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[using gcc book] final credits

Okay, FSF has the manuscript, so no more changes :)

I did convince the editor to change the authorship credit from Richard
Stallman to "Richard Stallman and the GCC Development Group".

That's you :)

There needs to be a couple of sentences about both of the authors on the
back cover, so suggestions for how you would like to represent yourselves
would be welcome.

The earliest records I can find of this list go back to 1 Sept 1997, when
the list was (apparently)  I assume that the list goes
back [much] farther than that, but the archives don't seem to have this.

(, by the way, is now an awful, popup laden Flash site. Sad.)

Anyway, so much for the "author"'s history. How is this for a biography:

    GCC is developed as the GNU project's official compiler for systems
    running GNU/Linux, as well as other platforms.  The GCC development
    group uses an open development environment, where contributors from
    around the world collaborate to produce high quality software and

Sound okay?

Chris Devers

ack, n.  [Origin: back-formed negation of NAK]
A signal indicating that the error-detection circuits have failed.

    -- from _The Computer Contradictionary_, Stan Kelly-Bootle, 1995

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