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"short pretty" names?

"Ziem," - Where is your Green Card?

Re: #import, #pragma once yadda yadda mumble grumble

--enable-languages no longer works

--with-ld breakage for me.

-Dinhibit_libc not being set in gcc-3.4/gcc/configure?


-pthread lacking documentation on *-linux-gnu and sysv5

3.3.1 - random bytes in object files

3.3.1 build failure on SuSE 2.4.20

3.3.1 build successes

3.4 build problem on sh4: warning: "ASM_PREFERRED_EH_DATA_FORMAT"redefined

3.4 snapshots generated incorrectly?

3_3-branch: Honor MIN_INLINE_INSNS

64-bit on ia-32

[3.3/3.4] wrong handling of "extern const" variables

[ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.3.1/3.4 ColdFire toolchain for uClinux (20030804 snapshot)

[ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.3.1/3.4 ColdFire toolchain for uClinux (20030808snapshot)

Re: [ARIN-20030825.3802] Re: Details

[cs branch] compilation failure on GNU/Linux

[cs branch] how to start compile server?

Re: [cxx-abi-dev] Re: G++ ABI mismatches

Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: function addresses and ld.so

Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: portable cdecl 'elliptic' function calls

Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: recent commit

[IA32] -fschedule-insns and -fschedule-insns2...

Fwd: [Introspector-developers] ANN : Call for help with a porting of VCG to Dotgnu pnet/c

[libiberty copyright assignment audit] cp-demangle.c status

[libiberty] Why is configure trying to use binfmt-0090?

Re: [libobjc patch] Fix libobjc/gc.c compilation error

[new-regalloc-branch] Emit remat information

[OT] Identifying unused include directives?

[OT] patches, was Re: [using gcc book] compound literals

Re: [patch 3.4] PR8180: --without-headers broken (was: -Dinhibit_libc not being set in gcc-3.4/gcc/configure?)

[patch 3.4] PR8180: --without-headers broken (was: -Dinhibit_libcnot being set in gcc-3.4/gcc/configure?)

Re: [PATCH] Optimize x*x*x*x*x*x using 3 multiplications.

Re: [PATCH] PR middle-end/11823: Tune jump tables for -Os

[PCH] Automatic PCH creation model

Re: [RESOLVED] libstdc++-v3/libmath: cannot find math.h

[tree-ssa-cfg] Bootstrap failure on alpha

[tree-ssa-cfg] Bootstrap failure on x86

[tree-ssa] -> [tree-ssa-cfg]

[tree-ssa] bootstrap failure /ice on cygwin

Re: [tree-ssa] bootstrap problem on powerpc-apple-darwin6.6

Re: [tree-ssa] bootstrap problem on powerpc-apple-darwin6.6 (Was [tree-ssa][unit-at-a-time] bootstrap)

[tree-ssa] CFG cleanup (was: Re: clean)

[tree-ssa] COND_EXPR lowering preview

[tree-ssa] gcc/java/except.c does not build

[tree-ssa] Handling of variable scopes?

[tree-ssa] having problems recently

[tree-ssa] How to increase PHI capacity?

[tree-ssa] ICE on nightly build

[tree-ssa] java bytecode tests failures

[tree-ssa] libbanshee seems to be not 64-bit clean

[tree-ssa] libmudflap on NetBSD 1.6.1

[tree-ssa] mainline merge as of 2003-08-17

[tree-ssa] new bootstrap failure

Re: [tree-ssa] objective-c gimplify

[tree-ssa] parallel bootstrap failure

Re: [tree-ssa] Problems building fortran (gmp) with latest cvs-version

[tree-ssa] Re: COND_EXPR lowering patch

[tree-ssa] RFC: Making control flow more explicit

[tree-ssa] Syntactic structures

[tree-ssa]: Code movement is a pain in the ass.

[tree-ssa]: Dominator opts change LHS without changing VDEF's

[tree-ssa]: Fix for PTA broken by find_referenced_vars change.

[tree-ssa]: I've got LICM done, but it requires Zdenek's changes

[tree-ssa]: Invalid GIMPLE generated by C++ front end

[tree-ssa][PATCH] Let remove_stmt not always remoev annotations (wasRe: [tree-ssa]: Code movement is a pain in the ass.)

Re: [tree-ssa][PATCH] Let remove_stmt not always remoev annotations(was Re: [tree-ssa]: Code movement is a pain in the ass.)

[tree-ssa][unit-at-a-time] bootstrap

[tree-ssa][unit-at-a-time] bootstrap ICE tree-ssa-dom.c:877

Re: [uClibc] GCC target for uClinux with uClibc

Re: [uClinux-dev] GCC target for uClinux with uClibc

Re: [uClinux-dev] New cross target for uClinux

[unit-at-a-time] Java inlining woes

Re: [using gcc book] 5.20 compound literals

[using gcc book] 5.20 double-word integers

[using gcc book] 5.25 declaring attributes of functions

[using gcc book] ch1 objective-c blurb

Re: [using gcc book] ch10.11 Certain Changes We Don't Want to Make

[using gcc book] ch10.11 Certain Changes We Don't Want to Make

[using gcc book] ch3.8 options that control optimization

[using gcc book] ch3.8 options to request or suppress warnings

[using gcc book] ch5.25 declaring attributes of functions

[using gcc book] ch5.6 referring to a type with typeof

[using gcc book] compound literals

re: __declspec(selectany)

ABI documentation

about to port GCC

Add self to MAINTAINERS (mainline & branch)

additions to 3.2 and 3.3 build status lists

ADDRESSOF handling in alpha_expand_block_move

Analyzing Optimization: What's New in 3.4?

Another parallel bootstrap problem [was Re: 3.4 bootstrap failure linking jv-convert on Solaris2.8]

any experiences with gcc builds on Pentium-M

Applying patch to gcc3.2.7

ASM_OUTPUT_EXTERNAL called for __builtin_ function

attribute ((constructor)) does not work in C++?

Auto-Reply: Re: Your application

autoconf 2.57 & setting of CC

automated response

Automatic Response

away from my mail

Re: Bay Area GCC hackers luncheon (TOMORROW, Sat Jul 16)

biarch gcc

Big kernel size increase with gcc 3.4

Binarie gcc for mac


Re: BIT_ANDTC_EXPR - kill it?

bootstrap gcc 3.1.1 on solaris 2.8

bootstrap gcc 3.3.1 on solaris 2.8

Bug in array reference (Re: A question on POINTERS_EXTEND_UNSIGNED)

Bug in implementation of C++ ABI exception handling?

Re: Bug report - How to attach a file?

Bugzilla adding fulltext index

Bugzilla Bug 605 fun fixed

bugzilla mail loop

build breakage in cvs head

build status additions for GCC 3.3.1

building cross gcc-3.3 on i686 for target i586

built gcc-3.2.3 on hpux10.20 successfully


C++ name mangling tool

C++ STD headers not being generated for multilib arm-elf cross compiler

C++: Missing documentation for MODOP_EXPR

C99 and i387 Floating-point assignments

Call for Review: GCC introspector owl ontology

Cannot build mainline gcc on x86 linux

Re: Cannot build mainline gcc on x86 linux.

cgraph maintainership

CHECK_DEAD_NOTES abort in sched1 for sh-elf

Re: Clarification in the docs for possible bugs with the Alpha port

Class definitions in C++

ColdFire/uClinux status update

Re: comments on onlinedocs webpage

Commit approval pls: PR 9877, 8336, plus other stuff

Compile GCC without a library

compile on solarsi

compile-server branch live

Re: Compiling glibc-2.3.2 with gcc-3.4 yields "string2.h:80: warning: `packed' attribute ignored"

Compiling glibc-2.3.2 with gcc-3.4 yields "string2.h:80: warning:`packed' attribute ignored"

COND_EXPR lowering patch

Confirmation accepted

Copyright Assignment

Coreutils head and tail problems

creating 64 bit binaries on solaris 8

cross compiler missing header?

cross-compiling libiberty in gcc-3.4

crosstool-0.19: added gcc-3.4-20030813 support

current_function_decl or cfun->decl?

CVS write access

Dead link on the libstdc++-v3 homepage


Re: definition of "implicit" inline?

Delete xm-iq2000.h

Re: Details

Devel rebuild question

DF_DU_CHAIN | DF_UD_CHAIN flags in new-ra

dfa scheduler, bundling and packing

Re: different code behaviour with -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage

disable libgcc

Dominator Information in new-ra

Re: duplicate entry in gcc manual

duplicates of list messages

DWARF2 unwinding documentation/help

Efficacy of optimizations.

Email was blocked.

Email Content Rejection Notice

Error Report

error: stray '\' in program

Errors in DLL linking with a MS-style lib

Estimated Response Time

Evil code in config.gcc (vsta)

expect 5.39 import

Re: Expenses of unit-at-a-time

Expenses of unit-at-a-time (Re: On inlining in C++ with unit-at-a-time code(

Experience Client Support


Fast Free Eclipse Prize

First? gfortran build for mips-sgi-irix6.5

Fix CVU prefix for GenTrunk

fixinc: svr4_ftw and _STYPES: huh?

Flag granularity (was gcc-patches: New insns for the s390 backend(2))

Fldcw, rounding and optimizations

Re: Floating point trouble wit x86's extended precision

Floating point trouble with x86's extended precision

Followup on cfg splitting problem and proposed patch

Friendly install

full space, this user is limit quota

function addresses and ld.so

G++ 3.3.1 Specialization bug?

G++ ABI mismatches

g++ compile option question

g++ Warning Incorrect?


GCC 2.9 on AIX 5L V5.1

gcc 2.95 question about .note section

gcc 3.2.3 (Linux)

GCC 3.3 branch open

gcc 3.3.1 build on alphaev67-dec-osf5.1

gcc 3.3.1 build on alphaev68-dec-osf5.1

gcc 3.3.1 on IA64

Re: GCC 3.3.1 Released

gcc 3.3.1 successfully installed on GNU/Linux Red Hat 9.0

gcc 3.3.1 successfully installed on PowerPC MacOSX 10.2.6/Darwin 6.6

gcc 3.3.1 successfully installed on PowerPC MacOSX 10.2.6/Darwin 6.6 ?

Re: GCC 3.3.1: basic_string<unsigned char> class member var: unresolved symbols during link

GCC 3.3.1: basic_string<unsigned char> class member var: unresolved symbolsduring link

Re: GCC 3.3.1: basic_string<unsigned char> class member var: unresolvedsymbols during link

GCC 3.3.1: bootstrap success report for GNU/Linux on SuperH

GCC 3.3.1: Successful build and installation on GNU/Linux PowerPC

gcc and c4x ..

gcc book diffs, was Re: [using gcc book] 5.25...

gcc bug

GCC Buzilla Modifications

Re: GCC Framework support in Linux

Gcc installation problem

Gcc optimization flags

gcc or g77 in MS Windows

GCC Porting problem

GCC Release Status (2003-08-03)

GCC Release Status (2003-08-22)

GCC target for uClinux with uClibc

GCC Target for ZSPxxx DSP core

gcc version string on the branch is "experimental"

GCC Weekly News?

gcc-3.3 mipsel -msoft-float broken? test case included

gcc-3.3.1.tar.bz2 file on ftp://gcc.gnu.org/ tainted?

gcc-3.4-20030827 snapshot bootstrap failure on solaris2.8

gcc-core-3.3.tar.bz2 has wrong NEWS file (3.2.2)

gcc-ss-3.3-20030804 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030811 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030818 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20030825 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030806 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030813 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030820 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20030827 is now available

Re: gcc/gcc version.c

Gcc3.3 installation problem

Re: GCJ and $PREFIX/include

gcj and xgamestation

gcov questions

Global register variables (bugs #7871, #10684, and #11413)

handling of warnings

Help wanted from target maintainers re: fixincludes/fixproto

help with RTL and .md files

how are stack slot addresses resolved?

how do i subscribe ?

How does --with-sysroot work?

how to build gcc 2.95.3 for armv5

how to compile the C++ program in Linux

How to compile the C++ program in Linux

Re: how to compile the C++ program in Linux

How to find missing "?

How to report tree-ssa bugs (and an example)

How to use Inline assembly?

How to use protoize ?

Implementing real*16 in Fortran

Inconsistent g++3.2 debug information on AIX

init_priority with GCC

Inquiry about RTL

intermodule and comptypes - need some help

Re: invalid offsetof from non-POD type

Is -Winline working at all?

Is g++ not conforming to the C++ standard here?

is movccsi a standard names?

Is this a bfd bug? (binutils version 2.13)

Is this meant to compile?

Issues with latest gcc/glibc and static linking (modutils)

Java PRs

Known gcc testsuite issues (was: gcc-3.3, host==x86, target==ppc7450)

Larger Compilations / Speed


libffi/include/Makefile.am - hack_DATA - whats it for?

libgloss patches

libjava build is broken on SMP

library creation

libstdc++ multilib install broken

Re: libstdc++ multilib install broken (not anymore)

libstdc++-v3/libmath: cannot find math.h

link dependencies

Linking MS lib Visual FoxPro 6

The Linux binutils is released

LMbench as gcc performance regression test?

long long data type support

Re: Loop optimizer issues

m32r-elf build requires gdb?

m68k - Dropping the Motorola syntax

m68k C++ exception handling

Re: m68k patch reviews

m68k-elf target broken again

Macro expansion works differently on ASM and C files.

mainline problem

MCF5407 BDM cable..

MCF5407 porting..

missed uninitialised variable warning

Re: modify gcc to handle byteorder issue automatically

More info on solaris8 problem

MS obj not recogn. I need answer

multilibbing libgfortran

Multiple input-file patch for gcov 3.2.3

Re: Re: My details

RE:Re: Re: My details - Prohibited File Extension Blocked

My Resume.

Naive suggestion about multilibs

Naming the originator in new testcases

need function decl/type in get_parm_info

new book pdf up for review, was Re: [using gcc book] ch5.6 [...]

Re: new coldfire TARGET_ flags

New cross target for uClinux

New stabs with gcc HEAD

no call-graph produced when C++ program compiled with -pg option

No longer able to detect exception model right

Re: Nonlocal gotos on s390

Observation on the recent junk mail flood

offsets of stack variables with optimizations enabled in GCC

On inlining in C++

On inlining in C++ with unit-at-a-time code

on vacation...

Opening large files with C

Optimal Optimizations: A Very Preliminary Report

Re: OT: Sobig

OT: Sobig (was Re: Observation on the recent junk mail flood)

Our apologies for the virus reject notices

Out of Office AutoReply: My details

Out of Office AutoReply: Your application

Out of town till end of Aug.

Parallel build broken

PATCH for: release tarballs should have LAST_UPDATED containingrelease tag?

Patch: Fix libjava parallel make problems

PATCH: Require GNU Make to build GCC

PCH magic numbers

PCH not being used, but I can't tell why

Please Reply - linuxdevices s081914212328348

Please resend your email...

Porting gcc

Possible GPL infringment in the HighTec GNU compiler

Possible virus in Email sent by you

Re: PR 11319 analyzed (Re: Patch fixing 3.3 bug PR 9745 and PR10021)

Problem in .md file

Problem in split_basic_block

Problem with macro params containing commas

Problem with shared libraries, exceptions, and global constructors

Re: probs cross-building current libstdc++-v3, because of need to link?

probs cross-building current libstdc++-v3, because of need tolink?

Re: probs cross-building current libstdc++-v3, because of needto link?

processor architects say it's hard to work with us?

Profiling gcc building Mozilla

Published MD5 checksums for GCC 3.3.1 sources

Quality Issues on mainline

Question about inline asm



Re: Questions about the ATTRS field of builtins.def

R: disable libgcc

R: error: stray '\' in program

Receipt of email to Chase Bill Management Center

recent commit


Register-passed arguments copied to the stack?

Reload and reg_equiv_constant

Request for a C++ warning for undefined behaviour

Re: Request for Assistance: GCC 3.3.1 Code-Gen Problems

RFC - detect static data overruns

rpath and libtool == testsuite woes


RTL/tree (from gcc) and Scheme

scanf issue (store only specified tokens)

Segfault with operator delete[] (fwd)

seperate libiberty

serial port issue

SH3 memory allocation

SH: may miscompile zero extension and test

Re: Shifts by constants > 31 may generate illegal sparc assembleroutput

simple-declaration (was: Re: On inlining in C++)

sizeof array-typed function parameter: Warning possible?

SMP multilib configure bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.8?

solaris8 --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld works?

some types probs using 3.3.1

sorry about the spam that got through

Source code for GCC

SSA PRE and Open64

Stack walking help

Re: Status of Chill-frontend and Pascal

Re: std::pow implementation

still problem with solaris8 --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld

strange warning with gcc 3.x

Strict aliasing and converting binary patterns between integer and float

RE: Strict aliasing and converting binary patterns between integerand float

Structure Alignment Bug in Sparc.

Successful bootstrap: 3.3.1/sparc-sun-solaris2.9

Successful bootstrap: 3.3.1/sparcv9-sun-solaris2.9

Successful build of GCC

Successful build of gcc 3.2.3 on Slackware 9.0

Successful build of gcc 3.3.1 on i686-pc-cygwin

Suggestion: Template instantiation debugging


Syntax error in configure? can anyone bootstrap?

System call comparison

Re: Targets with pre-C89 libraries (was Re: Help wanted from target maintainers re: fixincludes/fixproto)

Targets with pre-C89 libraries (was Re: Help wanted from targetmaintainers re: fixincludes/fixproto)

temporary object

Test email (should bounce)

Testcases and approval

Testsuite: separating optimization tests from correctness tests?

Thank you for your interest.

Re: Thank you!

Thanks for writing to me at Toll-free Consortium.

Thinko on http://gcc.gnu.org

Thread-local storage on IA64 in ILP32 mode

Three ICEs in regression tests with gcc-3.4-20030813

to_line blowing up

TOC overflow on linuxppc64

Re: Transformations to increase parallelism (peepholes?)

tree-dump inquiry

Re: tree-ssa internal compiler error

tree-ssa MacOS X build

tree-ssa merge from mainline?

Trouble with -pedantic and #include<cmath>, GCC or GLIBC bug?

Re: trunk broken for arm-elf target

Two questions about multilib, libstdc++.so, /lib/nof, and gcc-3.4-20030813

type promotion and function overloading change in gcc 3.4...

undefined symbol

undefined symbol: __bb_init_func

Unit-at-a-time compilation

unsubscribe please

Updated code-size benchmark (CSiBE)

upgrading from gcc-3.2 to anything newer on PowerPC architecture

The use of the toplevel ChangeLog and config/ChangeLog

Using conditional instructions in a macro

using objcopy --redefine-sym

Using the autoresponder

Version Number

Virus / harmful content found in EMail

A Virus has been detected.

Virus rejects on bug-gcc and help-gcc

A virus was detected on your message

Votre message la liste Traduc est en attente d'approbation

Warning: Possible Virus Infection

warnings building mainline for x86_64-freebsd

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to you for writing to us.

What does un-cse exactly refer to?

What is the correct logic for casesi

Re: what mailing list to follow (for gcc-gfortran ?)

Where did output_add_string go?

where is the "tree"'s definition?

Which opcodes emitted by gcc for various arches

why are you waiting

Why does -pedantic make long long an error in C++?

Why this change? It could break a lot of code

Re: Wicked screensaver

word alignment for non fp/sp register pointers for SPARClet port

writing a new backend to gcc

RE: Re: Your application

Your details

Your resume has been received

The Zen of Optimizing C++ - What is the sound of one compiler inlining?


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