Every Wednesday at 9am Austin, 10am NY, 4pm Paris, 5pm Haifa time the developers of Graphite attend a phone call. Everybody interested is invited to attend.

How to call in

There are several ways to call into the conference. All of these end up in the same conference room.

/!\ Please try the connection before the call and check that your microfone is working. Furthermore use an echo service if available to check that you do not introduce noise in the conference.

US dial in number

Just call +1 253-242-1593

Other international numbers

You can call any of the international numbers available at:


after the voice prompt enter:

*478 000 777 231 46

And you are in the conference.

Here some interesting local dial in numbers:

Paris/France: +33-1-79-99-79-99

Israel: +972-73-2444-216

Houston/TX: +1-832-369-6975


There is also free VoIP access available. Just call sip:00077723146 <at> iptel.org

Well known clients for this are ekiga and linphone.

Chat & Notes

Notes are taken interactively using http://piratepad.net/iptel-webconf-23146. Please help to take notes. On the same page there is also a chat available that may help discuss connection problems.

Free Usage

The conference room is available 24/7. Feel free to use it for your personal Graphite meetings. Just do not forget to take notes.

Old Notes Notes

Newer notes are available here http://piratepad.net/iptel-webconf-23146

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