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Re: libobjc: Remove Traditional Objective-C runtime API

On 19 Jan 2012, at 01:05, Nicola Pero wrote:

>> This patch completes the removal of the public part of the 
>> Traditional Objective-C runtime API from libobjc.
>> From now on, the only supported API is the "Modern" API. :-)
>> Nicola, this is causing trouble for Fedora.  The Fedora maintainer has
>> been advised by GNUstep upstream to switch to LLVM.
> In Cc: there is Richard, the maintainer of gnustep-base, and I would be
> very surprised if he wasn't supporting GCC 4.7 and advising to switch to
> LLVM for this reason.  As far as I know gnustep-base has the goal of
> supporting all compilers and runtimes.
> Most likely this is due to a small error in the configure script or in a
> file includes in gnustep-base.
>> Do you understand what is going on?  Will LLVM keep the Traditional
>> Objective-C runtime API?  Or maybe GNUstep will update their software?
>> This is very perplexing.
> I'm fairly sure that GNUstep will update their software. ;-)

Well yes, I certainly haven't advised a switch to LLVM (and haven't been asked ... unless in some lost email) so I've no idea where the notion of that switch came from.

There's not enough context in this email for me to be sure exactly what the question/problem is ... but the current (svn trunk as of last Friday, which was when I last tested) GNUstep-base code works with gcc and the gnu runtime upto and including a snapshot from gcc trunk last week.  The latest LLVM I've tested was last October.

The current gnustep-base release supports gcc-3.0 to gcc-4.6 ... at the point immediately after that release was made, we dropped official support for older compilers, and made official compiler support be  for gcc-4.0 onwards, though afaik it still works with gcc-3 series compilers.
There's no 'official' position on support for LLVM, but as long as it behaves live a gcc-4+ compiler, it should be fine).

In terms of releases, the current release predates gcc-4.7, but there is another gnustep-base release due this month (though I wanted to get together with Fred to get a gui release out at the same time).

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