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"REG_FREQ (i) = 0;" needed for 3.3 branch?

'make all' fails with ICE at cp/call.c: 4571

-fkeep-inline-fucntions and unit-at-a-time


Re: /lib/libstdc++.so.5: no version information available

20011119-1.c failure (Re: Gcc mainline failed to bootstrap on Linux/ia64)

3.4 installation problems: libc is somewhere unusual

[3.3.1]: thread local storage - what do I need?

[3.3.2] regressions on the branch (pack-test-2.c, parameter-declaration-1.C)

[3.3/3.4] configure hickup with --build and --host?

Re: [3.3/3.4] wrong handling of "extern const" variables

[3.4] Incomplete types and template definitions

Re: [Bug c++/11867] [3.3/3.4 Regression] static_cast ignoresambiguity

[Bug gcc/12279] Re: GCC 3.4-20030913 VAX lossage.

Re: [Bug libstdc++/11706] std::pow(T, int) implementation pessimizescode

Re: [gcc] Re: RTL templates names

Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: recent commit

[gfortran] Random number generator

Re: [gnu.org #99802] GCC Website Problems

[hppa-linux] HEAD broken?

[OT] fate of cygnus.com

Re: [OT] Identifying unused include directives?

[Patch, Applied] Re: array11.C failing on all LP64 targets

[PATCH] [tree-ssa] another miscompile due to BOOL_TYPE_SIZE being INT_TYPE_SIZE (bootstrap failure on ppc-apple-darwin)

[PATCH] Re: Testsuite failures due to Makefile issue

[RFC/RFA?] Enabling unit-at-a-time for -O2 and increasing inline limits

[Solved] Re: Arbitrary function as template parameter?

Re: [SPAM ?] Re: Thank you!

Re: [SPAM ?] Thank you!

Re: [spam] Re: HUGE compilation time / memory requirement in compilation of single file

[toplevel] Gas install name problem from autoconf 2.5x

[tree-ssa] 'gmake install' not working on mips-sgi-IRIX6

[tree-ssa] almost bootstraps...

[tree-ssa] Bootstrap failure on i686-linux

[tree-ssa] Bootstrap failure on ia64

[tree-ssa] Bootstrap on IRIX 6.5

[tree-ssa] Branch broken

[tree-ssa] crash in coalesce_abnormal_edges, merge from mainline?

Re: [tree-ssa] crash in coalesce_abnormal_edges, merge frommainline?

[tree-ssa] crash in pretty-printer

Re: [tree-ssa] DISREGARD PREVIOUS POST 'gmake install' not working on mips-sgi-IRIX6

[tree-ssa] DWARF2 debug info missing.

[tree-ssa] Error '_muldi3' on mips-sgi-IRIX6.5

[tree-ssa] g95 SEGV building libgfortran

[tree-ssa] Java: Decls that alias?

[tree-ssa] libgfortran build error in intrinsics/random.c

[tree-ssa] Make check bombs my system on noncompile/20010425-1.c

Re: [tree-ssa] Make check bombs my system onnoncompile/20010425-1.c

[tree-ssa] Memory usage in compute_immediate_uses

Re: [tree-ssa] Minor update for project web page - vectorization

[tree-ssa] SSA bug or feature?

[tree-ssa] trouble with gfortran on mips-sgi-IRIX6

[tree-ssa] Weird things happen to GC with checking disabled

[tree-ssa] Your change to testsuite/ChangeLog

Re: [tree-ssa]: Invalid GIMPLE generated by C++ front end

[tree-ssa][rfc] plans for nested functions

Re: [tree-ssa][rfc] plans for nestedfunctions

[tree-ssa]quick SSAPRE question

Re: [unit-at-a-time] Java inlining woes

Re: [using gcc book] 5.20 double-word integers

Re: [using gcc book] ch1 objective-c blurb

[using gcc book] ch1 rewrite

Re: [using gcc book] ch3.8 options to request or suppress warnings

[using gcc book] final credits

__alignof__(T) not compile time constant?

__func__ and C++

_Unwind_RaiseException incompatibility?

Re: ABI Issues: C++ PATCH: PR 12053

Re: about to port GCC

Abusive (?) promotions to int

Ada libraries and tasking on powerpc-*-linux-gnu

The address of a symbol_ref

Advice requested: how big can we be?

all daily bootstraps on *.freebsd.org using GNU make

alloca() called when i do not want it to be called

ancient bounds checking gcc patch updated for gcc-3.3.1

Another reload problem/bug on powerpc-apple-darwin6.6

Anyone dealing with bug 12113?

Apple's -fast option for gcc

Arbitrary function as template parameter?

array11.C failing on all LP64 targets

Arrays and Alignment

arrays and typedefs

ask g77

Automatic architecture optimization

avr-gcc 3.3-tinyos

bits/demangle.h:155: warning: unused parameter 'cv_qualifier'

Bizarre symbol names generated by g++

Bootstrap broken on HEAD

Bootstrap broken?

bootstrap failure i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bootstrap failure in targhooks.c

bootstrap failure: i386-unknown-freebsd4.8

Bootstrap failures building libstdc++ on i586-pc-linux-gnu

bug in current gcc-3.4 20030916

Bugzilla "accept" button

Bugzilla question

Re: building cross gcc-3.3 on i686 for target i586

c++ >> and signed numbers?

C++ language lawyer question

C++ maintainers: Please review possible fix for bootstrap [12168]

Re: C++ maintainers: Please review possible fix for bootstrap[12168]

C++ testsuite failures on AIX

Re: C++: Tag transparent binding contour


casesi pattern failure

compile successfully but cannot run.

compiler does not bootstrap

configure.in/config.gcc thread logic: how should it work?

Conflict in __dynamic_cast symbol

Controlling what kind of value ends in a register

Copying collection and our ggc_collect practices

Crash in libjava

cygwin build problems...(libintl)

DECL_RESULT not available for declared (but not defined) function?

Dependency problems for options.o?

RE: DF_DU_CHAIN | DF_UD_CHAIN flags in new-ra

Disabling fixproto: alpha-dec-osf4.0f

Disabling fixproto: OS-less embedded targets?

Disabling fixproto: powerpc-eabi[sim]altivec

Does GASP continue existing?

Does GCC support TLS or SEH?

Does TLS work for hpux/ia64?

dump-tree-xxx format (fwd)

Duplicate constraint characters in mn10300.h

DWARF debugging format implementation

Re: DWARF2 unwinding documentation/help


Re: Efficient overflow checking (was: plans for nested functions)

Embedded-C Support

Embedded-C Support nospam

An example of a mail administartor blocking gcc@gcc.gnu.org [Fwd:Mail refused: SPAM]

Exceptions won't work in my dll!

Exceptions, Optimizations and AIX

Experience with performance decrease PENTIUM 4 to ARM9 ?

Expression and Meta Templates Problem using C++ (Wrong results)

Failure to bootstrap for 3.3 on athlon_mp-pc-linux-gnu

Failure to build gcc cvs HEAD 20030915 on i786-cygwin: ICE in libgcc2.c: In function `__popcountsi2': libgcc.c:751 internal compiler error...

Failure to build gcc cvs HEAD 20030924 on sparc64-linux: LINK_GCC_C_SEQUENCE_SPEC redefined

Fix langhooks-defs.h (was Re: mainline bootstrap failure intreelang)

Fix typo in libmudflap on tree-ssa branch

From A.D.B Bank

Function declaration issues

Function declaration issues nospam

Re: G++ 3.3.1 Specialization bug?


Re: gcc 3.3 and FreeBSD 4.8

Gcc 3.3 regressions

gcc 3.3.2 build regression

Gcc 3.3/3.4 are broken on Linux

gcc 3.4, error: conflicting types for local extern variabled

GCC 3.4-20030913 VAX lossage.

GCC and memory segments

gcc comes out with Aborted

GCC DFA Scheduling Query

GCC Induction Variable Terminology

GCC lexer

Gcc Lexer , "nospam"

Gcc mainline failed to bootstrap on Linux/ia64

gcc problem with new kde build

gcc problem with new kde build nospam

GCC Release Status (2003-09-05)

Gcc To-Do list

gcc with out glibc and glibc++

gcc-3.2: config problem

gcc-ss-3.3-20030901 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030908 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030915 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030922 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030929 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030903 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030910 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030917 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030924 is now available

gcc.gnu.org website blocking browser by user-agent?

gcc3.2 slow link time


Re: GCJ and $PREFIX/include

generate_bytecode_insn - tree code not implemented: min_expr

Re: Getting a copy of SPEC CPU2000 for gcc-3.4 performance regression testing...

Getting a copy of SPEC CPU2000 for gcc-3.4 performance regressiontesting...

Re: glibc broken with 3.4...

Re: Global register variables (bugs #7871, #10684, and #11413)

Handling aliases in debug information

help for doubts

Help with gcc

how can I contribute to GCC from a windows box

how to access PC

HP's compiler crashes when building gcc from trunk

hppa64-linux vs. hppa-linux: Why this difference?

HUGE compilation time / memory requirement in compilation of single file

Re: HUGE compilation time / memory requirement in compilation ofsingle file

I wanna have GCC mailing list.

i386.c and _Optlink calling convention

Re: ICE with your gcc 3.3 toolchain

implementing conio.h

Implementing Swing Modulo Scheduling in GCC

Important - a link within your site needs changing



inline asm constraints for conditions

inlining failed

instructions for building a cross-toolchain targeting Darwin

integral location_t

Re: invalid offsetof from non-POD type

Learning gcc

libffi test suite maintainer

libgcc version breakage?

libjava doesn't build with new cp/*

libstdc++-v3 testsuite bug -- uninitialized variable

Linkonce vs comdat

list of GCC hosts and targets?

Local variable memory allocation

Looking for a GCC hacker

loop optimizer naivety

Lots of suggestions for the gcc manual

m68k call_value insn

m68k target deprecations

m68k: attribute((interrupt_handler))

m68k: cfa_offset VS cfa_store_offset

Mailine failed to bootstrap on Linux/ia64 again

Mainline bootstrap failure

mainline bootstrap failure in treelang

Mainline fails to bootstrap on ia64-hp-hpux11.23 - broken since Sep10

Maintainer of tree-inline.c and expr.c

memory allocation

Memory needed for bootstrap?

A minor adjustment to the development plan


Missing inline -> uncaught exception (AIX & shared libs)

More help to my port.

More help to my port. nospam

Re: More help to my port. nospam ("nospam" subjects are now BLOCKED)

More on MICO app testing [was: Re: GCC Release Status (2003-08-22)]

motorola altivec extension question

Re: MS obj not recogn. I need answer

need help

Need help with fixing this two year old backend bug in mainline.

needed: copyright assignment form

New failures in G++ testsuite

New linux cross mingw32 build ICE

Re: Nonlocal gotos on s390

nospam g77-3.2.2

not working

objc gnu runtime class registration

On a piece of code in C++ and nested functions

Optimising redundant compares

Optimization and unused variables


Parallel build broken on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Partnering Enquiry from CifroSoft LLC (Russia)

passing regparm floating-point args in FPU registers

Patch for Bug No-8081

PATCH for RE: what with the logo

Patch for the bounds checking section of http://gcc.gnu.org/extensions.html

Re: patch rereview requested for PRs 6860, 10467 and 11741

Patch to decl2.c

PATCH: Support ILP32 in ld ia64 tests

Patches to C++ front end have caused numerous regressions

PCH assumes there is no information before the object

please do not add "nospam" to your gcc list email titles

Port contribution (legal prerequisites)

Porting GCC troubles : about register window

possible small bug in g77 when writing direct access files

RE: possible small bug in g77 when writing direct access files

Potential GC problem on the 3.3 branch

PR 11313

PR 11319

PR 11595

PR 12236

PR 7544

PR 7993

PR 8498

PR optimization/9786

Preparing patch to add testcases for 8 sh pr's

printing 64-bit numbers in HEX

Probable GCC Bug

Re: Problem in split_basic_block

Problem in V3 testsuite

Problems with loop unroller and gcse in 3.3?

Promotion of integer return types to int

Proposed targets to deprecate for 3.4

query on build and test times

Question about "match_dup"

Re: Question about inline asm

Question about setting of fuller_mask in force_to_mode()

Fwd: Re: Question about substituting $(MAKE) and recursive makes.

question about symbols in object file and -ffast-math with optimization turned on

Questions on schedule-insns and IA32

Really, really const

Redeclaration of used symbols

Redundant check for prologue_epilogue_contains in init_alias_analysis?

Re: Redundant check for prologue_epilogue_contains ininit_alias_analysis?

Reference-to-pointer argument bug?

Reload problem


RFA: Adding a location_t (or pointer) to tree_exp for 3.4 only.

RFC: improve induction variable choice

RFC: debug line info & inlining; patch proposal and request for comments.

Re: RFC: debug line info & inlining; patch proposal and request forcomments.


RTL templates names

Scheduling for one processor variant, but reporting times for others

Re: Scheduling for one processor variant, but reporting times forothers

Sekali sms ke hp siapapun dapat 250

Several tree-ssa issues

Shell portability question

Re: Shifts by constants > 31 may generate illegal sparc assembler output

Re: Shifts by constants > 31 may generate illegal sparc assembleroutput

Sibcall arguments passed on the stack

SIMD support (was Re: [tree-ssa] Minor update for project web page- vectorization)

Software Pipelining in GCC

Some benchmarks with Apple's -fast

sparc-sun-solaris2.9: No rule to make target `all'

Starting to track patches through bugzilla

static inline

static link

static runtime linking and libgcc/libgcc_s

Status of gcc/intl and src/intl?

re: STP for automated GCC testing

strange compiling problem

Re: Strict aliasing and converting binary patterns between integer and float

Stuck lock on anoncvs server.

Successful build of gcc-3.3.1 on alpha-dec-osf4.0f

Successful build of gcc-3.3.1 on i586-pc-linux-gnu

system.h causes bootstrap failure

TailCall Opt

Testsuite failures due to Makefile issue

text positioning

Tips tambahan melimpahkan usaha

TO: Jim Wilson, Deepak B. Nayak, Ritu, ...

Re: TOC overflow on linuxppc64

Re: tree-ssa merge from mainline?


trouble building gcc when the sources are on a readonly partition

Trying to build on DYNIX/ptx: 'strbuf' in cppcharset.c

Re: undefined symbol: __bb_init_func


A user's experiences with GCC-3.4 snapshots


VIRUS RESPONSE: Temp change in e-mail.

Vladimir Makarov appointed GCC scheduler co-maintainer

VSTa user wanted for testing configuration patch

Vtable incompatibility between GCC 3.0/3.2?

Weekly gcc images

what do I need to do to become a GCC contributor?

What else can I disable fixproto for?

what with the logo

Who should set main_input_filename to "<stdin>"?

why gcj is slower than jvm

Worm and virus free code.

yacc/bison build errors on current CVS

Your patch for PR 9862

Zem Laski for ObjC maintenance

Ziemowit Laski becomes Objective-C co-maintainer

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