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Re: Lapack tester

Hi Steve,

PR 51751 seems to concern only complex*16 failures.  Have
you had a chance to look at the real and double precision

That PR is in a different category, because input values to a BLAS routine are wrong. I suspect an error in the testing (relying on uninitialized memory), but I'm not sure. No reply from the Lapack guys yet.

The other failures - well, I'm not an expert on Lapack.  They
are in the range of what others report too.

Being semi-automatic, can you run the timing tests, too?  These
would obviously reveal possible performance regressions.  It
would also be interesting to see if -ftree-vectorize helps

Timing tests aren't included in Lapack 3.4.0 any more.

Against my better judgement, I'll suggest a run with
'-O3 -ffast-math'.  It seems a large number of gfortran
users use -ffast-math.

Without modifications, -funsafe-math-optimizations sends some Lapack tests into endless loops, so -ffast-math isn't really an option :-)


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