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Re: gfortran 4.6 incompatible with previous?

Sewell, Granville wrote:
I know that gfortran 4.3 was not compatible with earlier versions (can't mix object code), but now a
user is telling me that 4.6 is not compatible with 4.3, is that true?

The library .so version number of GCC 4.3 to 4.7 is the same and no symbol was deleted from libgfortran since 4.3 - though new symbols have been added such that a GCC 4.6 program might not work with a GCC 4.3 libgfortran.

Thus, a newer libgfortran should work with older programs.

I am also not aware about any ABI issue. The only thing I am aware of are issues with REAL(16) and selected_real_kind. Namely, mixing a libgfortran on a system where libquadmath was available with one compiler which does not support libquadmath. That might to lead issues when a configure script tests for the available kind numbers in a certain way (such as HDF5 did).

Note: The mailing list is about the development of GCC. Such questions are better suited for the mailing list, though they might also be suited for the


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