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3.3 PATCH: Fix non-threaded libjava bootstrap failure

3.3 PATCH: Fix Tru64 UNIX shared library versioning

Re: darwin & socklen_t

[libffi] closures for sparc

[PATCH/RFA] Java: DWARF2 exception on sh-linux

[PATCH] [Attn Adam] Migrate libgcj to WinSock 2 on Windows

[PATCH] Fix test case failure on 64-bit hosts

[PATCH] Fix libffi for 64-bit big-endian platforms

[PATCH] Fix libjava.loader/loader.exp problems

[Patch] Fixes for

[PATCH] GetFileAttributesEx not present on Win95


RE: [PATCH] Improved boehm-gc support for s390/s390x

[PATCH] initial merge with classpath

[PATCH] jar tool should honour umask while creating a jar

[Patch] and java.nio fixes

[Patch] java.nio

[PATCH] java.nio.channels

[Patch] java.nio.channels documentation

[Patch] java.nio.charset merges from classpath

[PATCH] java.util.StringTokenizer assumes order of parameter evaluation

Re: [PATCH] java.util.StringTokenizer assumes order of parameterevaluation

[PATCH] libjava updates for s390/s390x

[PATCH] Merge vtable runtime support

[Patch] New files for native functionalities in

BigInteger patch (long)

BigInteger.modInverse() fix

Re: ClassLoader: unexpected exception during linking

darwin & socklen_t

Diff for bcel 5.0

Effecting MKDIR_TAKES_ONE_ARG for fastjar

Fix makefile for bi-arch

FYI: Classpath resync

FYI: Classpath merge of HttpURLConnection

FYI: Classpath merge/ framework update

FYI: Enable more Mauve tests

FYI: getP() for DSA keys and parameter-spec returned q

FYI: provider framework fixes

FYI: javax.naming imported into Classpath

FYI: javax.transaction imported into GNU Classpath

FYI: Mauve xfails update

FYI: Remerge SecurityManager with Classpath

FYI: Remerge Throwable with Classpath

FYI: Two small fixlets

Re: gcj minor bug

Re: GCJ redesign

GCJ redesign (was: java/status.html updates)

Re: glibc-2.2.5 bug triggered by Java interpreter

Have a funny New year

Java Patches: -fno-org-xml-sax and -fno-org-w3c-dom





Re: - the never ending story URL stuff


java.util.Properties patch

java.util.TreeMap patch

java/status.html updates

Java: fixes for -fno-assume-compiled


JNI/Win32 Patch #1: Use "stdcall" Convention in the Interpreter toInvoke Native Methods

JNI/Win32 Patch #2: Fix lookup of "JNI_OnLoad" on loading a JNI DLL

Re: JNI/Win32 Patch #2: Fix lookup of "JNI_OnLoad" on loading a JNIDLL

JNI/Win32 Patch #3: Change _Jv_LookupJNIMethod( ) for "stdcall" exportvariations on Win32

Re: JNI/Win32 Patch #4: Make "stdcall"-based JNI method calls possible for compiled code

JNI/Win32 Patch #4: Make "stdcall"-based JNI method calls possiblefor compiled code

KeyStore patch

Lazy instantiation of Jar and Zip files

Re: little classpath merge



mingw hash sync patch, take 2 patch to use getType()

Networking properties

Re: Re[2]: none (Jakarta ant)


Patch (Java): Remove Custom Encoding of Line Numbers for FunctionDecls Before Emitting Code

Patch (please comment): class loader and interpreter fixes

patch for "./configure" in libffi (more pr 7090)

Patch for Cover Texts in Java manpages

Patch for version numbers in manuals: use gcc-common.texi

Patch installed for warning regression in java/decl.c

Patch: (fastjar) Open Extracted Files in Binary Mode

Patch: [WAS: Re: Why is GCJ shy of overwriting a .class file?]

Patch: Add JNICALL/JNIEXPORT attributes to JNI functions in jni.h/

Patch: ClassLoader tests

Patch: fix and speed-up object marking

Patch: fix for PR 7912

Patch: fix PR 6388

Patch: fix warning regression in java/parse.y

Patch: FYI:

Patch: FYI: another gcj status update

Patch: FYI: another tree lock patch

Patch: FYI: AWT fixes

Patch: FYI: AWT fixlet

Patch: FYI: back out "fix"

Patch: FYI: build fixlet

Patch: FYI: class loader fix

Patch: FYI: classloader rearrangement

Patch: FYI: Classpath AWT merge

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Classpath merge

Patch: FYI: classpath mergelet

Patch: FYI: define gnu.classpath.home

Patch: FYI: don't install GC headers

Patch: FYI: fastjar dostime.c rewrite

Patch: FYI: find mauve automatically

Patch: FYI: fix classpath comparison script

Patch: FYI: fix for PR java/8296

Patch: FYI: fix memory leak

Patch: FYI: Fixed

Patch: FYI: formatting fix

Patch: FYI: gcj 3.3 status page

Patch: FYI: gcj 3.3 status update

Patch: FYI: gcj 3.3 update

Patch: FYI: gcj class initialization fix

Patch: FYI: gcj page updates

Patch: FYI: gcjh and JNIEXPORT

Patch: FYI: gij --showversion and java.library.path

Patch: FYI: interpreter fixes

Patch: FYI: jacks test suite

Patch: FYI: fixlet

Patch: FYI: java.nio patchlet

Patch: FYI: java.rmi mergelet

Patch: FYI: JNI bug fix

Patch: FYI: JNI fix

Patch: FYI: fixes

Patch: FYI: layout -vs- tree lock

Patch: FYI: Locale fixlet

Patch: FYI: missing synchronization

Patch: FYI: new test case

Patch: FYI: PR 7416

Patch: FYI: PR 7912

Patch: FYI: PR 7912 test case

Patch: FYI: PR 8415 test case

Patch: FYI: PR 8481

Patch: FYI: PR 8593

Patch: FYI: PR 8676 test

Patch: FYI: PR 8738

Patch: FYI: PR 8759

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/8945

Patch: FYI: Reference fixes

Patch: FYI: Remove a test

Patch: FYI: remove redundant test

Patch: FYI: resource bundle fix

Patch: FYI: ScrollPane fix

Patch: FYI: security manager, class loaders and resource bundles

Patch: FYI: security provider fixlet

Patch: FYI: SocketPermission fixlet

Patch: FYI: status update

Patch: FYI: test case

Patch: FYI: test case for PR 6388

Patch: FYI: Test for PR 8823

Patch: FYI: test suite fix

Patch: FYI: Update javaprims.h on branch

Patch: FYI: update libtool version

Patch: FYI: verifier and interpreter fix

Patch: FYI: verifier bug fixes

Patch: FYI: win32.h bug fix

Patch: FYI: xfails for jacks

Patch: Get fillPolygon working in xlib: DirectRasterGraphics,IntegerGraphicsState,XGraphics,GC,natGC

Patch: GLightweightPeer,LightweightPeer,Toolkit allow creation and display of lightweight components

Patch: jar Attributes fix

Patch: fix - was sometimes showing the wrong component

Patch: java.awt.image.ColorModel normalize/denormalize scaling error

Patch: java.awt.Polygon bug fix in non-default constructor

PATCH: java/status.html

PATCH: java/test.html removal

Patch: jni.h: Define JNICALL, JNIIMPORT and JNIEXPORT for Win32

Patch: libjava/,libjava/ fix for compile error with --enable-java-awt=xlib

Patch: Locale optimization

Patch: more loader test code

Patch: New ClassLoader test

Patch: org.sax update

Patch: platform usleep function

Patch: PR 8003

Patch: PR 8415

Patch: PR java/6388

Patch: PR java/8676

Patch: PR java/8712

Patch: PR java/8740 fix

Patch: PR java/8955

PATCH: remove java/thanks.html

Patch: stdcall support for libffi (X86_WIN32)

Patch: test case for java/8866

Patch: URLClassLoader change

Patch: XGraphicsConfiguration,XToolkit: display colors properly in 16-bit display modes

Re: PR 8234: ZipInputStream chokes when returns small chunks

resolveClass0 should throw LinkageErrors

ResourceBundle patch

RMI patch

serialVersionUID fixes

Re: Set lt_cv_deplibs_check_method to pass_all for sh-linux-gnu (Was [PATCH/RFA] Java: DWARF2 exception on sh-linux)

Set lt_cv_deplibs_check_method to pass_all for sh-linux-gnu (Was[PATCH/RFA] Java: DWARF2 exception on sh-linux)

Some Classpath merging

some InetAddress and URL and more fixes

StringBuffer patch


Thread.setDaemon() patch

Tweak fastjar man page rules

Two small patches

Unreviewed patch: DWARF2 exception on sh-linux

URL and URLStreamHandler merge with Classpath

URLClassLoader fix for getCanonicalFileURL fix

URLClassLoader update

URLStreamHandler.toExternalForm() patch

We Build The Internet. WebXperts Design, Inc. (Design / Programming / Consultation)


xerces-xalan (last installment)

ZipFile speed improvement patch

{Patch] network functions

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