexecuted lines.

Re: [PATCH 3/9] [SFN] not-quite-boilerplate changes in preparation to introduce nonbind markers

Re: [PATCH 4/5] New target check for double<->int conversions

[patch 4/5] nios2 cost model improvements

[PATCH 4/7] GCOV: add -j argument (human readable format).

Re: [PATCH 4/9] [SFN] introduce statement frontier notes, still disabled

Re: [PATCH 5/5] New target check: vect_can_peel

[patch 5/5] test cases

[PATCH 5/7] GCOV: std::vector refactoring.

Re: [PATCH 5/9] [SFN] Introduce -gstatement-frontiers option, enable debug markers

[PATCH 6/7] GCOV: Vector refactoring II

Re: [PATCH 6/9] [LVU] Allow final_start_function to skip initial insns

[PATCH 7/7] GCOV: std::vector refactoring III

Re: [PATCH 8/9] [IEPM] Introduce debug hook for inline entry point markers

[PATCH 8/N][RFC] GCOV: support multiple functions per a line

Re: [PATCH 9/9] [IEPM] Introduce inline entry point markers

Re: [Patch AArch64] Stop generating BSL for simple integer code

[PATCH C++] Fix PR82357 - bogus "cannot bind bitfield" error

[PATCH GCC][1/3]Simplify (A + CST cmp A -> CST cmp zero) for undefined overflow type

[PATCH GCC][1/7]Delete unused field of struct partition in loop distribution

[PATCH GCC][2/3]Simplify ((A +- CST1 CMP A +- CST2)) for undefined overflow type

[PATCH GCC][2/7]Don't rename variables for deleted new preheader

[PATCH GCC][3/3]Refine CFG and bound information for split loops

[PATCH GCC][3/7]Don't skip renaming PHIs in loop nest with only one inner loop

[PATCH GCC][4/7]Choose exit edge/path when removing inner loop's exit statement

[PATCH GCC][5/7]Extend loop distribution for two-level innermost loop nest

[PATCH GCC][6/7]Support loop nest distribution for builtin partition

[PATCH GCC][7/7]Merge adjacent memset builtin partitions

Re: [PATCH GCC]A simple implementation of loop interchange

[PATCH GCC]Introduce qsort_range interface for GCC vector

[PATCH GCC]Refine comment and set type for partition merged from SCC

[PATCH GCC]Try harder to find base object by expanding base address

Re: [PATCH gfortran v2] PR 61450: ICE in gfc_global_used()

[Patch obvious][arm testsuite] Fixup expected location in require-pic-register-loc.c

[PATCH PR/82546] tree node size

Re: [PATCH PR79868 ][aarch64] Fix error calls in aarch64 code so they can be translated (version 2)

[PATCH PR82472]Update postorder number for merged partition.

[PATCH PR82574]Check that datref must be executed exactly once per iteration against outermost loop in nest

Re: [PATCH v2, middle-end]: Introduce memory_blockage named insn pattern

[PATCH v2] Add asan and ubsan support on NetBSD/amd64

[PATCH v2] Add sanopt support for UBSAN_PTR.

[PATCH v2] Fix Incorrect ASan global variables alignment on arm (PR sanitizer/81697)

[PATCH v2] libstdc++: istreambuf_iterator keep attached streambuf

[PATCH v3 0/14] D: Submission of D Front End

[PATCH v3 1/14] D: The front-end (DMD) language implementation and license.

[PATCH v3 10/14] D: GDC Testsuite tests and config.

[PATCH v3 11/14] D: The D runtime library and license.

[PATCH v3 12/14] D: GCC builtins and runtime support.

[PATCH v3 13/14] D: The Phobos runtime library and license.

[PATCH v3 14/14] D: Phobos config, makefiles, and testsuite.

[PATCH v3 2/14] D: The front-end (GDC) implementation.

[PATCH v3 3/14] D: The front-end (GDC) changelogs.

[PATCH v3 5/14] D: GCC configuration file changes and documentation.

[PATCH v3 6/14] D: Add D language support to GCC proper.

[PATCH v3 7/14] D: Add D language support to GCC targets.

[PATCH v3 8/14] D: D2 Testsuite compilable tests.

[PATCH v3 9/14] D: D2 Testsuite Dejagnu files.

[PATCH v3] Add asan and ubsan support on NetBSD/amd64

Re: [PATCH, AArch64] Disable reg offset in quad-word store for Falkor.

Re: [PATCH, alpha] Move linux-specific specfile definitions to linux.h

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR 82772, could not split atomic_andsi insn

[PATCH, alpha]: Use std::swap some more.

Re: [PATCH, ARM] correctly encode the CC reg data flow

Re: [PATCH, ARM] fix .cfi inconsistency out of builtin_eh_return

[patch, c++] Add a warning flag for the enum bit-field declaration warning in bug #61414.

[PATCH, committed] Add myself to MAINTAINERS

[patch, fortran, committed] Handle EXEC_WAIT in Fortran tree dump

[PATCH, Fortran, committed] PR82511: ICE Bad IO basetype (12) on attempted read or write of entire DEC structure

[patch, fortran, committed] Small -fdump-fortran-original fixes, plus documentation update

[PATCH, FORTRAN, committed] typo in error message in gfc_match_type_is

[patch, fortran, RFC] Interchange indices for FORALL and DO CONCURRENT if profitable

[PATCH, Fortran, v1] Clarify error message of co_reduce

Re: [PATCH, fortran, v4] Use Levenshtein spelling suggestions in Fortran FE

[patch, fortran] Error for non-contiguous pointers

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 56342, matmul was not simplified

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 79795

[patch, Fortran] Fix PR 82372

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 82567

[patch, fortran] Index interchange for FORALL and DO CONCURRENT

[patch, fortran] KIND arguments for MINLOC and MAXLOC

[patch, fortran] New take on PR 82373

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR 82312 - [7/8 Regression] Pointer assignment to component of class variable results wrong vptr for the variable

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR77296 - [F03] Compiler Error with allocatable string and associate

[Patch, fortran] PR80850 - Sourced allocate() fails to allocate a pointer

[Patch, fortran] PR81048 - [6/7/8 Regression] incorrect derived type initialization

[Patch, fortran] PR81758 - [7/8 Regression] [OOP] Broken vtab

[Patch, fortran] PR82375 - PDT components in PDT declarations fail to compile

[Patch, fortran] PR82550 - program using submodules fails to link

[Patch, fortran] PR82586 - [PDT] ICE: write_symbol(): bad module symbol

[patch, fortran] Set implicit ASYNCHRONOUS attribute

[PATCH, GCC/ARM] Allow +nodsp for -mcpu=cortex-m33

[PATCH, i386] Avoid 512-bit mode MOV for prefer-avx256 option in Intel AVX512 configuration

[PATCH, i386] Improve double-word comparisons (PR target/82580)

[PATCH, i386]: A couple of cleanups in output insn mnemonic constructions

[PATCH, i386]: Do not emit x87 FP reg-stack compensation pops from output_fp_compare

[PATCH, i386]: Fix addcarry<mode>/subborrow<mode> patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Fix gcc.target/i386/pr71245-?.c scan asm failures

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 82628, wrong code at -Os on x86_64-linux-gnu in the 32-bit mode

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 82692, Ordered comparisons used for unordered built-ins

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR82580, Optimize double-word comparisons

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR82725, ICE in change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c

[PATCH, i386]: PR 82618, Inefficient double-word subtraction on x86_64

[PATCH, i386]: Re-enable FICOM instruction with IX86_FPCMP_SAHF FP comparison strategy

[PATCH, i386]: Remove dead x87 cbranch helpers

[PATCH, i386]: Remove reversed jcc insn patterns

[patch, libfortran] Fix EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE error return

Re: [patch, libfortran] Fix thead sanitizer issue with libgfortran

Re: [PATCH, Makefile] improve default cpu selection for e500v2

Re: [PATCH, Makefile] improve libsubdir variable transmission to sub-makes on Windows

[PATCH, middle-end/82577] Fix DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME ICE

[patch, nios2] add -mgprel-sec= option

[patch, nios2] add -mr0rel-sec= option

[patch, nios2] enable FRAME_GROWS_DOWNWARD

[PATCH, RFC] Add a pass counter for "are we there yet" purposes

Re: [PATCH, rs6000 V3] Add Power 8 support to vec_revb

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] (v2) fix-up int128 fold vector multiply tests

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] (v2) Gimple folding for vec_madd()

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] (v3) Gimple folding for vec_madd()

[PATCH, rs6000] 1/2 Add x86 SSE2 <emmintrin,h> intrinsics to GCC PPC64LE target

[PATCH, rs6000] 2/2 Add x86 SSE2 <emmintrin,h> intrinsics to GCC PPC64LE target

[PATCH, rs6000] Add Power 8 support to vec_revb

[PATCH, rs6000] Add Power 9 support for vec_first builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] add testcase coverage for vec_neg built-ins.

[PATCH, rs6000] Correct unaligned_load vector cost for Power9

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Fix incorrect mode usage for vec_select

[PATCH, rs6000] fix-up int128 fold vector multiply tests

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Follow-on fix for PR target/80210: ICE in extract_insn

[PATCH, rs6000] Gimple folding for vec_madd()

[PATCH, rs6000] GIMPLE folding for vector compares

[PATCH, rs6000] Process deferred rescans between mini-passes

[PATCH, rs6000] testcase coverage for vec_cmp builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] testcase coverage for vec_splat_uX

[PATCH, rs6000] Testcase coverage for vec_splats

[PATCH, rs6000] update vec_perm testcase

[PATCH, testsuite] Add dg-require-stack-size

[PATCH, version 2], Add support for _Float<N> and _Float<N>X sqrt, fma, fmin, fmax built-in functions

Re: [PATCH, version 3], Add support for _Float<N> and _Float<N>X sqrt, fma, fmin, fmax built-in functions

Re: [PATCH, version 4], Add support for _Float<N> and _Float<N>X sqrt, fma, fmin, fmax built-in functions

Re: [PATCH, version 5], Add support for _Float<N> and _Float<N>X sqrt, fma, fmin, fmax built-in functions

Re: [PATCH, version 5a], Add support for _Float<N> and _Float<N>X sqrt, fma, fmin, fmax built-in functions

[patch, wwwdocs, committed]

[PATCH, wwwdocs] update my steering committee info

[PATCH,AIX] Fix issue with PRI*64 on AIX.

[PATCH,AIX] Manage Go Closure in libffi for AIX

[PATCH,AIX] rs6000 output_aligned_decl_common fix

[PATCH,committed] PR fortran/82620 -- fix detection of syntax error

[PATCH,RFC] collect2 LTO for AIX

[PATCH] (gimple) Allow integer return type from vector compares

[PATCH] [graphite] translate reads and writes in a single traversal of memory ops

[PATCH] [testsuite/i386] PR 82268 Correct FAIL when configured --with-cpu

[PATCH] Add -fsanitize=builtin support

[PATCH] Add -fsanitize=pointer-{compare,subtract}.

Re: [patch] Add -static-libquadmath option

[PATCH] Add a warning for invalid function casts

[PATCH] Add anitizer_linux_x86_64.lo if __x86_64__ is defined by $CC

[PATCH] Add bootstrap-cet.mk to bootstrap GCC with Intel CET

[PATCH] Add fields to struct gomp_thread for debugging purposes

[PATCH] Add further VEC_SELECT verification

[PATCH] Add gnu::unique_ptr

[PATCH] Add INCLUDE_UNIQUE_PTR and use it (PR bootstrap/82610)

Re: [PATCH] Add offset_int to guard HOST_WIDE_INT overflow (PR tree-optimization/82042).

[PATCH] Add sanopt support for UBSAN_PTR.

[PATCH] Add selftest for vec::reverse

[PATCH] Add some further testcases

[PATCH] Add various testcases

[PATCH] Another testcase for PR82436

[PATCH] Append PWD to path when using -fprofile-generate=/some/path.

Re: [PATCH] Asm memory constraints

[PATCH] Assorted store-merging improvements (PR middle-end/22141)

[PATCH] Avoid -Wattribute-alias warnings for long double compat symbols

[PATCH] Avoid creation if invalid BIT_FIELD_REFs (PR tree-optimization/82549)

[PATCH] avoid ifunc warnings in libatomic configure

[patch] avoid printing leading 0 in widest_int hex dumps

[PATCH] Avoid UB in ia32intrin.h rotate patterns (PR target/82498)

[PATCH] Avoid UB in tree-ssa-{dse,alias}*

[PATCH] C++ warning on vexing parse

[PATCH] C++17 P0067R5 std::to_chars and std::from_chars (partial)

Re: [PATCH] C++: show location of problematic extern "C" specifications

[PATCH] C++: show location of unclosed extern "C" specifications (v2)

[PATCH] c-family: add name_hint/deferred_diagnostic (v2)

[PATCH] C/C++: more stdlib header hints (PR c/81404)

[PATCH] C: detect more missing semicolons (PR c/7356)

[PATCH] C: underline parameters in mismatching function calls

[PATCH] Canonicalize constant multiplies in division

[PATCH] Canonicalize negates in division

[PATCH] Change default optimization level to -Og

[PATCH] Change default to -fno-math-errno

[patch] configure option to override TARGET_LIBC_PROVIDES_SSP

Re: [PATCH] cpp: Correctly handle filenames with newlines


[PATCH] Define __cpp_lib_byte feature-test macro

[PATCH] Define std::filesystem::path::format enum (P0430R2)

Re: [PATCH] Derive interface buffers from max name length

Re: [PATCH] detect incompatible aliases (PR c/81854)

[PATCH] Do not error for no_sanitize attributes (PR sanitizer/82490).

[PATCH] Do not instrument use-after-scope for vars with large alignment (PR sanitizer/82517).

[PATCH] Do not put gimple stmt on an abnormal edge (PR sanitizer/82545).

[PATCH] Document --coverage and fork-like functions (PR gcov-profile/82457).

[PATCH] Document -fdump-tree-vect option

Re: [Patch] Edit contrib/ files to download gfortran prerequisites

[PATCH] Enable ifunc attribute by default for ARM GNU/Linux

[PATCH] enhance -Warray-bounds to detect out-of-bounds offsets (PR 82455)

[PATCH] enhance -Warray-bounds to handle strings and excessive indices

Re: [PATCH] enhance -Wrestrict to handle string built-ins (PR 78918)

[patch] Enhance support for -Wstack-usage/-Wvla-larger-than/-Walloca-larger-than

[PATCH] expand -fdebug-prefix-map documentation

Re: [PATCH] Factor out division by squares and remove division around comparisons (1/2)

[PATCH] Fix #line __LINE__ handling and added conformance tests.

Re: [PATCH] Fix __mulv[dt]i3 and expand_mul_overflow (PR target/82274)

[PATCH] Fix a test-case for Darwin.

[PATCH] fix AIX fortran builds

[PATCH] Fix all tests that fail with -sanitize=return.

[PATCH] Fix another ICE with C++ addressable bitsize 0 return value (PR c++/82159)

[PATCH] Fix bitmap_bit_in_range_p (PR tree-optimization/82493).

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap with libsanitizer (PR sanitizer/82595)

[PATCH] fix cygwin builds

[PATCH] Fix DWARF5 .debug_loclist handling with hot/cold partitioning (PR debug/82718)

[PATCH] Fix failing test-case

[PATCH] Fix filesystem::path::lexically_normal algorithm

Re: [PATCH] Fix fortran/81509

[PATCH] Fix gfortran.dg/dtio_13.f90 failure on at least FreeBSD

[PATCH] Fix ICEs with ss{e,e2,se3} builtins with -mno-mmx (PR target/82483)

[PATCH] Fix ICEs with ss{e,e2,se3} builtins with -mno-mmx (PR target/82483, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix infer_loop_bounds_from_pointer_arith

[PATCH] Fix nrv-1.c false failure on aarch64.

[PATCH] Fix path::iterator post-increment and post-decrement

[patch] Fix PR debug/82509

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/82569

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR80295[aarch64] [7/8 Regression] ICE in __builtin_update_setjmp_buf expander

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR81422[aarch64] internal compiler error: in update_equiv_regs, at ira.c:3425

[PATCH] Fix PR81659

[PATCH] Fix PR82129

[PATCH] Fix PR82396: qsort comparator non-negative on sorted output

[PATCH] Fix PR82397

[PATCH] Fix PR82436

[PATCH] Fix PR82473

[PATCH] Fix PR82603

[PATCH] FIx PR82672

[PATCH] Fix PR82697

[PATCH] Fix PR82757

[PATCH] Fix PR82762

[PATCH] Fix PR82765

[PATCH] Fix PT_GNU_STACK on LTO compiled binaries with debug info (PR lto/82598)

[PATCH] Fix PT_GNU_STACK on LTO compiled binaries with debug info (PR lto/82598, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix recent tree-ssa-dse.c regressions (PR tree-optimization/8238[789])

[PATCH] Fix sort_by_operand_rank with qsort checking (PR tree-optimization/82381)

[PATCH] Fix sort_by_operand_rank with qsort checking (PR tree-optimization/82381, #2)

[PATCH] Fix test-suite fallout of default -Wreturn-type.

[PATCH] Fix typos in graphite testcases

Re: [PATCH] Fix UBSAN errors in dse.c (PR rtl-optimization/82044).

[PATCH] Fix use-after-scope error.

[PATCH] Fix various arithmetic patterns with %[abcd]h destination (PR target/82524)

Re: [patch] Fix wrong code with small structure return on PowerPC

[PATCH] Fix wrong-debug with i?86/x86_64 _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ (PR debug/82630)

[PATCH] Fix x86-64 zero_extended_scalar_load_operand caused wrong-code (PR target/82703)

[PATCH] Fortran -- Handle BOZ in accordance with F2008/2015.

[PATCH] GCOV: create one intermediate file per a gcno file (PR gcov-profile/82702).

[patch] generate TAGS for params.def file

[PATCH] i386: Avoid PLT when shadow stack is enabled directly

[PATCH] i386: Check red zone size in push peephole2

[PATCH] i386: Don't generate ENDBR if function is only called directly

[PATCH] i386: Insert ENDBR before the profiling counter call

[PATCH] i386: Skip DF_REF_INSN if DF_REF_INSN_INFO is false

[PATCH] Implement C++17 Filesystem library

[patch] implement generic debug() for vectors and hash sets

[patch] implement generic debug() functions for wide_int's

[PATCH] Implement omp async support for nvptx

[PATCH] Implement smart multiple switch expansion algorithms.

[PATCH] Implement unique_xmalloc_ptr<T[]> and add more selftests

[PATCH] Improve -fstore-merging for bool/enum constants (PR tree-optimization/82434)

Re: [PATCH] Improve -Ofast vectorization of std::sin etc. (PR libstdc++/81706)

Re: [PATCH] Improve alloca alignment

[PATCH] Improve AVX512 vector shift patterns (PR target/82370)

[PATCH] Improve AVX512* vperm[ti]2* (PR target/82460)

[PATCH] Improve FAIL message for dump-*-times functions.

[PATCH] Improve rotate fold-const pattern matching (PR target/82498)

[PATCH] Improve simplify_rotate (PR middle-end/62263, PR middle-end/82498)

[PATCH] Improve tests for error reporting in Filesystem TS

[PATCH] Improve V?TImode shifts (PR target/82370)

[PATCH] Improve x86 and + rotate (PR target/82498)

[PATCH] Include <memory> from system.h (PR bootstrap/82610)

[PATCH] Include missing source file for sanitizers on NetBSD

[PATCH] Include path enumeration

[PATCH] ira-color: fix allocno_priority_compare_func for qsort (PR 82395)

[PATCH] ira: volatile asm's are not moveable (PR82602)

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: istreambuf_iterator keep attached streambuf

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: istreambuf_iterator proxy

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: istreambuf_iterator proxy (was: keep attached streambuf)

[PATCH] List headers in Makefile in alphabetical order

[PATCH] Make -gcolumn-info the default

Re: [PATCH] Make __FUNCTION__ a mergeable string and do not generate symbol entry.

[PATCH] Make filesystem::file_status default constructor non-explicit (LWG 2787)

[PATCH] Minor header reorganization for unordered containers

[PATCH] Minor tweak to libstdc++ FAQ


[PATCH] Move FRE/PRE elimination code to tree-ssa-sccvn.c

[PATCH] New option saphira for Qualcomm server part

Re: [PATCH] PR debug/81570: dwarf2cfi.c: Update cfa.offset in create_pseudo_cfg

[PATCH] PR libgcc/59714 complex division is surprising on aarch64

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/79283 fix filesystem::read_symlink for /proc

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82417 do not include C99 <complex.h> in strict modes

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82481 Suppress clang-tidy warnings

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82522 overload map insert functions for rvalues (LWG 2354)

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82644 document IS 29124 support

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82685 add 'noexcept' to string_view literals

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82706 fix test for case where operations succeed

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/82716 avoid stupid -Wmismatched-tags warnings

[PATCH] PR target/68256 Defining TARGET_USE_CONSTANT_BLOCKS_P causes go bootstrap failure on aarch64

[PATCH] PR target/82624 msp430-elf target must allow for NULL pointer dereferences

[PATCH] PR82396 workaround for AArch64 bootstrap failure

[PATCH] Prefer shorter VEX encoding of VP{AND,OR,XOR,ANDN} over EVEX when possible (PR target/82370)

[PATCH] preprocessor stringizing raw strings

Re: [PATCH] Pretty-print GOACC_REDUCTION arguments

[PATCH] Print variadic C-functions properly in diagnostics

[PATCH] Protect more algorithms from overloaded comma operators

[PATCH] Provide filesystem::path overloads for file streams (LWG 2676, partial)

[PATCH] Refactor FRE/PRE elimination

[PATCH] Refactor std::basic_string_view members and add noexcept

[patch] Relax IVOPTs restriction on auto-increment

[PATCH] Remove noexcept from filesystem iterators and operations (LWG 3013, 3014)

[patch] Remove old kludge in gcc.c

[PATCH] remove some unneeded parens

[PATCH] Remove useless isa attributes from various sse.md patterns

[PATCH] Revert fix for PR81181

Re: [PATCH] Revert r238089 (PR driver/81829).

[PATCH] RFC: Preserving locations for variable-uses and constants (PR 43486)

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add Sign/Zero extend patterns for PIC loads

[PATCH] RISC-V: Correct and improve the "-mabi" documentation

Re: [PATCH] rl78 adddi3 improvement

[PATCH] rl78 subdi3 improvement

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix "missing mode" on UNSPEC_TOCSLOT

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix an error message in sysv4.h

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix crash with big stack clash interval (PR82674)

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve isel

[PATCH] rs6000: insn_cost

[PATCH] rs6000: Move processor_costs to header

[PATCH] rs6000: Remove TARGET_ISEL64

Re: Fwd: [PATCH] scheduler bug fix for AArch64 insn fusing SCHED_GROUP usage


[PATCH] Simplify _Node_insert_return to avoid including <tuple>

[PATCH] Simplify floating point comparisons

[PATCH] Simplify SCEV entry

[PATCH] simplify-rtx: Remove non-simplifying simplification (PR77729)

[PATCH] Slightly improve phiopt value_replacement optimization (PR middle-end/62263, PR middle-end/82498)

[PATCH] Slightly optimize noreturn functions (PR target/82158)

[PATCH] Testcase for PR82421

[PATCH] Testcase for PR82422

[PATCH] Tree structure marking

[PATCH] Update -ffunction/data-sections documentation

[PATCH] Update C++17 library status documentation

[PATCH] Update comment referring to status of LWG issue 111

[PATCH] Update references to C++17 in libstdc++ manual

[PATCH] Update value of __cpp_lib_chrono feature-test macro

[PATCH] Use __LONG_LONG_MAX__ instead of LONG_LONG_MAX in test

[PATCH] Use dlsym to check if libdl is needed for plugin

[PATCH] Use Pcrt1.o%s/gPcrt1.o%s for -static-pie

[PATCH] v2: C/C++: more stdlib header hints (PR c/81404)

[PATCH] v3: C/C++: more stdlib header hints (PR c/81404)

[PATCH] x32: Add and use libgnarl/s-taprop__x32.adb

[PATCH] Zero vptr in dtor for -fsanitize=vptr.

[PATCH], Add PowerPC ISA 3.0 Atomic Memory Operation functions

Re: [PATCH], Add PowerPC ISA 3.0 IEEE 128-bit floating point round to odd built-in functions

[PATCH], Add rounding built-ins to the _Float<N> and _Float<N>X built-in functions

Re: [PATCH], Define __FP_FAST_FMAF128 on PowerPC ISA 3.0

[PATCH], Enable IBM/IEEE long double format to overriden more easily

[PATCH], Update __FLOAT128_HARDWARE__ on power9

[PATCH][aarch64] Put vector fnma instruction into canonical form for better code generation.

Re: [Patch][aarch64] Use IFUNCs to enable LSE instructions in libatomic on aarch64

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add BIC-imm and ORR-imm SIMD pattern


[PATCH][AArch64] Fix ICE caused in aarch64_simd_valid_immediate

Re: [PATCH][aarch64] Fix pr81356 - copy empty string with wrz, not a ldrb/strb

Re: [PATCH][aarch64] Fix target/pr77729 - missed optimization related to zero extension

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve aarch64_legitimate_constant_p

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve addressing of TI/TFmode

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Introduce emit_frame_chain

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] PR60580: Fix frame pointer option magic

[PATCH][AArch64] Restrict POST_INC operand in aarch64_simd_mem_operand_p to register

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Simplify frame layout for stack probing

[PATCH][AArch64] Simplify frame pointer logic

[PATCH][AArch64] Wrong type-attribute for stp and str

[Patch][ARM] Add -mbranch-cost option, and update a few tests

[patch][arm] gcc-7-branch: Fix bootstrap on FreeBSD

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Remove DImode expansions for 1-bit shifts

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Remove movdi_vfp_cortexa8

[patch][arm][FreeBSD] add support for armv7*-*-freebsd*

[patch][arm][FreeBSD] gcc-6/5: add support for armv7*-*-freebsd*

[patch][arm][FreeBSD] gcc-7 branch: add support for armv7*-*-freebsd*

[PATCH][ARM][GCC] Add a self test for FPU feature bits

[PATCH][compare-elim] Fix PR rtl-optimization/82597

Re: [PATCH][compare-elim] Merge zero-comparisons with normal ops

Re: [PATCH][GCC] Simplification of 1U << (31 - x)

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Dot Product commandline options [Patch (4/8)]

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Dot Product SIMD patterns [Patch (5/8)]

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Restrict lrint inlining on ILP32.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][ARM] Dot Product commandline options [Patch (1/8)]

Re: [PATCH][GCC][ARM] Dot Product NEON patterns [Patch (2/8)]

Re: [PATCH][GCC][ARM][AArch64] Testsuite framework changes and execution tests [Patch (8/8)]

Re: [PATCH][GCC][Testsuite][ARM][AArch64] Enable Dot Product for generic tests for ARM and AArch64 [Patch (7/8)]

[PATCH][GCC][testsuite][mid-end][ARM][AARCH64] Fix failing vec align tests.

[PATCH][GCC][Testsuite][SPARC][ARM] Fix vect-multitypes-1.c test on SPARC64 and ARMEB.

[PATCH][GIMPLEFE] Parse ?: stmts

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Adjust CASE_CONVERT in extract_affine

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Consistently use region analysis

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Fix ISL memory management issue

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Fix PR69728 in "another" way


[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Fix PR82451 (and PR82355 in a different way)




[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Lift some IV restrictions

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Limit AST code generation, PR82591


[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Remove dead code

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Rewrite PHI handling in code-gen


[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Tame down dumping

[PATCH][GRAPHITE] Test for code generation errors

[patch][i386, AVX] Adding missing CMP* intrinsics

[patch][i386, AVX] GFNI enabling [3/4]

[patch][i386, AVX] GFNI enabling [4/4]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VAES support [1/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [1/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [2/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [3/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [4/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [5/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [6/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VBMI2 support [7/7]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VNNI support [1/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VNNI support [2/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VNNI support [3/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VNNI support [4/5]

[PATCH][i386,AVX] Enable VNNI support [5/5]

[PATCH][Middle-end]Fix PR80295 [7/8 Regression] ICE in __builtin_update_setjmp_buf expander

Re: [PATCH][mingw] Enable colorized diagnostics

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough in combine.c

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix profiledbootstrap.

[PATCH][PING][PR 81376] Remove unnecessary float casts in comparisons

[PATCH][PR 81376] Remove unnecessary float casts in comparisons

Re: [PATCH][PR sanitizer/77631] Support separate debug info in libbacktrace

Re: [PATCH][PR target/19201] Peephole to improve clearing items in structure for m68k

[PATCH][RFC] Instrument function exit with __builtin_unreachable in C++.

[patch][x86] GFNI enabling [2/4]

[PATCH]C++/PR80188: Add correct marco call to error_at call in maybe_complain_about_tail_call

Re: [PING from 2013][PATCH] fixincludes: handle symlinks with multiple slashes

[PING#2, ARM] fix .cfi inconsistency out of builtin_eh_return

[PING#3, Makefile] improve libsubdir variable transmission to sub-makes on Windows

[PING#4, Makefile] improve libsubdir variable transmission to sub-makes

Re: [PING**3, Makefile] improve default cpu selection for e500v2

Re: [PING] [C++ Patch] PR 82307

[PING] [PATCH] Fix PR81422[aarch64] internal compiler error: in update_equiv_regs, at ira.c:3425

[PING] Re: correct attribute ifunc C++ type safety (PR 82301)

Re: [PING][PATCH] Output DIEs for outlined OpenMP functions in correct lexical scope

Re: [PING][patch] PR81794: have "would be stringified in traditional C" warning in libcpp/macro.c be controlled by -Wtraditional

RE: [PING][PATCH][Aarch64] Improve int<->FP conversions

[PING][PATCH][compare-elim] Fix PR rtl-optimization/82597

[PR 81702] Remove devirtualization assert

[PR 82363] Fix thinko in SRA subaccess propagation

[PR c++/82424] Dont convert dependent types

[PR other/79543] Fix GNU ld --version scanning to conform to the GNU Coding Standards

Re: [RFA] [PATCH 4/4] Ignore reads of "dead" memory locations in DSE

[RFA] [PATCH] Add a warning for invalid function casts

Re: [RFA] [PATCH][PR tree-optimization/64910] Fix reassociation of binary bitwise operations with 3 operands

Re: [RFA] Implement __VA_OPT__

[RFA] Zen tuning part 9: Add support for scatter/gather in vectorizer costmodel

[RFA][PATCH] Convert sprintf warning code to use a dominator walk

[RFA][PATCH] Don't use wi->info to pass gimple location to array warning callbacks in tree-vrp.c

[RFA][PATCH] Provide a class interface into substitute_and_fold.

[RFA][PATCH] Provide a class interface to ssa_propagate

Re: [RFA][PATCH] Stack clash protection 07/08 -- V4 (aarch64 bits)

[RFC PATCH, i386]: Make FP inequality comparisons trapping on qNaN.

[RFC PATCH] Add -fsanitize=noreturn support

[RFC PATCH] Coalesce host to device transfers in libgomp

Re: [RFC PATCH] Fix pointer diff (was: -fsanitize=pointer-overflow support (PR sanitizer/80998))

[RFC PATCH] Merge libsanitizer from upstream

[RFC, PR 80689] Copy small aggregates element-wise

Re: [RFC] Make 4-stage PGO bootstrap really working

[RFC] New pragma exec_charset

[RFC] overflow safe scaling of 64bit values

Re: [RFC] propagate malloc attribute in ipa-pure-const pass

[RFC] Sanitizers difference in between GCC and LLVM


[testsuite, committed] Fix scan-assembler in tree-ssa/loop-1.c for nvptx

[testsuite, nvptx, committed] Require nonlocal_goto for gcc.c-torture/compile/pr82337.c

[testsuite] Fix directives order

[testsuite] UnXFAIL gcc.dg/attr-alloc_size-11.c on Visium

[v3 PATCH] Deduction guides for associative containers, debug mode deduction guide fixes.

[v3 PATCH] Implement LWG 2485

[Visium] Fix build breakage

[wwwdocs,Fortran] Links to source code for the Stephen Chapman books

[wwwdocs] Document change that ipa-pure-const pass propagates malloc attribute.

[wwwdocs] Document Nios II changes for GCC 8

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: New mirror site

[wwwdocs] readings.html and a eah-jena.de link

[wwwdocs] Remove leftover FAQ entry related to GCJ

[wwwdocs] spam.html - www.abuse.net now uses https

[wwwdocs] www.generalprocessortech.com now uses https

[x86] GFNI enabling[1/4]

Add -std=c17, -std=gnu17

Re: Add -Wsuggest-attribute=cold

Add an alternative vector loop iv mechanism

Add scatter/gather costs

Add support for adjusting the number of units in a mode

Add support for MODE_VECTOR_BOOL

Add wide_int version of inchash::hash::add_wide_int

Re: Add wider_subreg_mode helper functions

Adjust empty class parameter passing ABI (PR c++/60336)

Allow non-wi <op> wi

Re: Backtrace library [3/3]

Re: Base subreg rules on REGMODE_NATURAL_SIZE rather than UNITS_PER_WORD

bootstrap-debug-lean + flags in producer vs compare

C PATCH to fix a couple of typos (PR c/82681)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/56973 (DR 696), lambda capture of const variables

C++ PATCH for c++/77369, wrong noexcept handling with template type arguments

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/81525, auto and generic lambda

Check that there are no missing probabilities

Cleanup x86-tune.def

Re: Clobbers and Scratch Registers

Re: correct attribute ifunc C++ type safety (PR 82301)

Correct cost of SSE and x87 instructions for generic and core

Disable partial reg dependencies for haswell+

Re: Don't query the frontend for unsupported types

Drop edge counts from CFG


Fix Ada bootstrap issue

Fix basic block reordering glitches

Fix gcc.target/i386/pr61403.c

Fix HWI + -unsigned in combine.c

Fix mismatched precisions in tree arithmetic

Fix PR ada/82393

Fix PR middle-end/82062

Fix PR rtl-optimization/81803

Fix pretty printers for versioned namespace

Fix profile update in switch conversion

GCC 5 branch is now closed

GCC 5.5 Status Report (2017-10-02), branch frozen for release

GCC 7 libbacktrace patch committed: Ignore compressed debug sections

Go patch committed to GCC 7 branch: Update MIPS architecture names

Go patch committed to GCC 7 branch: update to Go 1.8.3 release

Go patch committed: Consolidate all names in one place

Go patch committed: Drop special handling of unexported func/var names

Go patch committed: Explicitly convert between type aliases

Go patch committed: Fix import of indirectly imported type alias

gotools patch committed: Fix PASS/FAIL output for validate_failures

Increase base of profile probabilities

Re: isl scheduler and spatial locality (Re: [PATCH][GRAPHITE] More TLC)

Re: Let the target choose a vectorisation alignment

libbacktrace patch committed: Minor decompression improvement

Re: libbacktrace patch committed: Support compressed debug sections

libgo patch committed: fix uintptr(_t)? issues

libgo patch committed: Support 64-bit DWARF in version check, elsewhere

MAINTAINERS - maintainership also covers web pages, docs, testsuite

Make istreambuf_iterator::_M_sbuf immutable and add debug checks

Re: Make more use of byte_lowpart_offset

Re: Make more use of df_read_modify_subreg_p

Re: Make more use of subreg_lowpart_offset

Re: Make more use of subreg_size_lowpart_offset

Re: Make tests failing with version namespace UNSUPPORTED

Re: Make tests less istreambuf_iterator implementation dependent

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

Minor tree-ssa-dse.c bugfix

Missing REDUCE[SD,SS] intrinsics

Re: a new libgcov interface: __gcov_dump_all

Patch ping

Patch ping^3

patch to fix PR82353

patch to fix PR82556

Re: Ping for some "make more use of ..." patches

PING Fwd: [patch] implement generic debug() for vectors and hash sets

PING Re: [PATCH 2/2] C/C++: add fix-it hints for various missing symbols (v3)

PING Re: [PATCH] C++: show location of problematic extern "C" specifications

PING Re: [patch] configure option to override TARGET_LIBC_PROVIDES_SSP

PING: [libsanitizer, PATCH] Add anitizer_linux_x86_64.lo if __x86_64__ is defined by $CC

PING: Re: [PATCH 1/2] C++: avoid partial duplicate implementation of cp_parser_error

PR82575, lto debugobj references __gnu_lto_slim, ld test liblto-17 fails

PR82687, g++.dg/asan/default-options-1.C fails with PR82575 fix

Re: Prevent invalid register mode changes in combine

Re: r253513 - in /trunk/gcc: ChangeLog common.opt d...

Re: r253554 - in /trunk/gcc: ada/ChangeLog ada/exp_...

Re: Rb_tree constructor optimization

Rename cxx1998 into normal

Rename inchash::hash::add_wide_int

Require wi::to_wide for trees

Restore functional DONT_USE_BUILTIN_SETJMP support

Re: RFA: PATCH to tell gdb to skip over is-a.h inlines

RFC: why do our std::ofsteam functions add ios_base::trunc ?


Re: SUBREG_PROMOTED_VAR_P handling in expand_direct_optab_fn

Transform (x >> cst) != 0 to x >= (1 << cst) and (x >> cst) == 0 to x < (1 << cst)

tree-complex.c: fix some_nonzerop test over reals (and a bug fix)

Unbreak Ada bootstrap (was Re: [PATCH PR/82546] tree node size)

Use SCALAR_TYPE_MODE in vect_create_epilog_for_reduction

Re: Why do we create a broken symlink for include/bits/stamp-bits ?

X+Y < X iff Y<0 moved to match.pd

Zen tuning part 1 (reassociation width)

Zen tuning part 10: ix86_builtin_vectorization_cost fixes

Zen tuning part 11: Fix cost model of AVX moves, unaligned moves and sse<->int moves

Zen tuning part 2: Increase branch_cost to 3

Zen tuning part 3: Simplify ia32_multipass_dfa_lookahead

Zen tuning part 4: Avoid 512bit memcpy/memset expansions on AVX128 optimal targets

Zen tuning part 5: Disable buldozer dispatch scheduling

Zen tuning part 6: Break up CPU specific tuning bits to central place

Zen tuning part 7: Fix ix86_adjust_cost

Zen tuning part 8: Fix rtx costs.

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