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-fno-inline-functions vs glibc's initfini

-fstack-protector, __stack_chk_fail_local and TARGET_LIBC_PROVIDES_SSP

-mavx option

4.7 RC ?

::gets has not been declared

Konuşun Artık.

WÅochy totalna wysprzedaÅ kryzysowa

Re: [4.7,trans-mem] Summary of unsolved known bugs

[AVR,committed]: out_movqi_mr_r: Fix length computation

[GCC Steering Committee] Interix OS maintainer

[GCC steering committee] TILEPro/TILE-Gx port maintainership

Re: [PATCH 1/3] colorize: use isatty module

[Patch] Tentative fix for PR51374: combine.c reorders volatile memory accesses

[pph] Merge from trunk rev 182919

RE: [RFC, ARM] cortex_a8_call cost

[trans-mem] RFC Fix missing REG_TM notes

[wwwdocs PATCH] for Re: GCC mirror

__sync_sychronize on ARM

about hosting the gcc.

Access to source code from an analyser

Access to unused global variable declarations from a plugin

ANN: gcc-python-plugin 0.8

ANNOUNCE: MELT plugin 0.9.3 release candidate 1 for GCC 4.6 (& probably 4.7)

ANNOUNCE: MELT plugin 0.9.3 release candidate 2 for GCC 4.6 (& probably 4.7)

ANNOUNCE: MELT plugin 0.9.3 release for GCC 4.6 (& probably 4.7)

Annual Agreement Update - Sage Payments

Assignment to volatile objects

auto-vectorization analysis/__builtin_assume_aligned on gcc-4.7-20120114

Re: Bogus gcc.c-torture/execute/20071018-1.c testcase?

Broken links (HTTP 404) on http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/

C Compiler benchmark: gcc 4.6.3 vs. Intel v11 and others

C++ ABI RFC [was Re: C++/libiberty PATCH for many mangling fixes (6057, 48051, 50855, 51322, etc)]

Re: A case exposing code sink issue

ChangeLog rotation

Changes to GNAT Library - is this the right place?


const_int vs. const_double on 64-bit vs. 32-bit build platform

Construction Management Question

contributing to gcc

Dealing with compilers that pretend to be GCC

Did you get my previous email?

Difficulty matching machine description to target - any way to specify a minimum register width ?

Divide_1 testsuite fail due to a problem in the unwinding code

Does neon_vset_lane<mode> expand wrong code when BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN?

expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'foo'

Re: fixed_scalar_and_varying_struct_p and varies_p

forcing the linker to be a particular one (i.e. gold vs bfd)

Fortran Compil;er

GCC 4.7 compiles with llvm-gcc-4.2 but not with GCC 4.6.2

GCC 4.7 is listed on Software Informer

GCC 4.7.0 Status Report (2012-01-09), Stage 3 ends now

GCC 4.7.0 Status Report (2012-01-27)

GCC mirror

FW: gcc uses too much stack?

gcc-4.4-20120110 is now available

gcc-4.4-20120117 is now available

gcc-4.4-20120124 is now available

gcc-4.4-20120131 is now available

gcc-4.5-20120112 is now available

gcc-4.5-20120119 is now available

gcc-4.5-20120126 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120106 is now available (fwd)

gcc-4.6-20120113 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120120 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120127 is now available

gcc-4.6.2 fails to build on fedora 17

gcc-4.7-20120107 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120114 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120121 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120128 is now available

GCC/GLIBC and non-temporal instructions

GCCPLUGIN_VERSION and plugin-version.h

Getting rid of duplicate .debug_ranges

gfortran 4.6 incompatible with previous?

GNU Tools Cauldron 2012 - Call for Abstracts and Participation

Go in gcc 4.7

Hashing regs and subregs

How to define a built-in 24-bit type?

I think that may be a bug...

ICE building compiler

Improvement of Cortex-A15

init-regs double initialization

Inline assembler + register values

Interface Method Table

IRA issue with shuffle copies...

Is it possible to get virtual function indication from mangled name?

Lapack tester

Re: libobjc: Remove Traditional Objective-C runtime API

Re: Lingering tbaa in anti_dependence?

Re: Long-term plan for C++98/C++11 incompatibility

Re: LTO multiple definition failures

major and minor macros in /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/sysmacros.h

Re: Misleading error if the type in catch() is ambiguous

Missed optimization opportunity

multiple destructor calls of static objects

Re: New GCC plugin: gcc-python-plugin

new mailing list language-experts

new port LINK_SPEC changes allowed during phase 4?

Re: a nifty feature for c preprocessor

NYC: Moving and other jobs 19$/hour/man on van+19$/truck and no hidden fees,discounts for 7th and latest hours of jobtime or fix rate for whole jobs

pointer modes for Harvard architecture....

Probability notes in jumps at expand

Problems with references in documentation

question on inconsistent generated codes for builtin calls

readonly register

Recovering REG_EXPR information after temporary expression replacement

Request for price quote

RESOLVED - Re: __sync_sychronize on ARM

Re: return vs simple_return

reverse conditionnal jump

RFC: Handle conditional expression in sccvn/fre/pre

RTL AND Instruction

struggling with make inside GCC MELT

Thanks for your response

trouble emilinating redundant compares

Trouble installing gfortran

why GCC does implicit promotion to unsigned char?

x86_64 -mcmodel=smallhigh, cont'd

Your friend DEPOSIT: $252 in 12 minutes has recommended this great product from eMac Jewelry

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