==Graphite Call - 17.03.2010==

Attendees: Ramakrishna, Sebastian, Konrad, David

Scoplib dump from Graphite will be integrated in gcc 4.5. Autovect interaction: clean up should be done both in the output of Graphite and improve the autovect analysis. Ideally we would like to have autovect in the code generation from Graphite.

Plans for gcc4.6:

==Graphite Call - 10.03.2010==

Attendees: Ramakrishna, Razya, Sebastian, Konrad, David

All SPEC 2006 benchmarks pass compile and runtime tests. Quality of Graphite is good for gcc4.5 release.

Plans for gcc4.6:

==Graphite Call - 03.03.2010==

Attendees: Ramakrishna, Razya, Sebastian, Tobias, Konrad

==Graphite Call - 17.02.2010==

Attendees: David, Konrad, Ramakrishna, Ether, Tobias


==Graphite Call - 10.02.2010==

Attendees: Razya, Ramakrishna, Tobias, Konrad, David, Sebastian, Albert

==Graphite Call - 03.02.2010==

Attendees: Ramakrishna, Konrad, Albert, Razya, David, Sebastian, Tobias, ether

==Graphite Call - 27.01.2010==

Attendees: Tobias, Ramakrishna, David, Sebastian, Razya, ether, Jan


==Graphite Call - 20.01.2010==

Attendees: Sebastian, David, Ether, Konrad, Ramakrishna, Li, Tobias

==Graphite Call - 13.01.2010==

Attendees: Tobias, David, Razya, Ramakrishna, Sebastian, John, Ether, Konrad, Jan, Li, Albert, Michael

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