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@X_CFLAGS@ does not belong in AM_CXXFLAGS

[4.2 / ecj] Patch: FYI: fix

Re: [cp-patches] cp-tools: fix build options

Re: [ecj] Abort if we are ABI-incompatible

[ecj] Another rebuilt Makefiles

[ecj] Bump ABI version

[ecj] Cache Annotations

Re: [ecj] enum types

[ecj] First VMStackWalker merges

[ecj] Fix an ICE with annotations

[ecj] Fix broken stuff

[ecj] Fix build error

[ecj] Fix declarations

[ecj] Fix isEnum et al

[ecj] Fix VM startup with security manager enabled

[ecj] gnu/classpath/ first cut

[ecj] How to get make check working

[ecj] Implement signatures for Class.getEnclosingMethod() et al

[ecj] Implement VMStackWalker.getClassContext()

[ecj] Improved VMStackWalker.firstNonNullClassLoader()

[ecj] Improved VMStackWalker.getCallingClass()

[ecj] Improved VMStackWalker.getCallingClassLoader()

[ecj] java.lang.ClassLoader partial merge

[ecj] java.lang.Thread partial merge

[ecj] and java.lang.Package merge

Re: [ecj] More sun.misc.Unsafe stuff

[ecj] comment fixes

[ecj] patch to build on non linux targets

[ecj] Patch: FYI: change how Process is built

[ecj] Patch: FYI: check in all the generated files

[ecj] Patch: FYI: check in tools .class files

[ecj] Patch: FYI: defineclass -vs- annotations

[ecj] Patch: FYI: document --enable-java-maintainer-mode

[ecj] Patch: FYI: don't re-use maintainer-mode

[ecj] Patch: FYI: enable tools

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fix -j bug

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fix PR 24938

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fix reading of string annotations

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fix Serialization test

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fix test suite

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fix tools build

[ecj] Patch: FYI: fixlet for getAnnotations

[ecj] Patch: FYI: hack around dependency generation

[ecj] Patch: FYI: handle other access bits

[ecj] Patch: FYI: merge in Classpath 0.93+

[ecj] Patch: FYI: misc. annotation bug fixes

[ecj] Patch: FYI: more annotations fixes

[ecj] Patch: FYI: new

[ecj] Patch: FYI: remove gjavah.c

[ecj] Patch: FYI: remove jcf-write.c

[ecj] Patch: FYI: remove jv-scan

[ecj] Patch: FYI: remove libjava.compile test suite

[ecj] Patch: FYI: rewrite download_ecj

[ecj] Patch: FYI: simplify building with ecj.jar

[ecj] Patch: FYI: two test suite fixes

[ecj] Patch: FYI: update Configuration

[ecj] Patch: FYI: update documentation

[ecj] Patch: FYI: update test suite for jv-scan removal

[ecj] Patch: FYI: use 'gjavah' now

[ecj] Patch: remove old .java parser

[ecj] Rebuilt Makefiles

[ecj] Register compiled classes with their initiating loader

[ecj] Remove DECL_INLINE for methods that call BUILT_IN_RETURN_ADDRESS

[ecj] Remove old method

[ecj] Runtime visible annotations

[ecj] VMStackWalker javadoc

[ecj] VMStackWalker merges

[ecj] VMStackWalker.getCallingClass()

[ecj]: Patch: FYI: install ecj1 in the correct place

[gcj-eclipse-merge-branch] fix cross-build configury/makery

[gcj-eclipse-merge-branch] fix PosixProcess<->Win32Process confusion

[gcj-eclipse-merge-branch] fix syntax error in

Re: [gcj-eclipse-merge-branch] make park/unpark stuff build on win32

[gcj-eclipse-merge-branch] make park/unpark stuff build on win32

Re: [JAVA] /bin/sh portability issues in

Re: [JVMTI] RFA: Implement GetAllThreads

[JVMTI] RFA: JVMTI Stack Tracing

Re: [PATCH] [MinGW] PR libgcj/29151 Unconditionally create UNICODE environment

[PATCH] [MinGW] PR libgcj/29151 Unconditionally create UNICODE environment

[patch] jvmti test, compatibility fixes.

[patch] libffi regen aclocal.m4 correctly.

[patch] libffi x86_64-darwin support

[Patch] MIPS: Simplify unwinding through signal frames.

[Patch] New throw test

[Patch] PR java/29805, Write past end of array in java/typeck.c

[RFA/JDWP] Implement VMMethod.getLineTable

[RFA/JDWP] VMVirtualMachine StringBuffer cleanup

[RFA/JVMTI] Breakpoint class

[RFA/JVMTI] Fix a couple of thinkos

[RFA/JVMTI] GetLineNumberTable

[RFA/JVMTI] GetMethodName

[RFA/JVMTI] Set/Clear Breakpoint

[RFA] Breakpoint instruction

Re: [RFA] Insn handling methods for _Jv_InterpMethod

[RFC/JVMTI] GetMethodDeclaringClass

[tuples] the tuplification of java

[wwwdocs] codingconventions.html et al -- Red Hat it is

[wwwdocs] java/news.html -- update link to Linux Journal article

Add x86 darwin java support


canadian vs build==host configury

Re: canadian vs build==host configury (and $with_cross_host)

cp-tools: fix build options

enable static libgcj on darwin

Fast ThreadLocal variables for gcj

fix libjava.jvmti/export testcase

foo_LDFLAGS disappears when I run 'autoreconf'

FYI: InetAddress merge

FYI: and java.lang.Package merge

FYI: SocketPermission bugfix

FYI: Win32 InetAddress fix

FYI: Win32 InetAddress fix (really)

importing javax.crypto patch from classpath patch

Re: javax.crypto fixes

Re: JNIEnv->FindClass(JNIEnv *env, const char *name) fix

libmagic configury foobar

lock/unlock filechannel Win32 implementation

lock/unlock filechannel Win32 implementation (patch file)

natFileChannelPosix: throw if region is not mapped

natPlainSocketImplWin32 fix and natPlainSocketImplPosix adjustment

Patch [ecj]: Central Parking

Patch [ecj]: Fix cross-configury issues / compile ecj.jar for non-shared builds

Patch [ecj]: Refactor Parking Code + Win32 Implementation

Patch [ecj]: Use PATH_SEPARATOR in jcf_path_compute

Patch FYI [ecj]: Undo trunk merge clobber of lang-specs.h

Patch FYI [gcj-eclipse-merge-branch]: Regenerate top-level configure with autoconf 2.13

Patch: fix LogManager permission check

Patch: FYI: fix install rule

Patch: FYI: fix JNI registration bug

Patch: FYI: fix jvmti test case

Patch: FYI: fix TransformerImpl buglet

Patch: FYI: fixlet

Patch: FYI: rename installed libgcj.pc file

PATCH: java/projects.html -- remove broken jMocha link

patch: use $(CXX_FOR_TARGET) in LIBLINK

regression: [MinGW] Slightly More Robust Stacktraces on Windows

reply to your resume

retracting my retraction [patch included]

Re: RFC: Untested Win32 InetAddress tweak

RFC: update to HACKING

Top-Level configure needs autoconf 2.13

uncertain patch: foo_LINK needs foo_LDFLAGS

Vicki Gore wrote:

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