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Re: Starting to track patches through bugzilla

>>>>> "Dan" == Daniel Berlin <> writes:

Dan> An example can be seen at

Dan> I'll probably make a patch component/version so that they don't get
Dan> the defaults (2.95/pending), since their is no way to tell either, and
Dan> trying to make people put this info in would probably not actually
Dan> happen, and just cause the patch tracker to be less used.

Dan> Trivial feature requests?

How about following the java-patches list as well?

While we're at it, it would be convenient if the patches were sorted
into components according to what they touch.  E.g., a patch that
touches gcc/java, libjava, libffi (etc) could be sorted into the "java
patches" component.  That would make it easier for me to see what
I've forgotten...  Failing that, just putting any patch that was sent
to java-patches into a special category would be nice.

It would be cool if the PR had a link to the mailing list archive
holding the article.  That way if a patch shows up mid-thread, you can
easily jump to the archive and read the history.


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