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[DIFF] 16:23 Info MartinJambor Add Cauldron 2019
[DIFF] 09:53 Info JonathanWakely [1-2] #01 fix markup, strike out p0339r6
#02 page intro
[DIFF] 09:51 Info JonathanWakely [1-3] #01 fix broken link to gcc intro book
#02 markup fix
#03 link to LLD docs on missing key functions
[DIFF] 09:41 Info JonathanWakely link to libstdc++ todo page
[DIFF] 08:11 Info EricBotcazou [1-3] #01 Use proper modal ver (bis)
#02 Use proper modal verb
#03 Minor formatting tweak
[DIFF] 23:21 Info NathanSidwell
[DIFF] 08:14 Info JeremyBennett Make clear 3 days of talks
[DIFF] 11:40 Info JonathanWakely
[DIFF] 23:37 Info MartinJambor State we have no application form


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