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status of GCC & C++

Hello All,

It seems that several Linux distributions are shipping a GCC 4.7 compiled by a C++
compiler (probably GCC).

This affects plugins makers, as has been already discussed.

Do we have (e.g. for plugin makers) a nice way to know if a given GCC distribution was
compiled in C or in C++ mode? For instance, compiling a helloworld.c with gcc -v don't
tell anything about the way that GCC compiler has been built. (ie if it has C++ symbols
or C ones in the executable, and knowing that is mandatory for plugins).

Did we cross the C++ rubicon, in other words is GCC 4.8 scheduled to be compilable with a
C compiler (not C++) for the C front-end and the middle-end and the x86_64/GNU/Linux

[my imperfect understanding was that GCC 4.7 should have been compilable by either a
standard C89 or a standard C++03 compiler, if not needing a Go or Ada front-end]

When GCC won't be compilable any more by a C (not C++) compiler, should we make that a
prominent & documented change?  I  believe it should also be reflected in our configure
machinery (by rejecting the build of GCC when a C++ compiler is not available).


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