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git conversion in progress

The GCC SVN repository is now read-only for the move to git, as is the old 
git-svn mirror; the cron job updating that mirror has been disabled, as 
have gccadmin's cron jobs updating DATESTAMP, generating snapshots and 
updating online documentation, until those are updated to work from git.

Assuming validation passes, I expect to make the converted repository 
available in place of the git-svn mirror (git:// 
and git+ssh:// some time on Saturday.  That will 
be initially read-only to allow for people to review it in case any 
significant conversion issues are noticed late that would justify 
rerunning the conversion.  I propose to make it writable on Monday, at 
which point we'll be in development stage 4 for GCC 10 (and to leave 
gcc-reposurgeon-8.git around for a while in case people wish to use that, 
rather than the main repository, for any further testing, but to delete 
the older test conversions 1 through 7).  Some cron jobs may be re-enabled 
before then, subject to testing (I have git changes to gcc_release ready, 
for example, for testing snapshot generation), but the DATESTAMP updates 
won't be enabled until the repository is writable.

I encourage people to continue to work on improving the documentation for 
using git with GCC 
(<> and 
<> list some of 
the things that it seems it might be useful to document).  Once the 
conversion is done we'll need to update various places referring to SVN on 
the website and in the manuals.

The old git-svn mirror will remain available read-only as 
git:// (which is already available), in 
addition to the refs from that mirror being in the new repository as 
refs/git-old/heads/*, refs/git-old/tags/* and refs/git-svn-old/heads/* 
(thus, gitweb links to commits in that repository will continue to work, 
as long as those commits were reachable as of when git mirror went 
read-only rather than having been on an old version of a branch that was 
since deleted or rebased).

Where people have active branches in that mirror, I hope they will rebase 
those branches onto the new version of the history, putting the results in 
refs/heads/devel/* or refs/users/*/heads/* according to whether they are 
considered generally shared development branches (can't have 
non-fast-forward pushes, should be documented on the GCC website) or user 
branches (can have non-fast-forward pushes, need not be documented).

Joseph S. Myers

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