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-fpatchable-function-entry should set SHF_WRITE and create one __patchable_function_entries per function

-fpatchable-function-entry: leverage multi-byte NOP on x86


1-800-GIT-HELP question

1-800-GIT-HELP: Fixing a commit message?


Let’s make our life beautiful and adore it together.

Ordem 1303202 inclusão em CPF

[ARM] LLVM's -arm-assume-misaligned-load-store equivalent in GCC?

Re: [EXT] Re: Comparing types at LTO time

Re: [EXT] Re: Mechanism to get at function information seems not to work

Re: [EXT] Re: Option processing question


Re: [musl] musl, glibc and ideal place for __stack_chk_fail_local

[PATCH, v2] wwwdocs: e-mail subject lines for contributions

[PATCH, v3] wwwdocs: e-mail subject lines for contributions

[PATCH] wwwdocs: document scripts to access personal and vendor spaces

[RFC] add push/pop pragma to control the scope of "using"

[RFC] builtin functions and `-ffreestanding -nostartfies` with static binaries

Re: [wwwdocs] Generalize instructions and remove notes on repository mirroring via rsync.

__patchable_function_entries is flawed

Add News-feed item for git transition

Aliasing rules for unannotated SYMBOL_REFs

Anybody have any idea about why local_decls would go missing?

Re: Code bloat due to silly IRA cost model?

Comparing types at LTO time

Confused about code/comment in tree.c:build2

contrib/gcc_update does not work

Contributing to GCC Page Update?

cortexa57_extra_costs' alu.shift_reg

Re: Could I obtain the forms needed to make a contribution?

Design & Develop Websites, Mobile Apps & Logo's

Do we want to add -fsanitize=function?

Do you need positive website reviews to grow your business???

Re: Does gcc automatically lower optimization level for very large routines?

fast_math_flags_set_p vs. set_fast_math_flags inconsistency?

Feedback on the GNU Social contract and new wiki.gnu.tools.

Fixing gcc git logs

Frontend access to target-related options

GCC 10.0 Status Report (2020-01-13), Stage 4 in effect now

GCC 10: Add driver options -mbranches-within-32B-boundaries and -malign-branch* for x86

Re: GCC Git hooks

GCC GSoC 2020: Call for mentors and project ideas

GCC Multi-Threading Ideas

GCC plugins problem

gcc-10-20200105 is now available

gcc-10-20200110 is now available

gcc-10-20200119 is now available

gcc-10-20200126 is now available

gcc-8-20200103 is now available

gcc-8-20200110 is now available

gcc-8-20200117 is now available

gcc-8-20200124 is now available

gcc-8-20200131 is now available

gcc-9-20200104 is now available

gcc-9-20200111 is now available

gcc-9-20200118 is now available

gcc-9-20200125 is now available

gcc-cvs mails for personal/vendor branches for merge commits

Git ChangeLog policy for GCC Testsuite inquiry

git conversion in progress

GIT conversion: question about tags & release branches

Git push account

GIT: Monotonically increasing trunk and release branch ids

git: remote: *** The first line of a commit message should be a short description of the change, not a single word.

GNU Tools Cauldron 2020

Hello Dear, Urgent Respond Needed

Help with new GCC git workflow...

Re: http://www.netgull.com mirror broken

Information on Loop Blocking

Let's remove all (or the largest) diffs from gcc-cvs@

Mechanism to get at function information seems not to work

Merges from release branches to vendor tracking branches

Re: multiple definition of symbols" when linking executables on ARM32 and AArch64

musl, glibc and ideal place for __stack_chk_fail_local

Re: Need sanity check on DSE vs expander issue

Re: New GCC mirror from Rabat, Morocco

New redirects for git

Official GIT based scripts????

Option processing question

Re: PPC64 libmvec implementation of sincos

Re: Proposal for the transition timetable for the move to GIT

PT Carbide / Tungsten carbide wear parts for oilfield/ Factory

Question about changing {machine,type} modes during LTO

Question about git: merging to gccgo branch

Re: Question about sizeof after struct change

Quota exceeded

Rebasing local git branches on the new repo

Rescue of prehistoric GCC versions

Silly GIT related question

SSA Iterators

SSA Question related to Dominator Trees

Status of gcc 10.0.0 on x86_64-w64-mingw32

Support Library Requirements for GCC 10

Re: Test GCC conversion with reposurgeon available


Towards removal of gcc/DATESTAMP

Updating "regression hunting" to the Git world (was: [wwwdocs] Adjustments of "regression hunting" instructions to the post-SVN world.)

Weekly Notice-AICSE2020 Invite Papers for Pub.(Ei|CPCI|SCOPUS)

What needs to be satisfied to become a type qualifier in standard?

Whitespace at the start of first line of commit

Wrong GCC PR2020 annotated for "[committed, libgomp,amdgcn] Fix plugin-gcn.c bug"

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