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Re: Patch: FYI: Test for PR 8823

Tom Tromey wrote:
I'm checking this in.

This tests for the bug in PR 8823.

I think this is a bug both in gcj and libgcj.  libgcj should handle
this situation, but gcj should also generate a declaration for the
interface method in the abstract class.
Actually, Miranda methods should no longer be inserted in .class files. The JVMS is clear on how method resolution is to take place, and adequately covers inheritance where an abstract class does not redeclare a method from a superinterface. Also, the JLS makes no provision for adding the interface method to the abstract class, as it can affect binary compatibility differently than specified in JLS 13. Neither jikes nor javac 1.4 emit Miranda methods. The Jacks test suite has a couple of tests for this.

I believe that Classpath (and probably libgcj) still have a couple of documented workarounds in the source code in regards to Miranda methods.

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Eric Blake
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