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Re: On inlining in C++ with unit-at-a-time code

> Jan Hubicka wrote:
> >So please if you complain about the inlining decisions, can you, please
> >try -O2 -funit-at-a-time --param max-insns-inline-single=500 --param
> >max-insns-inline-auto=150 and send me a testcases in case it won't do
> >what do you want? (if it inlines way too much, please try to lower the
> >inline-single limit to 150 again, I didn't do much testing with
> >inline-single limit set so high)
> Am I correct that -funit-at-a-time and --param max-insns-inline-* came 
> came into existence with the advent of 3.4?
> While I follow this list closely, are there any other "new" optimization 
> options I should be considering when testing 3.4?

-funit-at-a-time is new optimization and it is on by default at -O3 now.
max-inline-insns came in earlier but have somewhat different meaning as
the idea of instruction used to be number of statements * 10 and now it
is size of the syntactic tree with noop nodes ignored and some expensive
nodes thread specially.
I think I've misspelled the option in orignal email tought.

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> Scott Robert Ladd
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