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Re: Starting to track patches through bugzilla

On Sep 25, 2003, at 5:16 PM, Carlo Wood wrote:

It could happen that someone starts a mail with an RFC or
bug report - and then later someone replies to that thread
with a PATCH proposal - shouldn't that be prosessed as a
patch then?
The patch will.

Perhaps it is better to scan the body for attachments, and detect the existance of a patch based on typical 'diff'-like output.
This is not easy, and is somewhat more prone to false positives.
Also, if I understand you right - this describes how mails
to gcc-patches@ will be filtered/detected and processed/included
on GNATs.  But the other way around is also needed imho:
When someone creates an attachment on GNAT for an existing
PR he can mark that attachment as a patch - if he does that,
then I think a mail should go out to patches@, including
the patch (or when the patch is very large - with just a
link to it).

This is being worked on, if it can be done reasonably.

Just ideas,

Carlo Wood <>

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