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Re: GIT: Monotonically increasing trunk and release branch ids

> > We would need to add some tags (I wouldn't bother with pre-GCC 5 era,
> > because that doesn't have single number version numbers in the branch
> > names), like:
> > for r in 10 9 8 7 6; do
> >   git tag branchpoints/gcc-$r `git rev-list $(git merge-base origin/master origin/releases/gcc-$(expr $r - 1))..origin/master | tail -1`
> > done
> > git tag branchpoints/gcc-5 `git rev-list $(git merge-base origin/master origin/releases/gcc-4.9)..origin/master | tail -1`
> Those look like the start of GCC version N development (just after the 
> branchpoint for N-1), not the branchpoint as commonly understood; naming 
> them "branchpoints" seems confusing.
> > I'm sorry for my limited git-fu, could those branchpoints
> > tags be something that is fetched by default (given they would be added only
> > once a year for each trunk commit after the branching, usually the
> > BASE-VER bumping to N+1.0.0)?
> Any tag in refs/tags is fetched by default.
> I think the existing git hook configuration expects you to push only 
> annotated tags, not lightweight tags (so you'd need to use -a / -s / -u 
> when creating those tags).

That's the default behavior, indeed. But the hooks can be configured
to allow lightweight tags. I personally would avoid them for tags
being pushed to a shared repository like GCC. Annotated tags provide
a lot more information.

> > As it is short, could it be something we'd put as first thing in the gcc-cvs
> > mail subjects (of course, only for trunk and release branch commits; like
> > the current svn mails start with rNNNNNN - ), and somewhere before or after the hash
> > in the body which also makes it into bugzilla?
> This seems like another thing that would need new features in the
> hooks to support configuring email subjects and contents like that.

Can you describe a little more what you are looking for?

If you push a tag, this will trigger an email that looks like this:

    | Subject: [repository_name] Created tag v0.1
    | X-Act-Checkin: repository_name
    | X-Git-Author: Test Suite <>
    | X-Git-Refname: refs/tags/v0.1
    | X-Git-Oldrev: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    | X-Git-Newrev: c4c1e91cddc3d48a2aab7d454bc6537149f37dd8
    | The unsigned tag 'v0.1' was created pointing to:
    |  8b9a0d6... New file: a.
    | Tagger: Joel Brobecker <>
    | Date: Tue Jun 26 07:51:14 2012 -0700
    |     This is a new tag.

Is that what we're discusing?


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