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Re: status of GCC & C++

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 4:45 PM, Diego Novillo <> wrote:

> To start *building* in C++, I do not think we need to agree on the
> coding guidelines. ?We are already doing stages 2 and 3, doing stage 1
> is a straightforward next step.

I agree with Diego that to start building only with a C++ compiler, we
do not need
to have approved a C++ coding convention.

I also think that the current wiki page is still at brainstorming
phase than a sufficiently
complete and coherent set.  It needs further flushing.  For example, I do not
believe it makes sense to ban both simple templates (for writing containers)
and virtual functions (or to that matter multiple inheritance).  There
are forms of those
features that need to be properly restricted (e.g. it would a real
mistake to go
banana with the "advanced" template (meta)programming stuff.)
Similarly, some of the
control/flow and path can be significantly reduced (and bugs fixed!)
if simple exception
handling is allowed -- think of all those bugs caused by failure to
exit early on

-- Gaby

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