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Re: GIT: Monotonically increasing trunk and release branch ids

On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 11:03:02AM +0100, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Here it is in patch form (against Joseph's git-hooks copy), but untested
> (both because the repo isn't converted yet, basepoints don't exist there
> either and because not sure how exactly it can be tested in a dry-run, say
> sending me mail instead of to the public list etc.).
> So, all I did test is some simple thing in python3 interactively because
> it is close to 20 years since I used python regularly.

This is what I've actually committed after testing it (in
gcc-reposurgeon-8.git) and Joseph's approval.
Example how such mail looks like:
and for bugzilla
comment.  Commits to branches other than master or releases/gcc-* are
If we get the redirector working, we should change
the URLs emitted in both gcc-cvs mails and in bugzilla, because at least in
bugzilla the 87 chars long URL is too long and wraps around.

diff --git a/hooks/updates/ b/hooks/updates/
index c5d8181..9d9e1dc 100644
--- a/hooks/updates/
+++ b/hooks/updates/
@@ -299,6 +299,19 @@ class AbstractUpdate(object):
             # name in full to label the branch name.
             branch = '(%s)' % self.ref_name
+        # GCC monotonically increasing commit ids.
+        rev_id = ''
+        if (self.email_info.project_name.startswith('gcc')
+            and (self.short_ref_name == 'master'
+                 or self.short_ref_name.startswith('releases/gcc-'))):
+            rev_id = git.describe(commit.rev, all=True, abbrev='40',
+                                  match='basepoints/gcc-[0-9]*')
+            if rev_id.startswith('basepoints/gcc-'):
+                rev_id = 'r' + rev_id[len('basepoints/gcc-'):]
+                branch = ' ' + rev_id[:rev_id.find('-g')]
+            else:
+                rev_id = ''
         subject = '[%(repo)s%(branch)s] %(subject)s' % {
             'repo': self.email_info.project_name,
             'branch': branch,
@@ -322,6 +335,10 @@ class AbstractUpdate(object):
         # by stripping it from the output.
         body = git.log(commit.rev, max_count="1") + '\n'
+        if rev_id:
+            body = re.sub(r'^commit ' + commit.rev, 'commit ' + rev_id,
+                          body, 1, re.M)
         if git_config('hooks.commit-url') is not None:
             url_info = {'rev': commit.rev,
                         'ref_name': self.ref_name}


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