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Re: Proposal for the transition timetable for the move to GIT

On Thu, 26 Dec 2019, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> Could make it a requirement that at least the commits associated with
> head branches and published tags compare equal in both conversions, or
> that differences are known, understood and accepted, before we switch
> over to either one?  Going over all corresponding commits might be too

The checks I run on every conversion with reposurgeon include checking the 
tree contents at the tip of every (non-deleted) branch and tag agree with 
SVN (this check now includes checking that execute permissions match).  
Empty directories are removed from SVN checkouts before that comparison; 
.gitignore files are ignored because of those generated automatically by 
reposurgeon from svn:ignore properties (but the conversion is set to 
prefer .gitignore files checked into SVN where they exist, and empirically 
that works as expected, so differences relating to automatically-generated 
.gitignore files are only relevant to older branches).  Two branches 
(c++-modules and melt-branch) have some files with SVN keyword expansion 
enabled, which causes expected differences in such comparisons.

The scripts used for those checks are checked into the gcc-conversion 
repository; the input needed is a mapping from SVN branch / tag paths to 
git refs (along with the SVN revision number the branch tips should 
match).  The main thing that consumes time in the checks is switching SVN 
checkouts to a different branch.

Joseph S. Myers

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